Free Tshirt Design for SYBD

SYBD’s Simple and Free T-Shirt Design

Free Tshirt Design

Fancy SYBD’s Simple and Free T-Shirt Design Just for YOU?

Over the course of the year it’s been fun getting into t-shirt design. While I am by no means an artist, I am creative (or at least like to think that I am). The thing about creativity is that you can foster it and get better at it the more you focus on doing so.

Want A T-shirt (Or Some Other Product)?

If you fancy a bespoke word-based design (one or two words only please) then feel free to message me. I’ll make you a simple design and upload it to one or two sites and you can then buy it on a range of products including tshirts, mugs, cushions, hoodies, clocks, scarves, stickers and more.

I won’t even charge you to make it especially for you. I only ask that you buy it if I make it for you….I don’t care if it’s a sticker, a notebook or a tee, but do buy something, please.

What Are My Options?

To get an idea of the types of designs I am offering you, please visit the SYBD collection on Tee Public.

I can do either white or black writing and you can choose from one or two words only (anything that takes more words is more work which can be done at an additional a cost…)

So basically choose a word or two, pick your colour (white or black preferably) and either a solid font or a script font. Below you’ll see an example of a normal simple solid font and a script font mixed.Have Fun, Stay Single, an SYBD quote from Singles


Another option to consider is upper or lower case – or both (as the above example shows).

Here’s One I Did Earlier…Grit Tshirt

A colleague of mine at Collabor9te Co-Working Space in Glasgow, Victoria was inspired by a book she was reading called Grit. She asked me to design her a shirt simply with the word GRIT on it, with a period/fullstop. So I did, uploaded it and she purchased it from Red Bubble, and it arrived today…Doesn’t it look great on her? She’s ready for the gym now!

You can get a Grit tee on TeePublic too…Slight variation on font colour/style.

Bespoke GRIT tee-shirt for Victoria

Contact SYBD to Request Your T-shirt Design

Anyway, that’s about it. If you want a bespoke tshirt designed just for you (or someone you love) at no cost to you, then please get in touch. Once the design is completed and uploaded, you’ll be able to buy it from either Tee Public or Red Bubble (and in some cases Amazon US).

You can leave a comment below or message me via the So You’ve Been Dumped Facebook page.  You can also ring on US: 408 353 0434 or UK: 0141-416-1492 to discuss.

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