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Launched in 2000, this is the longest-running site dedicated to showing you how to get over your ex, and move onSYBD was created as a place for men and women, all over the world, to read and share their experiences and challenges with others. This is not a place to “win” your ex back, sorry, but it is a place that encourages you to get yourself back. Sometimes that does mean people do get an ex back, but our focus is to help you to be the best you, first and foremost.

I’m Thea Newcomb, SYBD’s founder, and I launched this site, in the aftermath of three, consecutive breakups that took place over a 7-year period. A husband, a “soulmate”, and a would-be priest (yes, really!). Now is this is a place and maybe get some advice, or have a laugh at some of the breakup quotes.

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Here are a few of our most popular posts in recent years. It’s up to you whether you just feel like reading stories or share your own experience. It’s up to you. Before you posting please read the SYBD rules.

ShareHave Something to Say to Your Ex? Say it Here, Now – It’s for those unresolved things you wish to say to him or her. Tell ’em how you feel right now – the good, the bad, even the ugly!

ShareHow, When and Where – your relationship ended.

Share: Your Ghosting Story – have you had an ex simply disappear on you?

Share“If you could dump your ex, what reason would you give?”

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We have a variety of helpful and interesting posts on a wide array of topics. There are more than three hundred posts about just about all imaginable topics. Some articles have been written by me and some written by guests (usually hand-selected).

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Connect with Others

Want to talk to someone who is getting over a breakup too? There’s this post about finding a breakup buddy and then there’s this newer post where you can share your social media link to connect with other people getting over an ex.

Before you go you may enjoy this…

VIDEO: SYBD’s “12 Stages of a Breakup”

Watch“The 12 Stages of a Breakup” (and How to Survive them). It’s long, but hopefully you will find it helpful…and that it makes you smile – even if just for a moment or two!

Know You’re Not Alone

I just want you to know that you really are NOT alone in your pain – even though it might feel like it just now. You will get over your ex. It just takes time to mend a broken heart. I have been at this a long time (since 2000), and I truly have come to believe that all breakups work out for the “highest good of all concerned,…eventually”. If you’re in pain, and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, trust me, you really will get through this. Well, if you want to, that is…

It’s all down to you!

Thea Newcomb
Founder of So You’ve Been Dumped

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