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No Contact
Switch Off

Well, last year, I recall writing a blog about a weekend of disconnect. It’s something I like to do every now and then. So from tonight at 9pm until Sunday at around 9am – I’m gonna switch off all my technology. No phone, no iPod/iPad, no television, no radio, no email, no nothing…


This little exercise is both challenging – but advisable – to do when recovering from a break-up. Then, in particular, you may find yourself constantly checking email (even if you’re in the “No Contact” zone!), voicemail, and texts. So if you have a voluntary disconnect it empowers YOU. It’s a way of taking your emotional power back. If you’re phone or computer is switched of – then you are forced to stop the every-five-minute-checking to see if you heard from him or her.

Of course, I am not going through a break up at the moment, I just like to do this get back to basics if you will.

…To break that constant addiction to contact and stimulation.

How long do you think you could go?


I generally leave my landline unplugged too, but for solely for my dad (and how much I worry about him), I’ll be leaving that on in the event of an emergency (we just passed the one-year anniversary of his stroke).


In this day and age, many of us are too heavily contactable. It’s FB, it’s Twitter, it’s LinkdIn, it’s email, instant messaging, Skype and texts.

Heck I’m on them all, and frankly it just gets a little tiring. ??So this weekend I have a few agendas during my silence…


I am going to pull out the journal and my notepad and do a lot of writing.

Clear my head and focus on creative projects.

I am going to finish reading at least 2 books – one ironically on Twitter that Gary at NSDesign Ltd loaned me, and the other a cheesy Nicholas Sparks book that the woman next to me on the plane from SF gave me some weeks back. ??Also, I am going to try to tackle my hall closet. It’s a walk-in closet that even a four year old can’t walk in because it’s THAT cluttered.

Time to DUMP or DONATE.

It’s very cathartic…(even though nerve-wracking!)

Why don’t you try too?

If the weather permits, I may take my bike down to the walled garden and sit amongst the pretty nature they’ve got going on there…

As I started not one but two, new jobs this week, this seems like a perfect time to catch my breath just a little…

Sorry, in advance, for my absense from the forums. Maybe we should all take a break from it all?

And if you want to speak to me – catch me before 9pm tonight or maybe on Monday.

Over and out…

PS: Who with me on this Tech Detox?

PPS: Thanks to NSDesign Gary for the following rather humorous and apt video for Sony VAIO.

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