FUN: If You Could Dump Your Ex,…

If you could dump your ex, what would you say to him or her now

If You Could Dump Your Ex…

If you could dump your ex, what would you say to him or her now? The reason I am asking is that I have been doing some research this afternoon about what sort of articles are out there about breaking up, divorcing, ghosting (or being ghosted), and so forth.

Anyway, I recently came across one that cited a tweet which made me laugh out loud. It was stupid but it was funny. The article was called “How to Breakup Amicably” (is there such a thing? Perhaps a post for another day)…and in it a ‘breakup text” tweet.

Do you know what? I am not even sure it’s a real text originally, or if someone being funny made it up to look like a real breakup. (You can’t trust everything you see that goes viral on the Internet after all…I mean, look what Land Rover recently did to get some “Revenge” coverage...

Reasons for Leaving

Whether it was a real breakup SMS or a fake dumping text, it got me thinking, if the tables were in fact turned, and you could dump someone who dumped you first, before they got to do it, what would your reasons be?

Have some fun, and aimed at people who, with the benefit of time and hindsight, wished they could beat their ex “to the punch” – as it were.

Maybe they were crap in bed? Or had flat feet? Or their mother was a cow? Their breath was bad? They sat around all day playing video games? Were obsessed with shopping or sport? Who gets their mother to do their laundry (even though they’re forty). Silly stuff.

This Is Just for Fun, Maybe Not Not For Everyone

If you’re newly single, this post won’t be for you. Try back later.

Posts such as this are intended more for people who are no longer missing or hung up on their ex. It’s aimed at those who can look back with a different perspective. Perhaps can laugh about things now – things which maybe were painful at the time.

This is not a post to be nasty, that goes against our general ethos, but is rather to be playful.

Be creative and find something that makes you laugh about your ex, (in a not-too-mean way) ok?

Now you go…Dump Your Ex! Comment below…

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