Books on Breakups, Dating, Spiritual and Personal Development

SYBD: Books on Breakups, Dating, Spiritual and Personal Development

Welcome to SYBD’s Books on Breakups, Dating, Spiritual and Personal Development. What follows is a list of some of our best recommendations for, not just breakup books but also books on other subjects like dating, personal development, and positive thinking.


When we are going through heartbreak, we search for answers. I personally read many books to help me sort through the ordeal (and I continue to read them daily). Many of my favourites are listed below. The first section is now broken into relationship and dating and lower down – books to help be more positive, healthy and empowered. All books, for the most part on the page are positive, motivational and inspirational in one way or another. Most of these books have helped me get back on the right track and I think they will you too.

Breakups Books & Dating Too

Are You The One For Me? – Barbara de Angelis

SYB Recommended Books: Are you the one for me?Brief Synopsis – (reviewed by Lumpy): A guide to why some relationships won’t work, no matter how much we love the other person, why we often make mistakes in choosing a partner and how to make the right choice next time. I found this book really eye-opening. I kept reading bits and thinking – “yes, that is me!!!” I felt like someone had gotten into my head and heart somehow – sounds corny but true! I can now understand why so many of my previous relationship haven’t worked, no matter how hard I tried, and also why I was attracted to guys who were ‘wrong’ for me. I now have a better idea of what type of relationship could work for me when I am ready to date again.

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Bouncing Back From Heartbreak – Gael Lindenfield

Bouncing Back from Heartbreak is a small, practical guide that’s easy to carry around and read bits of when you need a wee boost. Perhaps not life-altering, but worth a read!

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Exorcising Your Ex – Elizabeth Kuster

This book makes me laugh a bit. It’s aimed at chicks, it’s silly and not exactly practical, but it is worth a read anyhow.

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He’s Just Not That Into You – Greg Behrend et alThis is a pretty interesting if not a little depressing read. At the very least, it should put an end to us woman plodding along with men who clearly don’t care. Worth a read but it probably won’t cheer you up…much.Click to Buy @ Amazon right nowUK  | US

Hot Sex – Tracey Cox

Tracey is the UK’s premiere sexpert and her book is fabulous. It’s funny and informative and quite frankly I can’t wait to put the knowledge to practice. For more info, check out her website

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How To Mend A Broken Heart – Christine Webber

SYB Recommended Books: How to Mend a Broken Heart - Christine WebberWebber’s book is broken into three areas: Accepting it, Getting Over It and Starting Over and features many useful tips on how to come to terms with and get over a loss.

The style is chatty and easy to read as one might expect from an agony aunt, and there is a list of many helpful organizations at the back.

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How to Heal the Hurt By Hating – Anita Liberty

It’s poems and anecdotes et all. The best bit is a piece for you to give to your mates so that they know what to say if, in fact, they ever bump into YOUR ex. It’s very funny, well, that bit was anyway.

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If I Am So Great, Why Am I Still Single – Susan Page

This book is interesting but can be dangerous in the wrong hands. It won’t be appropriate for everyone but it does offer proactive strategies to finding the right partner for you, and chapter 10 has tips on self awareness and self-esteem — both critical factors in finding love.

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If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path – Charlotte Kasl, Ph D.

This book is just a fabulous little read. When I start to wig out a bit, this book puts it all into perspective for me and it’s a book I’ve picked up many times over the years…

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In the Meantime – Iyanla Vanzant

One of the best relationship books I’ve read. I recommend getting her audio tapes – as they’re very good too. A definite fave! Have already blogged a bit about this one in a which could easily be described as a book report for this one!
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Letting Go: A 12-week Personal Action Program to Overcome a Broken Heart – Zev Wanderer and Tracy Cabot

Not a bad little read. Had some good tips. Worth a wee read.

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Mars and Venus: Starting Over (aka Single Again) – Dr. John Gray

Of all the ‘break-up’ books I scanned and read – I found this one to be one of the better ones, and it’s very helpful in the way it breaks the book down into a general section, one of the ladies and one for the guys. I found the guy’s section very useful in trying to understand men’s actions. I recommend this one.

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Obsessive Love: When It Hurts Too Much to Let Go – Susan Forward

An old fave of mine – I first read this in 91, but have re-read it more recently. Powerful stuff – essential for anyone who is finding it hard to ‘let go’ of their EX.

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Simple Abundance – Sarah Ban Breathnach

A day-by-day book. Inspirational.
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Something More – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Even better than ‘Simple Abundance’ – is this book about finding your true “self”. Fabulous book.
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Why Men Leave – Brenda Shoshanna

I am not sure if this is one of the better books. It will help some though no doubt.

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Personal Development Books


This book is tiny – or at least my copy is…It’s small enough to fit in my back pocket. James Allen was born in the 1860s (in England no less) so talk about being the grandfather of “Right Thinking”. “Must have!”

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Great book to start you thinking right!
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Feel the Fear & Do it AnywayThis is one of the best personal development books out there. I particularly like her idea of a Grid of life whereby she encourages a reader to have balance across the nine main areas of life. Not easy to achieve but something everyone should aspire too (instead of making relationships their only box!)

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FEELING GOOD (The New Mood Therapy) – David Burns

This is an excellent book on starting to FEEL good again. It has very interesting bits on depression – particularly in chapter 3 (my fave) entitled Understanding Your Moods: You Feel the Way You Think. Highly recommend this book.
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GIANT STEPS – Anthony Robbins

Goes hand in hand with ‘Awaken the Giant’, I think.. Very good at getting your thinking right.
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If James Allen is the grandfather of “Right Thinking” then Dale is it for “Personal Development” or as Amazon calls it “This grandfather of all people-skills books” and it was first published in 1937. Must have!
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KEY TO YOURSELF Venice Bloodworth

An old book, I’ve had it forever (thanks to my parents) and re-read it often. Very simple and inspirational.
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This is one of the first books I read after a big break up and it set me off on the right path. I revisit it from time to time! I lost it and had to re-purchase it!
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Like James Allen and Dale Carnegie, Norman is a grand-daddy of “inspirational thought”. I do highly recommend it, but beware of his extensive use of prayer, if you’re not the religious type, it may be off-putting at times! Other wise you can’t go wrong with the King of Positivity, Mr Peale. Also good on audio if you are that way inclined.

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Psycho Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz from AmazonA former plastic surgeon, Maltz ultimately recommended changing our attitudes towards Self, rather than our appearance. I picked up a few Maltz books from my parents who had them sitting on bookshelves. I realised how wonderful his stuff was – once I finally go around to reading them. They’re the type you could read again and again. Great stuff.

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This book is recognised as one of the most influential books ever written. Many people in business read it but its principles can be applied throughout all walks of life. I have one of the CDs on this on. Worth a listen.
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More motivational words from the guru himself. Try the tapes!
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Are there any breakup books you’d like to recommend? Let us know! There are no doubt many fabulous reads since this was compiled and if you have read one that helped you – please share it here to help others! Thanks

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