THEA: Ever Wanted to Write a Book? Now’s the Time!

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One of my Top 10 Tips to getting over a break up or divorce is to “write it out”. This could be on the forums here at So You’ve Been Dumped, in your own journal or if something bigger has always been your aspiration – why not take part in NaNoWriM0?

National Novel Writing Month ( aka NaNoWriMo) kicked off yesterday just like it does every November 1st.

During this month, all you have to do is write 50,000 words. I know it seems like it’s a lot, but it’s really not that bad (I’ve complete it three times already and, though I am behind this year, I’ve managed 2000 or so words  so far).

It’s only 1667 or something words a day so it’s not too late for you to open up a word document and start writing.

This could merely be a cathartic exercise or it might be the start of your own publishing career and you’ll have your break up to thank for the time and inspiration to do so!

Though it’s “novel” writing I have been cheating and I’ve been writing down the Things I’ve Learned from Life and SYBD. I’m using Nano as a catalyst to push me to write each day. I’ve not done too much but writing is often like that, it can go in fits and spurts. If I really get in the flow of writing I can pen off five pages in half an hour!

The idea is to switch off your inner-critic and just let the words flow. Don’t go back and edit anything – it’s full steam ahead…till you reach your 50,000 words! Only then can you go back and edit. Think of this as what it is a ROUGH draft.

I really do highly recommend doing this in November – because for many of us, it’s a dark and sometimes wet and windy month (like now as I write this blog).

Really it’s a much better way to pass your time then cyber-stalking your ex on Facebook or Twitter or something.

So why not join me in this month’s write-a-thon? Maybe next year we’ll get lots of participants and we’ll publish a bunch of stories in an SYBD anthology! (Of course I say that every year…)

Still it just takes one year to do it!

A few reasons why it’s worth doing:

1) It will focus your brain on constructive creative pursuits.

2) It’s totally cathartic.

3) It’s fantastic to have a goal in mind, and then work toward achieving it.

4) It’s super fun to just let yourself go and get carried away by words.

5) & best of all you just might get published.! (We’ve had several site members go on to get their books published…)

So why not give it a go? It’s never too late. On the second year I complete the 50,000 words in just TWO AND A HALF WEEKS! So it totally can be done. But you have to start to finish. Get crackin’ people! Love yas!

PS: Think I’ll write some notes now myself. It feels so good when you achieve your daily, word count limit (and even better when you exceed it!)

2 thoughts on “THEA: Ever Wanted to Write a Book? Now’s the Time!

  1. Hi there.. Great post and I can say it really does work.. Cause when you have finished your book and re-read it the end of the relationship makes sense. Well it did for me and I think if I had been writing it during the relationship it would not have lasted as long!! lol

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