Need Support from SYBD?

Who needs some help and support on a one-to-one basis? Are you struggling after a split? Been ghosted? Feel like you need to talk to someone who will listen without judgement?

If you need some bespoke support after a breakup, divorce or ghosting, then there are a few ways/areas of where I am able to help both men and women!

Thea Newcomb Breakup Coach - An Empathetic ear offering Breakup Support & Advice
Need some personal, one-to-one support?
  • The So You’ve Been Dumped Blog – check out our long-running blog which has several years and hundreds of posts accumulated.
  • Articles – a variety of articles on the subjects of dating, breaking up, moving on, relationships – anything relevant to your recovery.
  • Book Recommendations – various suggested books to help you become a better, stronger, happier you…
  • Also check out the Best Breakup Store ever on We have all kinds or recommendations after people split up.
  • Recently I reinstated the breakup coaching. This support can be managed over the phone, or via Skype or Google Hangout. You can book a half hour or even and hour call. You can also book a block to receive a discount.

If you’re looking for a different kind of support, then please reach out on our social media channels (links above right). I do check the FB page daily…and email too of course.