SYBD: Surviving Weekends Alone – Tip 1

SYBD: Surviving Weekends AloneSurviving Weekends

Many people get excited for the weekend, and you may very well be one of them…but I call tell you (both personally and professionally), for the single person, especially the newly single, weekends can be a daunting concept.

Losing their lover, best friend and confidante in one-fell-swoop, singletons can find that the hours tick by, oh-so-slowly.

For nearly half-a-dozen years, we had a thread on the SYBD forum entitled, “Weekends Are the Worst”. That thread stretched to more than twenty-five pages (and 5000+ views) – so you will gather that that topic has struck a cord with many of the forum members.

So as a new, series on soyouvebeendumped.com –  we’ll give you one suggestion on how to survive a weekend as a single person.

Some of the tips may even be videos…

Tip 1 – Get Busy

It is easy to get overwhelmed when healing – this is true at any times but especially on weekends we’re alone.

If it’s true that “the devil finds work for idle hands” so it does for idle minds. In my book “busy = good”, because when I am doing nothing, it gets incredibly hard to not continually focus on the past and “what could have been”.

Schedule Time Wisely

One way around the “dwelling” is to schedule your time wisely. Write out things you need to achieve even if it is just “pick up milk at the grocery store” or “collect the dry cleaning”. Setting mini goals and rewarding yourself can be very effective and beneficial.

In my past, between fits of crying and packing up my personal belongings, I would set little, attainable goals to make it through the day.

If I achieved them, I would then reward myself with a trip to the movies, buying that new CD I wanted or by cooking up my favourite meal. It varied on the day.

Too much time on your hands can lead to re-living all those previous weekends spent together, those Saturday nights out (or in), or the Sundays reading the paper in bed or wandering through a park.

Worse still, idle time might make you wonder what your ex is doing with their time. Thoughts like that can be obsessive and downright torturous.

So really a key is in the keeping busy. Big stuff, little stuff, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re not sitting on your sofa or lazing in your bed playing all those mental movies in your head.

Remember the more you can fill up your spare time, the less time you will have to obsess about what your ex is doing or over-analysing what you could have done differently.

Holiday Weekends

This weekend, though thankfully not a “bank holiday” (or 3-day weekend), it is a little eventful.

Here in the UK for one, we’re changing our clocks  back, and across the world, it’s Halloween.

So that means 1) more time in bed (an extra hour anyway) and 2)  you should do something fun.

Suggestions for this particular weekend:

  • Why not get a pumpkin and carve it? (Note: I found this festive link last year and LOVED them – enjoy!)
  • Then, toast the pumpkin seeds and eat em! Or make a pie!
  • Pick up some of your favorite candy and put on your fave flick.
  • Look out for a party – get a creative costume going on – and get out there!

Next time, we’ll talk more specifically about what you can fill your time with on any given weekend. See you then!

Have you any tips for surviving a weekend alone?

3 thoughts on “SYBD: Surviving Weekends Alone – Tip 1

  1. Its Saturday night and i have come across your website. I feel so alone, I have recently come out of a relationship and even though a mutual decision,i feel at a loss, my friends are all in relationships with kids, me at 30 i have none, no man and no career at moment. People say to keep busy where you live has no where to go on weekends. i just want to make friends to go out with. so tell me how i can do that and please dont say join a class in the evenings on the weekend, cause there is not any.

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