SYBD: Best Break Up Books (Ever) & We Should Know!

Coming Apart - Daphne Rose KingmaOver the past few weeks, I’ve been wandering around my flat, looking at my bookshelves and pondering the titles of the best breakup books that I’ve come across in the last decade…I mean, who better to compile this list than the people at the longest running break-up site!?

I know I have a few firm favorites from 1999 when I was at my lowest ebb but there’ve been multitudes of books out since that time that may even be better…so what I’ve done is created a store especially for this list of standout books – both my personal favorites and those from our many thousands of site visitors since 2000.

If you have a book that particularly helped you – let me know – I’ll check it out and if I agree I will add it.

The list is not exhaustive in its present form but the beginnings of what could be the ultimate list of break up and recovery books online. That’ll be my aim.

So without further adieu –  THE “BEST BREAK UP BOOKS” STORE can be found on Amazon US to make it easy for most people to pick up a pick-me-up if they need it.

Also on the store, are different pages of books on personal development,  positive thinking/spirituality, dating, fun titles and more. Choose from the list on the top left. Thanks.

Several of the books on the store mention us and therefor it’s only fitting we return the favor!

Have you got a favorite book that helped you over it? Don’t forget to let me know.

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8 thoughts on “SYBD: Best Break Up Books (Ever) & We Should Know!

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, will definitely take a gander and I see it’s first published back int he 70s – so been around a while. Nice one.

  2. Good one. It’s there on the Site Member Recommendations page. Quite a few people have said that about her and her blog.

  3. 1. It’s Called a Breakup Because it’s Broken
    2. It’s a Breakup not a Breakdown
    3. I used to Miss Him but My Aim is Improving
    4. Exorcising your Ex

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