Royal Wedding and the Split

THEA ON: The Royal Wedding and the Split

Royal Wedding and the Split

Royal Wedding and the Split

While most people, certainly all the Royal lovers and true romantics out there, were watching the Royal wedding earlier today, I was watching The Split on BBC’s iPlayer.

That probably tells you a lot about me right there in that opening sentence. Let me start off by saying I am not anti-royal, or anti-weddings, or anti-anything really. When it came to the Royal Wedding, I’d say I was more ambivalent than anything else. (Truth be told, I was more excited to watch her marriage to Mike earlier this month!)

OK. Sure, I like a love story as much as the next gal, but ultimately I’m a realist. I guess that is why I like the Split so much…

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Why Is the Split So Great?

So if you haven’t seen it, The Split is a BBC 1 TV show (Soon to air on America’s Sundance Channel).  Set in London, the show follows a family of female divorce lawyers, the Defoes. Story lines deal with family, relationships, infidelity and of course the law. The characters are great, human and utterly flawed and played by an all star cast of actors. Currently this current series of six episodes has two more to go, and I can’t wait to see what happens to the love triangle between the show’s star Hannah (played by Nicola Walker), her husband Nathan (played by Stephen Mangan) and her ex-fling Christie (played by Dutchman Barry Atsma). You can read more about the Split TV show on Wikipedia.

Frankly the Split has more to do with reality than that fairytale of a royal wedding of Hollywood-meets-Buckingham Palace, or Windsor Castle or whatever the analogy should be…

By the way, I know it’s realistic, because I know a Family Law Barrister in London who’s consulted on the show to ensure the stories are real.

Am I Cynic or a Realist?

Here at SYBD, we’re about just over a month away from being an 18-year old website. In that time, I have seen just about everything. Any kind of “split” story imaginable – from the mild to bizarre, from the humorous to the catastrophic.

It would be preposterous to think that running this site has not changed me and my perception on romantic love, probably permanently.

Can I be jaded? Absolutely I can.

Have I become cynical about relationships and fairy tales? Most definitely.

But arguably I am simply more realistic about relationships and what they do for, and to, us?

I’ve already written about my thoughts on Marriage so I will not regurgitate that one right now…but today I am certainly pensive about weddings – royal or otherwise. It’s almost unavoidable.

Does Love Last and True Love Exist?

We have all heard the stories of the people meeting, getting married in a matter of weeks, or months, and then lasting fifty or sixty years, haven’t we? But are those not really the unicorn marriages? How many of those long-lasting marriages do you know? Even outside of this website, most of the stories I hear about are less than ideal. People cheating on each other (*on a number of different levels). Couples settling with each other because they can’t bear to be alone. Men and women bringing out the worst instead of the best in each other.

Currently the divorce rate in the UK is said to be around 42% – which is admittedly lower than I believe it has been. Having been pouring over a table of marriages/divorices in 2017 – and noted that the separation rate was about 50% (or more) so a large portion of them ultimately ended up in actual divorce.

So you have an idea of how I ended up with the view of breakups, separations and lack of belief in fairytales. This site doesn’t just deal with UK divorces and breakups it caters to men and women splitting up globally.

Seems Facebook has a lot to answer to…(See 30% of Divorces Involve Facebook 30%)

Aromantic or A Romantic?

Veering slightly off topic now, I learned the term Aromantic the other day. It’s not a word I ever heard, and frankly it seems to me that it almost means the opposite of A Romantic but it deals more with romantic attraction. According to Urban Dictionaryan aromantic is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others.  In reading that definition, I had to pause to ask myself if I have become one of them in recent years.

Awful as that sounds, some of that resonates with me (the “little attraction”) part.

Again, this site probably has a lot to answer for – so many painful stories for a prolonged period of time – it was bound to have an effect on me. Age I believe plays a part in it all too (by age I mean hormones).

But you know what? Through it all, (my own relationship endings and running this site for nearly 20 years),  deep down, I feel like I am still more of a romantic than aromantic.


Sure, it’s been awhile, but I suspect some day I will feel that way about a man again. If I do I am not likely to expect a “happily ever after” fairytale wedding, but I know I am capable and worthy of love, so we’ll see.

Have Your Say

Yes I am sure it was a beautiful, non-traditional Royal Wedding, but now the real challenge of a marriage begins. Frankly, marriage is hard at the best of times, let alone to Prince, and under public scrutiny of your every move…

So for that, I wish the happy couple luck. They’re gonna need it.

What do you think about the Royal Wedding? Did you watch it? Did you get swept up in the fairytale romance of it all? Have you seen the Split?


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