20 Ways To Tell You’re Over Your Ex

20 Ways to Tell You're Over Your Ex - FUN!

20 Ways To Tell You’re Over Your Ex – (FUN)

This is just a bit of fun, but there’s also a bit of seriousness in here to consider when trying to decide how over your EX you actually are.

1. You have finally stopped competing with your EX.

2. Hearing what your EX is up to doesn’t make you cry, or feel worthless, angry or anything really!

3. All those memories swirling in your head no longer have the power to hurt you or make you breakdown.

4. You’re no longer trying to prove to your ex (or to anyone else) that you’re “over it”.

5. You’ve stopped reading their horoscope (assuming the ex is of a different sign to you, of course).

6. You don’t go to places just hoping to bump into them – or constantly scan restaurants, clubs, or gigs in hopes of seeing them.

7. You stop wishing you could hack into their email, and no longer feel the compulsion to stalk any of their online profiles (Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Twitter or dating profile).

8. Hearing your special song makes you feel nostalgic and no longer tearful or sad.

9. You no longer care what the ex thinks of you.

10. You stop wondering if he or she misses you. (I’d just assume they do, sometimes anyway).

11. You stop finding excuses to get in touch with them.

12. You no longer drive by their home or work (or any other place you think they might be) in hopes of catching a glimpse.

13. You have actually arrived at the conclusion that your breakup was “for the best” (as breakups usually are, eventually).

14. When something really good or bad happens, you automatically phone someone else to share it with (and happily realise your ex wasn’t the first person you wanted to share it with).

15. You’ve stopped counting the days/weeks/months since the break-up.

16. By taking your power back, you have started to go back to places you enjoyed going to, but have been avoiding, because they reminded you of your ex.

17. When you are on a date with someone new, you don’t keep telling stories about the ex; nor do you compare the new person with your ex.

18. When you dream about your ex, it doesn’t leave you depressed for the entire day. It can actually be quite comforting.

19. You’ve stopped buying the foods your ex liked out of habit, and have started to purchase the foods you like.

20. You no longer hold hope you ex will come back – nor would you consider getting back together if he or she did.

Conclusion – Are You Over Your Ex?

So in conclusion, having read the list, how far have you come and how far have you still got to go on your healing path? This was just meant to be a bit of “fun”. There are, of course, are many more ways to tell if you’re “Over It” or not. How did you do on that list? What do you think the milestones will be for you to know when you’re over your ex? Share them in the comments below.

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