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Welcome to the Lounge of SYBD which I sort of describe as lighter side of breaking up (formerly known as the “funzone”). This is hopefully the place to get a break from heartbreak – even if only for a few moments. Laughter, as we all know, is the best medicine but here I’ll settle for a simple half smile. That would be a start.

Best Breakup Lines

Pink Love Heart - Love ThyselfThe crazy breakup lines are one of the most popular areas of this entire site. Over the years thousands have been sent in. It’s a tiny aspect of the site but it’s arguably the top draw. So on that  note, here is a link to our extensive list of break up lines.

Oh How Annoying…

Still on a lighter note…how about those annoying cliches about “other fish in the sea” or how it wasn’t “meant to be”? Those really got to be annoying after my own breakup. Maybe you’ve heard some of them or maybe you have others to ad to the annoying cliches list? If so please comment.

Speaking of annoying how about 10 Fun Ways to Annoy an Ex. This is not to be taken too seriously – it’s all just a bit of fun.

Are You Over It?

There’s also a fun, little piece worth a read that will have you thinking about how over your ex you are or how far you still have to go.

Read 20 Ways to Tell You’re Over it – and let us know how you’re doing on your recovery path.

When it comes to breaking up and moving on it can be a real challenge to make it through the day, so we hope that some of this will make you feel a little better and make you smile – even if only for a little while.