Have Something to Say to Your Ex? Say it Here, Now

Have Something to Say to Your Ex? Say it Here NowHave Something to Say to Your Ex? Say it Here, Now

Have Something to Say to Your Ex? One of the biggest challenges that we often face after we breakup with someone, particularly when we’ve been dumped by them, is that we have all of these unresolved thoughts, words, and feelings that have nowhere to go.

No closure.

These thoughts can end up marinating in our minds, driving us crazy, for hours, days, weeks, months or even longer….Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get it all out?

Well you can, here, now.

Use SYBD to get some closure.

Say what you need to say to get over your ex. To get it out of your head.

The Dead Message Office (DMO)Want to Get Over you Ex?

Years ago, circa 2005, on our forum, a lovely site member, licketysplit, started the “Dead Message Office” (aka the DMO).

The DMO was a thread that struck a cord in almost every site member who ever visited this site. It was a place to say what you wanted to say to your ex.

This could sometimes be something as simple as “I miss you” or other times as angry as “I f**king hate you”. Sometimes it was simple like “I had a dream about you last night”.

There were members who came and tended to ask questions like, “what’s s/he got that I’ve not got?” or “what did I do to deserve this?”

Many wondered things like “Did you love me at all?”, “Do you miss me?”, “Do you think of me?” or “How could you!?!”

Sometimes people simply just wanted to say “I’m sorry”.

It really could be anything. This thread was as varied as the people of the world who used it, and I thought it was worth resurrecting here, now.

Have YOU ever had this experience where you had things you wanted to tell your ex, but for whatever reason you couldn’t?

Maybe they moved on to someone else. Maybe you were too angry. Perhaps you were too scared or embarrassed. It could be any reason really, but now you can…

Say What You Want to Your Ex

Here is your chance to just vent whatever it is you need to tell him or her.

You’d be amazed how good it feels to share your feelings and just get it out. It may also help you to read other people’s stories, feelings, pain, emotions. You’ll realise you’re not alone, because you’re honestly not.

Whatever it is your feeling, whoever you are, wherever you are, someone else is feeling it too.

If fifteen years of running this site has taught me anything, it’s that heartbreak is truly universal.

So please tell your ex you love ’em, hate ’em, or miss them – whatever you want.

Basic Rules About Your Post and Your Ex

Use the comments field below, but please don’t use only first names and no super-specific details. All comments on SYBD are hand moderated as it were.

So please watch the profanity. If you need to curse – throw in a few ** – will you? I’d appreciate it…

If you don’t have something specific to say to your ex you could simply share how, when and where your breakup happened.

Before You Go, Writing a Letter to an Ex

If you do have something you actually want to say, and want to write a letter to your ex, then here are a few articles that may be useful:

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781 thought on “Have Something to Say to Your Ex? Say it Here, Now”

  1. will

    I want to tell you that I am sorry. I know that there was more I could have done to help the relationship. I also want to say that I don’t think walking away was the right answer. We were good together and that was a common thought by both of our families and friends. Every relationship hit rough patches and I honestly thought we could overcome anything. Communication is the key and since we both struggle with sharing in different situations we both just didn’t get any relief from the stress that goes into both day to day life and also the relationship.

  2. thea Post author

    Thanks Will for that first comment. I read your words, and in true DMO style, I could have written them myself in the past. So much of what goes on here is so very universal. Maybe she will come back or maybe there will be an even better fit one day. You sound like a good guy. Take care. Thea

  3. Tiffany

    Dear A**hole,
    What is wrong with you? Seriously? You dump me the day after my dad’s funeral? How could you even dump me at all? I thought we were really happy. We used to talk about how good we had it. I thought we loved each other. You think you can find someone better? Yeah okay, good luck with that. I’M going to find someone better, not you. You can rot in hell. You said we just don’t have much in common. Like what? Because I’m not a sports fan? I used to sit and watch football with you. AND I F***ING HATE FOOTBALL! Or is it because I don’t drink and black out and start yelling? Yeah, that was more of your thing wasn’t it. Good luck with your stupid life and your stupid football and your stupid personality. I’m going to keep being amazing. Goodbye forever (unless you wanted to beg for my forgiveness and send me flowers and stand outside my house blasting some 80’s love song from a stereo you’re holding on your shoulder and then we’ll have makeup sex and live happily ever after, then I guess I’d be cool with that).

  4. Antonio

    After thinking of it for a few days, I have realised there is no point in meeting you to have a ‘last talk’. Although when I suggested it I felt it, I have changed my mind. It was just driven by the surprise and shock of you telling me on the phone that you ‘just want us to be friends’. We both know the outcome of that meeting and I know I would expose myself again to a painful moment, so it would be a waste of time.

    Also, I can’t think of a reason why we should be friends. While we had some nice moments together, you haven’t treated me well and you betrayed the trust I had in you, particularly after I gave you a second chance the previous time you dumped me. You said many things that I thought were true, you said you loved me, you said you really wanted to be with me, but your actions did not match the words.

    Everyone has issues, but I think is not good when those issues start harming and hurting the people who are closer to you and love you the most. In addition, considering all the things we talked and you promised after that previous time you dumped me and what you ended up doing, I cannot trust you anymore. And that leaves no ground for any kind of relationship with you.

  5. Tea

    Dear jerkoff,
    I hate what you are and what you have turned me into. U are a waste of space, go fuck yourself.

  6. Dan

    How could you not give me a chance to change? How could you not come out and say that our relationship was in jeopardy? As soon as I found out I changed everything that I was doing wrong, and I made them permanent changes. You say that I wasn’t will to change for you but I was! I just needed to be woken up to the fact that you were slipping away from me. I know you wanted more affection, and I know you wanted to feel that fire of desire burning more in our relationship, but I was going through a really tough time in my life and needed you to help me get out of it the way I helped you out of your depression. But in stead you decided to walk away and not give me a chance to change. I am so hurt, and sad, and I want more than anything in the world to get another opportunity to show you I really did change and I will never go back to being the person who made all those stupid silly little mistakes. Maybe you didn’t love me as much as you think you did if you are not even willing to come out and say if you don’t change I will leave you. I forgive you for those mistakes, and I forgive myself for my mistakes. Someday I hope we reconnect but I realize that it might just never happen.

  7. Joan

    Dear Tea, I read you message “dear jerkoff” with great enjoyment and laughed out loud, they are my sentiments exactly, and I hate this looser I thought was wonderful, and I hate what he has done to me, used me financially etc.,etc., I feel sorry for the next unsuspecting victim he gets.

  8. Rani

    I love him. More than myself. He does not love me. I am hurt. I miss him. Always. I am asking God to help me to forget him. Day and night.

  9. thea Post author

    Please hang in there. It will get better. Though we never “forget” them the pain does fade away and if/when we’re lucky and work at it, we can eventually reach a day when we think of them or see them – and no pain is felt. That is a good day!

  10. Mariella

    Dear Richard, what a coward you are! Yes, you! And a hypocrite to boot! you portrayed yourself as an honest, decent caring man. So full of plans about helping the poor children and giving something to the orphanages that was close to my heart. Yeah, they were another dream/fantasy of yours! Just like the house that we were gonna buy, the swimming lessons you were gonna give me (coz I can’t swim) and the holidays we were gonna do together. They are nothing but a figment of your stupid defective brain. And yeah, I helped you with your Military retirement and your SS claims, both of which you’ve been successful but you know that you de-frauded the US govt for these. Your country is struggling enough as it is with it’s glum economic forecasts and what did you do? Cheat on the system! I hope the system catches your sorry ass and strip you of your entitlements that you proudly announce to whoever cares to listen but you don’t actually deserve! You low-life, lying piece of shit!

    You raised my hopes and strung me along 4 years later and then just walked away like that. I gave you everything, I have been totally honest with you too. And this is how you pay me back?

    Well Rick, I hope Karma is watching you. I hope that happiness will always evade you. I hope that the pain that you have given me will return to you 3 fold, yeah, the power of three Rick, (and so mote it be).

    I know you are susceptible to depression and has PTSD. Well buddy, I hope that these “illnesses” are plaguing you day and night, yes, day and night. I hope that that low mood will never give you satisfaction in anything that you do. And I hope that the PTSD will never give you peace and a decent sleep.

    Yeah, you low-life hypocrite bastard. I hope that those PTSD nightmares will be unrelentless haunting you night and day, that it will just about drive you to insanity. I wanted to say something about your chain smoking, but no, I don’t really want you to die because I want you to live! So you can savour each and every nightmare visits of your PTSD, so that you can savour the darkenss of your depression. Yeah Richard, I hope you are experiencing these nightmares as I write. If I could visit you as your worst nightmares, or better still the nightmare bringer, I would. But soon time will catch up with you.

    I know that I will eventually heal. I must say the first few days were so painful. All I could do to alleviate that pain was to cut myself. The first time I ever did. And I bet you were probably seeing someone too as I was wallowing in misery and tears. Well Richard, you know what the game is. I hope that bitch that you were seeing will stab you in the back too, betray you and screw with other guys while you’re not watching. Yeah buddy, you know what the game is with women like that. That depression that you are liable to suffer, that is my best buddy, because I know what it is like. And knowing you, you don’t ever take medications unless you really need it. Of course you loved your narcotics and your alcohol, paid for by the poor hard working US tax payer!!

  11. Accountant

    I don’t understand why you left me, and yet, I guess I do. You moved to my town, started a job with enthusiasm and found out it wasn’t what you hoped it would be. You wanted a job you loved but you are unwilling to learn skills that would diversify your career options. You are only willing to work jobs with the exact same niche title and skill set. You make good money but you get bounced around every time your industry does a lay-off (which companies in your industry are prone to do), so you lack stability. Your job is more important to you than me, I guess. You could not commit to me. Despite this glaring issue, I was happy with you and I thought you were happy with me. You were so affectionate. But you would not marry me. I got older and older and you knew I wanted you to be more than a boyfriend and that I wanted kids someday. Now I can hear my biological clock and I have a smaller selection of older men (I prefer men who have lived at least as long as me). Why bother appeasing me by moving closer and closer to me and never having me move in with you, despite selecting an apartment that was “cats allowed” (only I own a cat)? You just kept things copacetic until you couldn’t any more. I would’ve finished my semesters and moved to be with you for my summer and winter breaks and moved to wherever you needed to be to be happy with your career, forgiving your limited career options and accepting your dream to keep doing exactly what you are willing to do in the industry you do it. I just want to be with you. I can’t (don’t yet) believe that you are happier this way. I think you made a mistake. Maybe not. Maybe I made the mistake by staying with you. It’s hard to leave someone you’re in love with just because they won’t commit to you. It seems like the onus should be on the commitment-phobe/man who isn’t into you enough to commit to you. Ultimately, you did dump me, but after years of commitment heart-to-hearts. You took your family away from me, and not least of all, you. I miss you so much, but I don’t miss the one-sidedness. How could it be more one-sided than it is now, though? After we broke up, I found out you were getting out of dodge via a dating site. I made a profile and found you had a profile already with a different city, but no photos or chatter. A man who spent years with me, unwilling or able to commit to permanence or an end, already looking for new women…I don’t know what it is about me that you didn’t like enough to end the relationship and not commit to me. You never told me. You must know. I don’t really want to ask at this point. I can’t help but wonder if it was something petty and why you would never communicate a major issue to me. You had a problem with confrontation and you were very passive. God knows I would’ve tried to make you happy. I worked so hard to make you happy and make fun memories for us and keep us together. I got you to go to therapy for your own issues; I hope you carry on that habit. Why did you not want to work on whatever the problem was with us? Why don’t you want me? I don’t understand x1000. I am mourning my dreams of a life with you. Within the month after we broke up, I lost 10 pounds over the course of a week because I couldn’t eat or even smell non-sweet foods without dry heaving; this was due to anxiety. Suddenly, that stopped. My work has been severely affected by it. My amazing GPA has dropped. It’s like I have rock music in my head all the time. It’s so hard to focus. No one looks attractive to me. I don’t want to be bitter and cynical. I have been constantly sick. First with a random UTI, then just UT irritation, then a cold. Stress is hard. I don’t understand how you cannot feel this intensely about “losing” me. You never even called to check on me. You let me think you were unsure about the break up and were considering therapy with me, and you never followed up, and then you secretly skipped town (I think). I thought you respected me more than to be sneaky like that. You strung me along, why? How long did you know it was over? You did not show it. I have been dumped before and it’s been pretty obvious something is wrong in advance. It’s hard to have closure when the messages are so mixed. I guess not contacting me for weeks isn’t really a mixed message, though, huh? I am scared I will not find someone I like or care about as much as you, who is as attractive to me as you, and who cares about me back more than you…enough to commit to me. I have not met anyone yet who fills out all these boxes. I want you + an improvement. Improved you will clean his toilet and break out a vacuum every so often, and can be confrontational when the time calls for it, and doesn’t ever have me wondering where I stand. He is not a Peter Pan. He has some relationship with his family. He puts energy into career development. He puts at least as much effort into planning fun things with me as I do with him. He can tell me he loves me in less than a year. We don’t always go Dutch, especially while I am a broke a** student and he makes $80k. He tries to be a part of conversations with my family or at parties, even if he is very introverted (like me). He maintains a healthy sleep schedule. He is not constantly constipated. He communicates his sexual needs in a healthy context. He is not a hermit (who moves from city to city and stays in his cave outside of work). He has had serious relationships before me because he should’ve by his age. If he’s upset with me, he tells me, and in a constructive way because he cares about our relationship. He is certain that he wants kids and wife. Communication is important. All of these problems and I still want you. I mean, you have a lot to answer to now, but I still want you. You are gone. You might as well be dead. Sometimes I think it would be easier to get over you if there was no chance of you returning because you were dead. It makes me sad to think that you wouldn’t be part of life on Earth any more, though. I want you to do good for the world. My world was better with you in it. I am so upset, on the other hand, that you are still roaming the earth without me, and possibly happier as a result. I wish I could just want you to be happy, but I am selfish and I want you.

  12. L

    Dear Jon,
    When we first met, you described yourself as “a nice guy,” and I have learned the hard way that you are a liar. I foolishly believed your words instead of listening to my own intuition, and I actually felt sorry for you in your dealings with family upheaval. Now, however, I have zero sympathy for you since you choose to remain part of the problem instead of part of the solution. I am incredibly disappointed in your inability to be a man of character. Your apology email and promise to call “when you have time” are inexcusable, and I am shocked by this behavior from a psychologist of all people. You should be ashamed of yourself. Though I am hurt, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned, and I will never make a mistake such as you again. Life is as complicated as you make it.

  13. Mariella

    Rani, hang in there. A few weeks ago, I felt the same as you. I am much better, thanks to SYBD and other break up support groups. It will get better as the days go by. My Doc even put me on anti-depressants, but the side-effects were too much. I was left to deal with the pain, cold turkey. I found nostalgia and memories was my biggest enemy. Find out what is yours and avoid it.

  14. nik

    Dear D

    i regret the moment when i begged you to give me another chance, when i shouldn’t be the one asking for it. I want you to know that it is not my fault that you aren’t happy with me anymore. I hope you realized that it’s all your fault. I guess that you didnt appreciate what you had. I realized how coward you are to break up with me on a the phone. And i really pity you. Despite all the that, thank you for
    revealing to me what kind of man you really are. I dont deserve a
    man who is weak, immature and dont have a stand on anything that he says . You said, you would think about it for a month, and its been a month now, how could you keep me hanging like these? I don’t get it when you told me that you aren’t happy anymore. And i was really hurt when you told my friends that its okay with you if we would be friends, just days after our break up. Do you think it is ro easy just like that?

  15. nik

    From the first time you compromised my purity, i should have dumped you and shouldnt give you another chance. I think you never really respected me the way i should be respected. I thought you were really different. And i regret letting you enter my life

  16. C

    I think what is bothering me most is that I feel bad for writing you that emotionally-driven email and feeling regretful for not allowing myself to tell you how I truly felt when we talked that day, which included allowing myself to express my anger towards you.

    Like you, I have problems with my emotions. I tend to be too accommodating of others even if they have hurt me. I tend to put other’s feelings above my own, which leads to me not fully expressing my own and keeping my feelings built up inside until they end up haunting me as they do now.

    I wish I could have expressed myself fully. I did not want it to end on bad terms, and my goal was to try to understand why you were dumping me out of the blue. At that time the things I want to tell you now were different because I have had a lot of time to think rationally and objectively about this without my emotions getting in the way.

    I feel you have missed the point of my reasoning for why what you did was wrong and for why I thought your decision was cowardly and selfish. Firstly, you were a coward because you did not talk to me about your doubts and concerns from the beginning. Instead you let them grow to the point where you made a harsh and selfish decision out of the blue. I also feel that you based your decision on a lot of what you assumed about how I felt, what I thought, and what I wanted. You made me feel that my love for you was the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Were you so afraid of someone actually loving you, especially an “amazing and beautiful woman who has a lot going for her” (your words)? What’s sad is that I thought you were one of the things I had going for me.

    Secondly, your decision was selfish because instead of talking to me about it when you first started feeling this way, you just made up your mind to do what you wanted even if it hurt me and has destroyed my life ever since. I hate how you led me on, made me believe everything was amazing between us, made me feel that you loved me and were happy with me, and made me think that you wanted to be with me and move in together. That is what was wrong. It was as if you had made a complete 180 over night. The worst thing was your telling me that you cared about me, but did not love me. You said you felt pressured to say it. If that were true, you should have had the balls to tell me instead of lying to me about your feelings. I had even told you that you did not have to say it unless you meant it. You were the first man to ever say those three words to me, so it was quite a big deal the first time you told me. Now I just feel foolish for ever believing you.

    I will never understand what led you to your decision of not wanting to be in any relationship and just wanting to be alone. You definitely have some issues to attend to, and maybe that was something you should have thought about before starting an 8-month relationship with me. You were so kind, thoughtful, considerate, affectionate, and caring. What did you expect from me after 8 months? How was I supposed to feel? I am only human. You treated me so well, and we had the best times together. You were so easy to talk to, you made me laugh, you made me feel actual happiness which is pretty rare for someone struggling with life-long depression, and you just got me. Of course, I ended up falling for you. Was that really such a bad thing? I thought we were on the same page, especially since it was your suggestion to move in together. You even told me that your feelings did not change (i.e., you still cared about me, you enjoyed being with me), but you just did not want to commit any further. I never even asked you to commit any further. I was happy with what we had. I would have understood if you didn’t want to move in together. I was not even pushing that, so I don’t know where the commitment issue even came from. We also wanted the same things: we don’t want to get married, we don’t want children, we don’t ever want to live in a house, etc. Try finding another woman our age that feels the same way. I dare you. We wanted the same things and I truly believed that you were perfect for me. I will never understand why you dumped me; however, it were the choices you made (or lack there of) that led to your final and devastating decision. For that, I am angry with you and I wish I had expressed that to you.

    You have really hurt me. And what makes it worse is that I feel that it has been so easy for you to break up with me and move on to your single life. It makes me feel as if I truly did not mean anything to you and what we had was just some fun and temporary experience that was on your terms. Even though you were trying to be respectful, you said some hurtful things: you hoped that I would move on and that you were fine with the actual break up. You have made me feel as if I am just disposable. Now I just see myself as worthless and unlovable. You had given me hope, but destroyed it. It will be difficult for me to ever trust another man.

    I feel that you always felt there was an expiration date, and that you never really even wanted to make this work or even try. You had the habit of telling me that I would date other guys and relationships don’t last. Perhaps those were the warning signs, but I didn’t want to believe it. I think saying comments like those is very disrespectful and hurtful to the person you’re dating. I only wanted you. I only loved you. I didn’t want anyone else. And at that time I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with anyone else. Your comments, now that I think about it, show that you never felt the same way about me and that you have relationship issues that you need to deal with. I just wish you were able to have dealt with them. If so, we probably would have been even greater together and it might have worked out. But you gave up on me and never really gave me a chance. You threw away the potential for something really good. Now as you go on with your carefree life, I’m here left broken with my heartbreak and depression.

    Thank you for that.

    I hope I can be strong enough to forgive you someday. We share the same group of friends, so I know we’ll eventually run into each other in the near future. But right now, I am just too angry, hurt, sad, lonely, and depressed to even want to forgive you. I have cut off all ties with you so your existence does not trigger anything within me more than my own thoughts already do. I just hope that you have learned something from this and realized that how you handled this was very wrong. I know we talked about trying to be friends after some time, but I don’t know about that anymore. Maybe or maybe not…

  17. Accountant

    Quite awhile after you dumped me, you sent me a letter responding to my request for closure, but I believe you were trying to make yourself feel better and nail the lid on the coffin. It was too late to be getting back to me. It was time for me to accept you were gone, not take in new info. that frustrates me more. I am pretty darn sure it’s over now, though. You ain’t comin’ back. You went above and beyond any information I needed. You dumped a lot of new, never mentioned problems and revisionist history on me and I learned that you had not forgiven me for some minor things that happened almost a year ago.

    You are running away to the opposite coast. You run away from your problems. All you control is where you live and what your job is. You couldn’t control your job and you didn’t want to deal with me wantng a commitment from you. You blame me for you being miserable while we were together – which you’ve suddenly realized you felt – saying I was miserable and you were codependent. What a horrible thing to say. I was not miserable. I was afraid of losing you and cried sometimes, but I was not miserable. I wanted a life with you.

    You thank me for what good things you got out of being with me. I wasn’t trying to do you a favor by being with you! How awful.

    You think I’m moving on, because you are, but you resent that I might be trying to move on. Totally sick. You walk me through so many feelings you say you were feeling, but never bothered to express. A drive to work on a relationship plus communication is very important to relationship health, I think, and I don’t know that you had that drive if you weren’t communicating. I feel like you threw in the towel awhile ago and can’t admit it. In that case, you really were wasting my time.

    You couldn’t handle taking care of a cat or even a plant; how could you be someone I could depend on for my own health and for raising a family with? You took a year to tell me you loved me and that looks even more terrible now. I want something more stable next go-around. I also still wish you’d come back and deal with the problems and resolve to deal with problems as they arise and realize you made a mistake by letting me go. I cared about you so much and still do. I tried SO HARD. Sunk costs are hard to accept.

    I hope I find someone who will communicate and earnestly work on a relationship and will love me back and who is forgiving. I am scared. I want to get over you. I am scared that the feelings I am feeling of grief and loneliness will not go away. I wish I could find a way to “put it in God’s hands” but I am having trouble understanding that concept, even as a [skeptical] Christian (who doesn’t really buy into the supernatural). I want to have hope. I think hoping is an action. I am getting disappointed easily. I am meeting men I don’t care for. I must have faith that it takes time.

    I really resent the way my ex was vague about details of where he was going, like he thought I would stalk him. I know what city he’s moving to because I found his new dating site profile…same username as when we met (charming…) but I’m not going to show up across the country or whatever and I haven’t been contacting him or showing up at his current place. He did not know I knew he was moving or where he was going until I even just responded to this giant e-mail. Insulting.

    I don’t know who is right for this man if it’s not me. She will be someone who doesn’t give a care and follows all his weird secret rules, I guess. Someone silent and smiley who is cool with staying in all the time and being a blob and has no big future aspirations for having a family or pets and finances and isn’t close with family or friends. She will also be running the show. I don’t think he wants another human. He is cool with coming home to his hand or a toy and going back to work. He was for most of the time before me. Don’t have any emotions or ever talk ‘in bed’ with this fellow. How shocking this email was. So many petty issues that should’ve been dealt with eons ago. So much unsaid that I am powerless to change now.

    I am living by the Millionaire Matchmaker’s dating rule for now: 1 year and no proposal…time to move on. I am too old to do a multi-year relationship like this again…I’d like to have kids and not have this disappointment and feeling of wasted time again.

  18. Jayne

    You were all like its ok , il be good to you and then you disappeared, and then you got your friend to ignore me or perhaps she ignores me as shes involved with you i dont know,
    i just know im relapsing as i having an angry day, and shes ignoring me again and i only said hi and talked about uni i didnt talk about you

    But i still miss you and hate you at the same time, and i know i shouldnt as i know you are very very toxic and as contrary as the wind, and i know im looking to you as im stressed as hell at work again, not that you ever understood or looked after me emotionally when i was upset before, but oh i comforted you, when you were crying and low , like they all probably do.. anyway i have to see someone more important to you now but i just wanted to express this pain at you for once as you gave me so much pain before !

  19. Gina

    After everything you did and all I took, how could you do this to me? The most loyal person in your life who believed in you when not even your own family did. I pushed you to go to school, get a respectable job, and become a better man, but you fell short. You took me for granted, never appreciated my love for you, my devotion, my loyalty. I should have left you the times I found you drunk dialing your exes, or the time you called me bitch cause I wouldn’t let you drive drunk. I should have left you when you went out behind my back and I saw you at the bar. I should have left you last year on our anniversary when you took me to your friends house and smoke weed through a bong. You go so high you couldn’t drive. I was so upset, you gave me my promise ring high. I am most disappointed in myself…because I see that you never really loved me. I allowed you to treat me poorly. Shame on you.

  20. L

    He gave a speech posted on you tube that was made while we were seeing each other. He is wearing a wedding ring in the address and thanks his wife and family at the end. He told me his wife was his ex.

  21. calvin jonathan dsouza

    i will miss you every moment of my life . u came into my life and brought many changes in me made me smile , thought me to love again n care for ppl. i dont think break up was only solution to separate . i always loved you though u thought i didnt .i know u went to some other guy in frustration thinking i was not interested in you . sorry for all the misunderstanding and blunder i created . n now i knw its toolate n ur already moved on . but do remember m always ther for you n will support you in all terms no matter what .
    take care sweetheart .
    miss you
    with love

  22. Lost & Found

    Dear Claire,

    I don’t deserve this, I am entirely alone, while you party with all of our friends on Catalina Island. You dumped me on my birthday weekend and then was surprised by my emotional reaction. I loved you so much and you said you loved me too. I know you lost confidence. It’s not my fault that we applied for the same job and you didn’t get a spot. It’s not my fault you didn’t make friends when you moved to my town. Now you are so proud of yourself, so proud of your independence. I don’t deserve this form of revenge. I don’t deserve to be cut off like this. I should never have trusted you. Now i have all this anger and confusion and I had the worst fall of my life. Now I’m and feel so alone and sad. I was so happy with you and you took the best care of me, I wish you would have taken care of yourself, or at least tried to explain your needs to me. I would have done anyting to be with you. I am glad you are happy, I just wish I was. I want you to know how horribly this has affected me, but this pain I feel will only make me stronger. Until I’m over it…..

    Fleeing the country.

  23. Mariella

    Dear Rick,
    I think you are a low-life for promising me everything only to break every promise that you made. I hope that Karma pay your bad ass for hurting me when I have not deserved anything for this. I tried so hard to be with you, but you’re a piss-weak bastard who can’t wait for my return when you promised that you’d wait! You even cried just before I left (for work reasons) because you were scared, and I comforted you, I promised you that I’d be back. But your two timing heart could not wait. You were trying to pick up very young women young enough to be your daughters! You should be ashamed of yourself! Just because others get carried away by their fantasies, does not mean you should! You know what these women want – money! And thanks to me, you can spare a few, you ungrateful, lying, spineless asshole! But your day will come. I hope you will be 10 times heart-broken as I was. You don’t have a conscience. You played with my heart, my hopes, my emotions and my life. You deserved what’s coming to you and soon! Continue having frightening nightmares asshole!

  24. Mariella

    And oh yes, I spoke to you this morning. You just show what an insensitive selfish ass you are!! so get on with your miserable depressive life and I hope that depression is really going to kick your ass, you miserable selfish a-hole!

  25. Xeva

    Do you ever think of me? Do you miss me at all? Do you even remember me? I don’t think you do. That hurts the most.

  26. thea Post author

    I am sure your ex thinks of you and even misses you. 100% sure but that doesn’t mean they do enough to want to reconcile. It’s almost impossible to spend any amount of time and then just “forget” them. A song, a place, a person, a TV show – life is full of triggers.

    You meant something to your ex – I’m sure.

  27. Xeva

    Thank you for your kind words, Thea – that’s a lovely thought. I would like to believe that, but I know him well enough to be certain that I was erased as quickly as possible.

    But again, I appreciate your response.

  28. Bunts

    Actions speak louder than words, and you are not fighting to be by my side. I miss you. I miss my friend. I miss the nearness of you. I miss you checking in with me every day morning, noon, and night, to see how I am. I miss your intensity, I miss your laugh, I wish it was me getting to make plans with you. My friends don’t understand how I can still be in love with someone for discarding me so badly, and that obviously because you are married, you are essentially, a cheat. And somehow i keep waiting for you to turn up at my door, and say that it’s me you want to be with. I feel like I’ve just taken part in a heist that went badly wrong. I haven’t changed one bit. I’m still me, still in love with you, and you have turned into someone quite cold and ruthless. I can’t believe how close I felt to you, and now we don’t even acknowledge each other in public. I’m just going to sit back and let the universe work this one out. It’s beyond my control. You are an idiot for not keeping me in your life. I’m worth hanging onto. I miss you. X

  29. Miles

    Look ive had a long hard think about all this and I’m not good at apologies now but I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the times when you wanted to spend time with me and I wasn’t there, and for anything that hurt you over the years that was never my aim babe .You must’ve felt real neglected and that’s not what I wanted at all. In the future i wont ever let these problems jeopardise what I truly love i can b a fool at times but I’m going to pay full attention to the people I care about so that this don’t happen again even tho it’s to late for us. Every relationship hits rough patches and I honestly thought me and you could overcome nearly anything cass, and any1 who is in a relationship will get hurt at times it’s just choosing who is worth getting hurt for and that’s true. This ain’t no needy or soppy message it’s the truth and I meant this, I know we where unhappy when we use to argue but overall I never thought you where unhappy with me or didn’t want me but i hear what your saying now and i really do hope you find a man that makes you happy if that’s really not me. Take care ( this message is so true and many thanks to the people who helped me with a few phrases in this that hit home it’s much appreciated) Miles

  30. Mariella

    So it’s been 7 days again since we talked. Once again you raised my hopes, being all sweet and nice, and now nothing. I spoke to my brother this morning and he said that you went to his place to check on your belongings that was stored there. He said you were apparently upset with me because your Italian shoes got wet because I removed them from the plastic containers in which you stored them from. How do hell would I know that there was going to be a bad storm? This just shows how selfish and petty you are considering all I’ve done for you!

    In the last few days I’ve been missing you, waiting for that email and phone calls that never came, hoping for nothing and once again let down by your promises. How cruel can you get? And oh, my brother said you will be going with him to this weekend to check on that business that we wanted to buy and you backed out at the time. Well I tell you what a-hole, I am not holding my breath because you will likely change your mind – and that’s if it hasn’t been sold yet! Teaches you to listen to know all wannabes! Enjoy your nightmares that I’m sending your way!

  31. Sad and confused but trying to accept

    A, I am so so sad that our wonderful, loving, kind relationship has come to an end. And whilst I don’t want to be with someone who is not crazily in love with me, I still find it really difficult to understand how your feelings for me could have changed so much without me realising or noticing. I am so so sorry that I hurt you during our last argument. I wish that I had taken more time to reflect before saying anything to you, to make sure that I didn’t hurt your feelings. That was the last thing I wanted to do. I just wanted to look after and take care of you and make you feel loved.

    I wish so badly that you had had enough faith in us to tell me how you were feeling, to forgive me and to tell me what needed to change to make you happy. I would happily have done any of the things you complained about after breaking up with me but I did not have the chance to as I did not know that any of those things mattered to you or were affecting you.

    I forgive you for breaking my heart and am in the process of forgiving myself for hurting you. Eventually I hope this pain will subside for both of us.

    It is really hard not contacting you and not sharing things in my life with you – I miss you so much. But I think we both know that staying out of contact is the easiest way through this pain.

    I wish you all the best and hope that one day we can meet up and enjoy each other’s company and feel no pain 🙂 And also that I hopefully find someone who I click with and love even more than you and who loves me and has enough faith in our relationship to stick out the bad times as the good times are so good.

    Love you still, but hopefully not for too much longer, YLBB xxxxxxxx

  32. heartbroken

    Dear Blue Eyes,

    It still takes my breath away that we broke up after 4 months of long distance. I feel so sad and confused, and the thoughts of what happened and how I created this just keep flooding my head.

    I left for vacation and thought everything was sooo good. I was so looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. I thought about it everyday. You had started saying Love You at the end of the calls. I did not believe either of us were their yet, but I know those moments were so tender and real and I had hoped to solidify it when I saw you next.

    Now I am left with so many doubts. Was I too nurturing, not sexy enough, so hard to know? Did I push you away when I came home to your concerns. I told you that I was falling, I could see you as my husband, that meeting others would not be that easy, that we should see what happens, we could see each other more often, that I thought you were making a mistake. Was I begging? I was so blindsided.

    You brought up that you spoke to your friends. Did you just want to date others? Was I not enough? Why did it feel like you were investing. All those calls, you called, all those texts, you text? Did I make it all up? What happened? Why did you lose your interest?

    I never nagged you, I never pressured you, I showed up in warmth, playfulness and joy, always. How is that not enough.

    My heart is heavy in pain, and I have no idea what happened, how I could have been different. I miss you. When will that go away?

  33. thea Post author

    Hi hon, just to say hang in there. The heavy pain will fade in time. We never know what’s going to happen around the next corner. I can’t say when it will happen – only that it will (as long as you truly want it to). Hugs x

  34. broken doll

    Three month ago you broke up with me with reasons like, I was the nightmare of yours. I cant reach your standard. I cant do this or that to satisfy you. And you had no more feeling for me at all. That was the end of 4 year long relationship. The relationship that I had to provide everything for you but you did not give a damn about my effort or my feeling.

    Three month passed, just at the time when I can catch my breath after so much pain, you decided to give me a nice Christmas gift. Out of blue you messaged me to tell me that you had a affair with another woman who in the past year. The woman was so the exact opposite of me. You had so much fun with her that you could not stand me a tiny bit longer in your life. So you dumped me, bought a house and moved in within two month time, just to make way for this precious woman. You said your life now was so good that you cant hide the joy. Telling me the truth was not to ask for forgiveness but to offload some damn rubbish from your mind so you can enjoy all the holiday season with her, in your flashy new house.

    How nice of you to tell me the truth! on the Christmas eve. When I have no families or friends to spend the holiday with for the first time. I could tell how wrong things had been in the past few years. You told me time and time again how popular you were when you went out to clubs and parties, as all sort of girls asked for your availability and phone number. How you ignored me, disrespected me and abused me emotionally all the time. You asked me to get out of your life so you can have a nice one, I did it with my respect to your decision. Why on earth do you need to check on me to tell me something, to remember the good and bad feeling every now and then?

    You cheated on me, you dumped me. Isn’t that enough pain you caused in my life? Do you need to come back to stab a few more knives in my heart when the blood just leaking a bit slower?

  35. C

    Dear Scotland Guy,

    It’s been 7 years and I still miss you so much. Probably now more than ever and I don’t know why.

    You were an amazing support to me and my first true love. I wanted to make it work but back then I was a mess.

    My first boyfriend abused me emotionally and I was under so much stress from school. I didn’t really know how to trust anyone and I didn’t want to get hurt. I was so scared of being in a long distance relationship. What was going on with you? Were you being truthful with me? Other people said maybe you always had a real girlfriend back home.

    I think you tried to come back after our first break but I pushed you away. I wanted you to tell me what you were thinking and feeling so we could be close again but that was never really your personality . I didn’t realize that you were hurt too. I pushed you away because I thought I could spare myself if I just let it be over. Wow was I wrong. Instead I’ve always felt conflicted about everything.

    I feel like I need you to know that I am so sorry for the way I acted and also embarrassed by it. I am a really different person today. I really thank you for everything you did for me and everything you were to me. I wish I could take back calling you a monster – I was conflating my feelings about things that you didn’t even know about with my pain from being separated from you. It all hurts the most because it was my fault.

    I imagine you are really happy. I’m fairly certain you are married. I’ve been trying to get used to the idea that for the rest of my life I will suddenly miss you. I thought it would all be forgotten in time.

    Things with me went the way you imagined; finished school, landed a job, etc. But eventually you come back to mind. I really wish I could hear from you- know how you are doing. I probably could contact you but I don’t want to be a scary weirdo bothering you when you’ve probably moved on and forgotten all this. I’m also slightly afraid you remember me in a negative light or think I was angry or am still angry.

    I’m not angry. I probably never was -just scared and hurt. I am not just having rose colored glasses. You really meant a lot to me. When it was good it was great.

    Anyway, I will always wish you the best. And I’d answer any time if you called. Even just to say hey and hear you say take care. I hope you don’t think too poorly of me if you ever do.

  36. Renee

    I’ve did a terrible thing to my sis and I said I’m sorry and she forgave me and I really don’t think I deserve it. On the inside I feel really horrible I feel like I’ve gone to hell. What I did hurt her so bad and the pain she feels is wat I feel now for what I did to her and I can’t believe what I did it’s nothing like me and now I feel stupid. She didn’t deserve to be hurt like that she hasn’t did anything wrong to get that thrown at her and I feel terrible and stupid like an freaking idiot I was dumb and stupid.

  37. m

    You came in to my life and we said that we were good, we married.

    I became unwell in 2006, again and again and again and again.

    Three operations later and other procedures, I under stand why you left.

    But, I really thought “in sickness and health” really meant something.

    I still can see your eyes rolling back and being pissed off when I got dragged off to hospital late last year (2013), I was lying on the ambulance trolley and I remember apologising for being sick again.

    If I had known these things would happen I wouldn’t have started down that road with you.

    How I survived some of these things I don’t know.

    Here I am alive and without you, What the Fuck for.

    You won’t be part of me anymore and I have just to try and survive some more.

    I want to be alive long enough to get over you and be happy for little time with out you.


  38. anne

    I want to tell you that I hate you. That I hate that you hooked up with someone as quickly as you did. I hate that you don’t miss me at all. I hate that I mean nothing to you now. I hate that I was such a bitch the last month of our relationship.. I hate that I will never hold you again, kiss you again, be intimate with you again. I hate that we aren’t getting married. I hate that I haven’t deleted all the texts you sent me. I hate that you love her. I hate that she’s perfect for you. I hate that I can’t get over you. I hate that I’m so jealous. I hate that I broke up with you…. And i don’t want to hate..but I do

  39. Abbey

    Dear you,
    I know I fucked up and I know you fucked up to 9 years and now nothing the only way you’d see me now Is to just have sex with me knowing fully well I still love you but you don’t love me do you? No you love her even tho she doesn’t love you…..I can’t believe I haven’t got you in my life anymore I’m nothing without you we where best friends aswel as boyfriend and girlfriend and now look at us I hope your happy with yourself……

  40. Angel

    Firstly,,I want to thank you for the time we spent together,,for learning me so much about myself,,for believing in me,, for making me feel beautiful, and for showing me what love is. You were my first real love, I always wanted to know how it felt,,and I know now, cos i felt it with you. We went into the relationship in all the wrong ways and I knew it at the time, but there was such a massive connection with you and physical attraction that although I knew it was probably wrong, I couldnt help myself, and i fell deeply in love with you. Secondly,, I am sorry i broke it off with you, after a lovely and beautiful day out together,, but I just couldnt be ” second Plate ” any more,, I was worth more than that. You knew this and you let me go. For 5 days you texted me, saying you were thinkin of me,,missing me,,and that you loved me (hard words for you to say ) i know…. and i believed you, til your partner found your fone and contacted me, I was then informed that She would have you delete me from all fone numbers and social networking sights. Next day,,,,, sure enough,, i was indeed deleted from your life ! I now feel that i was completely disposable,, i feel dirty and used and rejected. You said you loved me and you would protect me and would never give up on me. Well , so much for that theory ! I recall you dumped me second hand- through my friend,,,, I just wish you could have made one call to me, i know it would have been hard to hear me breaking my heart,, but you dont realise that that one call would have given me the closure i so desperately need. I feel like i mattered so little to you that you didnt even give me that. Thirdly…. im disappointed in you,, for the reason that you just ended up doing all the things that you promised me that you wouldnt. I dont hate you, i still love you so much and part of me always will,, and for that love we had, and shared i am grateful. Im hurting real bad, but i know i will heal in time. My only regret is that I wished you had been one hundred per cent honest with me from the start and there wouldnt be so many people hurting right now. Fourthly… I honestly wish you all the best with the choice you made, and I respect the decisions that you made,, I hope you can be happy and find fullfillment in your life, but you will never know what you lost out on with me. i would have made all of your dreams come true .. but you gave up on me and the towel has been thrown in without us even getting a real shot at it. I have no desire t have a future with a spineless man.. i want a man with fire in his belly for me. I do still love you as i say… but i also wish you happiness.. you are a lovely man and a wonderful friend to me always… i so miss that about the ending.. I truly miss My friend. But life goes on. You will aways be special to me although its clear you didnt deserve me. xxx

  41. Sara

    I still don’t understand what I did wrong! And being your best friend’s roommate doesn’t help at all! All that she keeps telling me is that none of you did anything wrong. You were just two different people. That is so not true. So is she saying that there is someone out there who is going to be perfectly happy with your selfishness and rudeness? Everything was always about you. Remember the first night we spent together. You held my hand and said “Nail polish is really important to me!! It is my obsession!” What kind of an idiot would say that on the first date! It was always about you, wasn’t it? I could only hold your hand when you wanted, otherwise I was rejected like a piece of shit! All the parties that we went to, the way you got pissed of at me for no reason. Always accused me for not being happy around when I truly was. Always wanted to eave the parties coz I had ruined the party for you. I was starting to think that you had some borderline personality disorder. When you were high everything was good and when you were not you were suspicious and paranoid about everything. I was your only enemy in the whole world and you always took complaints to your best friend why I was so quiet around you, why I could not trust you. How could I be friends who treated me so badly?
    You know what. I think you were a coward. And behind all your wise thoughts and words, there was an immature spoilt selfish mentally ill character. And I only have myself to blame for staying in this relationship. Every time I asked for space you came with a solution. To get things working again. Weren’t you really waiting for an opportunity to break up yourself?! You are such a weak weak person. I will get over this. For sure. I just need to forgive myself for letting ruin such a sacred beautiful love.
    Can’t believe you broke up with me in such a harsh way and then the next day you talk to your friend about the three of us going to a movie as friends? And then telling me on the phone that its all good and its not the end of the world and I should come out with you to face my single life and accept the relationship is over! And then come here the next day to visit your friend coz you believe I should face it. What was I thinking all this time? What was I thinking? How come it is taking me weeks to get over it and you got over it over night?! :'( What was this relationship to you?
    At this stage, I must confess that I hate you!
    Deleted your number and your messages and emails and off my facebook. Don’t need anymore kind sympathetic messages from you. Not you nor your bff.
    Leave alone.
    Selfish asshole.

  42. Anonymous

    So it’s been a while since we’ve spoken. It’s a bit strange because for a few months there, I barely thought of you. But suddenly the feelings have been crashing down on me again, and I don’t really understand why.

    I don’t know if it’s because you’re a good person and didn’t want to hurt me, or because you were just ignoring what was going on, but I know now it wasn’t a simple matter of “falling out of love.”

    I was miserable to be around. I couldn’t even stand to be around myself. I was negative and I was stubborn and I was difficult and worst of all I expected you to fix it. I thought that when we could finally run off and be together everything would be better, and I was clinging to you with every fiber of my being. I raised you up to a pedestal that you didn’t want to be on. And eventually, the pressure became too much.

    I’m glad I was able to find the clarity to finally understand what happened, to hopefully avoid a repeat of that situation in the future.

    And it’s not even that I want to get back together…

    I just don’t know how to handle the guilt of knowing how hard I made it for you.

    I know you don’t want to talk to me, so I’m not going to bother you.

    I’m sorry.

  43. lesley

    Dear Pea,
    Its been a year since you emailed me to tell me it was over. We had been married for 6 years, and you felt you had to email me this news.
    Since then its been a nightmare of blame, acrimony, accusations and bitterness….from you. I tried to understand what you were going through – mid-life crisis? – and my mental health deteriorated to such a low point that I was nearly hospitalised. You accused me of domestic abuse – a total fabrication. When I was suicidal you accused me of emotional blackmail. When I was recovering and reaching out to friends for support you told me I was ‘wearing the nervous breakdown like a fucking medal’. What happened to the kind, tolerant, sensitive woman I used to know?
    You’ve pushed and pushed for a quick divorce, and I’m now being forced to sell our house ( which I paid for), our business (which I paid for), rehome our dog and I’ll probably have to move to another town to find work. All so you can get a six-figure payoff.
    I still love you but I sure as hell dont like you very much. You’ve changed into a one dimensional person, self-absorbed, obsessed with therapy, you speak in psychobabble and you’ve adopted the sort of lifestyle you used to vilify people for. I’m emotionally battered, broke, our business is failing, I’ve endured loss after loss and all so you can ‘find yourself’.
    Turns out I was’ the wrong partner’ for you all along. I wish you’d had the guts to face that before you asked me to marry you. I feel deceived and betrayed, and now financially rinsed.
    Hope you find the real you eventually. Please don’t do this to anyone else before then.

  44. Kate

    Dear Chris,

    Small d**k
    one minute man
    selfish in bed
    ugly, veiny
    silver spoon in his mouth
    Shit dresser
    boring old man already
    No sense of adventure
    weak willed
    cowardly – actually massive pansy!
    zero backbone
    shit sense of humour
    small minded
    small town mentality
    uncaring, lack of emotional maturity
    takes, takes, takes
    gambling and alcohol addicted
    mummy and daddy bail out boy
    can’t stand on your own two feet
    waste of fucking space!

    I am so much better than you. I feel sorry for the bitch who ends up with you!

  45. Grieving

    I spent two years alone, tending to improving myself following being in an abusive marriage. I finally had the courage and self-esteem to get away from that man, I felt he would kill me either spiritually or even physically in the end.

    I met you. I had turned down dates and prospective suitors for two years, but in you I immediately felt a true soul connection. You were affectionate and passionate and I reciprocated. We had so much in common and you described our time together as “feeling perfect”. You said I was beautiful, inside and out, you held me in your arms and you kissed me like no other. I felt your affection was genuine, it reverberated throughout me. Then, one day you dumped me. Via text messaging, you told me that although I was the “only lady you thought of long-term” you did not have time for me.

    A few nights later, you were back on the dating site, checking out what was on loan. I was nothing but affectionate, kind and sincere but thinking now, maybe all that was just too boring. I hear that people love mind games and to be fucked about a bit to keep their interest. I am sorry I couldn’t live in the world of mind-fucking people, I am not that way inclined.

    I could have been a source of great support and affection in this shitty world, but you chose to throw my heart away, like I was some dirty stinking trash you had no purpose for. I have cried, a lot. I have pondered why…………I have no real answers, so I am working on getting over you and simply concluding that there must be some innate problem with you!

    If you believe that I have no other options, then you will be sadly mistaken. I am alone by choice only, but maybe not for long. It’s only been just under a week since you said I was no longer required haha. I’ve been to hell and I am still clambering back, but I will!

    There is a short window were you can actually come to me in sincerity and appologise for your immature and selfish behaviour. I am angry with you but I also care about you and genuinely hope that you work it out. I have already began to formulate plans for this coming summer and it’s going to be awesome!

    You won’t believe what I am going to do and I am so thankful I met you, as now this pain has driven me to do some soul searching of my own. I don’t know whether we will reunite in this lifetime, I would hope so at this time but I am definately sure I will see you again, in another. I am unashamed I fell in love with you, what shame is there is loving another human being?

    I acted appropriately and with sensibility. I have spared you from the wrath I am capable of, as I am much more mature than you spiritually, even though you fancy yourself as a kind of Khalil Gibran, my love you have far to go.

    I wish you well on your journey with or without me. I feel a weight lifted writing this letter here, although you may not read it with your physical eyes, I know the universe will communicate this to you at some point in the illusion of time. I love you.

  46. thea Post author

    I am sure many people will relate to the feelings and emotions sent to your ex. I felt the love, the anger, the hurt, the indignation, the resolve and empowerment too. You take care hon. It is cathartic getting that stuff out of our heads and into some written form (either digital or actual pen to paper). Well, I find that to be the case anyway.

  47. Kay

    Dear JR,
    I am still am in shock. I feel like my dreams were ripped from me. I guess I was naive to think that if something is broken to try and fix it instead of throwing it away. It’s so fresh and it’s only been a week but it seems like its just getting harder without you here. I didnt want this, I dont want to move on, I dont want to meet others, and I cant picture never seeing your face or touching you. You completed my whole entirety I had it all, a new dream job, my daughter, finishing my degree and my dream guy… But you didnt want to be a part of it, I guess I was in a different relationship then I thought we were in. I understood we started off poorly and fought through so much within a little time but I thought I was fighting for something and getting stronger while you were just getting tired. I’m sorry you think I took you for granted, you were like my king I wanted to do all the little things for you, I thought you were happy. I was so shocked to hear you say I wasnt going to see you. I lay awake and am going absolute nuts of the thought of you moving on. Your my first love and I just cant picture you gone completely, I guess Im in the denial phase. I wish I could get you out of my head, but the negative thoughts of you with someone else and being replaced is a feeling I cannot describe. I wish I could erase everything we’ve been through and start over again. I love you and thank you for everything and I just pray to god he blesses us for another chance or the strength to move on and not be so devastated

  48. Sean

    Hi M, we broke up almost 4 weeks ago, i’ve been having a hard time since then, but i’ve accepted your decision to break up with me, i know we are not compatible…though, we loved each other, we never had a big argument, never had a big fight, we always compromised on our differences, i’m not hard to get along with and neither are you, thank you for some lovely memories…

    What i’m trying to figure out is why you’ve had these abusive relationships going on for years and years and years, holding on to someone who physically and mentally abused you, than after your “recovery” you where ready to meet a new man in your life, we dated, had a perfect time, but then you send me away after 5 months?! The adrenaline rush and the “negative excitement” that you had in those abusive relationships, was that something that turned you on or something? Would we be together still if i had cheated on you or if i would slap you in the face every once in a while? WTF is wrong with you?! I know there’s certainly nothing wrong with me! Our relationship was true and the love was there, and it didn’t last long enough for me to really suffer from our break-up, but i’m really trying to figure out if something in your past relationships broke something in your heart permanently…

    You saved my ass when you send me away, i’m obviously not able to help you, noone is, only you can do that for yourself, i’m really sad i could not help you…i’m in No Contact now, you put me there, but i will add that my No Contact for you will be ’til death! You have a nice life!

  49. Astrid


    I’m writing you because I have a feeling I won’t see you again and I won’t get a chance to let my feelings be known. I wish I could say this (and return your belongings) personally but you never answered my messages and decided to ignore me. Your mom has been very supportive during these past weeks and invited me over while you were gone for the weekend so I could return the clothes you left behind.
    I get from your actions, that you truly must hate me but I hope you can at least read this patiently. Our relationship started with us believing that luck & chance had put us in the same path, it took strength from BOTH of us to make it work for the past year and a half. Similarly, it took mistakes from BOTH of us to end it, I’ve apologized countless times for my mistakes, for getting too drunk at your friend’s parties and making a fool of myself even tho all of your friends did the same thing when they were in they’re 20’s. Everyday is a struggle for me, even if your friends think I’m a idiot, it doesn’t matter because no one hates me more than I do. You knew I was alone in this country, that ALL my friends and family are in Peru, so you made me part of your life and shared your family with me, for the first time in years I felt part of something, I finally had a family and I fell in love with them as much as I loved you. So how can it be so easy for you to just take it all from me and leave me with nothing again? I spent New Years alone at my apartment sobbing desperately and trying really hard to cling onto life. You knew I had no one to call but you, and you decided to block me from your phone. Is it really that easy to give up on me? Am I really that worthless? I’m sorry I realized too late that I had become dependent on alcohol to survive in social situations, I thought drinking would help with my shyness so I messed up many times and got too drunk, yes I regret it everyday. But drunk Astrid is not real Astrid, you seem to forget about the countless great times we had and only focus on my mistakes. You also seem to prioritize about what your friends think over anyone else, at least I can say I always felt loved by your family and that’s what really counts. I don’t think you care about how I’m doing but I’ll let it out: I feel like I’m a f*ck up who makes mistakes over and over again and doesn’t deserve a chance, that’s how you make me feel. And I can imagine your cold eyes saying “Oh well, find a therapist.” I did, and was prescribed antidepressants, which I won’t take yet because what’s the point in leaving alcohol to jump onto another form of dependency. Lastly, why would you call me and help me during the snowstorm 2 weeks ago, invite me to dinner, laugh, talk, ask me to have dessert, take a walk, drive around like we used to and have a great time, if you were just going to ignore me again the next day? You just wanted to remind of how happy we were one last time? I’ll never understand that.

  50. Mon0chr0.me

    Why?? Spelly. Why?

    I know I am not the nicest guy on this planet. nor the hottest.
    but haven’t I treat you the best I could?

    I am still waiting to hear that ‘ding voice when the messages pop up on the screen ‘
    So I can live again.

  51. broken

    Five months gone, and I still think about you every minute.
    You dumped me and went with a woman who you said was the exact opposite of me. You bought a house, you moved in with her. You are in the best time of your life like you said. So sad I have to see you in work every day, as I can see how well she has looked after you. The happy chat you had with others that I overheard just broke my heart.
    I can’t talk to you, I can’t see you directly, or my tears will burst out any moment. You’ve been treating me nicely since the breakup, better than when we were together. For the first time I feel some respect from your action. But, this new and better you, belongs to somebody else. For all the effort and love I gave, you took and ran with somebody else. And you tell everyone how great this somebody else is to you.
    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. With all these happened, with 5 months of grieving, I still feel so much want you back. I can list all sort of reason that you wont come back to me and I wont be able to live with all this, but I still want you back, so badly! I’m so torn between my heart and my brain.

  52. kiera A

    Dear J,

    You and I… we had something beautiful so beautiful many people could live their entire lives without seeing what we’ve seen in 4 years. I gave you my all. We were engaged to be married. But you allowed you family to affect us. You allowed our differences in religion to become a problem. Suddenly i wasn’t supportive and affectionate towards you, suddenly I was holding you back and suffocating you, suddenly you didn’t love me. But I loved you…. I loved you so damn much. And the stupid person that I was believed in my heart that all those things you said when you proposed was the truth.

    I hope that you can answer to you God when the times comes around for you to pay for what you did. You left me with nowhere to go, exams just around the corner knowing that I’m in final year in college. You never even called to see if I was alive and okay and well after the way you left. Never even had the guts to break up with me to my face and not over the phone. I honestly thought you were different. I trusted you and loved you with my life. Now I am shattered for ever believing in you.

    Gosh, I hope God has mercy on your soul….you sure as heck don’t deserve it

  53. Mariella

    I did not realized it’s been so long since I vented in on here. Time for another.

    Yeah Rick, you might think you can trick me and lie to me. You are forgetting the “special” gift that I have. I am glad I visited you when I did because now I have the answers why you suddenly went cold on me: You’ve found your goldigging slut and right now you are very infatuated you fail to see past her sweet words. How dare you even compare her to me?? She will never be like me, I have more dignity and class in my bones than that goldigging whore you’ve fallen for. And how dare you even asked me to be Godmother to your child/children? Was that meant to make me feel better? You dreamed of having children when you can not even take care of your self you selfish ass!

    Don’t you think I have not noticed the apathy? the anhedonia? the procrastination? Yeah Rick. What kind of future you will give to your child with these traits? You hated your father for being neglectful. Would you be any different?

    Right now you probably have not gone back to the home we shared because that goldigging bitch you’ve been giving money to has gotten her claws on you. Why can’t you see that? Why don’t you try and stop giving money to her and see if she’d still stick around with you? I just can not believe how you turned out to be the opposite of what you have always portrayed as: honest, loyal and all that crap. Well, you turned out to be nothing but a piece of low-life lying piece of excrement!
    For 4 1/2 years you kept me hanging on, I was loyal to you. Now I was barely out of the country a month and you allowed yourself to get seduced by this goldigging sibling of a prostitute? Why can’t you see her for who she really is? Why do you allow her to convince you that she really liked you? You should be ashamed of yourself! You are old enough to be her father and your looks are fading fast, in 5 year’s time you’d look like her Grandfather! And what about what we always talked that women like her are only after your visa, money, citizenship? You seemed to have forgotten what we discussed over the years. Now it appears as if you’re throwing caution onto the wind, you are letting your little head do all the thinking.

    You are so apathetic you could not even get your sorry ass to chase up your Doc’s appointment. If you think having a child and family is a picnic, well buddy, I got a bad news for you. And don’t forget that with the multitude of health problems that you have, you might not even see the child walk!

    Oh, I thank you for trying to spare my feelings. But I don’t need it. I will let Karma deal with your sorry low-life ass and I hope it is soon. My brother was correct: I was chasing you for nothing, and I am sorry now he even got involved with you! Thank Goodness I am not hurting as I was. But one day soon you will be feel the pain I had to endure because of you and more and I hope it will be soon. Enjoy your PTSD nightmares you lying bastard!

  54. JC

    Matt, thank you for plastering over social media that you are happily enjoying your holiday in iceland with your new girlfriend whilst i sit in my temporary room with our cat, no money, no furniture, nothing to my name because you took everything from me and left me with nothing. I supported you for 8 years, supported you through a change of career and a 2nd degree, i cooked and cleaned for you every day and gave you emotional support when you found being a mature student hard.

    You never gave me any support in return, you only took from me and never gave anything back. I see that now. And it’s taken you leaving me for someone else under a cloud of lies to see that you aren’t good enough for me and were holding me back. I sacrificed so much to make you happy when you never gave any thought to my happiness.

    Even when i had a major operation and illness during your first year of university, You couldn’t be with me or support me, you made everything about yourself and made me feel guilty for being ill.

    I’m now going through a serious health scare with potential life changing eventualities and i’m thankful that you’re no longer in my life. Looking back at your behaviour throughout our 8 years together, i see now that life has made it so we are no longer together as you wouldn’t have supported me through this challenging time anyway.

    I am better off without you. I am going to try and re-build my life, even though i don’t know how long i will have left of it, but i will be happier without you, i will be around people who genuinely love me, i won’t feel guilty for needing support from others as this is a natural need in life. I will get myself a new home full of laughter & love.

    I hope that this new girlfriend (i say new, but you were seeing her whilst you were still with me and it’s now been 4 months since you came home and told me that you didn’t love me and that although you wanted children, you didn’t want them with me and could i please pack up my things and get out) makes you so happy you feel that you couldn’t have anything more perfect in life and then dumps you for someone else, taking all of your money & possessions with her!
    Once she’s done this, only then will you get a glimpse into how i have felt over these last few months.

    Thanks for all the lies, deceit and misery that you’ve given me. Thanks for taking so much from me and giving nothing back in return.
    Thanks for accepting all the help & gifts & support that i gave you throughout our relationship, particularly over the last 4 years whilst you’ve been studying. I’m really glad that i saved and saved for the romantic suite in rome for your graduation present.

    Have a nice life Matt, thanks for nothing you selfish selfish disgusting pr(ck.

    Yours sincerely

  55. Mariella

    Yeah Rick, so how do you liked the first taste of Karma? you lying low-life. You got very, very sick last Sunday, you thought you would die. So who did you turn to for reassurance? Of course, yours truly! But as usual, due to your apathy, you did not seek medical help. And it took you 3 days before telling me you’ve been sick again. Ha! I hope you get another one soon! And when I did not respond to your text, you became all sweet and loving again asking me if I was pissed off with you!? Of course I was! But I will play your games and not tell you the truth since you are a two timing face lying bastard!

    Right now, you are probably with that slut that’s been trying to convince you to marry her so she can go to your country. Well, have a nice life buddy! Hope she’s well-trained in wiping asses because that’s what she’s facing if she hangs around with you, what with your multitude of illnesses, yep, you are a walking time bomb waiting for somewhere to happen. And I shall be way, way far away. Hope your nightmares return you scumbag!

  56. thea Post author

    Mariella – big hug to you on this Friday afternoon. Not much to say to your note but wanted to say I commiserate. Thea x

  57. broken

    I miss you, I miss you so much.
    You dumped me half a year ago. My heart was broken into a pile of sand, and still is. I cant find anything to put my heart into any shape, or any lump.
    You said your were sorry about broken up with me. But you are happily in love with your dream girl since you broke up with me. She must be amazing. Amazing enough to teach you to apologize in the way you did not mean to!
    My broken heart, my broken dreams, all broken by your infidelity! You said you want to be friends, then you disappeared as told by your girl. You stirred my life up into a muddle whenever I got a bit of relief.
    I stupidly sent out an SMS when I broke down. No reply, as expected. This really put every pieces into a big picture. Your apology is only to keep me in misery. Your claim of loving me is to make yourself feel good and decent. You are really a heartless man using me up and still want to torture me more.
    Why cant I just let you go as you kicked me out of your life?! I’m so hurt, with nothing left to survive on.

  58. coltrane60

    Hi L.

    I was really hurt when you broke up with me. I can’t really say I wasn’t expecting it and I knew that eventually we would have to part ways because of the distance. But I think that deep down I was hoping for it to work out between us. The fact you were the one who motivated me to go on that weekend trip with you and then breaking off things at the worst possible time when I had all already planned out was what really hurt the most because I didn’t know you could do something like that to me.

    It meant in my mind that you really didn’t care anymore about me to the point of doing something like that. If you didn’t loved me anymore like you said you did, assuming you ever did in the first place, I would have preferred you being honest with me instead of doing what you did. Maybe you were in doubt at the time and I can understand. Or maybe you did it out of revenge because of things I said or did, if it’s the case then I am sorry. I know I wasn’t the perfect boyfriend, awkward at times and a bit immature, unable to communicate.

    The truth is that I never felt for anybody else what I felt for you and I think that kind of scared and confused me. Sure I have felt strong attraction toward other women before but with you it’s so different, I felt something I thought I wouldn’t ever be able to feel. I think it’s what other people call love. A concept which sounded so ambiguous and redundant to me before knowing you. Now I think I know what it means when people say it. That feeling not only based on strong physical and mental attraction but on a deep sense of attachment and caring for one other human being. That feeling of loving not only the inherent qualities of a person like your kindness, wittiness, your sense of humor, your strong independence but also all the little quirks that make you who you are, like your acnee, the fact you talk too much when you are nervous and all the little weird expressions you say.

    I love the fact that you can be at the same time the strongest person I know and the most vulnerable one too. I thank you for showing me that I am not a robot and that I am capable of caring for someone other than myself. I want to say to you even if it doesn’t matter anymore that I wasn’t scared when you made plans for us for the future and I would have spent the rest of my life with you, it’s just that I’m stupid at times and I say things that I don’t really mean. I hope you find happiness because you deserve it and that you find someone who you can love you the same way I love you.

    Take care.

  59. Mariella

    Oh Thea, thanks so much for the commiserations! 🙂 I really am just venting. I am mostly over the scumbag, but as pieces of the puzzle comes through, I feel like updating my “journey” here. I am so grateful for this site for allowing us to vent!

  60. Amanda

    I’m so sorry for everything that I did. I should have been a better girlfriend to you. And now I’ve lost you forever… Everything about you I loved, everything. And I’m so depressed cause I know I won’t find the One again. Deep down ihope you’ll take me back but I know you won’t 🙁 I’m so so sorry sweetheart and I wish I could turn back time.. I’ll miss you so much, I’ve been crying for days straight. If not being with me makes you happy then i guess it has to be this way. I’ll always love you my baby. :'(

  61. Martin

    Dear Brit

    I know we met briefly. I thought that our relationship was more than just sex.

    I thought I found love and piece – which I Seek all my life. Everyday.

    I still like you. But.. I know that 1 day you Will Come crawling back. I Will not offer you my heart when that Day comes.. I Will not..

    Goodbye.. Try and Have a good life..
    Goodbye Brit..

  62. Hana

    Do you wanna know something? I hate you!no im lying . I miss u , fucking damn miss u here in this third world country im living in this hard situation and you are having sex with those blondie bitch girls there and they are so ugly and i hate them and i send you messages in skype every day but you dont answer me because i didnt send you my sexy photos because after 5 years we are talking again and you want me to send you my naked photos just like those bitch girls that you want them just for sex . Im not like those girls i have emotions i have feelings because you asshole you are my first love i love you since 13 and i want you to to love me to want me for your life to live together to marry toghether not just having sex . And now i donno where you are but i see your photos with those shallow boys and girls over there having fun . And now i know all you see is sex 🙁 Please come back 🙁 lets be toghether just like old days when you were just 19 and i was just 16 and we used to send text messages and you used to come to our house because we were family member and we used to stay in your place it was very good 🙁 i miss u i want you i want to hug you i love you you are my boy you should be mine not those bitch girls im loyal to you 🙁 i donno where you are now or what are you doing but i miss u and you will be my first love forever . . Love love love love love you . Kiss kiss my boy

  63. Mariella

    Well Rick, so now the truth has come out that you’ve been lying to me all along. Yeah, now you’re in deep shit coz you made your opportunistic gold digger pregnant and you’re running scared. Thankfully my sister in law already told me everything when I was there, so the shock to the system is not as much. All you could say when I threw everything at you was “I’m sorry”. You lying son of a bitch, when you told me that you did not want to be in contact with anyone during the months of October to November, when all along you were running around the country side with her!

    So now you are feeling what I felt 5 months ago when you first rejected me and you started your lies. Yeah Rick, the sleeplessness, the depression, the worry. Yep, savor it buddy coz it’s only the beginning. I warned you about women like these, but you fell right into her trap. Yes, her and her 2 prostitute sisters earmarked you as their ticket to your country. But oh no. You could not see that because you were smitten and still were. God, I hated it when you kept comparing her to me! No. 1 I am not desperate enough to marry/pursue a man old enough to be my father. And yet you had the gall to tell me this morning that she might actually have been in loved with you? Sure! If you start giving me money and sharing your comfortable home as opposed to her cramped living conditions, I’d tell you I am in loved with you too! You gullible loser!
    2) you forgot that I never accept money from men I am not related to by blood or marriage, you asshole! and 3) I never deliberately get pregnant to entrap a man into marriage or ongoing support. So go ahead and smoke that, you low life lying bastard!

    So you asked me for advise what you should do. I told you – do not offer her marriage and do not cohabit with her and don’t promise anything, but be prepared for the emotional manipulation. She already knows she’s got you hooked. Somehow, I just feel you won’t be able to resist her.

    I told you this morning that if you move out of my apartment that I’d cut you loose. But you pleaded with me not to do this. You begged me not to abandon you. What the hell for after what you’ve done to me? My Dad was dying last December, I needed someone to talk to and you weren’t even there! Well, your only salvation now is if she aborts the baby or she loses it naturally. In the meantime, enjoy your Karma because there’s more to come!

  64. kaylee

    dear, stupid fuck

    i may still love you but i realize i don’t need to put up with your ass anymore. i miss you but i don’t miss the person you turned into go fuck yourself you wanna put me through that than your an ass and you dont deserve what i have to offer……

  65. A

    dear spinless pick,
    you have taken me for a fool for long enough, you done nothing but string me alone from the very start. made me doubt myself and use me, im sorry i let you.
    you had a hold on me and used it for you own gain, you broke my heart, that was not enough for you you had to shit all over it after that, smear your new relationship in my face, while stringing me along still.
    if you couldnt see that i would have been good to you and you would rather be with someone who is a bitch to you, good luck with that.
    you never cared about me and its time i stopped caring about you.
    you seem to want your new girlfriend more that you ever wanted me, shes welcome to you, im gonna be better now than i was before i met you. i swear it.
    respect you? that made me laugh. you never gave me one reason to show you respect, you disrespected me in fact. it has to be earned asshole!
    and your jokes are not funny, not even slightly, not the first time and not after the thousandth time. everyone else thinks so too.
    i hope when you see my face it gives you hell!
    i hope to never see your face again…
    good fucking riddance to you..

  66. Mariella

    “A” I’m sorry your a…hole did that to you. Very similar to what I went through last year. Believe me, the pain will pass. It just takes time. I myself did not know what to do when it happened to me. I just could not believe myself when he treated me the way he did, and now the complete betrayal. Stay strong and stay positive. All this will pass and soon. Good luck to you…

  67. broken doll

    I miss you so badly. After more than half a year, after you moved in with your best ever girlfriend, I still miss you so badly.
    What exactly happened to me?! Why am I so broken after you cheated on me with someone else! Why cant I move on like you do?!
    There wasn’t much to remember, as we did not have much good time together, as your said. You hated me for being like your mum, giving you everything while you gave nothing in return. There was no respect or care from you. You took, and took till I had nothing left to keep you there. Then out of the door I was forced.
    But there was still so much for me to remember, because you were everything for me. You went, so I had nothing left, completely broke.
    I dare not to think if you ever loved me, as there wasn’t trace of any in the memory. I want you to come back, but I don’t want to live in your hell! My four years with you, is my nightmare I don’t want to wake up from!!!

  68. Michael Brewer

    Sofia, I loved you so much. You meant the entire world to me. You chose someone else besides me while I was away. Thing is you didn’t tell me for months about him. You just said the distance wasn’t working, and just wanted to stay friends until I came home from my tour. We wrote each day, and you always made me feel cared about. I loved you the whole time, and you were the only thing I thought about. 2 days ago you told me that you met someone else in November when you broke up with me, and that you have been pregnant for 4 months now, and this new guy dumped you then moved away. I feel insane. I want to hate you so much, but I can’t. I just want to forget you ever existed. I want the pain to go away. I don’t understand how you could lie to me like that, and do this to me. I can’t stand the way I feel. I can only laugh at you for being dumped like you did to me. At least you didn’t leave me with a bastard child. Fuck You.

  69. Sara

    It feels like only death is going to save me from this pain. But please don’t ever blame yourself if anything happens to me. Never ever do that. It’s just that this pain was too much for me to bare.

    Love you to the end


  70. Mariella

    Well Rick, oh how the high and mighty have fallen! It was such a joy hearing your humbled and apologetic voice tonight apologizing for everything. Oh but you are doing this you asshole because you have no one else right now. And I could kill you really if you were in front of me for telling my brother what was happening to us, and especially to you! How dare you involve my brother in this! And I don’t accept your explanation that it’s because you were very upset and you needed someone to talk to! How do you think I felt last year when I needed you badly and you were running around the countryside with your whore while you were telling me lies left, right and centre! Now your whore is your worst nightmare come true and she is carrying the albatross that’s gonna be on your neck in the next 18 years that’s gonna drain your wallet- if her bastard is yours of course! remains to be seen because my guess is, she’s done this before.

    And yep, now she is showing her true colors. Now not only is she demanding marriage, but she is also demanding a big house or big condo to be paid for by you of course! And you still believed she’s not after your citizenship/money? You’re more stupid than I thought!

    And oh yes, you low-life piece of excrement. I have not forgotten the issue of your shoes when you terminated the call upon learning your shoes were ruined because I moved them from the plastic box to a cardboard box. You were upset because you wanted your shoes to wine and dine your whore, which you denied of course. I want you to know that I am not buying your explanation that you were going to wear your shoes to church which is yet another bullshit because you never go to church! Yes asshole, you did that when I was hurting, when I needed you most because I was seriously ill and my Dad was dying at the same time. But oh, you were never to be found. You weren’t replying to my texts and calls because you were with your whore! Now your little escapade is going to cost you a lot Mr. piece of excrement. You would have been better off hiring a prostitute! This would not have happened if only you kept your promise to me. So now your little gold digging whore is causing you to feel sick and lose sleep because your future is now uncertain. And you should be losing sleep because of me too because I have not finished with you yet. My revenge is still coming, including my punishment on you for hanging up the phone on me because of your gaddamn shoes! May you have more sleepless and stressful nights and days asshole!

  71. Carla

    Well, where to begin? It has been 3.5 months since you left now, and I still feel the pain. I don’t even know why. Maybe it is because of the good times that we did have together. The memories linger and I still find pictures of our goofy relationship and videos of your dry humor on my computer. You came into my life when I told you it was too complicated. Your pursued me. For what? Just for the challenge, i suppose. The only thing going for you is your witty humor, comical collage of nothingness. You are running scared, always running from responsibilities. I had kids and raising my 9 year old niece and am fixing to be a first time “GiGi”, and you said you weren’t ready for that. What a joke. You are a narcissistic pig, a violent person, with no heart and no love for God or anyone else. I hope the woman that you are with will see you for what you are, but better yet, reap the “benefits” of your raging temper and jealousy. I deserve so much better than what you gave me, which was nothing. You only think of yourself and what someone can do and say to you to make you feel more manly. But you are a wimp, a coward, and unemotional chauvenistic pig, with a foot fetish and dominancy issues. I put up with everything from you. I am tired of walking on egg shells and being treated like crap. Thank you for leaving, and thank your gf for taking you off my hands. She has you and your psychological issues now. There is so much more to life than living in misery and missing the one person who treated you the worse. The pain will diminish, and the love will die soon. This back and forth display of emotions will finally subside. Go F**** yourself, jerk!

  72. Pablo

    Dear little star, hope you’re having a good day!

    I’m truly amazed that you went into silence so gradually until i had to send you the message to which your reply was that you want just friendship.

    I know distance was not helping but this was our project, as a team, remember? (you told me you wanted to have a family with me and share the good and bad moments in life together…)

    Now i go into panic attacks and have doubts about why you didn’t even explain to me the reason for this break up, i’ve been a gentleman to you and i care so much about you that i wanted to protect, and take good care of you.

    If breakup will make you happy, then so be it, my goal is still to make you happy, no matter what.
    I love you and say good bye in peace and harmony for both of us.
    Bless and happiness for you, my sweet princess.

  73. kevin carter

    why did you not tell me that you had someone else why did it take 18 months, I was working away to pay the mortgage I asked you on the phone if you had someone you let me ho skint to pay the mortgage and you asked for designer clothing, you made exsuses for me not to come home, looking back I was stupid but I would have trusted you with my life, if you had asked me to cut my arm off I would have said which one. You didn’t even tell me when our foster daughter died, you let me find out from the Internet, when I found out that you had moved another man intoy house, you told me not to ruin your life, I called you to talk you told me you could end a relationship if you wanted twentu two years we were together. I come over to my house you wont let me in, I find that the new man is younger then you, you were younger than me so you say I stole your youth and I never gave you anything. Thats way you have my house our furniture, you left me nothing you wont speak to me you wont tell me why I think I know I wasn’t there. But I didn’t look for anyone else I loved you and working to keep you in our house that you love was important I know now I should have said f…k the mortgage. And came home more often. You see me wjile you were with him we made love, only when you were sure of him did you hint that there maybe someone else.

  74. Anon

    I can’t believe that you could look at me the way you did, talk to me, hold me like that and then just walk out of my life.

    Up until that point, everything had told me that you loved me. I honestly think that maybe you do but that you can’t handle feeling it and so you walked. That’s the thing that hurts the most.

  75. Bianca

    you are a piece of shit ! you think you are a real man ! well let me tell you something a real man does not go and talk to 5o million girls just bc he thinks the one he got is too crazy , you cant blame me cause i warned you in the beginning, im crazy cause you fuckin made me like this. im insecure because of you, you used me , and took advantage of me, and i didnt care because i was lying to myself making myself believe that you were what was i needed , i thought you were just at a struggling part in your life, well you just throwing the guilt card at me and you aint trying to make your life better , except sitting back and complaing about me not being woman enough, well hello its not about me its about you, if studying and trying to put myself thru college, if working all the time is not woman enough, then you are still a little boy…. you are going to realize that what you had was not something to be thrown away, you wanted to rant on me and what i couldnt do bc you knew you wasnt anybetter, at least i was trying . fuck you fuck you fuck you. (the only way i will ever takee you back is if you show up at my door with roses and a big tub of chocalte ice cream,, until then you can sit yourself with all your ragggedty ass bitches.) ????????????

  76. SilverScarlet

    Dear Mat,
    Why didn’t you feel that you could talk to me about the any of the doubts that you were having in the relationship? Why did you introduce me to your family and share in your families personal moments (like going to your Aunt’s baby shower) if you were having a hard time moving on from your ex? Why did you ask when you got to see me again every time we left each other if you felt that you couldn’t move on? You say that you want to stay friends, but why are you telling me things like “I miss you” and telling me about your dream where I move on to a new relationship and you were “super pissed.” Do you enjoy hurting and confusing me? I have been trying delete you from my life and pick up the piece, but you keep contacting me and dragging me back down. Please leave me alone!

  77. David

    Rachel. You used me to save a $30k house deposit while letting me pay for the majority of your expenses.
    While I accept the hard lesson and in allowing that to happen, you took advantage of my kindness and trust over 3 years. I treated you as my wife when you gave me no such promise and I ignored all of the signs. You dumped me after that and when you got your house and walked out taking only what you wanted just like you said you did to your husband. I will never again let people like you do that. You have tried to be my ‘friend’ since and after no contact from me for 8 months you call me because you are needy in hospital. It wasn’t about me once again. So excuse me for waiting 1.5 weeks to respond back via email and making you wait another 2 weeks to email me back stating your intentions from your contact.Yes, I have healthy personal boundaries now. Again you offer an untruthful offer of false friendship and that you ‘understand’ if that is too much for me. Do not flatter yourself. You are not a good or honest person and I did not sue you in the event because I care for myself and my healing in the long run. My friends were right, my name remains unsullied and I have integrity and now learned strength. I have wonderful family and friends and you will now always remain my enemy. I do not wish you well, you have not changed at all and if your life has ups and downs then that is your karma. Deal with it and don’t try to make yourself feel better about what you did and who you are by trying to ‘friend’ me. I now completely let you go and dive into my life with passion. There really is nothing else to say except “fuck you” Rachel and I will never ever see you again. Rejoice a new and happy life!!! David

  78. amanda

    Dear Robert,

    I still love you and miss despite everything you did. You were spineless, though you believed you were simply misguided. You led me on and told you loved me and wanted to marry me. You made me fall for you and then told me eight months later it was over. I wish you could feel how I feel right now, this aching loneliness inside, this hole where my heart used to be. You took it and haven’t given it back and I want it back! I want those eight months back! I want to be able to say to you what a jerk you are but you never gave me a chance. You toyed with my feelings and broke my heart, two things you said you would never do. Guess that was a lie too. Instead of simply telling me you weren’t over your ex, you made me believe you were in love with me. What a spineless jerk you are!
    Yet, I want you still. But i don’t want your heart or to share your life. You’ve proved you aren’t worth it. You want a girl ten years younger than you who has you on a string and panting after her till you don’t know which end is up. A girl who says she wants a sugar daddy to take care of her. Guess you will be her sucker huh? I feel sorry for you, you a**! You never saw the good thing you had right in front of you and you never will! You and her deserve each other! If she ever gives you the time of day again……
    I can’t believe you want someone like that. But she led you on a merry dance and you will follow her to the ends of the earth…..and, maybe in two years, when she finally moves back from living two states away from you, and you’ve been waiting for her all this time, maybe you will finally realize what a mistake you made……because you will be with someone who will make your life a living hell. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

    You and your double standards…..I hope you both are very happy. You constantly told me how I should act or what to say, even just by your disapproving looks. You never knew who I was and we’re never interested in finding out. You took things I said and did and twisted them to fit your narrow minded view of what I should be and wasnt. You will never be able to love and accept someone the way they should be loved and accepted, because you don’t know how and have strict views on how they should fit into your life and your world. You were never willing to fit yourself into my life or my world. Not really. You forced me to fit into your world if I wanted to have any time or interaction with you. You never understood what I wanted or what was important to me, because I was never truly important to you. Ever. I’m glad it’s over, because I’m free of your disapproval, your snide comments, and your need to spend nearly every waking minute with your parents, dragging me along with you. We double dated with your parents! What is wrong with you?!

    Yeah I miss you, but only like I miss a splinter in my finger. It’s annoying and painful……just like you. So I put up a front and act like I want you to be happy but the only thing I want is for you to see what you did to me, how you hurt me. I want you to beg me to forgive you. But i won’t. Not for a long time. You don’t play with someone that way……but you did.

    so I wish you could read this message and see just how you made me feel. But it feels better to just write it here and hope it helps someone else.

    (So if I love you and miss you still, that’s my secret, and one I will never let see the light of day again. It makes me sick to think that I still feel those things for you. Physically sick.)

    Goodbye my splinter, because I am having you surgically removed and replacing you with shots on the beach…..and maybe the lifeguard on duty…..I suddenly feel the need to drown myself in an inch of water……

  79. Poo

    Dear sunki,
    What the hell did i do to u.. was that my mistake that i always supported u and was there with u at all ur difficulties.. from the day i loved u till today its 5yrs of relationship. What did u give me only voulger words at ur anger , i used to wait for u till midnight wt were u doin that time u were just sleepin without any responce for my feelings, u were hurting my feelings, though u did that i was with u thinkin u love me bt later wt did u do my care towards u became irritation for u… there is too much to say about u.. but i dont want to remember u n cry again and again thinkin of u.. u made me cry always.. though u did sso many thngs to me that hurted me a lot still i love u.. till today u think me as ur slave bt once think of my feelings pls.. i love u

  80. Frustrated

    I read a lot of these comments and most of them say the exact things I want to say and how I feel. I’m upset, angry, devastated, relieved and I have so many other feelings that I can’t even describe. I think I am okay…I have good days, but then I have a break down. I dream of him… almost every night. I don’t understand why.

    There are nights I go to bed not thinking of him but I always wake up thinking of him. Why am I tormented by these nightmares. Nightmares of him loving me just to wake up and be hit by devastation all over again. I think the worst part of losing him is not being intimate. Sure, there are others…but not like him. I miss his body, his beard…having sex with him. I was used to him. We knew each others bodies…I feel like I can never be like that with anyone else. I have been with other men before him…but he is different. He was everything I ever wanted. Still being so attracted to him at the end of things makes this so much worse. The thought of him being with another woman doesn’t sicken me as much as the thought of me being with another man.

    The other horrible part about this is losing a father figure. I think that might even be what I’m most upset about. I’ve never had one and he took that role in some ways. He took care of me in ways I’ve never been taken care of before. He taught me things I should have been taught as a young girl by her father. He made me feel safe and protected. I want that back so badly. I don’t know how to deal with that aspect of losing him.

    The final days of being us he was a different person. Someone I’ve never met before. Sometimes I tell myself the part of him I knew died and I talk to that part of him. I know it sounds ridiculous but it helps. ….I guess that’s all I have to say right now.

  81. Dark and Broken inside

    Dear Mike.
    Ive wrote so many unsent letters to you.
    I know we piss each other off alot,
    Trying to make each other jealous,
    But we hold the anger in.
    Because we dont want to lose each other for good. Ive wanted to tell you things,on how i feel, hoping youd open up too. but i was afraid of your reaction. I dont know why id be afraid, when i know deep down in, you feel the same way. Maybe its because i thought youd be afraid of how id react too, and youd hide your true feelings too. but you dont understand, i swore to always be by your side. We made that promise, 9 months ago. I act like i have forgotten everything about us. But thats because im afraid to tell you, its never left my head. Even when you left me in november. i couldnt imagine living without you. And now, months later i realise that we were meant. Just like youd always say. I felt it from the moment those words slipped out to me. I honestly never felt that way about anybody. Except you. You were my only exception. And i wanted you to know… That song i wrote. It was for you. It was all you.

  82. steff


    I dont understand what happened, when it started, why you didnt tell me or why you arent prepared to fight for us.

    I am so prepared to fight for us, to work everything out, to help myself to help us. You are the only person who has really ever been there for me, listen to me and help me whenever ive needed you.

    You should understand though that it is not all me, you didnt tell me there was a problem to rectify, you refused to communicate, you refused to try and rectify and do positive things to help. You gave up on the one person whowill never give up on you, and you will realise that soon.

    And i know you dont understand the
    significance moof this girl coming into your life and what affect it had on me, you are lucky to not have confidence issues, anxiety, deppression.

    I love you, i hate you, i want you. Been your frend is both a comfort and its also killing me. You changed my life in a way i didnt think was possible. You came into my life at the moment when i wasnt expecting it. This last year has been amazing. My virginity will always be yours, my first love will always be you, youll always be the person who i lived with other than family will always be you. I will always love you, you will always have a part of my heart. I will always have the amazing memories, and will always be thankful you came into my life. Well, once i have forgiven you for doing this to me. Im angry now, i know that will not always be the case.

    I love you, your Muffin.

  83. Riti

    After being married for 11 and a half yrs..n watching my husband’s illegitimate affairs ws still forgiving, coz everytime its was either a hit n run or a fling coz some married ladies were involved who wouldnt split with their hubbies n were simply having fun….but this time he found a single woman with a kid…she is head over heals n wants a father figure for her kid n a hubby’s love for herself. This time i saw my hubby truly falling in love…never like before. I moved on ..leading my own life..living in d house like stranger..his kid is a stranger to him as well, its time for me todo tit for tat..coz I’m much prettier n smarter than all his babes n he is an ugly fellow . I will keep posting abt the new discoveries i’ve made n the new adventures i’ve been with… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  84. Richard

    Hey Riti

    I am sorry to hear about your plight. 11 years is a long time. I got dumped after 5 years in a relationship. I can imagine what you are feeling. I must admit that you truly loved him or else you would have never been able to ignore his flings. Since you have come this far already, I would say that feel the pain, I know it hurts a lot. See if you can play with it. If you can bear the pain now , you will be a whole lot stronger. I know it is not as easy as it sounds, for I too am hurting quite a bit. If we really give it a sincere shot, things might turn out to be better in the future, for what is life without experiences.

  85. Brittany

    Dating in sobriety is discouraged, and I understand why now. I’m afraid that living with my heart so open to people is going to be the death of me. This is the first time that I have wanted to escape my body/my reality since I got sober 6 months ago.

    You helped me grow in such a beautiful and painful way. I can never forget you. There will always be love for you in my being. I hope that we can someday still go fishing, and just be. I hope I can let go of my ego. I don’t want to lose you, but I also don’t want to hold tight in hopes that you will remember how wonderful I am, and take me back. I would really like your presence to remain in my life, because we are friends. We were friends first.

    I was afraid of losing you all together going in to this, but I risked it for a chance of love. I did find it. I have never felt like this in my 23 years alive, but it’s a good thing. Today I am alive. I feel it all. I feel the pain, and it hurts…but I am not the person running from my problems by using substances anymore.

    Today I realize my concept of love is another substance that I could get high from. Today I see that I can see myself in this loving way too. I didn’t calculate my value by your assets and strengths. I remained true to me. I believe you did too. It does hurt to know this is the right thing for us both, but only you know what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours.

    I trust that God steered you in your right direction. I trust that this pain is lesson I have been avoiding for a long time, and was much needed. I rushed into this. I wish I would have listened to you, and just remained your friend. Maybe we could have made it that way, but that is a torturous way to be right now. It is what it is. It is what it will be. Everything is already set in to motion. I wish us both all of the lessons needed to be learned here, healing, and growth.

  86. Daniela

    It’s been 8 days since you dumped me. You were so coward and small that you didn’t have the guts to say it in person. Instead, you spent many days ignoring my messages, saying that you did want to talk to me and see me but just didn’t know how to express what was in your heart. In the end, when I finally exploded and texted you to tell you that I couldn’t stand being neglected by you, your answer was “You’re so selfish and I don’t want to see you ever again”. How can I be selfish when all I wanted from you was just a phone call, a text, anything to let me know that you cared? How can I be selfish when I went to so many places and did so many things I didn’t like just for you? How can I be selfish when I looked at you in the eyes and said that I could not find anyone like you, that I was so happy that you survived your suicidal attempt years ago, that I was so happy and grateful for having you every single day of my life?

    I should have seen it coming. The way that you ignore my requests for attention, how you said to someone in front of me that you and I were in a “complicated relationship”. How you ignored me for an entire day in your house, pretending that I didn’t exist. The way that you insisted in smoking pot in my face, even when you know very well that I’m allergic to the mere scent of that thing. That excuse that you gave me for not texting: “I’m like that to everyone, not just you.” Well, I thought I was not just everyone to you, but now I see I was nothing special. Just a foreigner girl that you wanted to sleep with and brag about to your friends.

    You didn’t give any further explaination for leaving. So… I think it was just an excuse, and a very poor one. Did you find someone else that you love more than you ever loved me? Is there something that I didn’t know? Why didn’t you say it in my face? Why did you say that you had serious intentions about me, just to leave me out of the blue? Did you ever love me at all?
    WHY? WHY? WHY?

    You claim that I’m the selfish one, that you have to support your friends and your causes, that I only think about myself. Well… the only selfish one here is YOU. Everything you do for “others” is just to satisfy your huge ego, to feel that you’re the saviour of everything and everyone, to feel good about yourself. Everything is about yourself. ALWAYS.

    I still can’t digest how much I grew to love you in such a little time. You impacted my life in many ways, you made everything easier. And yet you made everything so painful in a matter of days, just by ignoring me. You really impacted me, but I think I never meant the same for you. And it breaks my heart into tiny little pieces. Maybe I was the only one in love.

    I never told you how much i loved you and cared about you, at least not using those exact same words. If I did, would you have not left me?


    There’s a little piece of me that still holds onto the hope that you will come back. I just need to kill it, just like you killed me.

    I wish I could say that I want the best for you, and that I want your happiness, but I just want you to die and rot in hell like the idiot you are.

  87. G.Boy.

    Dear M.M.M

    I didn’t see this coming, and I still can’t believe it. I’m so hurt but eventually I’ll be just okay like you are. Anyhow enjoy your next journey of life. As I sign out to our past and sign in to my great future. Thanks for time.

  88. Pat

    Dear M,
    I lost a lot for you, was going to sacrifice my family for you but thanks God you cheated on me before that… when you were concerned about how you look you said that you look like shi* well Yes, you look like that and even worse, you have no future, older than me, stupid, naive, ignorant, guess what? I laughed a lot because of your ignorance, couldn’t believe that I will be with you, your age was a problem but I was trying to ignore it, you’re a fu**ing old woman inside and outside.. I go out and I see a lot of girls from different countries and when I remember you I feel like you came from dirt~~~ Oh poor one!! guess you’re also mentally sick but you need to know first that you seriously look like shi* and I hope you will find more bullshi* in your life..

  89. Al

    Dear Robin,
    From the moment I met you I felt the connection. I know it’s cheesy but that’s just how things went. We both knew a long distance relationship would be difficult but we promised to stay loyal and not let anything bring us down. I lost my job, money for school, a degree, family, friends, every cent it ever earned all to travel across the universe for us to me. And each day of that month and a half holds so many perfect memories. Was I just a crazy boy to believe you loved me like I loved you? I came home with nothing but love in my heart. And that was enough. I waited months for you to come to me, which turned into a year. And then you told me you couldn’t come and you felt distant. I told you I’d come to you, do anything to help you. Then you dumped me and my broken heart. You told me you didn’t know why. But I found the boy and your hidden relationship. And let you go, heartbroken and shattered. After months of agony and trying to get over I had been determined to move on. But then you appear again to tell me the feelings were still there. I should have known right then this was all just a game. I let you back in, holding nothing back. Tried to woo you for months and you flirted back, told me I was the only one you had eyes for, the one you wanted to tell everything to. So I gave you my heart and soul and promised I’d be there to make you fall back in love. You thanked me. Gave me hope that this was going to happen. Then stopped calling, talking, started pushing me away and closing down. A week later you tell me you only wanted to be friends. Of course you waited until after I gave you all of me again. I’ve never met someone so cruel. It makes me sick to think I knew you. I didn’t know this person at all. I’m letting go. I have to.

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  91. vicky

    I dont know why you thought i would stick around longer than i did after the way you behaved the entire time we were away. Three years i waited. You never knew but i was planning to leave you in May anyway, there was nothing to keep me down south after my contract ended. i didnt want to have an emotional affair, i was driven to it. he was there, he offered afection when i was weakest – you didnt even know if you felt anything for me. i dont know why you took it so hard.

    when i asked you for help at least half a dozen times over the three years. you never helped me overcome my misery, just left me to it and went out drinking with yor friends. you invited me to go with you a grand total of three times over the entire three years. you just continued along your merry way, doing damage to us. i dont know why you changed as soon as we left the UK, and to be honest i dont really care. I wanted you to be the one for me, really i did. But you never were. your desire to travel the world and socialise was ultimately stronger than your desire for me. and its your loss. you want a family, so do i. only difference is, i know for sure i am going to have that. im going to leave, going to go back home. you’ll be very bloody lucky if you find a woman who is willing to wait for you while you travel the world, especially if she wants a family. i dont believe for a minute you have found someone else already, but thats my opinion.

    im not going to give you your divorce, that thing you want more than anything. F**k you, there is no way i am going to give you what you want. you made me wait for three years for you to be there, you put me through hell, made me the most unhappy i have ever been. and now i am going to deny you that one thing you want more than anything. see how you like it, you stupid, arrogant, selfish little bast*rd.

    i hope you find someone who puts up with you. i hope youre happy with the situation you put us both in. and i think youre the worlds biggest fuc*ing moron.

  92. Thea

    >> im not going to give you your divorce, that thing you want more than anything. F**k you, t

    I get the anger and hurt etc, hon, but frankly denying the divorce to spite him just ends up TYING you to him longer.

    Sign it off, “good riddance”, clear the decks and move on. It’s not a competition.

    If he’s been that horrible the sooner you divorce from him the better actually. It’s not a case of him winning. Whatever he puts out will come bouncing back. It’s the same for all of us. Don’t procrastinate because you think it gives you the “upper hand” or something – that power is a total illusion. Your focus should now be on YOUR OWN HAPPINESS and PEACE OF MIND. Screw him and whoever and whatever he’s doing!


  93. Tomás

    We just dated for a couple of months, and to you that may not be big deal. But the truth is I was looking forward to this relationship. I’ve been on my own for like 8 years and when I met you I really thought that I have finally met the right woman. I really enjoyed this short time spent with you, and it hurts like hell, you made me regain the hope of finding love.

    But the way you suddenly gave me de cold shoulder broke my heart. I think that something better is around the corner for me, I want to trust that God wants to put someone in my road who will be just the right person. I didn’t tell you this because I’m afraid to be some kind of creepy, clingy guy, but I really appreciated meeting you, I really liked you, and you came when I didn’t have any hope of meeting someone. I’m sorry that things didn’t worked out, but I know it’s just that you wanted something different to what I look for. I

  94. Tomás

    We just dated for a couple of months, and to you that may not be big deal. But the truth is I was looking forward to this relationship. I’ve been on my own for like 8 years and when I met you I really thought that I have finally met the right woman. I really enjoyed this short time spent with you, and now it hurts like hell. But you made me regain the hope of finding love.

    But the way you suddenly gave me de cold shoulder broke my heart. I think that something better is around the corner for me, I want to trust that God wants to put someone in my road who will be just the right person. I didn’t tell you this because I’m afraid to be some kind of creepy, clingy guy, but I really appreciated meeting you, I really liked you, and you came when I didn’t have any hope of meeting someone.

    And I’m sorry that things didn’t worked out, but I know it’s just that you wanted something different to what I look for. It’s just the way we are, and althought it’s over, and I’m sad as f*ck, I am thankful that with you I was able to dream again.

    Maybe that’s the why you came into my life, for a brief moment. This is all I didn’t tell anyone, nor my family, nor my friends, not even you. But it is what I feel deep inside right now.

    Goodbye. I hope, in time, all of this will be more of a happy memory than a sad one.

    (sorry for my english, it’s not my native language)

  95. Sharon

    Dear David,

    So there are two things I needed to say to you. First, you were a wonderful boyfriend. You made me coffee and cooked for me and walked my dog and made crazy good love to me. You texted me all the time and sent me a “Glympse” everywhere you went. I loved you so much, I loved everything about you, your smile, your body, your heart, your mind, your poetry. And I’m very sorry that I wasn’t as good of a girlfriend. I was often overwhelmed with my kids, work, house, homework… I didn’t do enough for you. I had an operation (hernia) and didn’t look, feel or dress my best, I didn’t appreciate you enough. I didn’t think of things to do with you and for you. I didn’t work on making our relationship about real companionship. But I learned a lot from this. And I also lost 10 lbs since I couldn’t eat for a few weeks (sybd readers – any more and I’d be too thin). I’ve started exercising again both because I could after the operation and as a way to cope– I’ve been riding my son’s bike around the park, doing yoga, going to the gym, playing tennis. I look and feel more attractive. I really do, and I’ve learned so much and grown from this experience. So there will certainly be a next man, and next time I will be a better and hotter girlfriend. I’ll be the best girlfriend ever, like you were the best boyfriend ever, except without the lies. Not just sex, which was always wonderful between us, but in so many ways. I’ll be loving and lovely and attentive. I’ll cook him romantic candle-lit dinners and massage his back and do little things to make him know I care. He will be a lucky guy and he’ll owe that to you.

    The second thing I wanted to say is that even given my shortcomings, what you did was horribly wrong. Even though it was less than 6 months, we had a relationship. You said you loved me; you gave me the key to your house. We met each other’s friends; you knew my kids; you were talking about me meeting your kids soon – I wasn’t pressuring, but you were talking about it. I totally trusted you – I mean it, I believed everything you said completely – and I looked forward to so so much more. And then you looked at me and smiled and said that you said that you had decided it was ok to date other women without telling me and that you had been dating other women for months, but you hadn’t slept with anyone. I was deeply hurt but I tried to understand since you had been married for so long and hadn’t dated much. You said they only made you love me and appreciate me more, but you really were only telling me because you had met someone, and then soon you said she made you choose and you chose her over me even though you had only known her a few weeks. You said you had been very happy and that you loved me but that you wanted to date her now. You said you loved me and that you were sorry but that was your choice. You basically said that you never cheated on your wife in 20 years and that you were honest with your new girlfriend and were already exclusive with her, were deleting your dating profile for her, but that you had decided that it was ok to betray me because you needed to do that.

    I was totally devastated. I felt rejected, abandoned, unloved, ugly, alone, sad, hurt, sick, depressed, scared… what Thea calls the tornado hit me hard. It was terrible. It still is. I still can’t sleep. And you just went off with the new woman, to enjoy the rest of your summer; to go to the hotel in the country where you had said we would go, to the beach, hiking; art galleries, restaurants, and have a lovely romantic time with her, leaving me alone and crying. It was a cruel and heartless thing to do. You seemed to think it was ok because you said you loved me. It wasn’t ok. Ok has to be ok for both people involved. It was the meanest thing a man has ever done to me, and you know I’ve been through a lot. My college boyfriend died (readers: it was after we were over but he was my best friend). My kids’ father died (also after we were over – and yes both of them, it’s sad and strange) and I had to deal with that. My older son has issues. I had moved to another country alone with my kids for a few years and moved back which was hard on me and them. I have a demanding job. You knew I wasn’t strong enough for you to just dump like that. You should have been honest with me from the start, I gave you lots of opportunities, I asked you straight forward if it was too soon to be serious, but you led me on.

    I’ve been a total mess and I will be badly scarred by this for a long long time. I guess it doesn’t really bother you though. In fact, it’s little comfort but the only person I’d least rather be than me right now is you. Because I could never be that heartless. Even if it’s true that you never have before and never will again treat anyone else this badly and I’m just an evil glitch in your otherwise perfect record it’s still who you are, isn’t it? And I know in my heart that no matter how much I loved you and believed that you were wonderful, the next man I meet will be a better man than you.

  96. Victor

    Ten years, 1/3 of our lives were spent together, loving, experiencing, traveling and being one another’s best friend. Three weeks have passed and though I feel numb all over if I let all the emotion overtake me I will drown in it, be consumed by it and I want you to come back to me so much. I felt it in the way you hugged me last night. I hear it in the way you say “It feels like I’m standing at the edge of a cliff and once we move away from one another that will be the plunge into a new sadness.”
    So much of who I am now is from being with you. How can I just move on? Jokes that I tell, feelings I feel were imparted on me from you. You are as much a part of me as I am a part of you. I don’t want to move past this, I want to fix it, I want to make you happy. I want you to make me happy again. You said that you love me and will always love me. So lets just stay together and learn to be happy together again. Please. I love you forever.

  97. COLEEN

    Fuck you. Fuck you for giving me this amount of pain. Fuck you for fucking me up inside. Fuck you for breaking me- killing me. I don’t want to anything to do with you anymoreso fuck this feelings I have for you. I hope you burn you fucking bastard! To think that I would have given the world for you. Ha! FUCK YOU JOSH! Fuck you. I’ve given you everything, I love you so much. I know now that the problem is not the intensity of my love butthe quality of who I’m loving. I will not let you tore me anymore. I will not let you turn me into some one else. I’m worth more than this. And I hope someday you’ll wake up crying because you let go of someone who could have been your everything. I will be your BIGGEST WHAT IF.And you know what? I will makeyou regret ever breaking my heart. FUCK YOU. I’ll promise myself from this day onwards- you will be nothing. You’d just be somebody tat I use to know. You became everything you said you’d never be. So fuck your presents, fuck your letters, fuck your fake promises and a HUGE FUCK YOU to you. I’ll be over you- I know I will.I WILL. I promise you that. And you wont get me back.Never. Kiss my ass Josh. Fuck you.

  98. thea Post author

    Sometimes it’s good to just rant it out of our system eh? 🙂 Come back and read it in a few months and you’ll be amazed to see those words as it will be like “a different person” wrote them. At least in my humble experience! xxx

  99. P.

    Dear B.,

    I can’t believe you just dumped me out of the blue. You were such a good actress,I didn’t see it coming. After living and sharing so much together you betrayed me like if I was the lowest thing on earth. I hate you, you spoiled girl, still acting like a kid and playing with people feelings. You will never reach hapiness because you are not able to invest yourself in anything. You always say that you want to make people happy but you are nothing more than a hypocrite. Go fuck-up all your dumb projects, and enjoy being alone, because you have absolutely no friends in your life. You lost the only person who sincerely loved you. Now I just want you to disappeare with your fake personality and fake feelings. I hate you.

  100. so blonde

    Dear control freak
    Please let me go! You don’t want me but you still want to control my life? We met at work when I was a strong vibrant woman who took c*** from no one. You became a friend and helped me so much at work. Then things went to the next level and we became involved. Looking back now at you saying we can’t tell anyone at work as it would look like favouritism or worse we kept the relationship quiet, all your idea. Then I came to depend on your help and looked for your approval. Now you have found your next protégée, you want to hurt me? Your text message, your emails, your snide remarks at work or in meetings are so hurtful.
    Once I was so strong, so confident and so enjoying my work, friends and life. Now you have reduced me to panic attacks and craving your attention. I hate myself for being weak and letting you do this to me. I lost so many of my male friends because you said they were bad for my work image. This is so ingrained in me that I can’t contact them and if they contact me I feel physically ill!

    Someone said the best revenge is to be successful and I so badly want this. I just want you to know that what you did is so wrong, so spiteful and only benefitted you! You will not see what you did as wrong but justify it to yourself as helping, supporting and generally being a nice guy!!!

    Nice guys wouldn’t do this to someone else and someone they said they loved?

  101. Josh

    Hey So Blonde,

    I feel your pain. My ex would attack every woman I would talk to, especially at work. If she heard I had a work friend, she would pounce. Thus, out of respect for her, I stopped talking to people at work. Now, even though she’s gone, it’s like it is ingrained in and I feel bad talking to people I know my ex would disapprove of READ: any female.

    If you were strong once, you can be strong again. You are being strong right now just getting through this. You can do it! Good luck.

  102. Lost

    Dear J

    As I sit here two days from our breakup, five days from the fight, and a week since our wonderful trip to Peru I am left with so many conflicting thoughts. For months, I felt something was off…you were pulling away in some way but I could not quite pinpoint it. You did not say I love you as much, you seemed to be just a little less affectionate, less likely to curl up next to me on the couch, just taking just a little more space than usual. Less touches when out in public, and I could not quite figure out why. We had our arguments and they were not pretty. You were not easy to argue with – you never wanted to believe that either. It was difficult when we were both drinking to really listen to each other and we both had said hurtful stuff. But I forgave you for what you said to me in the past because I loved you. and You were good to me. You were not a bad boyfriend by any means, and I really thought we had a good relationship. However, I guess we had problems, problems I did not know how to address or deal with. I think it stemmed for our own past issues that neither of us have ever fully dealed with. When I got drunk at the wedding, and yelled at you, which I know was unprovoked (per you), that was a different ugly version of myself. I know my actions scared you and brought up old wounds, but none of that was intentional. I came to you on my knees essentially telling you what I would do to make it better again. I would stop drinking, I would go to counseling to heal those areas of myself and my own insecurities. I offered you my heart and told you that you were the man I wanted to be with.

    Your response – was no. YOu did not want to be me, you did not love me enough to look past a mistake and work forward. You gave me examples of couples that work and how some of them are little crazy and you do not know how the guy does it, but believe at the end of the day they put the other person first. I tell you, at the end of the day – they put the relationship first! they put each other’s love first and they LOVE DESPITE negative qualities. You made me feel like I could never make a mistake, that I could never just get little upset, and because you did not know exactly what to do or that I did not calm down immediately when you said calm down, that you took it a personal offense. That I did not put YOU first. Bull shit. I cannot be perfect all the time. You made mistakes. I hated your smoking, but I accepted you. I was not biggest fan of your lack of emotional side, but I accepted you. I loved you for all of it. I thought you loved me. But you didn’t. You did not love all of me. YOu did not want to work on what would be hard and you did not want to committ to me. You wanted only what you wanted and when I challenged it or just got a little emotional and okay sometimes alot, you got angry.

    I have some of my own self esteem issues to work on and fear of conflict so i am better person. But F you for blaming the end of this whole relationship on me, for blaming all that failed on me. For putting words that I was not ready to be in a relationship, that I did not know what commitment really meant just because you had already lived with someone. Screw you for denying your role in any of this relationship. It takes two.

    I don’t know what will happen next, I don’t know how I will feel around you and our friends, and how I will handle the fall out of all of them knowing. If they will shut me out or you out, or we will just have to be in an awkward place together. I do know, that my instinct, my intuition, and the insecurity about this relationship that was building was correct. I could have expressed it better, but I was right. I wish I knew how to make it better, I wish I would have had that opportunity. I wish I would have talked to you about it. Maybe we would have moved forward, maybe we would have broke up. I regret my actions this weekend because we would still be together right now. I wish I knew if I would have been wasting time or moving forward with you. So I start over, again, in my 30s. I want to heal and be better person and hope I attract someone that will love all of me, even in my imperfect moments. I wanted that to be you, I wanted you to love all of me. As I write this, I wish you would come back and tell me that, but my rational head knows that could I even trust you to really love me. Because one emotion later and you would have been out the door…maybe

    I don’t want to wish you well right now, I want you to be sad and sorry for all you lost. I want you to hurt To realize that I am a great fucking person that you chucked out the door. However, I know that will not be the case. So lord give me to strength to move on and be better…

  103. Carl

    Dear Kate,

    Let me start by saying that I don’t hate you one bit. Maybe I’m angry at you, that’s only natural, but it is born out of the love that I “still” have for you…

    I don’t understand what went wrong so fast. It was like it happened in the space of just one week. How can your feelings just turn around that fast? Our relationship only lasted a short time and the first time there was any argument at all, I’m dumped! You say there was not the spark there was at the beginning… I have NEVER been in a relationship where there was a “spark” the whole time. They come and go, that’s natural. But when the spark fades, you should feel like you want it back. That is what motivates us all to build stronger relationships. Discuss the issue that is affecting you and we can both try to honor each other by trying not to do the things which upset us. I DO still want to work it out, but you are ignoring me, despite saying that you would like to be friends still. Do you know how painful that is? How one-sided it feels?

    I don’t think you mentioned everything that was wrong when you dumped me but the things you did mention, I gave explanations for. I have been trying to be more independent since we got together, and you must surely have seen that I was trying?! Okay, I still have a long way to go, but doesn’t it tell you how I feel when I am trying? And I am sorry about that last message. In my own defense, I was having a crappy time at work, was stressed already, and the anxiety caused by the fear of losing you, especially because you seemed upset with me, caused me to go over the top, saying some stupid things, causing you to freak out. I didn’t mean to pile it on quite so much. I apologised to you afterwards, but I guess the damage was done. I couldn’t “unsay” it. It feels like this was the final straw for you.

    I AM prone to this kind of behavior when I feel stressed/anxious, one of MY faults. But this is an example of one of the things we could have worked on? If you knew about it, maybe your reaction to it would be to point out that I was doing it and that my fears were unfounded instead of taking everything I said in the heat of the moment to heart?

    I don’t know, it seems you just gave up within a single week, even though we had many good times before it. It was only short, and I didn’t expect it to hit me this hard, but I am now in a position wishing we could have worked harder to save it.

    Yours Sadly,


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  105. Mariella

    Well Rick, September 26, 2013 was one year ago when I was hospitalized while you were screwing your gold digging whore.

    I caught up with you last July/August. Oh my, you were so full of denials and apologies. The sad thing was, I only realized this year (despite our 5 years together) what a fucking liar you are! When we were dating, you painted yourself as this macho, honorable perfect gentleman that I can rely on, a loving partner etc. What a load of shit! What I saw last month was nothing and nowhere like you painted yourself to be! What I saw last month was a spineless, gutless, drug addicted lying personality disorder who could not say no to your whore! And yet you put on a brave face that you will not give in to her demands to move in with you. But when I asked you why you won’t tell her now instead of after the birth of your bastard child, you got defensive and told me that you will tell her in your own good time. You mean when you’ve drank enough beer and taken enough drugs? You are nothing but a piss-weak bastard!!

    And oh yes, I confronted you why you hang up the phone on me when you realized that your fucking damn shoes were damaged by the storm, you denied that you hang up on me!! You made a limp explanation that your phone battery had started to go flat and you could not reply to my text, promising you that I would replace those damn shoes! But it took you a whole week before reassuring me that your shoes will be restored! When I asked you why you were looking for the designer shoes, you told another lie! (you just can’t stop lying, can you?). You told me you were going to wear it to church!! You must really think me stupid! You never go to church asshole! You are a fucking hypocrite who criticize my non-Christian beliefs. And look at you and your so-called beliefs in God. Look at your lying, scheming, manipulative gold digging whore who you say goes to church every Sunday! What a fucking bunch of hypocrites you all are! You should be ashamed of yourself to hide behind your God’s face to cover your sins! If hell is real, I hope you lot burn to eternity for your sins!

    And yes, I witnessed you pop your drugs one after another. You kept telling me you’re not afraid to die. Oh yes you are! I saw the fear in your eyes when your feet started swelling again and I told you it is likely your heart. Last time we talked, you again stated that you can’t abandon her because your whore is very poor. I throw back at you that Requel was poorer and was probably selling her body, why did you not saved her? Because Raquel did not pursue you, you lying low-life prick! Because Raquel did not spread her legs in front of you. You got defensive about that and now you’re giving me the silent treatment again. Well asshole, tell you what, I don’t care about you anymore. I couldn’t care less if you die tomorrow. In fact, I should have let you die last July when you had your accident! But my conscience got the better of me. But oh, you won’t die yet. My Grandmother used to tell me “bad grass hard to kill”. And that is you asshole – you are nothing but a bad useless grass!

  106. Ste

    God this weekend has been rough ! I thought I was getting there, but this is the first weekend since I found out about the new man in your life. Remembering how we used to spend weekends, and knowing you would be spending the time with him has plagued my thoughts. I reckon I had an hour’s sleep. But what if it hasn’t worked out ? What if you have the Sunday blues, and have no-one to turn to but don’t want to contact to me because of the way it ended ? I know that’s nonsense of course, but the temptation to txt you or look at you’re FB page has been overwhelming – but so far I’m resisting – I need you out of my head, I need to look forward, as good as the times were – I need to forget you.

  107. AAA

    I really liked you. I was falling in love with you, as I told you. We only dated for 4 months. And part of that was long distance. But I thought the world of you.
    I haven’t been in a lot of relationships. I’m not all that good at them and find it difficult to click with men. But I clicked with you from our first date. And, to be honest, I know the feeling was mutual…the way you’d hold me and smile, the look of happiness in your eyes and, of course, the way you’d kiss me. We had a lot going for us.
    There was just one problem. And I tried not to call it out or make you feel uncomfortable about it. After all, a good relationship is not based on sex alone. I enjoyed the intimate time we shared with each other even if you had performance problems and anxiety. I would tell you how happy you made me. I thought the sex would come with time. I just wanted to be in your arms. That was all I needed.
    But, I guess one day you just couldn’t take it anymore and you walked away. Maybe I should have brought it up sooner. Maybe I should have reassured you more somehow. However, I know that it is a tough issue for men. I imagine you left me believing that one day a woman would walk into your life and solve all of your problems. She would magically solve all of your sexual anxiety issues. I’m here to tell you that that is NOT how it works. You have to fix yourself first and deal with your own issues. There’s not a woman in the world who can come in and save you. You have to save yourself and that takes hard work and admitting that you have an issue to begin with. I feel like you wasted a good thing for a silly reason. I feel like you should have tried harder to make it work instead of just running away. I really do hope you deal with your issues before you let another woman start to fall in love with you.
    The other thing I want to tell you is that I think you were amazing. You had so many great qualities. You were like a breath of fresh air to me each time we met. I really did think the world of you and it still hurts me every day that you have left. There’s a huge part of me that wishes you would come back to me. I contemplate contacting you every day. It’s been a month now and I haven’t heard from you. I think you’re too shy to reach out to me. Or maybe you have just moved on and don’t ever think about me. And that hurts too. I walk down the street looking for you. I go to the store wondering if I’ll bump into you. And I go to sleep at night thinking of you and hoping that you’re thinking of me too.

  108. Cinder

    All right, Scott. I sent you a nice, gracious letter yesterday, a few days after you dumped me, and I felt empowered and glad I wrote it. But now I’m back at the angry stage, and I have a few more things to say that aren’t so mature… beginning with:

    Stop telling me how wonderful I am! If I’m so friggin’ wonderful and rare and fun and interesting and blah, blah, blah then why the h— are you now dating someone else?

    You tried to blame it on me that we’re not together because you weren’t sure I liked you enough… when you were the one sending up the red flags. Three months of sporadic dates, and I never met your friends, had never been invited to your place, had to wonder whether you were really out fishing or dining with clients on weekends instead of asking me to do something.

    I know I have some baggage and defenses to blast through, and I know some of the mixed signals were my fault, but other guys have been able to have the confidence to ramp up contact and affection. (Were you waiting for me to be the aggressor?)

    I wish I had a better idea if you are a player (I don’t think you are but I’ve been wrong on that before), or a commitment phobic a-hole and are just trying to say such nice things to keep the door open for the future. It would make it easier than wondering if I blew the opportunity for a relationship with a good guy who thought I was great, but I lost him because I wasn’t aggressive or open enough. But now none of that can matter, the reality is you chose someone else, and I get to mend another wound in my heart. Granted, I’ve been through much worse, relatively speaking, but it still sucks, and I blame you for leading me on when you apparently had decided you didn’t want me some time ago.

    I am so mad at you for being someone I had so much fun with and had a connection with… and now I don’t have anyone to look forward to spending time with or to enjoy getting to know in that way. I was doing just fine in my single life, and finding another guy in this blasted small town was the last thing on my mind. And now I’m back to feeling like something’s missing, and I’m back to having to wait for the nausea in my stomach to subside as I heal. And I’m back to having to wait again for the rare occasion that I meet someone I actually feel a connection with.

    I hate this, and right now, I hate you for putting me through this and not liking me enough or being patient enough to see it through.

    You suck. And I still kind of want you back and want you to decide you made a mistake. But I know I shouldn’t want that. Because you suck.



    P.S. That time you asked me if I thought the size of a guy’s penis mattered? I told you it’s not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean?

    I lied.

  109. AAA

    Thanks for the well wishes, Josh. Same to you. And I have to tell everyone that I actually did send a letter to my ex yesterday. NOT the one I wrote here. It was killing me that I never got to express how I felt. When he broke up with me, it caught me off guard. I didn’t say anything. I’ve had sleepless nights and distracted days and after a month, I decided just to send an email. I had no hope of him ever contacting me again. So what did I have to lose? I’m also at a point where I’m ok with him never responding. I just had to let it out. It was not a mean-spirited email. In fact, it was kind and (hopefully) insightful. The other thing is that I did it for me. I had to. I don’t want to be lying on my deathbed thinking “I should have sent that email way back in 2014.”

    And, last night, when I hit ‘send’…. Such relief. Not that I was instantly healed. But I just felt like weight had been lifted. Today, I still felt good about it. I will not get a response from him. But I feel like a weight has been lifted. He has read what had been weighing on my mind.

    I thought all was well UNTIL…Today, the day after I sent the email, I was sitting in Starbucks and saw him walk by WITH A GIRL. UGH. My heart sank to the floor. No, he didn’t see me. But I saw them. They weren’t holding hands, so I don’t know for sure it was a romantic thing. But it just made me sick to my stomach. Why? Why the day after I had made such a leap forward did I have to see that?

    I’ve felt kinda sick to my stomach since this. I know, life goes on. But it hurt. HOWEVER, I’m still glad I sent the email! 🙂

  110. Josh

    Hey AAA,

    As long as it made you feel better, that’s what counts. At least now you don’t have the “what ifs” that can start gnawing at you. It’s completely normal for you to feel that way seeing your ex. I think all of us would feel the same way. I still get the “sick to my stomach” feeling whenever someone says they looked at my ex’s Facebook or had any contact with her at all. I can only imagine if I saw her.

    In all likelihood, there is something there. Think about how many guys walk around the town with women one-on-one. Sure, it happens, and I’ve done it myself, but the odds that he’s seeing somewhere just skyrocketed. If you go on the assumption that he is dating someone and plan for the absolute worst, that will probably be good in the long run. Think of the absolute worst case scenario: she’s more attractive than you, has a better personality, and is better for him in every single way and he likes her way more. Obviously, there’s no way that’s true, but even if all that is true, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect your life any and honestly, that is kind of a humorous thought. This new girl is almost positively not better than you in every measurable way.

    Whenever I think about that possibility, I smile a little. By focusing on the fact that there is no way she found someone way, way better than me, it’s kind of an “oh, that’s the worst case scenario?” You’ve got this. Keep us posted!

  111. AAA

    Hi Josh – You’re right. It’s best to just assume the worst and move on. I really wish I hadn’t seen him yesterday. Fate is cruel. But we have to keep moving forward.
    Thanks for the advice.

  112. alice

    Three weeks ago today you dumped me…and its been lonely…hard…feels like a piece of me is missing. I’m 42 years old and I thought being dumped, rejected wouldn’t hurt so bad as I got older…but it still does…it still sucks. Multiple times a day I think of something that I’d want to talk to you about, then I remember, oh yeah, you don’t want to be with me…so I can’t talk to you. You don’t want to be with me so I can’t hear how you are, how work is, what you think of things, what catches your artists’ eye to draw, and a gazillion other things. You don’t want to be with me. You don’t want to be with me. Such a simple sentence but the impact still is shattering…no matter how many times I say it.

    I reread your dumping text to try and make more sense of it, thinking time will give me more clarity…but nope. Why didn’t you talk to me about what you thought I was frustrated with, instead of dumping me? Am I that closed off and hard to talk too? You said we want different things. I don’t understand. You don’t want someone to love you? Respect you? A partner? Many, many other things that only 2 people can share? Or maybe you do, and it’s just not with me.

    I hope to have 50 or so years left…I don’t want to grow old alone, I need a partner in life….thought it would be with you…but you don’t want me. Not being wanted is such…crap….like I’m disposable…and not important. I feel really stupid for still crying…why do I cry over someone who doesn’t want to be with me, but I do. One day I won’t, but for now, I am.

  113. Thea

    Well, wow. Amen to all that hon. Been there. Seen that. Done that. Launched the website to prove it. I felt the same way like “I was thinking marriage and kids. So was he. With someone else.” It didn’t make sense. It still doesn’t but eventually you stop trying to figure it out and surrender to “what is”. You take care x

  114. alice

    Tthanks Thea,
    I was able to watch the videos you’ve posted on here and I resonate with all of the breakup stories in various ways. Perhaps its my age talking but I’ve fairly given up on having kids, seems like the guys my age feel they are too old to have them or still drowning in their past relationship sorrows and unable to move on. Right now, in my current emotional jumbled mess, I just have to take care of me. Found out the company I work for was bought out by another company and 300 (including me) people will be out of jobs in few short months. I have school I’m trying to continue with….but I just want to shrivel up a bit from all this stress, but I can’t, I’ve got deadlines. I really could use a hug and be told its gonna be ok. But the person whom I want/need the hug from doesn’t want me…so it just makes the loneliness more acute.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  115. anu

    i just want to tell you that..all along you cud have just told me that you want to be with that aparna and i was no one to you..instead you chose to play with my emotions..now i am here moaning and weeping all nights and day..was i nothing to you? do i deserved to be punished like this? when all i did was care for u nd luv you..i noe i am nevr gonna get answers for this…

  116. Yes it's me

    50 days have passed since you left me for that other man. I saw that you already changed your profile picture for one kissing with him. Looks like your life goes perfect.

    After 4 years of relationship I still cannot grasp how can you do this to ME, to somebody who went through all your worse moments. I pulled you up. I made you a better person, I went with you through your depressions. I never left you alone. I ALWAYS there for you, ALWAYS, the ONLY person who ALWAYS was there for you.
    I was gonna propose to marry you as soon as I got a job. Did you forget that your past relationship you got betrayed? Did you forget how it feels? What did I do to be betrayed by you? You always said I always gave you so much security, that you know so much I wouldnt ever drift away from you because that’s what I showed you for 4 fucking years. I was always there, ALWAYS. Did I get too boring for you? Did you get bored to be always pleased and treated like a princess?
    Fuck you, because I didn’t deserve what you did. Fuck you. It’s the first time I insult you.

    Fuck you, because I gave you my life, my dreams, I lived for you. I gave you all you needed. Then you got full and left with another man. Backstabber, that’s what you are. You are a backstabber who has no empathy. You are an evil person who hurted the only person that was on your side. The only person who ever cared for you, the only person who really loved you.

    I wish you a good life, really, because I don’t want to have to deal with somebody like you ever again. You are a wolf with a sheep costume. Go fly and be happy, so you don’t ever have to contact me again.

    Nobody has ever hurted me as bad as you did. And I was the center of your life. Sure.

  117. Mariella

    YES IT’S ME, gosh I’m sorry you are going through that right now. Your story sounds a lot like mine, including the 4 years! If you are hurting now, trust me, it will pass. I am over my bastard, but I keep in touch because I want to see what happens between him and the gold digging whore he traded me in for. Best of luck. Hope you feel better soon.

  118. Ariel

    Hey Its me, the one you dump for the most dumbest reason, I will add more detail into this blog but wanted you to know that after 10 years with you and the last few years of coming in and out of your life that i will find ways to heal and move on with my life. I am not at the stage of forgiving you. but rest assure that i will find my ways to, it is part of my healing process . Right now im at stage one and my only priority now in life is to go through the pain head on so I can move on with my life not having to be with you. Thank you for the wasted time and keep in mind “E” I will be missed

  119. Melissa

    I have read and done everything to get past this pain. I’m over 50 and so is he. We had an amazing 8 months or so I thought. Spent hours together with each other’s children and went on vacation with his parents. 2 weeks before the
    Incident I sensed a change in you and I asked you 3 separate times if I needed to know something and you said no. Then I get a text one day after work to meet because you were thinking about some things and needed to talk to me. Then you said how great I am and how much fun we have together but you don’t love me. And I find out you have been talking to your ex 2 times a week since you broke up!!! LIAR AND CHEATER….GROW UP, YOU ARE 50 YEARS OLD. I said is there someone else and you said no. You couldn’t even look me in the eye. Never had a fight or a bad word. The only time you talk about feelings is too dump me…talk about blindsided. I figure you and the ex will get back since you never ended it with her or maybe there is a new woman who was lurking in the shadows. You reap what you sow. I loved you but now I see you as a hurtful , Dishonest coward. I hope some man doesn’t do this to your
    daughter one day.

  120. Thea

    Hi hon, sorry to see your comment. I can imagine how hurt you must feel. How long was it between his ex and yourself?

    Hopefully you’ll be able to move on past the hurt and anger (which is totally normal when blindsided) and eventually forgive him for being flawed (like the rest of us).

    I am sure he didn’t mean to hurt you the way he did. More often than not people just don’t stop to think about their own actions and feelings, and why they do what they do, and so they don’t even realise what they’ve done before it’s too late and they’re ensconced in a relationship.

    Often it feels right at the time. It’s a distraction or whatever…but really they had no business dating in the first places…So many people come on this site due to someone dating too soon – before they were over their ex. Your ex may be one of them.

    I think some people never get over their ex. They think they are because they’ve suppressed it all and haven’t really dealt with the split.

    I am so sorry you’re going through this hon. Try to find some positive things to takeaway from the relationship and the split.

    Keep writing. Here or privately to get all that out of your system then move on and find a guy who’s ready to be with you completely xx

  121. YES IT'S ME

    2 months have passed now. It looks like ages but it’s just been 2 months. Soon you will also be celebrating the second month of your new relationship with that guy. I am so dissapointed of you. You left me to rot alone in this land, where I don’t even speak the language. I left everything behind for you, and you just walked out with that man. I’m so dissapointed of the human race. I cannot imagine how can someone do what you did to me. I was fair always with you. You were always my priority. It’s hard for me to imagine because I have never done it. Perhaps we all humans are shit inside and maybe I will one day do it also to somebody else, and then I will understand why you did it, but right now it simply goes beyond my comprehension.

    How can you backstab a person who openly supported you and gave you all for 4 years? How could you tell me that you loved me so much the same day that you left? How can someone be such a big liar?

  122. brokendaisychain

    We were together 11 years- the last of which you were with someone else. I watched you withdraw from me emotionally and contact wise yet still you did not tell me. How could you lie and lie again when I asked you. You reduced me into finding out who she was contact her outright and ask her myself. You have treated me and her with no respect and played me for a fool which I am not. You have made me feel old before my time by going off with a 22 year old. What man even if he loves another woman will let her break off with her fiancee for a future she cant have with you as her culture says you need to be married and you are already married (not to me) and passed retirement age! I loved you with all my heart I spent a year trying to fix us- you did nothing accept start a new relationship and lie through your teeth. You are a b**ard and I deserved far better.

  123. BrokenNic

    So many things I want to say. You pursued me for months telling me you can’t live without me, you’ll never forgive yourself for letting me go, I’m the love of your life and won’t I ever wonder what if. I will always be the one that got away if we don’t get back together. After our 7 years back and forth on and off even though I knew that we probably shouldn’t be together I never stopped loving you and hoping we would work things out and eventually just be together. So for 7 months you pleaded and I said no until that day I gave in. You tell me you want to get engaged and buy a house with me. Then you have the nerve to tell me you’re still dating someone after I asked you if you were and you said no. Then after not ending that relationship it turns even uglier when I confront her with the information that you’ve been cheating on her with me, and lying to her for months. I find out she is only 22 and has a child. A 37 year old man going after a 22 yr old single mother. You didn’t want children (you lied and told me many times you did but I knew deep down you didn’t). You then tell me, the woman you’ve wanted back the whole time you’ve been with this girl, cheated on her with, lied to both of us, that you want to work it out with her. Why the fuck did you even come to me then? If everything was so perfect in your world, why? To treat me like I am just someone you’ve known for a little while and brush me off, what was the purpose in that? Then I try for a little bit to get back with you, remind you of good times and why you wanted to get back together, for you to choose her again. Don’t talk for a month, no communication until you reach out to me again, telling me you can’t let me go and we will be together I just have to trust you to handle this thing with her. I do just that, a week later my dog dies, I am vulnerable and sad and needed you, so you tell me to move back in with you! Out of nowhere, you want me to move back in. I say okay we discussed it for 3 days as if it was definitely happening, to then on the fourth day tell me you’re in love with this girl now and you’ll always love me, be there for me. Don’t hate you, this doesn’t mean you don’t love me and won’t miss me, you just can’t be with me romantically right now. Then within a month after that you’ve introduced her to your family already? WHO Does this kind of shit to someone? What the hell is wrong with you? You didn’t even acknowledge the fact that you just asked me to move in! Without any pressure or anything the idea was all yours. How could you do that? Why? There was no reason for it and now you just go on with your little family that you said not even 4 months ago was what you wanted with me!?! And to think I still care about you, evidently I am the crazy person. I have written a goodbye letter but I am not yet ready to give that to you. Maybe one day when my anger is gone and I can get past this mind fuck you’ve left me with. After I come back to you against my better judgement this is what you do. Then you say please know how much you mean to me. How much I mean to you? Is this how you treat people who mean something to you? I wouldn’t do something like this to someone I hated! I wish you the best but deep down I am just waiting for the walls to come crashing and when they do I hope that I am in a great healthy loving relationship and if you come back to me then, I can wholeheartedly tell you to go F**k yourself and mean it. Thank you for the pain that you’ve left me.

  124. Cristy

    We’re young. I’m only 20. Today we broke up, we always break up but it’s never been serious. Today i was hurt like never before from you still have that pain in my chest like a knife wound. You love me so much and always have you always treated me good but today you said i was crazy and that i should go with the guy downstairs, you say this because i have been with him months before we had even met and i know you hate the fact that he lives in the same apartment as me. But the fact that you told me today to go screw him and told me that he wouldn’t be the first..that just strikes me, it turned my heart to ashes you have hurt me so deep i will feel it for months. October 31st is when we first met. 3 days from now. And 10 days from now it would have been a year. All our plans to be together and have a family one day ….jesus i can’t even stop crying because i know you are good to me and that’s why what you said hurt me because i could have never immagined you would say something like that to me. I love you but i hate you. I don’t think i’ll give you another chance because i’m sick of it. My ex of 3 years ago was horrible to me treated me worse than a dog left me home crying every day while he went out to party, and i hated him with a passion. You were the best thing to ever happen to me and today you reminded me of him with the things you said and my god it was the scariest thing i had ever watched. You’ll never look or feel the same to me. Goodbye.

  125. Josh

    Hi Christy,

    I remember back when I was 18 and my first serious relationship ended. We talked about the future and stuff, too and I thought we’d stay together. I was a wreck for a couple of years. Seriously. Looking back now, though, I am so happy we’re not together. Had we still been, I never would have gotten engaged.

    I could relate to your last couple of lines. My ex-fiancée reminded me a lot of my previous ex when the breakup was actually going down. I got their names confused in my head, it was so scary. Best of luck to you. You’re going to make it.

  126. Lori

    So, you decided to fill my head full of crap, about our future, the plans you were making for us, the fact that you needed to save money and pay of your debts so we could have a deposit for a nice new home together, somewhere that would be ours, for your kids to come and stay, and all the time you’d arranged to move back with your ex, the one who was controlling and wouldn’t do anything you wanted to do, and made your life a misery when she wasn’t snooring in front of the tv.

    Well fuck you shit stick !!!!!!!! You think I’m going to stand by and be treated like I’m second best, you have another thing coming, Oh and by the way, I was only getting in to the S&M stuff because it gave me something more to concentrate on other then your small unaffective penis.

    You and her are welcome to each other, and your dreary lives together. I hope you end up even more miserable and frustrated then you were when we I met you, so get fucked loser coz I’m so done with you now.

  127. Amanda

    The shiny kitchen knife you bought me for my birthday is placed firmly in my back. How’s that for “goth”, you poser?

    It’s been over a month since you decided to date Tiff just a week after you met her and drop the ball on 10 months of an emotional investment. Must be nice to have yet another Band-Aid to cover your pain. You said you are trying to break the pattern of being a serial monogamist but you have just continued it….and I didn’t heed your warning. I was fine dating you casually and not expecting anything serious from you but you pulled that trigger and then it was too late to go back. You said that ‘L’ word first. I was fine without it but I trusted you and gave in. Now I’m wounded.

    Then you trot her around my social hangouts. Thanks for the insult to injury. When you said you like her because she had a “big heart” it must’ve been because you lack one. What about my heart? You must’ve forgotten that I came to the rescue of an elderly lady who was being mugged, or that night I woke up worried sick about hearing the blood curdling scream of a woman outside my apartment or when I made you a warm cloak for your Burning Man trip. Yeah, I guess I don’t have much of a heart…I do know that I wouldn’t date someone else’s guy. Yeah, she’s a real saint.

    I have my good days and bad. Some days I feel sorry for you, acknowledge how pathetic you are and feel exhilarated to be single again. Other days I cry in my bed about being blindsided so foolishly and wretch from the overwhelming loneliness.

    Halloween has been so fun this year and I’d often think how too bad it was that you let me go since you missed out on so much fun. You can’t find your own fun, you ride on the coat tails of the women you date. I went to amazing parties, maybe you went to some too but not like mine. I found out you were going to the Ghostship party and decided I would wear my sexy, low cut, shear latex dress just in case I ran into you and you’d see how amazing I looked. I banked on it, it was all part of my plan, I needed you to see me in it. But I left the party just minutes too early. I didn’t see you but after I left my bestie Loree said she saw you and that Bozo the Clown. She stared evil darts at you and you saw her. I KICKED myself for leaving just minutes too early. I wanted that moment _so_ bad but you robbed me of that too, didn’t you?? Well maybe you did see me and I didn’t see you, who knows. Maybe it was good I didn’t see you and her. Maybe I’d be in more pain than I was knowing you were there with her in a similar party environment where you two met and fell in love. You two were probably in Lover Heaven. Well good for you. My consolation is that you may not have seen me in a month and you have to wonder what I’m up to. Maybe your mind is as cruel to you as mine is to me. Maybe you think I’m out meeting new men and having a good time. Maybe you don’t give me a second thought. I’ll never know.

    I’m returning to therapy because of you. The one thing I am getting out of this break up is self realization of how my subconscious thoughts may be holding me back for better things in life. That’s something I need to work on in order to find a love for me that is supportive, trusting, fulfilling and exquisite. I’m on that path and the reward is mine. Meanwhile, you keep eating your big bowls full of serial.

  128. Allison

    Dear Ethan.
    I hate you and every lie that came out of your effing mouth. I hate the fact that I can’t sit in my own dorm room because you’re always with my roommate. I hate that when I see you and Emily, I break down crying. I hate the fact that you made me stop singing in the show choir because “it wasn’t what a future Mrs. Trammel would do.”
    I hate the fact that you made me quit and swap majors last second so I could work FOR you one day. I hate the fact that I still love your rude, cheating, stealing, and redneck ass. Hope you find another whore to make you breakfast in bed. Fuck you

  129. JartyTek


    It has been several weeks since we have spoken. I fully appreciate that you need space and to be left alone by me to which I have respected you and not attempted to contact you – I understand that you are not ready to talk and may never be.

    Although I realize that your journey has to go on without me, I honestly anticipated that by now, that you would have paused to reach out and provide some closure to our relationship for both of us – I think that we deserved at least this, we DID spend a long time together. Clearly I was wrong about this but felt the need to communicate my thoughts to you for my own purposes, (you might very well elect to throw this away rather than read it – that’s ok I guess but I really wish that you would go ahead and read it).

    Please un-brace yourself should you choose to read it, I don’t intend for what I wrote to be a rambling rant about what kind of a horrible person that you are, I feel the exact opposite and have opted, in fact, to be mostly positive here (at least I hope its perceived that way, lol). I am anything except angry with you; incredibly disappointed, hurt and confused better describe the way I feel the best, though I wished that I could have said what follows to you in person.

    Things are going, actually, very well over here, I figured that I would let you know and I hope that you are happy for me. Although I have been traveling a little bit more that I really want (at least I get to see the sights and explore. I have come to find out that my per diem is uncapped!! The eating has been good!), the job is going well, VERY well to the extent that I feel that this is one of those gigs that one just lucks out to get – it’s exciting. I am proceeding with remodeling the house though it seems impossible to get contractors to return calls! And just about everything else is as good as good can be. Even the photography website is almost done after some encouragement from BK:HK: B :IN:JIH and some others AND I beat the insurance company in court. It’s all been heading that way for a while – FINALLY! I’ll stop pinching myself eventually! It such a great feeling that things are moving forward this way! You know how tough things had been. ?

    I think about you often as there is much that prompts me to do so – it doesn’t take much to get reminders of you or things we did together, all good stuff that makes me smile and think fond thoughts, ones that will remain in my memories forever I hope. We really miss you and Ndddf a lot. The impact to my (and MDDHHSD’s) life have been nothing less than profound, especially given the level of emotional commitment that we had made.

    I think about our first date and finally making you laugh towards the end of it, and our first kiss under those orange lights at the statue in New York. I remember how chilly it was that night and how I had that overwhelming warm feeling inside that made that cold go away, and gave me butterflies where they remained for a long time. I knew right then that I had fallen deeply in love with you and it marked a positive new beginning for me. And so we went….It was 2 years of great memories of destinations, events, experiences, goals, dreams and even challenges and problems (they are a part of even the best relationships). I thanked God at mass every Sunday for bringing you into my life as well as for many other blessings.

    You were a special woman to me (and you will always be), one in a million for sure and you made me feel special. There was a certain elegant style about you; the way that you carried yourself…the way that you dressed…your scent….your touch….the feel of your hand in mine…..the feel of your touch on my lips…..holding you in my arms watching TV…..the way that you spoke….even the color of your eyes and hair that really turned me on and sustained me even when I had doubts about us, but it was there. Even those quirky things like getting food on your shirt, ‘Y-E-phlegm’s and such. You were the most beautiful woman in the world to me and I would have sung that to you every day and never got sick of it. I loved you deeply for you including the idiosyncrasies that we all have. Sorry that I did not tell you these things more frequently, not doing so is one of my take aways from this.

    I enjoyed doing things and giving. It really was a pleasure to do things for you as well as for Skkdl. It has not always been this way for me but it especially made me feel happy to know that I was doing something that was selfless for you. The garden was a good example of this. Making Sldks (‘L I Am, still cracks me up) bed (I hope that it continues to serve him well and he has not fallen from it or hit his head on the ceiling fan at all). was another; I REALLY felt rewarded with such efforts – it made me feel great to give. You gave to me as well and sometimes it was not stuff but your attention, your time (thanks for all that waiting while I took pictures), your mental energy – I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that.

    I also really felt a strong sense of trust when you asked me to support you with your problems be they work related, parenting or otherwise. It really takes a lot of faith in someone to allow them participate in your life this way. It was a role that I did not take lightly.

    Equally impressive to me was your wit and intelligence. It came in handy when you went back and got your bachelors degree and then your MBA while having a child to take care of, a career and a home. This was a very impressive achievement that I used to brag about to people frequently. I also bragged about how tirelessly you worked and how goal oriented you were. I felt so close to you as we worked together on common objectives, what an incredible set of qualities!

    All of the places that we went to, things that we had done and seen were all special and interesting to me because you were there with me to experience them. I did these things TOGETHER with someone who meant a whole lot to me. Although there were things, plenty of things that I had issues with (they were all small and just not worth it to even mention, just little things) I had it in my heart to following you to the ends of the earth and stand in front of a train for you; my faith and loyalty non-negotiable. It’s almost quaint in this day and age.

    Although I had not heard it from you, maybe part of the disconnect was that I never told you these things or that I never said them quite enough. Perhaps I should have tried to figure out a way to compel you to complain or even argue. If that’s the case I accept the blame and I am sorry, I would never have hurt you. My intent was to make you feel like the queen that you were to me, you deserve it especially after so many challenges and let downs in your life, you are a remarkable woman with whom I enjoyed two of the best years of my life. Clearly, I missed the mark here.

    So it came as a great surprise to me when you did what you did. I don’t know why you did it(….well, actually I DO know why you did it). But it the ‘how’ you did it that was disproportionally hurtful to not only me, but to my daughter. People breakup for a variety of reasons all the time….sometimes , the reasons are not even really that rational. That’s ok I Guess. But breakups are typically presaged by complaint and tumult and an honest effort by both to address one another’s concerns and difficulties. This, of course, did not happen or at least it was not articulated. There were no signs of this even in the evening prior or the morning of. You told me that you loved me, kissed me goodbye, heck – we had sex twice just the weekend prior. Yet what your flight was planned well in advanced, where you did a remarkable job to conceal you intent from zdsdffg and I, while you lived in my home, slept in my bed, ate my food, etc.. I have no idea how a woman feels when she is raped, but if I were forced to guess, what you did must come close. The violation of trust and associated deception was so great, I am wondering to myself if any of our relationship was for real.

    I am likewise confounded to understand what the associated anger was about. Your rage is/was the type that corresponds with a reaction to someone that wantonly and deliberately caused you considerable and sustaining pain and even worse. Would it have been that difficult for you to bring up problems to be in the first place? Was it fair to do it with a less than adult-like text message? Then block me? While you waited for me to go out of town? Then have an attorney send a letter threatening legal action against me (I felt like a thousand elephants sat on my soul when I read that letter – you have no idea how awful that was…it would have been less painful if you shot me and left me to bleed to death)? Stalking? Two phone calls and 2 emails that any reasonable person in the same situation would have made and you were eagerly willing to besmirch me legally for life?

    Unfriending me was understandable on FB. But was it really THAT necessary to compel your family and friends to do so? Even people that I knew through friends that you didn’t even know? Then doing so with my friends (yes, most of them were also hurt in one way or another). Breaking up is one thing, but your strategy here was less to do so than it was to inflict pain. Did we really deserve this? Every time I saw another, what I thought was a friend, drop from my list it was another kick in the head. Did you not see that you were destroying not only your relationship but other, albeit small ones, systematically (you know how seriously I take Facebook).

    Perhaps the worst and most drastic dynamic to this was (and when I knew that I could never have you back in my life) what type of effect it had on my child. She looked up to you…she confided in you, imitated you, and looked forward to a future with you in her life and she LOVED you too. Her faced brightened up when you walked through the door and when she knew we would all be together doing something even if it was only a trip to the store or dinner (the same for Smas btw, and I felt the same way). I called her after I received your message to tell her what happened. I was not prepared for the agonized and painful crying that came from her when I told her and then she visited the house. This was something that I had never heard from her before and something that I CAUSED. She called you repeatedly (unbelievably, you thought that it was ME using her phone to contact you) because she was hurt and wanted an explanation. This is the worst part of all this: you HURT my child! You gave zero thought to how your actions would affect her…a simple phone call….a letter, card or email…ANYTHING. I promised that I would not be negative but when I think of this, I am simply disgusted at your reckless lack of concern in this regard. I Truly offended like I have never been offended in my life. THEN you deliberately unblocked her and send her a Pin on Pinterest? “Halloween Ideas”? How about “Ways to Fuck with a Young Girls Heart and Confuse Her Even More Than She Already Was”?. THAT was about as cruel as you could get…what were you thinking Susan? There have been consequences impacting her that I am sure that you didn’t intend…or even bother to consider. You could have handled this element much more thoughtfully and with regard for a child’s emotional well being. I felt that with this, you showed me a not so flattering side of yourself that I had never seen.

    I know that you are running Susan and I know that it is not necessarily from me, you have to do what you have to do. I am smart enough to have some theories but I am sure that you are not asking for them at this point. I was prepared to do anything that I had to in order to provide for your security and your happiness, there was no privation that I wouldn’t consider to support you and give you my love unconditionally. Maybe I have been listening to too many ballads or watching too many movies, but I think that some of this kind of dedication is what has disappeared in our world…its too bad.

    Part of me wants to forget about this episode and hold you, comfort you and support you; to be the one that believes in you, understands you and creates an environment for happiness and security. It’s tempting to me to do whatever I can in order to convince you that we need to be back together – to come home where you are wanted and exhaust every possibility to do so….but I am not going to, I am too exhausted.

    Upon reflection and recent changes in my life, despite all of your wonderful qualities and potential future rewards, I simply refuse to even consider living my life like this again and will not put myself or my daughter under a Sword of Damocles ever again – I don’t know anyone who can. Frankly, I asked myself if a repeat like this was possible just 2 weeks before this went down and I had a feeling that it would probably happen as much as I tried to dismiss it from my head. It’s pretty plain to now see that you have done this to your previous relationships with Landon, Kevin and even with Tony, it all makes sense now.

    You DESERVE a happy and fulfilling relationship as we all do. I hope that this experience prepares you for the next man in your life so that you can enjoy its successes. I think that in all fairness to him, you need to tell him specifically what happened in this relationship and with your others in all fairness to he AND you so that you can both put it on your radar in anticipation, its only fair and he deserves the truth.

    Mike’s Mom used to say, ‘there is a lid for every pot’. I really believe that think that there is likely more than one. Timing is everything but I know that when you meet him, he will make you make you happy, secure and treat you like the amazing woman that you are. You WILL find him and he will provide you with a promising and stable future.

    I only wish that I could have been part of it. I will have the rest of my life to ponder what it would have been like…….you have no idea how it pains me to say this.
    Most sincere and grateful thanks to you for two fantastic years and God bless you, Szatu and your entire family. I miss them all so much it really hurts like hell….and the dog. Sincerest….SINCEREST best wishes.



  130. Kaleigh

    My everything,

    I can’t believe you would just walk away. After almost four years. We were going to get married. We were JUST talking about marriage and kids. You JUST made Thanksgiving plans with my parents. 20 minutes later, you tell me you don’t want a future with me? You don’t feel the same way about me? You moved back in with your parents. I guess you couldn’t handle having to grow up. I expected more from you. I can’t believe I’ve spent the last 3.5 years doing everything for you. Giving you a home, a family, and EVERY opportunity to live a happy life. Without me, you wouldn’t even have a car. You wouldn’t even have a positive future. Without me pushing you, you wouldn’t have even gotten that fucking job you love so much. I gave you everything. I gave you all of me. I told you everything. I know you’re sick. I know you’re trying to get help now, but I tried to help you before this. I was supportive and just wanted you to feel happy instead of depressed. Instead, you lied and stop telling me about the important things. Then you decided to run away. To give up on everything. I love you and want you to come home. Please. Please come home. I’m tired of being cold all the time. I’m tired of crying myself to sleep.

  131. Kaleigh

    You played with my heart. I know you didn’t mean to. But after you left, you kept saying awful things that broke my heart, then tried to take them back. It’s been 3 weeks since you left. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen you or talked to you. Do you even care? How can you tell someone how much you love them then the next day say you didn’t mean it? Which one is real? Do you think about me? Have you even cried? You were supposed to be here when I registered for classes. You were supposed to be here to help me calm down before my job interview. You were supposed to tell me you were proud of me, then kiss me, take me out to dinner, then make me dance with you to a silly song. Every night, I cry myself to sleep at 3am. You are supposed to be holding me. Rubbing my back. I took care of you and you were supposed to take care of me. I wish there was some kind of closure. Either tell me you want me back .That you still love me. Or tell me that we are done. I’ve tried asking. You keep changing your mind. Not knowing and not understanding are killing me. I don’t want to be in limbo anymore.

  132. Nina

    I hate it that you cant stand by me when things get hard, i hate that this isn’t The first time you abandoned me, and i hate that i didnt see the Warning signs, i hate that you are so childish and think that the say to solve problem is to run into another’s arms. I hate that you didn’t think our relationship was worth fighting for. I hate that you’ve done this to me when have exams in three weeks that could end up with me losing my job. I hate that you didn’t tell me we were having problems, that instead you kept a look out for someone better and once you found her, decidedi wasn’t worth it any more. I hate that you aren’t enough of a man to tell me how should fell so you do things that hurt me so ill end it. I hate that I love you still even knowing you have bought me more grief than happiness in our five years. I hate that you pretended everything was absolutely fine until a couple of days before you told me you needed the space to think. I hate that what you are doing with this space is trying to see if she will take you. If she does you will leave. I hate that you said so many hurtful things to me. I hate that you don’t think im good enough and that you make me feel that way. I hate that im crying over you and that it hurts to see our future go up in smoke. I hate that I don’t want to go back to m own home because we have lived there together for four years. I hate that im scared that you will end up with her. I hate tha you might not be feeling the pain am feeling now. I hate that you have up on us.

  133. CJ

    I’m 37 years old. This is my first experience as a dumpee. I thought It it would be a lot more difficult to be honest. I’m confused, but I’m totally fine. You treated me really well for the 2 months we dated. You treated me the way I deserve to be treated and I’m happy that you showed me there are men out there who can do that. So I thank you. You said you’re not in love with me, that you just like me, but you can’t give me any reason why or tell me what’s not working for you. I guess I have to just accept that and move on and not look back. I didn’t have any expectations of where this would go, I was just getting to know you too and I don’t know why you think I felt more for you than you felt for me, but thank you for helping me see that I really don’t need anyone else to make me happy, even someone that I really do like.

  134. Toni

    I should not have stayed long enough for you decide to leave me.

    I should have left you when, a year into our relationship, you gave me a Valentine’s Day card that said “You have a special place in my heart.”

    I remember wondering at the time how long it took to find a Valentine’s Day card that did not say “I love you.”

  135. M

    7 years, raising our kids together, dealing with your crazy ex & you broke up with me in an email. You replaced me in 6 seconds, like I meant nothing. I held on for a year & because I thought we still had a shot. It was my choice but u said all the right things & I fell for it. You are still with her & got pissed when I said I was done. You are so cocky, you got your new relationship & don’t even care about me or my daughter anymore! 7 years, you were more of a father to my daughter than her real father & you just walked away & never said goodbye to her! Now ur engaged! My heart was broken, daddy had just died in May & I lost you in October.
    I don’t know how you could be so cold but u were. I wish you could feel what I feel but you have no soul!
    I guess ur happy now, that’s all that matters now!
    I can only hope karma does exist because if anyone needs a taste of there own medicine it’s you.
    I’m hurt, I’m jealous & I hope time heals all wounds! Ur a jerk but your her jerk now!

  136. pinkywoo

    i love you. i keep trying to convince myself i dont then i see your photo and it really hurts.
    so many good fun happy times together, ruined now. we were SO in love…not that long ago and i feel like youve forgot that.
    ive had the worst 6 months of my life due to me not havin enough time for you..you simply just fell out of love…
    i have no choice but to believe what you about things that happened but i full on guarantee if it was reversed youd have your doubts.
    i have no choice but to let go, make the clean break and carry on with my life. it will be nearly impossible to forget about you, after the year weve had i dont know how im gonna do it. but 2015 is a new year and i need to start a fresh, not clingin on to hopes that you will text me and just want me back. life isnt a fairytale, certainly not mine.
    i wish you well, thats all i can do
    love always

  137. AmsterdamGirl

    I feel angry.
    Because I, for once, dropped my shield and allowed myself to be completely committed to a relationship. I allowed myself to picture a life together, and you took it away from me. How could you lead me on like that?
    You know I was keeping a defense for so long. The point was exactly to not get hurt. But your talk about the future, and your worry that I never did the same, made me trust in you. In us.
    And when I finally do plan a future, leaving my heart completely exposed, at your mercy, you just break that trust, strike, and rip my defenseless heart out.

    How can you be so cruel, selfish, and coward?

  138. David

    Dear K,

    I had an epiphany.

    I was doing some thinking and it hit me. I know why our relationship was doomed before it even began. And it isn’t your fault, not really. It was mine. Blind arrogance on my part. I thought I could fix you, yes, the very basis of our relationship was the misguided thought that fixing you was going to be enough to keep us going forever. Of course it wasn’t. I could not fix you, I see that now. You have never forgiven yourself for all the horrible stuff that happened to you before we met. You wanted to believe that I could make everything better, and when you noticed I couldn’t, you ran away. The sings were there, even early on, but I ignored them. And we both suffered because of that.
    If you do not work on these issues, the guy you’re with now will share the same fate. You’ll run away from him once you notice he won’t be able to fix you. Only YOU can fix you. Forgive yourself, it was not your fault. Love yourself, so you won’t feel like running away when someone else does.
    I have learned that I am not a fixer. For reasons all my own I seem to look for women who need fixing. I am not going to do that anymore. I want someone whole.
    I will always love you. I will never forget you. But I cannot for the life of me help you, and I regret not realising it sooner.

    Forever yours.


  139. The Doctor

    Dear Alanna,
    Hello again, it’s me the Doctor. I have no idea of what i wanted to say to you in reality but here on the source of the internet i have to say something to say to you. We’ve been together for only a few months and I had a fantastic time together. You pulled me out of a depression i had for almost a year. I don’t know if you remember since the last few days before sophomore year was over but i was not myself, I don’t know if you remember that. But this year winter comes and you literally started to ignore me a lot. You never talked, hugged, or kissed me anymore. you always talk to everyone else. I understand they are your friends and all but I wanted to ask if you wanted to do anything etc. Now I see that when it’s five days until winter break, I received from friends of yours and mine terrible news and that was two words that has now changed me again, that was break up. As I heard those two words my heart feels like if I have been stabbed in my heart multiple times and ripped out of my chest. oh the heavy feeling in my chest right now, I wish it could stop forever but the pain is strong. Weeks pass and now you are with someone else right now. But the thing is you never really told me why, why you don’t want to be with me. was it because you didn’t like something about me? lost interest? or was it something i did wrong? I don’t know what it is the answer why but you left me here all alone and abandoned. So here’s what i want you to do. Have happy life, Don’t mourn to me even if someone else break your heart because i know you did break my heart now pinned, crushed and shattered. So leave me be, don’t act abusive to me while you are with someone else. Like I said, don’t mourn ever mourn me, It’s time for me to move on, the Doctor now must find a new companion. I don’t know if you will ever find this or not because sometimes we run into somethings we don’t expect. but if you find this then i want you to know i loved you. but now it is time for me to go. Well, Geronimo.

    Sincerely, The Doctor

  140. arrythmatic

    Dear S.

    I get it. A relationship can’t work with just one side fighting for it. I get you lost your feelings for me. It’s fine. I’ve forgiven you for that. I just wished you didn’t have to do this to me again.
    Back in second year of university, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, because I was already in love with you. You were the biggest love I’ve ever experienced, more than my first time. And that means a lot. I love so deeply and you knew that. But you brushed me off, slowly faded into nothing, and before I knew it, what we had unofficially became blurred memories. You brushed me off again when I asked what we were and how you felt about me. I told you after 1 year of not seeing each other, I still felt it as strong as I did when I fell in love with you. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. You told me to explore with other people.

    So I did. I had to suppress every single memory of you. Every feeling I had for you. I had to tell myself we will never be together. You would be the one who got away. I started seeing another man. And he was amazing. Simply amazing. And you decided to ruin my happiness once more by tearing me away from him because you wanted me back. And I was stupid, so damn stupid, to have believed you. I broke up with this amazing man to be with you. You showed promise. And I had honestly never forgotten about you.

    After a year and a half of ups and downs, my feelings never dampened. I love you with all my fucking heart. I still do when you don’t. I would do anything for you as long as I was able to keep my own worth. And finally knowing that you didn’t see me in your future anymore was the last blow. Knowing that you did love me but not anymore was the knock out. Finally understanding that you played me twice within the span of my university life is enough.

    I am worth more than your aspiring career, your need to impact this world. Your need to succeed to always reach for the galaxy to always be number one. I am worth more than all of that combined. So I have no regrets. Because you’ll never, ever, have me again.

    So good bye. For real this time.


  141. Anna

    You’ll wonder why i am writing… the terrible year is over but I never had the opportunity of a closure talk and, for some reason, latest events have brought back memories and parts of the sadness i felt.
    Four months have passed but anyway, I wanted to explain to you why i said no thank you, “no other try”. If you read further you will find my reasons and is fair to give them.
    Is simple M, you were/are not over your marriage and I never wanted to be the plan b of anybody (i was for long though), your therapy or your entertainment during the “pause” (as you named moving out of the house). I am a very complete woman but placed in a despicable position just for the unstability of people that do not consider the feelings of others.
    I tried once and again but felt unhappy when realising that the person i wanted to be with was using me and not seeing me more than somebody that was at hand and could be left easily aside by sending a couple of chat messages… never seeing me as a full and real person. Unhappy seeing that you were not putting the minimum limits but just reacting to that petty jealousy of a woman that does not demonstrate more than lack of empathy for anybody.
    Her “friendly” stalking, her “friendly” calls, the cats messages and the jokish names when you were with me (and it was your decision being with me) were a clear manipulation destroying a common project that could have worked, and the lack of limits to that simply meant an emotional torture for me.
    I do know very well what a separation is and thus, I tried to be supportive to you, let you speak and release your pain but, that became the only conversation (the lady, the girl and the lady and the lady and the girl, and the girl and the lady again…) and there is a big distance between that and trying to heal the pain of a separation…

    Let me say i feel sorry for not being able to distance myself of all that before, M. That should have avoided so much pain to many.
    So, I’ve come up to believing that our relation was just a rebound for you, to heal your pain for being dumped by your family, to soften the fears for the future or to awake that jealousy in an attempt to rebuild the marriage, maybe even for revenge… who knows what you really built in your mind.

    I wanted to talk about that but, unfortunately, I could not as you decided to disappear. And, after two weeks, you were devastatingly clear… but asking for time? Either you wanted to build something with me or you did not. And your words hinted you did not. Your words were clear even you wanted to take them back with some talk about the future…To me, you were simply saying you were to yield to those attempts and if failing, you would call me back…
    However it was, I am certain you’ll come up with seeing it was not a fair situation for me and, as there were no commitment to improve it, I lost faith in it changing.
    I waited and waited but finally removed you from all tools to heal myself and move on (i know that pissed you off but it was also because there were too many traces and i don’t want to be stalked anymore).

    No hard feelings, i hope you’ve reached what you looked for and that brings you happiness.

    PS. I am not to apologize for any word i said. Still believe I’ve got the rudest treatment ever without deserving it. And wonder why you behaved as if you had been dumped in a nasty way, wanting sort of revenge.
    M, you dumped me and tried to take your words back with that infamous “maybe in the future…” that sounded like a cruel joke. Wasn’t then easy to reply to my message, from the very first moment I tried to get my stuff back, to avoid that I made a call you never intended to answer? Always better being honest and respectful with people, even when trying to get rid of them .
    And… why on earth are you still keeping my things??!?

  142. Yvette

    Dear John
    Over the past several weeks I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. Sadness, anger and confusion have filled my days for long enough. I am taking back my life… while I still do no tunderstand why things happened the way they did and how things went from good to fucked up literally over night…I have come to understand 1 important thing.

    It is not the details of how we broke up that matter! I have allowed myself to keep losing site of the bigger picture…you were only a stepping stone in my journey of personal growth! Remember your comment “you never know what might happen”? It was wrong of me to say: “yeah…like you might wake up one day all grown up?” that was childish of me! It was a blessing that I met and dated you… You have inadvertently taught me so much and dating you has changed me as a person.

    I can see clearly for the first time in my life that my choices in men are clearly related to resolving issues within myself. Your extreme shallow nature and childish ways have allowed me to be able to step back and look at our relationship for what it is, rather than what I would like it to be. It is only because of your “extreme” lack of maturity that I have been able to distance my thoughts and really examine my intentions. You have tried to tear me down in order to build yourself up…. instead you have been instrumental in my spiritual growth.

    I needed a tragedy in my life to put everything in perspective! You served a purpose in my life, (you were the tragedy I needed)…and for that I should be thanking you…not making digs at your unfortunate disadvantage in life. I cant imagine what it would be like to be a 19 year old trapped in a 47 year old body! It must be horrible for you! That being said…I truly hope karma turns a bind eye when it’s your time.

  143. Richard

    It was late march2012 and was talking to a mate on facebook when i noticed a firl on his comments,i got this rush over myself thinking she looks beautiful, a while after i was laughing to myself and deciding to send her a request on facebook, i thought what the hell you only live once.

    Prior to this i had got out of a horrible relationship with a girl named jodie, she cheated on me twice, she abborted my baby behind my back at a clinic and lied about it and then weeks later got me to the floor in a wreck and physically kicked me in the mouth and spat on me also laughing at me when she left my home.

    8 month later she had me arrested by the police on false allegations of criminal damage, harrasment and rape, this situation nearly killed me as a man but i survived

    (Anyway back to the othe girl who i started over with) her name is jodie how hironic lol.
    I,sent her the request and we got talking really well, she complimented me on how good looking i am and asking what i did for work, in return i said how beaut looking she was and asked her what she does for work etc etc.
    A week later i asked jodie if she would like to come to mine for some dinner andma drink as you do.
    She said her heart melted on the spot and was round my home like a rash on ya backside.

    I admit it was very quick but we ended up in bed having lavish sex for three hours and my god i felt amazing after that and jodie did to.

    After this we hit it off so well, no tantrums, no hostilaty and no fast tension, before we new it 12 month had passed and you get to teach yourself what you have in life and we both were very much in love together.

    I new quite abit about her and i found out she had kidney problems and previous mental health problems, i was blinded by the light and just brushed it off thinking shes better and we can go the long hawl with the relationship.

    Jodie had not worked before due to bad health but did get herself a job at a sign company working with the obvious (MEN) and i was very happy, i was working to in retail, always have since leaving school and she was happy to have got the job and so on.

    Over a 6month period in her new job she would never leave her phone alone and i was getting abit bewildered by it as she has never done ote like that before, but no questions were asked. There was a night when she said to me babes im going out to ight with friends from work and i said ok huni you enjoy yourself as well shes getting her life back on track.

    But the other part of me was like your a lamb being thrown to the slaughter especially with 15 blokes around ya drawling at the mouth, i had no choice but to trust, and thats a big thing in life.

    The night had passed and she came home saying oh what a night out i needed that with my responce you desrved it, i made her tea to sober up and i gave her a kiss, said i love you and will see you in the morning.

    My head slowley went on my pillar with my eyes still open and a niggling twinge in my gut as if something wasnt right.
    In the end i let it go because every other day jodie always said how much she loves me.

    A few more months had passed and we were expecting our fist baby together, we were so happy but 8 week later she sufferd a miscarry and that knockd us both but i had to be very strong for her and i was.

    She decided to still work though she didnt want to and i said it will keep your mind occupied and i was still working to but i got suspended from work over something daft and so i left as i basically never had a job to go back to, it was shit anyway to be fair and then i started to gamble it got to a point i was a compulsive gambler and not once did i lie to jodie and admitted i had a issue and that i needed abit of help, the gambling was over another 7 month and prior to this my parents split, my grandparents died and my world was falling apart.

    I developed depression anxiety and tried to kill myself but help was at hand at the mental health unit and so i was transfered there, it was a long process but i got the help and it made me into a better guy.

    Before i new it jodie left her job as her kidney problems started again and we was always in the hospital, she nearly died in my arms twice and i can see her face in my mind still of the way she looked, white face, blue lips and vomit everywhere, its making me upset just writing this.

    After all this mess i found out she was quite close to a bloke from work named tony and behind my back they were texting, goin out at night etc and we discovered again we had another baby on the way who was successfully born at 8lb 10 and that made us strong again.

    After my son was born i fell ill due to stress, i was vomatin all the time shit coming down my leg and had collapsed twice in my home and woke up in hospital,,after some weeks me and jodie fell apart and tony had sent her a message pissed saying i want your knickers off and you in my bed.

    I hit the roof after all we had been through and she given birth to my boy.

    More time passed and it came to halloween 2014 and she dumped me for this bloke tony, i could not believe what i read and i fell to bits.

    Now this present day after 3 months she said to me she was with tony as hes been a good friend and my thoughts were well yeah he got what he got, didnt take ya long to shack up with him,(this was at my dads) and then three hours had passed and my dad said she keeps looking at you with puppy dog eyes and after she rushed over to mr hugged me and snogged my face off and that was it to be fair, all feelings rushed back and i was stuck in a time wharp.
    Most importantly i seen my son and im not sure whats going on with jodie to be fair.

    She tells my dad all the time she loves me and all she wants is her old richard back.

    Thanks for reading this long script.

    Ps im getting through the hurt slowly but surely

  144. Lucy

    I fucking hate how much you lied, and the fact that after five years of telling me I was the best thing that had ever happened to you, out of the blue I wasn’t and I never found out why. I hate that you moved on almost immediately, with someone you knew while we were together, while I still cry myself to sleep. I hate that through all of this you’re hiding from me and won’t give me any reasons or closure. I hate that friends are having to pick sides and tell lies, all because you are dishonest. I hate that through pretending to be the good guy, you cover up all the cruel things you’ve done in the past three months, including putting my life in danger, and that everyone believes I’m the bad one. I hate that you’ve made me hate my life.

  145. evy

    I loved you. I never told a soul. And now I’m glad. You played with my emotions. You made me out to be the bad guy. I thought about telling you how I felt when you came back and told me you missed me, but then you changed your mind. I hope you realize how heartless you were and how badly you treated me. F*** you.

  146. Nigel

    Dear …..,
    I would just like to thank you for the fantastic three months that we had. I’m sure you know that it should have been longer. You were everything that I wanted from a relationship. I felt lucky to have met you and privileged to have been a part of your life. I really did think that you felt the same, but to my cost, I was to eventually find out that you did not! Cause after just one poor showing of human emotion, bought on by your own doing, it was like you could not wait to dump me. No second chance, no benefit of the doubt, nothing! And lets not forget what bought on my poor outburst. You did not want to spend any more time with me on that day, and here I was thinking you loved and cared for me. Was it just a game to you? It certainly was not for me! I really do hope that when you make a human mistake, that your next boyfriend forgives you and gives you a second chance. It will be more than you gave me. Goodbye!

  147. Nicola

    I am so disappointed that you weren’t the good guy I thought you was. The games you’ve played with my mind, I hate you. How many tears I’ve cried and I see that you are fine. I was a good girlfriend to you and you threw me out like I was nothing. How much you’ve lied to me. You talked about wanting a girlfriend that was a best friend but you never behaved like a friend to me. You have broken me, there you go you can say you successfully broken a person. I never realised you were a bully till now hurting me to get your own kicks.

  148. Gray

    You broke every one of your promises and you did the very thing you swore you would never do. you were my life, my heartbeat, my reason for smiling. You did the very thing you promised you’d never do, you broke my heart. You walked away offering little to no reason. you robbed me off the opportunity to have a say in what our future held. For sixteen years you were my world and the day you left my world crumbled. i do not hate you but I will not forgive you for the way you cast aside so many years. I will not forgive you for never letting on that you were unhappy. I will never forgive you for not giving me the chance to have any kind of input. you made your decision and walked away from me, from everything, leaving me to deal with all the fallout. You went home to a life that we had both planned. you fulfilled your dream and you destroyed mine. I do not mourn you, I mourn the loss of our relationship. You have become everything you yourself once loathed. you have become everything I loathe. your morals have gone, your oh so charming way of life has been turned into one of debauchery and promiscuity. I loathe what you have become. Finding out what you have become hurt me almost as much as the day you left me, as if I had been betrayed all over again. you are not the person I knew and loved. you are a stranger and I do not like the person i see. I will not give in to the temptation to look you up and see how you are doing because each time i do, you kill a part of me. You hurt me more than anyone in my lifetime. You changed my world into one i do not like or know how to live in. You seem to have dismissed the 16 years we spent together and if I am honest, i wish you nothing but misery, unhappiness and misfortune. I hope you find love however. i hope you find that special someone who becomes your absolute world, like you were to me. I hope that you find it and I hope that he breaks your heart the way you broke mine. perhaps then you will understand the impact of your treatment of me. perhaps then you will know the true feeling of heartache.

  149. RandomNoName

    I love you. I’ve never said that to anyone but you.
    It’s been one month and three weeks tonight that you said you didn’t want to continue and ever since I’ve spiralled down and down. My friends are edging away and my family are expecting me to bounce back… But it’s not like that. My head is broken and I’m broken. I can’t imagine being with anyone else but you, I’ve not just lost you, ive lost my future, my hopes, my goals, and I’m frightened and so, so alone. I know it was a hard decision for you, but you are miles away from me and can carry on and live your new life and I’m stuck here, watching all our friends pair off. You don’t have that to deal with. I know I did everything I could I worked so hard to make sure we still saw as much of each other as possible… And you did to. So what went wrong? I just don’t understand. And I miss you so so much. I love you more than I love myself, more than anyone I’ve ever known and, probably, ever will know.
    Live a great life.

  150. Pent up explosions

    I had a dream of you last night, it was strange. In the dream you were holding me walking me to class and ended up kissing me telling me “No it’s okay, let me kiss you. I just need to know if it was the right thing to go our separate ways. I think we made a mistake, we deserve a second chance” I felt weird because in the dream I knew he had a gf so it triped me out & I moved away from him at first but then I just surrendered to the kiss. I don’t know what to say I feel like we’ve always had a connection and it’s crazy because we always talked like best friends, that make out session we had, at first I kinda knew you wereattracted to me & i was never looking for anything from you after that day, I thought “hey just another fling, a friend with benefits” I didn’t want to think about it any other way because I knew I’d felt like i liked you so many other times before & it always turned out bad so I decided not to think of that instant as a chance for a relationship.

    I guess you couldn’t get me off your mind, we live far away so I guessed “ehh what the hell it won’t mean much to him” but I should have known better, whenever you & I ever get into anything hugging, kissing, just enjoying each others company it can never be a “no-strings attached” situation. I’m guessing it’s just that we’ve known each other for so long & been dependent on one another for comfort, as best friends i guess we can’t just have a fling. You decided to tell me you liked me & i said something stupid like “I wouldn’t want to like you” you got offended & didn’t respond, little did you know I meant I wouldn’t like to have feelings for you because we live far apart & it’d just be a pain to feel something but not be able to have anything. I told you after & you said “we can, our distance means nothing, if we feel for each other this way then nothing should stand in the way. It will be tough but we can do this. ” I was always skeptical about that but I agreed. It was a painful week when we were together.

    A WEEK just one f*cken WEEK, it was painful because I wanted your embraces, your kisses, your presence with me that whole time but you were far, i know it was hard on you, it was hard on me too. We kept asking each other if we still wanted to do this, praying that we wouldn’t change our minds. Skyping wasn’t enough, sure we had great conversations, talking about how lovely it’d be when we’d see each other again but that’d upset us a bit because we didn’t know when that’d be. I made a huge effort & was able to make it that Saturday, it was weird when i saw you haha it felt surreal & also I felt we were just best friends but then we kissed again & I was over the moon, I spent an hour with you that Saturday, as much time as I could spare, I knew it wasn’t enough, i wanted more time but i didn’t have it, i thought we were good until the night i went back home, Sunday. You told me you were sorry, that you could not stop thinking about her, your ex. I knew you had recently broke up, a couple months back & you told me that she talked to you sometimes like she wanted something again but you said “i can’t do that again” I don’t know why I always act so fucken understanding I said “I understand you know, you had a strong connection with her, maybe you two can work it out or you know enjoy your single life” shit hurt but I said it, he said he would never get back with her which he didn’t but he wasn’t single for long & I just needed a break, I took a week break from you & maybe it didn’t hurt you that i didn’t speak to you but it was agony for me, going from speaking everyday, even when we weren’t together to absolutely nothing was terrible. I talked to you again, I knew that it’d never change but some time after my feelings wouldn’t change & yeah sure I was a little bit of a dick to you, when i was back from the week break you were talking about how you wanted to see me again & I could tell by what you said & how you said it that your feelings were still there but I chose to make you hurt by acting as if oh I’ll shove your comments aside, I thought it would square up the field but no. My feelings wouldn’t go away & one night I told you, sure some hours before I was being a smart ass and got you mad but I told you “i want you to want me back” and you said “No bitch” like are you fucken kidding me?

    Sure I got you mad but tou had no fucken right you ass and I was being mature about it I just responded with “Kay” nd you just said “you’re welcome” like wtf dude why hurt me this way, most of the time I’ve been nothing but fucken nice to you, I know things about you that you’d never trust anybody else with. I just ignored yor mssg and it pissed you off you said “well don’t take it up the ass, say something back” and I responded with “there’s no point in it” that pissed you off even more “what does that mean?” You said I said something that probably hit home “well there’s no point in arguing I laid out my feelings & you were a dick as usual so no difference in me saying anything it’s pointless” you got mad told me not to bother & respond but I just wants to fucken know what you were fucken feeling what were you fucken thinking like I asked you “well what the f*ck do you want from me? ” you never replied & I think that’s what hurt me the most like you of all people torture me like this. Why? What in the hell did i do for it to be okay to hurt me this bad?

    It was excruciating I did cut all ties with you, deleted pictures because i thought it’d help me recover, I met a guy, a good guy. It was going well with this new guy until you decided to get back into my life and shatter it, yeah I’m not gonna blame you for it not working out with that guy but I am going to blame you for thinking it’d be alright to talk to me again & things would just go back to normal, that was your mistake & now from time to time i have dreams that you’re in and it makes me long for that Saturday, just that Saturday when all the longing all the pent up emotions we had just spilled out.

    I know you have a gf & I don’t judge you for that, you’ve moved on but I’m not gonna lie and say it doesn’t hurt because it does and funny thing is, I’m moving back, moving and we’re gonna end up having to see each other every day & it’ll be hard to truly let go and find someone else. I don’t hate you I think i love you and it hurts. I want you gone from my heart, completely gone.

  151. Kayla

    Dear Lucas,
    I really thought we would be together forever. You promised me when we first started our five year relationship that you would never be the one to break up with me. You also said that if it were to come to this, we would sit down and talk about it. Instead of talking to me, you talked to everyone else. INCLUDING MY MOM?!?!?! Really????? I have been beating myself up over this whole ordeal. I stayed by your side the entire time. When you had to fly out to Mayo, I flew out from my home every single time. I fought with my mom tooth ad nail just to move out to be with you while I did schooling online. Honestly, I wish I could have seen this coming. I can’t say that I was totally clueless. The way you looked at me changed, you couldn’t even answer me when I asked if you were in love with me. I should have known. I just didn’t think you would give up on our relationship so easily. I know that i have done some things that I shouldn’t have, even if they were all accidental. I apologized and you said you forgave me. Now everything is a big deal? I feel like you are reaching for excuses on why we should break up. You wanted time apart, and I gave it to you. But at what expense? I left early to help out my mom, but you were already planning for me to leave. You said that I was refusing to get help when I got sick. You don’t remember our conversations? Yes, I have depression, but running out on me when I gave you my entire life, my everything…it hurts…so much. I took the time to remember which pills you take everyday and before bed. Which foods you like and dislike. How often you smoke so I knew when you ran out. How much you loved certain things and even how you take your coffee. I am sorry if I was too clingy, but you should understand that I was only that way because most of the time you were playing video games with your friends instead of being with me. I need love and attention too. Not just when you go to bed and wake up, or when you go out to have a smoke and run into me. I want to tell you that it isn’t your fault that my anxiety took off. I wish I could avoid half the things I did just so that I could make this work. I miss you sooooo much. Why can’t so see that I needed you more than anything at that moment? You didn’t even see me of at the airport. I know I said that I was okay with it, but only because I knew you needed it. I still wear your ring. I can’t come to take it off because I know deep down that it meant something when you gave it to me. I don’t know if you still love me the same way, but you are still my everything. I can’t eat, sleep, or even talk to you without wishing I could hold you one last time. I tried to ask you if we could try to make this work before we just gave up on this, but the fact that you couldn’t even manage a long distance relationship after saying that you needed space tells me that you don’t care about the promises you made. I don’t even know how to feel right now. You were my soul mate, and you loved every part of me that I hated about myself. I loved every last hair on your body, the good and the bad. I wanted to give you a life outside of your disability. Without you, I feel like my world has stopped. I want to ask you so many questions. I want to clear my name of whatever you have been told. I fear that you don’t believe me. The fact that you know your memory is bad, and you decide to take someone else’s word over mine is just heartbreaking. You need to man up and make things right. Talk to me instead of just running away. i know you get stressed out easily, but you have to try sometimes. Your family was in our relationship from the start, and as soon as I gain a little independence for us, your mom gets involved. I get tell you how much I have endured and tried to make sure I didn’t step on any toes. If you think that you are the cause of my heartache, the only heartache that you gave me was not giving our relationship a chance. You didn’t give me a chance. I don’t hate you, but I am deeply hurt. You can say whatever you want to try and tell me that I was getting worse and the things that i did was not right, but I know better. You said that nothing worth fighting for is going to be easy. Apparently, I nor our relationship wasn’t worth fighting for. I may be crying my eyes out now, but I will get stronger. I will overcome this, and I will be better than you ever thought I could be. I will prove you wrong, and be the best me that i can. I hope you can do the same. This time, it is all about me.


    By the way, I am done with questioning whether I am good enough. I know I am. I know I was the best thing you ever had. You lost something special, and if you want me back, you’ll have to step out YOUR game, because I am AWESOME!

  152. John

    We dated for three years and I know I messed up and I admit, I have flaws, and Im not perfect but your getting the best out of me, I’ve never said half of the things to someone else and I know I have to move on but sometimes its impossible, I’m used to everything we used to do and everything we used to be but it hurts that after a year after we started dating you began to feel differently and you might of pretended that you loved and still wanted to be with me, maybe you didn’t care, and now I’m paying and it hurts so bad, I wish I could just forget about it and move on , but you were my first true love…….

  153. seattle

    I couldn’t help but feel for you in words to whoever hurt you! I feel exactly the same way to the father of my baby girl. The love of my life that I too was almost with four three years. He haven’t talkes for almost a year now, he has has multiple girlfriends and I haven’t even had one boyfriend yet:.(
    May you stay blessed

  154. Seattle

    It’s always in the back of my mind.
    June 5, 2013 replays constantly in my dreams due to the fact that on this day we had are baby girl.
    August 6, 2014 when we signed over temporary custody to your mom as I went to rehab..
    And now,
    After standing alone and being pushed to the ground by your mother who is trying to take full custody of our daughter, your out and about with a new girl portraying a name as if it were different from the person I know!!
    23, on my own working my ass off to be the best mom, full time student and obtaining my job
    Your 37 years old not a care in the world for ?Avryl and I , BUT YOU DISAGREE FOR ME TO MOTHER our DAUGHTER???
    Your funny!
    After hell and back with you, sending you money and you selling my stuff, and most of all leaving me hear to suffer and be beaten down by your mother and her friends and your brother trying to take my only peice of happiness I have?!! The peice of you I look at and smile because I see the goodness we had through our little girl and you disagree ?
    Your no where to be found, no where to give two fucks.
    ITs ok though cause your the type of NiggAh that lives by quotes, your favorite one is,”I’ll meet you half way”! You wake up to the shit!
    And what’s sad is it been a year after almost threw we are officially over
    Yet I still remember your touch on my skin
    The sound of your laugh
    And the moments you held our daughter after work and told us you loved us forever and always.
    thank you because I’m older and im wiser!
    And since your never going to be here our daughter needs at least one of us and even if I lose the first time with court
    Bet ur ass I’ll never quit on my baby like uve quote on all three of its!

  155. Hurt

    Dear D,
    The one thing that I keep dwelling on is that the most open and honest conversation we’ve ever had about our relationship was the night we decided we should maybe break up. Why couldn’t we talk about those things all along? Why did it take something so major for us to admit what isn’t working and what we maybe can’t get past? There was no previous discussion on what we could do to make things work. We’ve been together for over 5 years and now you won’t even talk to me or answer my messages. I don’t necessarily think we should stay together, but I think we need to talk more – or I do at least . We never came to a definite conclusion about this and I feel like you’re leaving me hanging – maybe exploring what else is out there before talking to me again. Our last night together ended more abruptly than I wanted it to and I am heartbroken about the things we won’t get a chance to say or acknowledge if you keep your distance like you have been. I feel like if this is our breakup it is such a cop out on your part. All you have to say is you don’t want to be together anymore and I can accept that and start to move on. Maybe I should interpret your silence as that? I feel like you don’t want me but you also don’t want to let me go – which is really selfish.

  156. Rey

    You know I have admitted my behavioral mistakes and I a m getting help. That took a lot. The thing is I never left your side, through thick and thin, but I feel like you left me. You now say it feels right but you allow me to walk out that door. That makes no sense. You are the love of my life but that pain I experienced when you broke up with me is one I never want to experience again. I was broken and I am still healing. I love you flaws and all. The thing now however, as I heal…if you want me back you will have to work for me. By that time will be a better version of me for me. Confidence … Trust …. and Positive Energy…..

  157. Robert

    You pursued me for a few weeks before I agreed we could be a couple. The first night I met you, I felt I knew you completely.
    I cared for you immediately, but I was always worried you always ran away from your woes and troubles in life.
    I was in love with you but I was fearful.
    I let you in and we bagan our love affair.
    For 3 years and with the long distance between us at times, I loved that we spoke every day.
    You were haunted a lot of the time. You had some terrible things happen to you before we met. I always appreciated you were nervous and fretful.
    But, you projected so much of your troubles upon me and it created such pain between us in our relationship.

    Do you know how painful it was for me to be accused of so much that was born of your insecurities and neurosis?

    You would make me weep with frustration when I’d have to peel you off the ceiling when your mind got the better of you and the paranoia poisoned us.

    You had nothing to worry about. I was always there for you.
    I helped you as much as I could. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have got counseling. Little did i know it would actually make you react even worse than before.
    I tried all I could, C.
    I tired all I could to hold you close and let you know that I was there for you 100%.

    You left me in an email.
    The night before we had Face Timed and you blew me kisses and told me you loved me. You texted me all the usual little emoticons we shared every day.

    I awoke to that email.

    After 3 years and all we went through.
    All our plans destroyed in a cold email.

    Another day for you to run away like you have all your adult life.

    That was a month ago.
    You wonder why I had to decline your friendship.
    You wonder why I had to enforce a no contact rule.
    Because you not only broke my heart, you stomped all over it for good measure.
    And I’m still none the wiser as to why.

    Literally overnight.

    And now you’ve upped and left, moved to pastures new, showing such little emotion for what we had.

    My anger has told me to hate you.
    But I pity you because I know that you will never have anything close to all those things you told me you wanted.
    It makes me incredibly sad.

    You were the love of my life, through everything.

    And all I’m left with is the wreckage.

  158. Chris

    I’m so damn hurt and regretting so much it’s killing me. I tried so damn hard, we moved all over the country. When we met you begged me to be with you and I finally agreed. Then you decided we were done, after 3.5 years. And less than 2 months later you’re with a new guy and everything’s great.

    I am so crushed and alone, and unwilling to let anyone else in it’s unbearable.

    I just wish you hadn’t broken my spirit like this and left me for dead

  159. Kenten

    I really can’t believe we ended up here. I never intended to break up with you. As you can recall, two days before our breakup I met up with you and told you there was nothing wrong with us – we were had different factors affecting our relationship. Like your new job, your new living situation, etc. But when I found out after my interview, that my future co-workers had seen you out at night with other girls (“acting like a scumbag”) and texting your ex-gf from 6 years ago, I had enough. It was such a slap in the face – here I was trying to make us work, and I had no idea I was in it alone.

    What’s even more hurtful was the aftermath of the breakup. How you handled it. You were such an ass, not even bothering to contact me or even apologize. Did our serious 3 year relationship mean nothing to you? I hate how people feel sorry for me. I hate how your friends and childhood friends pity me. But what hurts me even more is how alcohol has changed you. This isn’t the Kent I know. You gave up our relationship for alcohol.

    I guess I have to say goodbye to the amazing guy I knew, the future we wanted together, your family. It’s crazy how things can change in a blink of an eye. Our parents thought we were going to marry each other. So did we.

    I feel like your silence and lack of response is closure enough. But I still find myself waiting for something to happen, because this doesn’t feel like a big dramatic ending to our powerful and passionate relationship.

  160. Seattle

    I think the saddest set of actions a person Can do,
    ( keeping in mind that this person was going to be the one you marry)
    Is not only get you addicted to drugs, ask you to have his child, sell all your belongings after sending him 500$ To help fix his cars rear window (and not even knowing if that was true due to the fact of every damn lie that follows after that) then finding out he has a GIRLFRIEND, cheated on me and hit on girls right after I was supposed to leave and come back home and he never telling me he even loved me or have a safe trip but just walked away and told me if I want you wanted my love and affection you better fucking work for it ….
    That “our money” is not in anyway mine due to me not working, it’s his so get a job and I did…
    And yet alone through not even a third of everything that’s happened…
    Get our daughter taken Away from us and your not even here to help not even caring, out fucking every peice of ass out there that you “love now” because of your insecurities of being alone ..
    While I went to rehab and am in councliling, meds, taking classes on bonding with the baby, college, working a job, replacing my material things since you got rid of them!! I’m still her for her always will be
    But after allll that which is still not even a beginning
    You, your mother, and whole family want to put a 23 year old girl down for “mental disabilities”
    First off your 37 years old and got me drug addicted and we lost everything due to all the craziest things happening I had post pardom on top of the domestic violence
    I mean what can I say to you all other then my mental disorders are stable now..
    I was young and very unorganized in my life back then it was all too much reality that was falling Infront of my very eyes
    The love of my life hates me doesn’t talk to me nor our baby and doesn’t care at all
    His mom has taken my baby girl from me and laughs and makes fun of my face while she steals from her clients and is horrible person I generL but no ones sees that
    And l I want is my baby the love of my life that I would give the world too I have professional people ready to help me build a relationship with her and better myself when stressful moments happen since I am all alone
    And not only that
    But she’s the last little by I have of u hubby
    That we both shared in one of the best times of our relationship
    We both saw her and loves her more then what
    You have become now which is lost
    As for me I derserve her
    I love myself and my past is my past I never knew how to let go and realize that what is..is!!
    You can’t change what happened but you can change everyday that you wake up for the new chance to erase thows happens!
    The only thing I struggle with now is having to tell my daughter one day that her father left me because I’m “mental ” and im sorry that I had to be like most the other moms who chose another guy full of excesses to just her away from me ????????????????????
    That hurts so much because she deserves so much more love and the opportunity to get to meet the man I once knew!
    I may have had a bad past and even a horrible first chance at love but you were my first true love and it was Insane
    But don’t you or your family ever put a label on me ! I’m grown up and I understand a lot more as an adult then my pathetic nieve self when I was with you!
    I have a voice now and your mama definitely doesn’t like that and you don’t either!
    I’ll be a dental assistant after next semester then in the near future a dental hugeintist
    I don’t need any reassurance to who I am now
    But I think you definitely need one about you
    So cut ties, leave me on the edge of guessing what what what??
    Because honestly there will be one day your standing on that same leadge
    Asking why I didn’t just tell her I love and take the new and compromise to take that second blessing to have a family and be a man
    But then you realize
    You won’t know where or how to ever
    Contact us again
    Your mom will get a restraining order of court and avryls last name will be changed
    And that all due to how inconsiderate you and your family fail to see
    All the wrong hih have inflicted in my life
    When all I do is try

  161. S

    J, I just wanted to tell you…….I dream about you every so often, even though it’s been over a year since you left. The most recent dream was a bit sad to me. We had texted for a couple days when I told you about what was going on with the dog and that I took her to the vet. You mentioned to me that you were losing a lot in your life at the time, but I was too afraid to ask what all of that was. You know I never stopped loving you and still can’t seem to get over you. In my dream you moved back home here and seemed quite miserable. You even moved a new girlfriend out here with you (even though I am pretty sure you are actually single at the moment). It was weird that you seemed to still love me, but told me that we still weren’t getting back together. As much as I love you, the lies you kept from me hurt me so bad (because you promised me honesty when you left) and I actually DO pray you are miserable and that nothing works out for you because you have nothing going for you……no college degree, a string of failed relationships, and moving from state to state doing menial jobs. Oh how much fun you must be having. Just remember not to f*ck your friend’s wives or girlfriends again so that there’s no confusion on who the daddy might be. That was the biggest DICK move of your life and then to get a tattoo in memory of a child you don’t even know was yours for sure…..have fun explaining that to the next girl. The f*cked up part of all of this is that I would still take you back. What the f*ck is wrong with me?!? I never even loved my ex-husband as much as I loved you. You were my soulmate and that honeymoon phase never faded for me in the 2.5 years we were together. Yes, I wasn’t perfect either and in fact, I laid out ALL my cards when we first started dating, but you swore to me that you could be the kind of man I was looking for, but when you left and f*cked everything up I realized you weren’t a man at all, just a boy playing grown-up. Lastly, yes, it is true, your OWN best friends love me more than you because I’m actually still here to maintain a real friendship and not send random texts to talk about the f*cking weather! It’s a very strange place to be…….angry, yet still in love with you, but you led me on for months saying, “I don’t know what God’s plan has in store for us.” So as much as I love you, I also hope you die alone, miserable, and childless…..everything you were trying to avoid. Also, you can stop with your teenage, angry-at-your-parents sh*t because they divorced in a horrible way. I felt sorry for you at first, but I sure as hell don’t feel sorry for you regarding that sh*t anymore because you weren’t man enough to tell those who meant the most to you in life how badly you f*cked up. You are the biggest coward of a man I have met!


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  164. BlueySqrl

    *This is a complete outpouring of everything I’m thinking, and is totally scattered*

    I decided to write here, because I’m not sure if you deserve a real letter or let’s face it email from me. God forbid you put down an electronic and make eye contact with me. God forbid you actually talk to me about how you feel. Instead I ask and I ask, and I sound like a nag, and then 3 years in you say “You always said you thought something was wrong.” Go to hell for throwing things in my face.

    Three years and you say “we are going in different directions”?!?!?! What does that mean? We are actually going in the same exact direction, and the “You want to travel, I don’t”, go to hell. Last time I checked it’s okay for one partner to have there own life and pursue their interests, oh but that’s right, I don’t play WoW or any other BS RPG. I’m not someone who is obsessed with “Fantasy Football, Golf, Baseball”, or WWE. You are in your mid-thirties?! Grow up.
    Anyway, I leave today, for “the trip”, I’ll be gone a whopping 7 days. You know the kerosine to the fire of why you broke up with me? A free trip that I couldn’t say no to. So now I’m dealing with the “consequences” as you said…, you’re a dick. Is that what you told your friends and family? I chose to go on a free trip, so you dumped me, because I didn’t choose you in the ultimatum? Or did you tell them you didn’t love me and weren’t attracted to me anymore, because that’s how it feels.

    It’s fucking weird that we are still living together, when I get back, there’s 14 days left until when we need to move. How convenient you also broke up with me when we needed to move. I can’t deal with your Twilight Zone behavior. Cooking me dinner as a surprise? Fuck you! You broke up with me!!! I can’t stand you’re “Stepford” behavior, that’s why I’m going to bed so early. You’re ease with flipping the switch to “platonic”, and having no apparent feelings, that’s what hurts. You decided it was over, and you felt nothing.

    Anyway, I have a place to move to. You thought you had me by the balls, when you promised to support me as I graduated and found a job, well screw you, I still have my independence.

  165. kd

    Why do I have to be the crazy idiot? Man you really piss me off. Never have I loved someone so much. Been played with so much. Felt so many emotions in a few seconds as I have with you and they continue to this day. You act like you care for me with your sweet words, I’m gullible and the next thing I know, I’ve got my throat in my stomach again. It’s like a revolving door, going past the same entrance, ie pain you cause me. Stupid tricks you play on me just so I can fall for it all over again in a month or two, makes me sick.

    Really wish I could forget you like you have me, but some of us were born with hearts that hold more than dust and chains. Mmmm remember that one time? Or was it 2 or 3 times? I can’t remember now, but I was for certain the idiot in all occasions. Opening my heart to you, how I feel, what I’m thinking. You enjoy it of course and then respond with, “I have nothing to say”, or things similar. My favorite was, “I ‘got’ nothing to say, just take care”. Like a little tough girl, as though it didn’t bother you in the least bit…which, it probably didn’t. My fault for thinking otherwise. Then you always follow it with something to the like of, “maybe we can talk another time”, like it even matters? Ya gonna have something to say then? Of course not! Unless it’s the words “I love you”, F off. But you want to get me in the corner and have me open up to you again, just so you can say your cute little lines. I’m tired of it and I deserve way better. Man oh man why is it taking me so freaking long to get over you. I wish I knew, because you are worth none of it. Yet here I am writing this big ass paragraph story about how much of a pain you are to me, giving you all of this energy. It’s disgusting.

    Hey, there is some positives here though. Remember that other time when you got pissed off at me and you told me that you wait for nobody? I guess that’s because you are an entitled little princess who has pride oozing out of almost every orifice because why? Why are you so proud? What are you so proud of? Messing with my mind? Seeing me squirm? Wasting my time and energy? Nothing to be proud of my dear. You have a hard heart, who’s only soul you own are those of your exes because you took them. I swear. You see? All this anger and frustration? It used to be love. Who am I kidding, it still is. The great thing I learn about all of this, is the fact that I hope to never cross paths romantically with a soul sucking, prideful, heartless, self centered biatch like yourself. I can see them a mile away now. Why the hell do I attract winners like you is beyond me. Guess I’m an easy trick. A fun game. Guys are supposed to be tough, feeling nothing? Attractive gringo, so you can brag and look rich in front of your friends, then act like a hard ass when things go south? This shit pisses me off. But I’m not done. Not that you’re reading. You would probably read the first word and the last word of the damn paragraph and then send me a pity, I’m sorry. Bunch of nonsense I tell you. Go find someone that will meet your fairy tale love story and bring you flowers every day. Sorry, I’m too damn poor for that shit and I’d rather eat. Anyways, where was I? Oh, you know what really pisses me off? I’m so damn nice that I feel half bad righting all this crap. At the same time that I am cursing your name, I am wishing you great things in life. That really pisses me off. Guess it’s that loving side of me that is nice to even the people that treat me like shit. Ok, maybe I’m just a fucking idiot too but I try to think higher thoughts about myself than you do. I loved you harder than you loved me. Please God let me not forget that.

    You are so classy. That one time when you asked me for travel money AFTER we were already broken up and you had told me you didn’t wait for anybody? And after the time you told me that you figured out you never really loved me? Then you got all pissed off because I was supposed to be your friend? Man that was awesome. Too bad I needed that money to live my own life, not support your fantasy world. I’m sure you’re still pissed off at me for that one. Amazing the words people say after professing love a short time before. That stupid song that kids sing? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? It’s a lie. Words hurt like a mother fucker and for some reason, I can’t forget most of the ones you’ve said to me. I honestly can’t wait for the day you don’t cross my mind. I’ll finally be free.

  166. Amine

    Hi ***,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I was not really expecting your answer to be completely honest with you. It is, however, nice to have some form of an answer back, even if it doesn’t feel 100% genuine.

    I was not really looking for you to tell me whether I am a good guy or not because that has NEVER been in doubt and I KNOW I am a decent person. On the other hand, the way our so called “romance” ended was more than borderline questionable. In all my life, I have never ever treated anyone I got close to in that way, and I will never ever do so because that was real pain. You can’t go along in life hurting people like that and treating them like shit!

    You saying that you hadn’t realised back then the extent of my feelings for you, but that is complete and utter Bull Crap because you knew exactly how I had felt about you, even though I had never spoken about it. You just thought it was easier to pretend and go ahead with your games to get what you wanted from me BECAUSE you knew I loved you!!!!! What a f****** despicable behaviour!

    Next time you are in a similar situation, have the decency to consider the other person’s feelings and don’t be a selfish piece of s**t, instead of leading the person on and pressing ahead with your needs. I understand you were on the rebound and needed to clear your head from things, and I mentioned that to you back then because I trusted you but you lied to my fucking face, and this is something I never take from ANYONE. All I needed from you was not deception, but honesty. Unfortunately, you broke that trust into pieces without even a shed of consideration.

    It’s ironic because even if nothing had happened, if you had been honest with me back then, we would still be good friends by now. It’s even more of a shame that you didn’t even initiate to call me or suggest to meet so we could dissipate the hard feelings. You showed a severe lack of empathy and consideration. Only sociopaths do that!

    Decent people are considerate, and they usually think and care for others’ feelings before helping themselves selfishly. As to the apology you just sent me, well, it just feels it doesn’t come from the heart!

    Have a great life


  167. Seattle

    In all honesty, animosity is a killer.
    Not that I’m one to speak on such a matter because for one im a women, were all insane but in other words if quotes really mean anything “loves a bitch, but everybody needs her”.
    All the pain, anger, whatever it is pent up, really can reflect misleading judgements of character especially if younger ages cimbine with older ages .
    I can remember telling my baby daddy, ” I hope you get in the car and just die”, not the best way to set my actual personality besides the fact I’m older then when I was with him.
    It was all more of crys for help because I wanted to know and act like nothing hurt
    When in all reality I lost my daughter, my hubby, and pretty much that sums it up, it was all falling apart !
    Not in any way is that an excuse for the pain and destructive behavior . All I could say to the one person I know loved me when I couldn’t accept it for my own personal issues is
    Thank you for everything you did do for me in every aspect you thought was unappreciated because if I could take one thing back it would be the fact I never gave you the acknowledgment and love you needed in our struggle
    But then again fairytales
    They don’t always end in
    Thank you’s

  168. kd

    Seattle, good word. Often times we don’t know what really would have helped a situation until later, but appreciation is always great to see….sorry for the brutal read. Emotions can be a terrible thing.

  169. Seattle

    Remember to smile:)
    Venting ones side of a truth threw their eyes is all one truly feels and knows!

  170. moochi2000

    I love you. I thought you were “the one”. To me, you were the other half in my life puzzle. Perhaps I put too much of a burden on you by relying on your presence to make my life happy. I gave you everything I could and poured my life’s effort into this relationship. Leslie, you missed out. I was the best thing you could ever have in this life of yours. I love you, love you so much I gave you everything and built you from the bottom up. Now that you are successful and have the skills to climb up the career ladder you dump me. I’ll be the hottest ex girlfriend you ever have and when you realize how much you miss, you can fuck yourself. I will move on, I will become a better person, and you will cry ….

    You can plan your own trips, your own parties, buy your own clothes. And you date another girl you will learn what I’ve done. I learned to play counterstrike, starcraft, everything so I can be closer to you. I’ll continue to be amazing, so I hope you rot in hell.

  171. Ivy

    I want you to know you can try to make it as simple as your a list of bullshit whatever you call me????????????????
    In the end you and I aren’t just simple word to end!
    Your the devil in deguise not once but to anyone you continue to victimize
    Nasty ass scum bag
    How can you sleep at night knowing what you have done done to all of us

  172. roshan

    Ankita are such a selfish person. Just a week before you told me I can’t live without you and you changed your mind suddenly. Remember that night you while you were on a train journey and he wasn’t talking to you. I made you smile that day. Fuck off girl. You are such a**licker.I wish for your failure in life and with him.

  173. Sarah

    You texted me today….” I’m Sorry for everything.I hope you are doing well.” I really wish you hadn’t….My heart aches for you everyday…but i know we will never be together again…and i deserve sooo much better than you. After 4.5 years..and a promise to marry me…you threw me away like garbage. You said you wanted to grow as a person…not settle…but you left our house and our animals and our life ..moved in with her the day after we split. You *ucking live with her!!! I worked my ass off to give us everything…we finally had our own place and you threw it away for that Home wrecker… We built our lifes together…i was there through thick and thin! I deserved to have a happy ending..i was loyal and good to you. I loved you with all my heart…its only been 3.5 months and everyday still i want to cry… I lost you..i lost our house.I lost my job..you took our cat… I’m having a hard time getting it together…i planned my whole life around us..all my future goals had you involved..im soo lost without you…Im such a wreck…even my friends cant stand me anymore…i wish i never met you..this pain is just too much to bear.. I wish i knew who you were still…all i know is that you’re a cheat..a liar…and i am a fool.

  174. ella

    Nine years Dan and all you could do was treat me like dog crap because you met her. Do you call her precious and panda bear to? I moved into your home then three months later felt your contempt for me and your disengagement from me. You wanted me gone! You didn’t care that I had no job. You promised that I could trust you. I’m 54 and don’t want to do this dance. You promised me a good life and now someone else gets my reward. This wasn’t one-sided. I gave you as much as you gave me. You are such a coward how you treated me. You even denied cheating until I confronted you both, coward! You move me into your house and then kick me out! Now I’m living in exile in someone else’s home. You bastard! How you turned on me! I hope you crash your motorcycle with her on the back. I hope she gets killed and you just injured. I want you to feel this pain you short, bald bastard!

  175. YouWontReadIt

    I hope you are doing well. I don’t have any resentment towards you, not even a little bit, but you didn’t do anything wrong, so I shouldn’t have either.
    You broke my heart, but in the process, broke yours as well.
    Not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about you. Most days I cry.
    The ending has opened my eyes, not to how bad you were for me or how I deserve better, but to how much I love you. I didn’t realize before that I loved you this deeply. You mean more to me than anyone else ever has.

    I wish nothing bad will ever happen to you, I only wish you the very best. If I can’t be there to see you be happy, then I hope you’ll find an amazing person to share it with.

    I’ll never forget you, I’ll never stop missing you… and I’ll never stop loving you.
    Potato, I love you so much.


  176. Robishku

    Mui Milachku,

    The day I saw you walking down the stairs, I was waiting on the lobby – first I saw you elegant legs, then your dark brown skirt, then the black t-shirt – slowly – and the then your beautiful face – my heart stopped breathing for few seconds and I knew I fell in love with you.

    I was always trying to be beside you all the time. I traveled miles after miles; crossed oceans and rivers, mountains and deserts, countries after countries to be beside you, literally I did. I left my home, my family, my friends, my easy life – my career – to be with you. For four years, I had only one intention in my brain – that is to be beside you.

    Situation was not easy for me, rather very difficult and complicated. You know that. But you also know that I did not give up and I do not give up.

    I know you loved me and still love me – your love made me so happy all the time – it gave me a reason to live, reason to breath and reason to be alive.

    Now my life is a hollow – I am depressed – my life is meaningless. I had been lying on the bed for weeks – I could not breath, I could not eat, I could not sleep – I went complete crazy!

    You were and you still are in my thoughts all the time. I dream about you, I talk to you, I walk with you; I go holiday with you – in my thoughts.

    But, at last, I woke up from the “Clinical Depression” – I did it myself without medication or counseling – the thought brought me back from deepest sadness was again you, I thought, you are there – I must prepare myself to be her man, to be her man again.

    So, I pull myself together for you – I am confident and brand new. I took my time to think about you in clear mind and what went wrong in our relationship. I studied hours and hours what I should have done to make you happy.

    I understand why you left me – every reasons. I take all responsibilities for that with open mind.

    Now I am happy about myself and I have no worries, I feel free. I know if I am not happy about myself I cannot make you happy. Nobody likes a miserable person; even I did not like myself last few months. I am not a new person – I am the same person with more knowledge about relationship, your need. I have more knowledge about how to keep love alive and keep relationship happy and healthy.

    Do I want you back, yes I do. I worked on myself and prepared myself with a “To Do List” to make you happy with me again:

    1. Food – I started eating food from your country- and actually started to enjoy the taste -it is different than ours – but the variety of taste gives me another pleasure and sensation. I would like to have your food, my food and different kind of food with you. I will never complain that I do not like the taste of your food – because i understand and appreciate various taste of food in the world already. I do not want to carry my masala’s here and there to cook food for me any more! I feel shy about letting you do that.

    I worked on my limitation and already improved my taste to give you easier life.

    2. Clothing – I already bought a whole set of underwear (lingerie’s and bras) for you and will throw the old ones away, so that you feel new, comfortable and good about yourself. I already bought a new set of “Summer Dresses” for you and swimwear for this summer. I want you to feel new, and happy.

    3. House and Living: If you want to live with you grand parents; that is perfect. I will accommodate and i will try my level best to make them happy about your being with me. If you want you can move in to my place, I will pay rent, food, everything.

    4. Family Money : I now know how to make money in your country. I did not know that – because I worked different way in my country – it was difficult to accommodate in new way of life. But i learnt it and I do make money now and I want to bear all the cost of running family. If you are working I want you too keep you earnings for yourself and do whatever you want.

    5. Language – I started learning your language – the book you bought for me. I will definitely start speaking your language with your family and friends. It is a shame I did not do it before.

    6. Leisure – I started playing different kind of fun games with my friends and strangers in this city in the evening. It keeps my away from the daily worries and workloads and make my brain ready for tomorrows work. We will play different types of games in the evening, board games, cards, etc to have simple fun, keep our evenings more memorable with small things. But i will cheat in the game sometime, as always and get caught (I love getting caught by you!!)

    7. Health and Fitness – I started going to Gym, walk and run in the evening, swim sometime. We will make a schedule what kind of physical activities we will person each evening. Healthy body and mind is important for healthy relationship – i understand this now.

    8. Personal Space – We will go out with our friends – you go out with your friends some time and i will go out with my friends some time to enjoy our personal time and space. Being with each other all the time creates tension; and we get bored with each other.

    9. Movies – I have started watching romantic movies and surprisingly i started loving them. I already watched “The Princess Bride”, “When Harry met Sally”, “17 again”. I liked them. Romantic movies keep our brain calm. So, we will go and watch your kind of movies and my kind of movies – 50/50.

    10. Celebration – I remember your birthday – memorized it for rest of my life time – 30th June!! I forgot the date we first met and the date we first made love ( you know those dates!!). We will go out for dinner, dance or do some fun things at those days. I will always have some surprises for you, i promise. Alas, i was useless, i did not do it before.

    11. Activities – I went to the local zoo twich this month and enjoyed those beautiful animals. I went to Asian Food Festival yesterday as well. I went to a village nearby the capital to look around and understand local culture and people. We would go for different kind of activities every weekend.

    12. Party – I took 8 dance lesson this month – and I am almost ready to take you for a dance. Am i not improving?

    [ED NOTE: Assuming 13 skipped on purpose due to cultural beliefs? Speaking of culture]

    14. Culture – I went to local opera few days ago. First time in my life time and frankly speaking, I enjoyed it. I believe Opera in country is better than this country. I would take you to Opera and different cultural events to enjoy our life more.

    15. Happiness – I will buy flower(s) every evening to make you feel happy. There will be surprises for you every week to make you feel important in my life.

    16. Appreciation – I appreciate your personality, your requirement, what you like and what you don’t like as an individual and as my Loved One; i will give more priority to you.

    17. Friends and Families – Your family is my family and your friends are my friends. I want to give them as importance as my family and treat them the way i treat my family. I will try to make them happy about my being with you and do things so that you can feel proud of me in front of them.

    18. Love – I want to keep it blank as it is going to be published in public.

    19. Children and their future – You know you are the only woman I ever wanted to have children with and I am still sad that you first baby was not born naturally. It was one of the reasons for my “Clinical Depression”! I want to have children with you and give then good education, morals, values and principle. Teach them all the religions, so that they can decide if they want to practice any; if not that would be their choice.

    20. Life – the first time I saw you walking down the stairs, i fell in love with you and i am still in love with you. I always wanted you to be with me rest of my life time and I left my country, my lifestyle, my business for you. I sounds story from the book, but it is the reality. To be with you became so important that I forgot to do the basics things. But now I understand, “It is not only love, love is like a tree, i need to keep it alive with duties, responsibilities and activities. Otherwise love will die soon, like the plan in the desert without water”. I know that and I am prepared and ready to take care about my love for you and your love for me. I do really want to keep beside me rest of my life time and grow old.

    21. End – end of life, i want to die after you so that you do not feel the pain of loosing me, you can go to heaven happy (I do not believe in heaven or hell, it is metaphorical), I will keep the pain of loosing you.

    I do pay very importance about our 4 years time together. I know there was love between us all the time and there is still love there – what I understand – is I need to do daily beautiful things to keep the love alive….in need to do that….it is my job and responsibility.

    Did you spend four years of valuable life time behind me? Yes you spent your time, money, emotion, love, hate, resources, tears, smiles, happiness behind me; i did the same. I respect that – i take it as a precious gift. You put a lot of effort. You put yourself on the floor, you cried; I did the same.

    Now I know what to do to keep you happy all the time and keep myself happy at the same time – I am matured and I am a Man. I know I will look after you better than any man will be able to do, i know you are important for me and you are important for yourself and I know what you want and I know what I want.

    I respect your opinion, your decision; at the same time I am not weak, confused, vulnerable any more, I am ready to make you “The Happiest Woman in the world”.
    I am ready for you, my milacku!

    Your Robishku!

  177. youmadethismessnowlieinit

    you are a pathetic sack of shit. your whore is even worse.
    eleven years and three countries and this is how im thanked. giving up my career and my family for me to be shat on, lied to and manipulated. trust is gone.

    cheating on me for 18 months and couldnt even tell me, your whore was the one who confirmed it. you are so worthless and pathetic its not even funny.

    Screaming at me when the one time I took control in this relationship and did the right thing. Threatening to make me homeless in a house we both own. you need to buy me out and low balling me on what i deserve to get. threatening to take the cat away from me, when she is mine.

    i dont deserve this. im better than this, i deserve better than you.

    You, on the other hand deserve to stay with your piece of trash whore.

  178. Who loves you? Travis

    It’s been exactly 2 weeks to the day, almost to the minute, since the cops took you to jail. I knew the instant you hit me that it would be the last time you would ever lay your hands on me and that I would never see you or speak to you in any way, form, ever again. That being said, it didn’t stop me from reaching for you the next morning, before I was fully conscious and it all came back to me like a bad dream, before I realized that my lip was still swollen and sore to the touch.

    I don’t miss you, I don’t love you. I miss and love who you pretended to be. I miss the plans we made that were never going to happen, like so many carrots you dangled in front of me. But it wasn’t the carrots I wanted. In all the time since we had very first started talking I was 100% faithful. I fell madly, deeply in love with you. I only thought of you. I only wanted you. I would have had a child for you. I would have done anything for you. I wanted to take care of you and be with you forever. I am not here to brag at all, but I am also very pretty, thin, classy, a great cook, great in bed and willing to try new and exciting things with you and I also had a job, a family, a son and a life of my own. I wasn’t clingy or smothering you. BUT, little by little you destroyed us until there was no hope and no love left in me. You started a couple of weeks after I moved in with you, in which you asked me to do repeatedly. We even discussed your anger issues before I moved in.

    What kind of idiot am I. You didn’t want me going to the bar with my family. Then you didn’t want me to play bingo, again with my family, because I might go to the bar, So afraid I would turn out to be a alcoholic, like someone you used to know, when you are actually an alcoholic! Telling me what to wear, what to say, then all the false accusations, getting mad at me when you find out repeatedly that you are wrong about your accusations, only to find out months later after you put me through all this crap, that I was in a relationship with a man who had been abused by someone, most likely your dad slapped everyone around, and was so highly insecure and that you would have such low-self-esteem that you would “cheat” on me not for the sex but for the affirmation. Because you felt like a “0”, I must be “0 squared” and so then I was devalued, dehumanized and discarded, but not before knocking me around a little first for “using” you. Did you get your monies worth?

    Oh how nice it is to have someone that doesn’t see through all your bullshit like I did at your disposal. Someone who is married so you always have an excuse not to let her in the way you let me in. I GOT TO YOU LIKE NO ONE ELSE COULD!!! You could never change me or control me and now you lost me forever. Yes, you did buy me things and have “given” me a lot of money, but you didn’t have to. I told you no and you were the one that always insisted because we were a couple. Buying my obedience? How ungrateful am I, to take all the help you offered and leave you because I wouldn’t put up with being physically abused. Oh I still cry here and there, but it’s getting to be less and less. Strangely, I still have hope that I will find a man who is who he claims to be and that he will love me and treat me like I deserve and not just want me when he wants me or to put me on display for his friends.

    I bet you are impressed with yourself for getting away with hitting me without being prosecuted too. Just remember lover, I don’t have any priors either…

    I hope one of these days I am so happy that I can honestly wish you well, silently, to myself, but it isn’t today.

  179. Greg

    I hope you feel rotten. I know you cheated on me and you don’t know that I know. But oh, I know you did. It explains the fact that you treated me like I was an afterthought for the last months. I hope you hurt. I hope you wake up every day and remember what you did to me – you left me in the rain that night and you hardly cried. I hope your new man makes your life hell. I know damn well how to hurt you, and I love that I can still get under your skin. You’ll never get me out of your head, dear. You’ll never forget the way I held your waist, love.

    I hope you read this and bleed inside, darling. Call me a madman, call me cruel, but I’ve only done what’s best for us – to teach you the same lesson you taught me: don’t be so cruel. You frown, I smile. You cry, I laugh. You scream, I sing. Is that twisted? Damn right. Is it sick? I can’t argue. But do I love every minute of it? You’ve never been so right. I pity you, I really do. Its funny how, No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be as good as me.

    How you can pound on the glass ceiling all you want, and you’ll never break free. You’ll never be as smart, as talented, or as strong as I am. A shame. Cry, my dear, and turn your gaze to the world of those who care – you will find that it is quite small and lonely. Why? Because you’re a gear in a system. You’re a rat in a cage. And I am the doctor. I am the philosopher. I am the truth. Do I have a god-complex? Perhaps I do, but the likelier option is that you’re a fool. Maybe you’d like to see my heart and witness the monster you made me? Maybe you’d care to sit by this fire and cry about the weight you hold on your shoulders? You can plead all you want – I’ve born more weight than you can fathom.

    Do I have a god-complex? Am I arrogant? No, I think not. You are the one to pity here, and you always were. The next time you leave someone out in the rain, remember me, sweetheart. This is all out of love. As everything you did always was.

  180. Lisa

    I’d like to thank you. Thank you for my daughter whom I treasure with all my heart. Thank you for staying away and making my job so much easier. I feel no animosity towards you, I feel nothing when I think of you just greatfulness for my beautiful girl. Enjoy your life, I’m enjoying mine ????

  181. Suze

    Do you miss me, or our time together, at all? It really hurts that my first boyfriend, my first love, has fallen out of love with me and left me responsible for doing the unpleasant, breaking up part. You made me break up with you even though I still loved you and it sucked that you made me feel like I was setting you free from a horrible year when really we used to have an amazing time together (except towards the end). You never had the courage to really talk to me and I feel like it’s your fault that when you finally opened up it was already too late to make amends. I just hope you at least have this withdrawal sensation that I’m feeling.
    I know I deserve to be fully loved and well treated, and hope my heart heals soon.
    Goodbye, (I really hope we don’t bump into each other at least for a while.)

  182. C.W.W

    Dear G,
    How could you do this to me? I feel so lost. I know we should not be together because your demons are greater than me or you. I tried to keep mine caged as much as possible. But I hoped so much to be there for you. I thought we would be a story of overcoming. Not of darkness. Why couldn’t you be stronger? Why couldn’t you believe more in us? Why did you have to say you’ve fallen out of love with me? That hurt so much.

    Do you miss me? Are you as lost as I am? Did what we had even matter to you at all? We were so in love. I just want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

  183. jstfkinbrkn

    Dear K,

    No you did not dump me but I did you. The reasons were that once again you couldnt understand the meaning of emotional fidelity. I will admit wholeheartedly that my cold, unforgiving and distant,stubborn,vengeful,callous,sad,loyal,supportive,humorous,ambitious,driven ways. made many appearances and hurt you. You know why ? You scared me. Your flirting, putting me down (jokingly),excessive/uncontrollable drinking/weed habit,no good/shady friends,really scary past,double talk,lying,grandiose but undeliverable dreams of whatever, manipulating habits and attention,care,humour,optimism,tenderness really threw me for a loop. I tried many times to look over your flaws and work with you at the same time work on mine. You met me while I was trying to rebuild and gain better practices of self love and care and while I was young. We were both young.I met you while you had just made a move across the country to start over and fresh. We met in the more unconventional ways – online. I know the area and neighbourhood you grew up in was so hostile to the nuturing of a child, a loving one that I know you were and loving adult that you grew into. You talked alot about your changes in lifestyle and practices – which I witnessed and understood how hard it was to make those changes. You were in university kicking ass and I was proud of you. You got a full ride scholarship. I know you are a star. I still am proud of you. You loved your family so much despite what they had done to you. You went through the death of your mom,dad and then murder of your sister all happening a year apart from the other. We struggled to understand eachother. I didnt know what to do for you or how to do it but please believe me I tried. I know failed alot but I sincerely tried. We had alot in common, our passions, wants and goals, histories. I wanted us to work on those things and continue grow, heal and be better people. You wanted those things to I suppose but frequently lost track and got caught up in the arguments,hurtful words/behaviour and disrespect. This became our pattern.BROKEN AS FCUK. I had to move away, I need physical and mental space. This sh*t was ever consuming and Im here not knowing what I like/enjoy,need or how to heal again. My depression and anxiety peaked at the beginning of this year and has really put me through a test. Im scared.anxious,sad/worried most of the time. Im trying so hard to be above it. Im in school, started a new job and trying to make new friends connections. But this break up, this end of such a fcuking messy relationship is needed. I miss you terribly, I love you and Im sorry. I wish I could be the person who really deserve to have and need and I wish you couldve been the person I needed and deserved. I realize that I was in love and hopeful for the person who you have the potential to be, not the person who was in front of me. Im sure it was the same for you.

    I sitll pray that you heal and find the person who can reciprocate back to you every ounce of effort,love and care that you need and suited for you. I pray the same for me.

    I forgive you, even though I cannot speak with you any longer or express any of this to you for the sake of our need to move on in different directions, I hope that the universe will find a way to tell you this.

  184. seattle

    I hope you have a baby boy, I know you never really got the chance to build a relationship with your first son.
    I hope that this third opportunity to be a father and husband truely workout for you permittely!
    I always knew the day would happen when I would hear of another baby on the way, but I’m not upset or hurt , I just really want you to be happy and finally have the family you always desired.
    Maybe one day our daughter and her new third half brother or sister can meet.
    I m glad to know your happy and already settling down , for real this time.

  185. HE

    Hey ACR, thank you for those great moments and memories. After you dumped me I came to realized that how low-life you are. I was always doing most of the work, I cared more for you that u did for yourself. All u cared was getting high, drinking with your friends and play video games and watching Shows on TV.

    Dude, u are fucking 24 not 18. Grow the fuck up and grow some fucking balls you laying piece of shit. You lacked commitment, you have no word and you are so indecisive that makes me sick. You acted immature so many times. You always thought that your friends are better than me? Well, when you got your 12 year hernia surgery which I persuaded you to get it done because u didn’t had the will or interest to take care of yourself non of your friends bothered to come to visit you or call you after your surgery. No one offered a car or a ride or money when u had no car. I was the one who took care of you. I was helping you getting your shit together, motivated you to get back to college and at the end you called me controlling? Go fuck yourself!

    I was the one coming with most ideas of adding adventure and adrenaline to our lives, making plans, goals and building a future for us (move to florida and buy a house) I was always moving and doing, u always agreed with me in all that but every times it was time to make things happen you always had an excuse or justification to not make things happen. You always bragged that you work less hours than me and made more money but u always had money issues. I make less money than you and I have my shit together. I don’t want an anchor. You always acted like the victim and never realized you part of the fault and how your actions affected me too.

    I think is better this way. What really pisses me off is to find out how childish, hypocrite, laying piece of shit you acted after the break up. It does hurt knowing that you act indifferent and to see that you are ok and with a happy free live after you dumped me.

    You acted like a bitch all the time with me. Always feeling sick, tired, broke, with no initiative. Go fuck yourself fatass childish bald lazy piece of shit. I hope your free car keeps breaking down and see who helps u with money and rides. Being comfortable around me doesn’t mean you don’t have to show respect or invest effort in us. I was always doing the things you liked and engaged in your activities but when it was about my interest and activities it was like pulling teeth or indifference.

    U were a waste of my time, money and energy. Keep the money u owe me and shove it up your fatass. You are one of the most school smart guy I ever met and have some much skills and potential, you are great at your job but your laziness and social circle makes you be mediocre and live a below average life.

    Man up life is not just videogames and tv shows. I’ve lost all respect and credibility in you and your word. You were a fun person to be around with but not a person who I could have a smart or interesting conversation because all you know about is video games and tv show character and lines.

    I always take care of me for you but u often were dirty and trashy and unorganized. Always procrastinating and being unproductive about yourself and your life and future u rather do more work and effort for you job than yourself? Good luck and I hope life fuck u in the ass!

    There are many great thing u did and positive traits but with all that shit is not worth it. Your “friends” are there only for fun, to share things in common but they don’t give a real fuck about you or your personal life they barely text u or ask about you they cant even deal with their own shit. Most of them are in worst position in life than you. One day when u sober up from many nights of alcohol and weed u will realized how the movie of life has passed and u have amount to nothing but to nights of video games and drinking. Wake up man!

  186. Girl from the sea

    I am here to try to forgive you and forgive myself. I forgive myself for not listening to those first signs .How could I not listen to them when they were yelling at me?They would come in post it patterns of all different fluorescent colors .I chose to ignore them.
    I forgive myself for having come back to you in first place when I could have been the one who genuinilly dumped you but I think you had it all figured out.
    I have allowed myself some time for feeling down and neglecting myself,but I know it is temporary.I will come back so strong out of this.
    I forgive you for doing wrong to me.
    I forgive you for leading me to believe you loved me.
    I forgive you for having told me you would not give up on me and now look at what you did.
    I forgive you for all the confusion you brought with you into all the days of this relationship,I even forgive you for having blamed that confusion on me.

    I forgive you for breaking my confidence.

    I forgive myself for having lost my precious time with you.
    I forgive myself for having prayed for you when I should have directed all that love and energy to myself- or my mother who belongs in my life.
    I forgive you for being inconsiderate.

    I forgive myself for having invited you into my life.I stand by myslef as I move on.I will be gentle and loving to myself as I take time to heal .I will accept help.Iwill freely give myself all the patience I need to step out of this humiliation.I will be grateful it is over.I will shine again and let myself shine.

  187. mariah

    I will not stalk you.You suck.I hate you.I wish you to go real bad in life like when you called me attempting suicide.

  188. Heilig

    I already feel so much better without you.
    You were draining so much of my joy.You were killing me.
    You only pose a facade of a happy easy going person yet your heart needs cure,you cannot make anyone happy .I have not felt so good since I met you I never knew it would be so liberating .I am free.Free from you.
    I love to be without you.
    I love to find out I dont need you.
    I dont want you.

  189. gina

    Z for zero. We had an amazing connection. We had amazing chemistry. But when it came down to the nitty gritty, you wussed out. You blamed all our problems on me. I know I was not perfect, but I was honest and always admitted to my mistakes, but not you. You told me to be more like your frickin dog. That the things I got upset over were stupid and small-minded. That you weren’t going to be brought down by the likes of me. You sir, are an asshole. You blamed me for your not having any friends. Maybe if you would learn to be one, you would have one. Hitting up the dating sites directly after a break up because you are just ‘looking for conversation’ is straight up bullshi* and you know it, although you will never admit it. Because nothing is your fault, you do no wrong. I hope that shitty attitude works out for ya, it doesn’t seem to have done a damn thing for you so far. Oh, and be sure to put potential to be an asshole on your online profile, people deserve a heads up.

  190. Heilig

    I dont love you, I dont want you.My life with you would be a disaster,yet I dont like the way you left.
    I like my life better without you .I am still dealing with some painful thoughts though.One of them being why did I let you into.Why did I meet you why did Iinvite you into my life.

    I hope I never meet anyone like you again.People like you hurt people-cause you are hurting inside?Cause you have been hurt?Well, all of us have experienced pain,loss, hurt,mistrust,yet some of us have the dignity of working those issues inside us before going out and projecting that hurt unto other people.

    Why I am measuring my words here?

    You are a terrible person.

    You are rot inside.

    You are stupid you dont know how to write.

    I am not a north american,English is not my native language , I have never been abroad ,yet I write better English than you.

    Your mouth is really ugly and you are right for trying to hide it all the time.

    Your eyes now that I look are not that beautiful.That blue is too dull and lifeless.
    You look so gay in your videos.I love gay people, I just dont love a gay attitude in someone who claims to be hetero.

    Maybe you should get out of that closet .
    I miss talking to you and calling you pal.You have lost a friend.
    Soon you will have no one to talk and you will miss talking to me but I wont be there anymore.
    Yes I think you have not yet realised how much you have lost.
    You know what I wish you?
    I wish you love.
    It is all that the world wants.
    Love is the only answer.
    Haters like you just make life unnecessarily hard!
    I wish us and everybody else love.
    Love cures.

  191. Eric

    After jerking my emotional chain this week just so you could tell me you were going out of town for the weekend you made it a point to let me know you’re not interested in me.
    I know you have superficial desires & are looking for a big bank account. I know you have no idea what good character is because you can’t even say what that is. I can also see that like the other dozen predictions I made you’re going to be lured in by someone horribly abusive. Not one of your close calls has taught you anything.

    I’m over being used by you. You want to do your own thing? Ok. You never took advantage of me? Fine. You ignored me recently. Ok. I’m aware that you can’t know me & continue to maintain the fantasy of who you are not.

    I know you don’t have a clue who you are getting involved with. Your assessment he’s successful & nice after a few nights with gaps between them doesn’t really tell you anything. You love the money you think he has. Now, you are going to visit some job site for the weekend? That’s real dumb.
    Saturday night you call, I’m busy so I just text “what do you want,” I get back “I had a moment to talk” … Why on your date weekend you try to call me only having a moment? I have a not so strong of a sinking feeling in my gut. You have a moment to make a call? If you were with Mr. Nice making a call should be easy as asking for space to make it. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to rescue you anymore after saving your ass from being homeless or needed car repairs without gratitude. Nope you picked wacko & you get wacko. Call the police. I hope you told people where you’d be. But you are greedy enough that you could get directions after getting nearby so you maybe had nothing to tell anyone. What were you thinking? You’re a gullible country girl who is fixated on money going to an isolated unknown area to meet someone you don’t know much about & it isn’t where he lives. This is something you created for yourself.

  192. Amelie

    Dear Loser,
    I just changed your name to that on my contacts list after debating between that or jerk or time waster of flake. You are nothing but an immature liar and idiot. After giving you a second chance, I can’t believe you put so much effort into putting up an act just to see how far you could get with me.

    I used to feel a bit jealous of your ex even though I didn’t know her. But now I feel like she must have been as big an idiot as you to put up with your stupid ways for 5 years when I couldn’t even for 1! You seriously need some therapy for those mommy issues.

    Sure go on to all the dating sites you can think off and collect women but given your bad karma, I don’t think you’ll ever have the love of a good woman. You’re going to be like those old creepy guys on dating sites trying to chat up girls.

    What part of ‘I don’t want a casual relationship’ did you not understand? Why put up a show, waste my time, get in my head only to tell me later ‘oops you’re from a different continent so it’ll be hard. let’s just be friends’. You are seriously weird. You didn’t even have the guts to break it off in person or by phone. And I bet you thought I’d be blowing up your phone after that and trying to be friends. Bet you were shocked to know I dumped you back haha. And don’t try to put it on me that I’m trying to cut you off. I’m not 17 anymore, you’re not going to be able to pull me into immature emotional drama.

    You ex really lacked taste. I don’t even want to date her boyfriend that she spent 5 years with! Geez, women, have some standards – at least train your boyfriends so they are not such losers.

    I thought we had things in common and I was in it with an honest and open heart. But you were just playing. You suck. I wonder if you though she was better than me that you gave her 5 years and made her your girlfriend while not me or whether you realised I wouldn’t take the shit you gave her for 5 years (I think it may be the latter and I’m glad for that).

    I have a feeling you’re going to try to throw stones at my wimdow again (as you have been trying to do for the last month). I’m done playing your retarded games. You must seriously be slow and I actually feel bad for you and would be willing to help you with your issues out of the goodness of my heart….. if you begged me for it.

    Goodbye and hope you find whatever the hell it is you’re looking for.

  193. Amalia

    I am broken hearted.I have never been that hurt before,and I dont know how long it will take to heal.You stupid.

  194. Nick


    You crushed me… I loved you, and all four of your kids with all of my heart…When we first met, you pursued me so aggressively; even after I told you, I was afraid to be in a relationship with you, after our years of friendship… I was afraid of us not working out, and your kids, and my son to be devistated… You didn’t care… you manipulated (which I see now) and forced your way in…You idealized me, and in your eyes I could do no wrong… you loved my flaws… Anytime I put up a gaurd, you tore it down…You waited, you ran other women off, while we weren’t even together…You constantly lied, went through my cell phone and violated my privacy…

    Then finally you beat me into submission… I wasn’t in love… I gave up, and gave us the chance you had so desperately sought and begged for… It took a while… but, as I knew I would, I fell in love, first with the kids and the thought of us actually being a family, then with you…

    You pulled me in closer and closer, made promises, made me feel like the luckiest guy on earth…
    I questioned all of the drama in your life, and all of your family problems… the physical and verbal abuse your family and you seemed to thrive on… I was in shock… hearing about how you’d had physical altercations in all if your past relationships, and all of your family affairs… but you seemed to have changed, at least in that regard, but the drama was still there,and at times more than I could bare… eventually, I got used to it,and just let you have your fits and arguments, while I just stood by…

    After the 2 yr mark, I sensed you distancing yourself… when I questioned you, you were always just tired, or not feeling well… never in my life would I have imagined you were seeing someone else… you left all of the kids with me to go hang out with a man who was 7 months out of prison, on parole, has no drivers license,and 4 kids with 3 different women…He has 6 freaking felonies… yet you chose him over me…You abandoned me and got a new place, and moved him right in, without a concern in the world for the kids, me or anybody else…you started an actual relationship with him days after you were out if my house… How could you do this? How are you seemingly so guilt free and loving life so much with this deadbeat of a guy two months later still?

    What was wrong with me?

    I’m so mad at you, and you don’t understand why… you lied to me so much… why do I still care? Why do I still love you? I should Hate you… You were toxic to me… You made me feel so great, but so inadequate all of the time… sometimes in the same day. Why do you get to go on in a new relationship and be so happy with a deadbeat criminal, while I suffer alone, missing the kids, and who I thought you were… why are you now claiming to be working on yourself to be a better parent and partner for him, but never would for me? I’m now in therapy, on anti depressants, and suffering from feelings of such pain and betrayal that their aren’t even words for them…How could I have let someone so toxic into my life? Why did I accept your trailer park behavior? I’m so angry and sad… You claim that I brought out the worst in you,and that you never behaved or felt the way you did while you were with me… I know that’s just another lie, another projection of yours… why did you destroy me, my heart, and my son’s heart? We didn’t deserve this… your kids don’t deserve this… in a way, I hope your new deadbeat boyfriend abandons you and breaks your heart, but I don’t want your kids to experience any more loss… any more abandonment… But, you just don’t seem to care… you’re going to do whatever it takes to make it work with this convict, no matter who you hurt…

    Logically, I don’t want you back… but my heart is dying for you… even though you destroyed it… I hope that karma or some other force pays you a visit, but at the same time, know that you’ve never had to pay for your indiscretions… there’s always been someone there to catch your fall… I know you don’t empathize… you can’t… all I can do is wish you the best and know in my heart, that it is ultimately your loss… I am a great guy, a good father, and don’t deserve to be treated and discarded this way… I miss our 17 years of friendship… but now know, we’ll never have it back… you threw everything away… I hope you’re happy, because I’m not… thanks for ruining my life Kasey….and although you have, I can’t help but feel, that I love you, no matter what, nothing will ever change that…

  195. still broken

    The Thursday will 2 years since we ended.
    And you didn’t just break up with me… You broke me. You BROKE me!!!
    I want no one ever again… I won’t survive being again so raw only to be violated/my fears used against me. Love is a lie. You are a lie.
    I hate you for thinking finding courage away from your pains meant you could cause me such irrecoverable hurt.
    But I cannot wish you too much ill because you are weak and would do something stupid andhurt someone…hurt yourself.
    How could you??? I gave all my strength to you… I was giving up everything everyone for you. But it wasn’t enough unless I became as weak and pitiful and pathetic as you. but had to hide my sadness and problems (horrific ones you knew all about) because it conflicted with your “optimism” – Lying hypocrite!!!
    I hate you. I wish I never knew you, of you, anything associated with you.

  196. Alexandra

    Dear juan
    I miss you so much but despite what you did to me I could never go back with someone that lied to me so much, that gets attached to other girls when you were talking to me again. It’s sad how you changed. I loved you in the beginning and then after you changed to a different person. I feel so stupid for begging you when you choosed so many girls over me and when they didn’t want anything with you, you would go to me again as second choice. I thought I was special to you but I guess not, but I realized letting go was the best thing I did. I met someone that actually cares about me and likes me. I just wish it would have been you that cared for me but I guess wasn’t meant to be…

  197. Who Loves You? Travis

    It’s been two months to the day since I last saw you. Although I still think of you, it all feels far behind me at last and I’m putting my life back together one piece at a time. It’s funny, but whenever something happens, good or bad, I still want to share it with you and then I remember… I wish you hadn’t hit me.I wish you hadn’t been so insecure. Now we can’t even be friends as I could never trust being around you again and why would I want to after that? My only priorities now are my son and working and it’s enough, because I would rather be alone then have some one telling me what to do, criticizing me and accusing me of stupid shit all the time. It’s still so hard to believe when I look at the picture of us on the chaise, how happy we looked, how content as we talked about our future together, how right it all seemed and how it all came to such a horrible end so soon. I know it doesn’t matter, but I was 100% faithful the entire time and I tried the best I could to make you happy. No longer a “victim” as you called me, I am stronger, wiser and more determined than ever to have a great life. Thanks for making me a fighter!

  198. annmarie

    Dear who shale not be named.

    Just would like to say to my ex husband your number is changed to DO NOT ANSWE?! And have very different tone to everyone else has as in a nagtive tone so i know its you and every time you ring i will reject or i just simply put my phone on do not disderb mode witch gives me great pleasher not to worrie at all .

    I would like to say thank you for the waste of the 5 years of verbale vilonces to words my son and my self then the forces sex you put on me that i had to put up with.

    Oh yeah you btw have a great crimmerail record that you will not be able to finershaly suport or apply for anything now for 7 years ohhh my bad lmao your were the stuiped one to take on a new car and look who is laughn now dum ass i got great history and you dont.

    You lied and out of our hole marrged life of 5 years was nothing but a lie we made a child and all you seem to care is with a new younger persion who CANT ever have kids thats so sad beacuse you talkted highly of kids so sad poor you your no longer will be a daddie nor you will get your son for what you did to him.

    U hit him scared him sceard him that much he dont wanna talk to you on skype i laugh at that everytime beacuse he isnt a stuiped boy he hates your gutts to the point he has to fake saying he loves you but he dont he knows you are a lier and you hurt him and hes momie.

    I really do hope carmer is going to get back on you so hard you will die alone with nothing but what you lost and when we done with cort more shit is gonna happen im laughn so hard you will never get a breack untill i have full filed my 5 years of hell for you then you shale be set free beacuse as far as i am conernad you derive nothing your a dead beat dad and you never will grown up you sad sorry for a male that dresst up as a girl that called your self sebrina lmfao.

    That was some nasty shit and then about the hole the part online crap and the back stabing cheating behind my back and the crap i had to deal with and all you could complen to me was about money lmao i had every sorted you couldnt even do your own daum washing you momoies boy oh one more then i paid for them stemlators for to get eracted thats right i paid for that beacuse you could not get it up thats so sad good luck with the new tramp you will get what you derive thats just the honerst truth tata loser….

  199. June

    Who is to blame really?
    Five months ago I met a great guy by chance. When I first saw him, when I first shook his hand, there were sparks. After the second time we met at a semi-official gathering, we started chatting and it happened so that we both have felt the same way on that first meeting. The way I perceived him – he was simply perfect in every way.
    At the beginning, we were crazy about each other. I wouldn’t usually go out with a married man but I was overwhelmed by the way he made me feel. He said that there was nothing greater than just loving someone and being loved in return – a simply beautiful agreement between two lovers, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this was the first time I actually “fell in love”. I wasn’t used to this kind of emotion but he assured me that he would stick around for long. I still believe that his emotions were real, as were mine.
    Yes, I loved him but failed to appreciate him enough. I continued to live my usual playful or I’d rather say depraved lifestyle. I was used to it and didn’t make enough effort to put an end to the excessive drinking, casual physical affairs and so on. Shamefully, I didn’t have a problem talking about it either. That being said, he never wanted an exclusive relationship or commitment. He made it very clear that given the circumstances, an exclusive relationship wasn’t practical. So I naturally assumed what I did was alright, but I was wrong.
    He insisted on transparency in the relationship and so I was honest about everything I did. Nevertheless, I was completely oblivious to how hurtful it could be to hear such things from someone you love. It’s ridiculous that it took me so bloody long to realise that my behaviour was hurting him and in turn hindering our relationship.
    He was patient and compassionate but after about two and half months, he started ignoring me. It was obvious that his feelings for me were lessening. I knew I had to put my act together and with much effort, I did. I managed to change my ways to quite an extent.
    Then again, I was too late because while all this was happening we were slowly drifting apart. I was desperately finding reasons as to why he was trying to walk away. He maybe a very busy person, but I’m sure ‘having too much work’ was only a pretext. So I kept urging him for explanations but he never told me why. We never technically broke up but it was obviously over. Knowing this was coming to an end, I felt devastated, depressed and pleaded him to give me some closure on the matter.
    I was dying to know what actually went wrong. I was very much hurt and confused but then I took a look at everything I did from the day we met up to now. Then I realised, that a part of the answer to my own question was glaring at me. I didn’t get the closure I expected, and there very well could have been other reasons on his side to walk away. Not knowing the real reason behind the break up still bothers me a lot. Does it even matter anymore, I constantly ask myself? It could have been entirely my fault, or partially my fault along with some reasons on his end or just a matter of his passion naturally fading away.
    Even if I eventually get over this hurt, I will always know that I played a big part in messing it up and will probably never meet him again. I love him and always will

  200. Emma

    Dear him,
    Im writing this on your birthday where you seem to be a brand new person, congrats. I much preferred the person you were when we were together. But maybe you were always immature, I don’t know. What you have done to me is the worst thing you have ever done to anybody. You can’t even blame it on youth, you know youve been a coward. For you, youve had your last word. The last words you ever heard from me were ‘I love you, itll be ok”, you had me trying to contact you and telling you I miss you, and then when you could be arsed to write to me you got to leave “life is full of adventures” advice, and say goodbye and tell the story the way you wanted it to be told with no argument. You got to rewrite history! You knew I would try and be mature about it, and what I sent you back was kind. AND THEN I ask for one conversation, ONE F*****CONVERSATION, where I could say goodbye in my way, where I could make sense of it and leave being able to wish you well…and you ignore me. Again. I gave you the easiest out and you ignored me. Then put that juvenile sh** on facebook a week later. EXCELLENT MOVE.

    In your email you said you were sorry 7 times. Well, to each of those apologies, I say go f*** yourself. I don’t forgive you for ignoring me. I don’t forgive you for lying to me, abandoning me and treating what we had like it was nothing. You think that writing that email made you a good person? It didn’t. Youre not a good person. You break a heart, write an email and then expect everything to be better for you, your conscience to be clear? You lie to yourself about it being worth it because of the next nice thing that comes your way, and never think about the pain you caused again. No guilt? I don’t get that.

    You know that I was good to you, supporting you when you were lazy, wanting to spend time with you, making plans for both of us and actually following through on them. I gave you a taste of what an adult relationship can be like. But I guess you didn’t want an adult relationship. You don’t want to be responsible for your actions, or to take care of someone. You don’t know how to take care of someone or show compassion, and that’s really sad. Its like you cut off your feelings in about 3 seconds and then they just don’t exist anymore, maybe never did. But here’s the thing: I know you loved me. I think that one day you’ll look back on what this was, see what it could have been and kick yourself , hard. You hurt me so badly, and you’re still hurting me. It still hurts, and I can be honest about that. What youre doing is cruel and unbelievably selfish. We had brilliant times together. I just really really wanted to end it in a way that wasn’t horrific. Why did you choose this way? I guess it was easiest for you to just completely cut me off. It would be true to form, anyway.

    I hate that youve done this to me. But you have moved on from your “depression” and now im going to move on too. Im going to leave you out of my life. Its time to leave you behind. Two months is long enough to mourn somebody who ended up treating me so badly. Like you said, the memories of us are all I need because you were a different person anyway. Oh yeah, and apparently you’re a thief now as well. Give me back my stuff. I guess I’ll never know why you felt the need to be such a c*** about the whole thing. Coward. I never changed. I’m going to carry on doing what I have always done: things that make me happy. You should be ashamed of yourself. Happy Birthday, idiot.

  201. Carole

    Hey Jerk,
    Your “house” in the country is a freaking warehouse. You lied when you told me the address was a certain number; you gave me the address of the house, beautiful house, next door.

    Inside were so many freaking car toys still in their wrappings. I think you had a skewed childhood. You told me your mom sexually abused you, and maybe now you have a need to be a little boy with lots of cars and a boat. Do toys make you happy?

    Surely your tiny winky can’t do much to make you happy. I am no longer ashamed I told you I have feelings for you. That is being human, something you know nothing about. You kept us secret, and guess what? Now it’s not a secret. This did happen, and we were together. It’s been 16 months of turmoil for me what with your verbal abuse, criticisms, insults alone and in front of other people, degradation. I would have done anything for you yet I meant nothing to you. Goodbye, stinker.

  202. heavyheart

    Yesterday he broke up with me, first time he actually did that. Normally he would disappear. He reeled me in again and i fell for it. I sobbed my heart out last night and went to work with puffy eyes. I had to stop myself from crying when i went to work, at work and on my way home. I texted him, i still want him in my life. No response. This pain is unbearable. Why am i so weak, he can walk all over me

  203. BT

    Hey, it’s not quite 7 weeks yet and each hour is a roller coaster. You’re always on my mind, whether it’s me hating you or trying not to remember how much I loved you. I was doing great for a bit, has a sense of self again. It’s only been 4 days since I’ve heard from you and it hurts. I vow to never reach out to you again. We were so great and so close to being able to be together again and you bailed. We were stressed out these past several months, not able to see each other. The distance killed us. You just stopped talking to me and I let it happen. We both agreed we were in the wrong but you didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. Our 9 year anniversary is coming up in weeks, we were suppose to get married. My heart hurts so much. I know I could never actually be with you again bc you’ve hurt me so much. Then to find that you’ve been seeing someone else. She’s basically moved in and sleeping in my bed. You’re carrying on as if nothing has happened. You’re heartless, cruel, and such a terrible person. I hope the weight of what you’ve done and what you lost comes to you soon. I hope you realize the terrible person you are, have fun living with yourself.

  204. Who loves you? Travis

    It will be 3 months tomorrow since I last saw you and I honestly don’t know what the hell to think about that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m better than fine and you are still most likely certifiable…and then out of the blue, some crazy shit will pop into my head. Like the super-strong vibe I got just this morning. If you are thinking about me, please stop, there is NO hope.

  205. Lydia


    There’s nothing I can say here that hundreds of people haven’t said before me. I still can’t believe that after months of telling me you loved me, you just ghost out. No call, no text, no email. You block my phone number, and poof, you’re gone. You are a coward who does not deserve to find happiness. I deserve better than that. I deserve a whole world better than that.

    I know that dating long distance was hard, but for you, I would have made it work. I really thought that what he had was “the real thing.” I really thought that this was my chance at the “love” that everyone else speaks about. Who just disappears after telling a woman that you love her? You told me that you wanted to marry me, that you wanted only me for the rest of your life. I believed you. But you lied. You are a liar. You are not a good man, you are not a kind man, you are not a decent man. You call yourself a man of God. What a joke! How does God feeling about your lying, your deception, your racism, your arrogance? You are not an intelligent man, you are not a good man. You are a selfish lying prick with erectile dysfunction and a giant beer gut. News flash: everyone who reads your Match.com profile will KNOW that you are lying: you are not “athletic and toned,” you are not “6 feet tall” and you cannot cook for shit.

    Was the time you spent with me just some type of game for you? Did you win when you made me fall in love with you, only to disappear on me a few months later? And how the hell can you live so happily while I am so sad and broken down? How do you NOT think of me? How is it that you don’t realize what you had?? I am a catch for you by any standard. I am not needy, I do not cling, I am not insecure. I have two masters degrees and a stable financial future. How could you, a college dropout, do any better than me? How could you leave me like this?

    YOU made me love you. YOU made me fall for you. YOU told me that you wanted a future with me. YOU made efforts to sweep me off my feet. And just when I fall for you, then you’re gone. Who does that? How are you OK with that? How do you look yourself in the mirror every morning and swagger around your life? I will never get closure for all the hurt that you caused me. I need to put it behind me and learn to live with the pain. You have fucked me up forever. You knew that I had trust problems, issues with men, and how do you repay me? You reinforce everything that you told me wasn’t the case with you.

    I dream of you every night. I dream of a time when we were together and happy. I constantly flash back to the time I woke up in the middle of the night, yelling your name, not knowing where you had gone. You came running from the other room, scooped me up in the most perfect embrace, and told me you would never leave me. You lied. You are a liar. I loved you with my whole heart and you have fucked up my whole life because of it. Every day I wake up and I fight to kill the part of me that still loves you. Eventually I will win. Eventually I will chip away at the pieces of my heart that still ache for you, but I will be less whole when I am done. You’ve fucked up my life forever, and you deserve NOTHING from this world. You will never deserve love or happiness, knowing full well what you did to me. Go grow a conscience. Go fuck all the simple, uncomplicated woman. Go forth, but do not fucking prosper, you lying piece of shit. Go fuck yourself.

    For the love of your “God,” PLEASE go fuck yourself.


  206. noob

    Why I am stupid? Why we are still best friends and right now you are to another country to meet a new guy, while I am dying inside? You are the only person that i gave my heart completely and I am never doing this again. I was trying to make things work while you were complaining and being immature. I am so stupid that i still love you. I never lied or hid my feelings and we had great fun together. But you just leave me like just another guy and move on with your life but at the same time you need me in your life because you care about me, not enough to do some sacrifices yourself though and make things work between us, just excuses. You wanted to explore things because you were young and instead of experimenting just getting to another serious relationship because the new guy is fine for you to fool around same sex. Noone will love you the way I do and trying not to. One day i hope i will succeed because it doesn’t worth the pain anymore.

    Your silly idiot.

  207. Shelly

    Look meathead, take your stupid head games and stay away from me. Stop turning up unannounced at my door or at any of my activities… Stop visiting my f$&$$& area. You don’t want me you don’t care and nothing you are doing resembles anything to do with love in any form. I know what you are doing and its some weird twisted control game. I am not something you own and I don’t owe you anything… I gave it everything you valued it very little… So what’s your problem? It’s easy just stay away… I don’t care… I did care, you had my heart and you treated it shabbily… So leave me alone , back off and for god sake vanish…. Seriously you need help… And I hate hate hate you weirdo.

  208. Amy

    What I wanna tell my ex? I wanna tell him that he betrayed my trust and broke my heart – and it hurts so deeply that I can’t even hate him ! I was so open to him, felt things I never felt before and he knows how special he was to me and how much I loved him that I allowed him to hold me and hold my hands though I come from a conservative community… He knows how big that is for me to allow him do it… I trusted him and thought he’d be man enough to take the responsibility and value that trust – but he didn’t… he simply said he does not feel like going on with it anymore… just like that… just as simple as that… codn’t see him for 2 months and he just took 3 minutes out of his time to call and say that… did not apologize or came up to me with softer way to do it… just threw me with those words, hung up and that’s it. I’m hurting and can’t cope with what happened, can’t believe he took me that light, can’t tolerate how just changed from someone so loving and caring to someone who does not care at all… It hurts… it fucking hurts and I fee like I’ll never survive that though I have survived many breakus before… but this is different… it hurts non-stop and I don’t feel like I’m gonna go through it – I’m really tired…

  209. Amy

    Lydia (commenter above me with few comments) I feel the same and I feel you … hang in there, we’re gonna survive through this all… just hang in there.

  210. alex hearst

    A poem for the cheating asshole, can he guess who’s disgusting hair is in the picture? :

    Who has black locks of hair so thick
    And likes to bounce on your hard *ick?
    Who makes your world appear happy and bright
    But on the side sucks out the light?
    Who says youre sexy and handsome too
    But whose cold heart is made of poo.
    Who wh***s around with hair so long
    You know who I mean, can you say I’m wrong?

    F*** you for pretending everything is okay and thinking we can be friends while you are still with her, the one you cheated on me with and then broke up with me for after I said I loved you enough to work through it. I stuck by your side during your darkest times and saved you from 2 suicide attempts. So now you cheat on me and say you didn’t tell me because you hadn’t made a decision between me or her? Hadn’t made a decision but kept f***ing her behind my back while i was thousands of miles away??? thanks for giving me the chance after all the chances I gave you. You knew her for 3 weeks and chose her over the one you said was the love of your life for the past 3 years (me). I hope you’re ready for the hell that is about to ensue when I see you for the first time in 4 months, in 2 days. And don’t bother defending yourself you lowlife hypocrite. I don’t even know you anymore but if you ever expect to be friends you better dump her ass and come crawling to my feet begging for forgiveness and the chance to make up for the pain you caused me so that maybe someday I can trust and respect you enough to be your friend.

  211. Annabelle

    I broke up with you and yet it’s so hard to not call you to tell you how fucking angry I am. You constantly insulted me, then would say I was far more insulting to you.

    You said you’re not like anyone else (I know, that’s why I broke up with you; because you made me feel shitty all the fucking time! Even as a friend!). It’s not insulting to want to date women after dating you; I’m just tired of dating men, you jackass. I can fuck who I want; I don’t need you looking over my shoulder and giving me permission to do anything. I am not your playtoy or your object to be used. I am a person! But you never treated me that way! You instead used some bullshit “The Sixteen Commandments to Poon” from Heartiste or some shit you heartless bastard!

    We were fucking living together and you would treat me as if I am your thing to be commanded, as if you were manipulating me to be your submissive even though I told you I don’t want to be the submissive. I just wanted you to love me. I hated that you tried to control me. I hate you and your high horse. I hate your bloody stupid assumptions that I would go prancing off and go fuck other guys after dating you; I did that ONCE you retard but you would always conveniently forget shit like that not because you actually forgot, because I knew you were very intelligent, but because “forgetting” was one of many mind games you would play with me while we were living together. I can fuck girls if I want to. I can fuck large, fat men if I want to because I never needed or wanted your permission. I deserve to be treated better than you treated me.

    Even if it was a girl, even if it was a big fat slob. You told me you would loose all this weight and look fantastic but then wouldn’t take my educated recommendations about diet so that you could lose the weight, because again, it was more convienient for you, you narcissistic fuck. You gave me the 3 to 2 rule, didn’t you? I give you three things before you do two things for me?

    You think I’m not as good as you are, don’t you? You think you can treat me like shit and I’ll just go along with it. Well, no way, bucko. I broke everything off with you. I told you in the beginning I cannot be friends with an ex right away but again you conveniently “forgot.” We had sex so little while we were together, it was horrendous because then whenever we would, it would be meh. And then, when you act like a douchbag to me, do you really think I want to fuck you? You would use sex as a weapon. You would blame me for communication misunderstandings, even if you were wrong. You would use different manipulative tactics with me to try to break my mentality not because you loved me so much you wanted me to stay with you, but because you wanted to control me. That’s all you ever wanted; to have complete control over me because a little bit wasn’t enough. One of the cruelest things you did was to make me cry over a conflict that you made by making the conflict go on far longer than reasonable, then tell me that I don’t know how to handle conflict.

    I hate you and I hate that I want to call you to tell you how much I hate you. You complained before about me calling you to tell you about something incredibly horrible and insulting you did. Well, that did two things: it pissed you off and kept me in contact with you. Do you really think you’d be happy with someone who would gladly give you to the dogs for a loaf of bread? I’m not masochistic. I never was. I’m submissive to those whom I want to be submissive to; I told you that and that is why there was so much resistance from me to you near the end of us living together. I was tired of dealing with your shit and I was tired of seeing your ugly face all the time with the stupid ugly mole on your forehead.

    Also, you are too white and pasty. After we moved in together, it soon became a chore to have sex with you because of moving in too quickly, because you started using sex as a weapon, you couldn’t let go of small things, … By the way, not being able to let go of small things is a “grudge” something you did to me all the time. A grudge is not the same as trying to get over incredibly insulting things said to me, another thing you would do, even though you casually claimed you don’t want to date anyone who holds grudges. I don’t hold grudges, I hold tears. You were such a manipulative jackass trying to be so “alpha” even though you said you didn’t like that stuff. Why would you use methods you say you dislike?

  212. Dan

    Dear Barb,

    You broke my heart. I don’t know where you are, and what you are doing. I would love to say that I don’t f*cking care about you anymore, but I do. But I also know that this feeling will pass in some time.

    There is nothing else left to say – mostly because it won’t matter.


  213. Joanna


    I believe it’s been about 5 weeks since you slowly started to cut contact with me. You’ll most likely never be able to feel or understand the pain you put me through, but I can’t keep torturing myself like this when I know I’ve done nothing wrong. You’ll probably never read this, but there are just so many things I want you to know. I just don’t understand how I can talk to you when you’re ignoring me for reasons that I’ll probably never (and probably won’t) want to know…

    Remember the first time we spoke? By chance we met online, and soon we were chatting, not as two strangers getting to know each other for the first time, but as two people who seemed to have been friends for years. Talking to you every day and night lifted my spirits; you made me so happy, and slowly, I began to feel hope again. It never occurred to me that the two of us were going through a similar situation; you with your last relationship and me with the confusion and anger I felt by being led on by someone I truly cared about. Maybe that’s why fate arranged for us to meet, so that we would have each other.

    It didn’t take long for me to realize that I really liked you. The fact that you chose to wait two months for me to return from my stay in Asia really made me think that I could trust you – that you were someone I could rely on and someone who would make me happier than anyone else ever had. We had so much in common and I miss those times you and I would spend hours chatting and laughing over silly things while I was on the other side of the world.

    I have no words to describe the emotions I experienced that day when we first met. You were so handsome, so funny, so adorable, and so kind. Sure, I was a bit nervous, but maybe didn’t know that you were the first person I’ve truly felt comfortable with on a date. It was at that moment I was sure that I’d been truly blessed to have met you.

    I never thought our last date together would come so soon. I never saw it coming. Things were still going fine between us that day. You reassured me that day that you weren’t going to run from our relationship, that you were going to treat me right…

    …then fate took a cruel turn and you disappeared two days later.

    What happened?

    You had gone from being my caring and sweet boyfriend to someone I didn’t know. Someone that was dark, someone that seemed incapable of affection, emotion, and respect. It was when you ignored me the entire day and when I read those three short texts that I sensed something was horribly wrong. You would never have spoken to me this way.

    And after that, we spoke twice. Our conversation over the phone was no longer playful, there was no laughter, no warmth. The cheerfulness was gone from your voice and it hurt me to hear it. You wouldn’t tell me what was going on, all you wanted was space. It hurt me to hear how defeated you sounded.

    I gave you another week and I called you again. Still, you told me nothing, expressing that you only wanted to be alone. Perhaps I crossed the line and made you angry by questioning you about your appearance on social media when you told me that you were not speaking to anyone else. But at the same time, can you really blame me when you yourself, cut contact with me so coldly, and so suddenly without warning? Especially after you promised me you would be honest with me?

    You sent me a sequence of messages after we hung up, expressing your annoyance with how I questioned your honesty. You mentioned that you thought about breaking up with me but were going through something in life at the moment that made you depressed. I respected your space as you’d requested once again…

    …so why did I log on to Facebook that one morning to find that you’d broken up with me? With no warning? Your profile photo was changed to one that looked professional, one where you looked even more handsome than you usually do. The pictures we took were off your Facebook timeline, and my relationship status was missing your name…

    Perhaps I made the mistake of trying to reach out immediately after when I realized what had happened. It triggered a panic attack in me; a feeling I hadn’t experienced in a while. And yet…my calls and messages to you were met with a deafening, heart wrenching silence.

    Perhaps you’ve also known from now that I’ve removed you from Facebook. I’ve only done so because this pain you’ve caused me is unfair. I didn’t deserve this and I truly don’t deserve to be hurt and crying over you when you’ve just coldly cut me loose. I do, however, want you to know that I do not hate you. I was and still am extremely wounded by your actions. Till now, I still cannot understand how you could turn so cold and uncaring. I still cannot understand how you made those promises to me, only to break them one by one. I’m more angry at myself for trusting you and for letting myself get hurt.

    Cutting you out of my life has been hard for me too. You don’t know how much it hurt for me when I deleted you off Facebook, you don’t know how hard I cried when I looked back at the photos we took – I cried even harder when I deleted them one by one and I’m crying just as hard now as I’m writing this.

    You don’t know how hard it is for me to resist the urge to send you a message when I just want to see how you’re doing and if everything in your life is going well. You don’t know how scared I am every time I visit a place we’ve been to or passed by, how scared I am whenever I make my way downtown to the university for my volunteer work. I’m scared of running into you; I’m scared that I’ll lose my grip on my emotions and make a fool of myself. I miss you so much. I know we may not have spent much time together, but I miss you.

    My heart still refuses to accept that you’ve left my life for good and I wish it would. I’m so sick and tired of having my thoughts drift to you whenever I’m alone. I’m sick of being sad and miserable over someone who had no consideration for my feelings and I’m so sick of missing someone who most likely will never come back into my life again.

    There’s nothing I can do now but move on…I’m tired of wondering why you did this without an explanation. What you did was cruel, immature, and disrespectful, and it has forever scarred me. I know that I will never forget this.

    This is all I have to say to you…

    Goodbye, Malik. May you get everything you deserve in life.

    All the best,

  214. Jc

    Dear Noni,

    I dont know what to say anymore u were the only person that broke my heart. i loved u Since the First time that our eyes met. Its been 4 years now that we are appart and i dont think that i will ever love someone else again. Though i have a bf now i still think of u once in a while and i hope that u are Doing fine i hope that u get ur life together . I just wish u all the Best and i really Do hope that u are happy even if being without u is killing me and i will never be happy again. I miss ur Blue eyes. i just wanna tell u ive never met anybody like u u were so different than anybody else. I never met anybody like u again. Its been 4 years and god im still waiting for an explanation from you. IT fucking hurts that u never told me why u left without a Word without telling me why why would u spent time with me telling me u wanna marry me and then leave and never tslk to me again?? thats the only thing i want to know and i think i derseve it. I saw sth in u that was never there. Im older now and i thought that I forgot Abort u but i didnt i will never loose interest in u and u know it u are still asking me if im ok i reply with yes but deep down u know what u did and u should go to hell for it. U are hurting everybody around u without noticing. I thought that if i start beibg like u u would love me but u didnt i ruined my life i didnt graduate i became an acoholic everything bc of u but im getting better now u will never be an adult. u will always be a child in a mans body looking like an angel and pretanding to be one but in real live u are the devil. I tried to write a book about u but i couldnt. nothing can describe my feelings for u. I was young and blind but now I See that u and i are never ment to be.:(
    2000 days of summer.


  215. Claire

    You are such a blessing in my life, a great self-comedian, and the prettiest blue eyes a girl could dream of in a boyfriend; but the day you had to break things off with me was like 9/11 happening in my heart. We had a date planned, but we never did; because you couldn’t be my boyfriend anymore. I was looking foreword to that date, and I was crushed and cried for two days. It’s not fair to me that we didn’t go on a date, but you could go to an event with another girl. What the fudge crackers is that? Now, when I’m around you I don’t whether I want to kiss you or turn your pretty blue eyes black. I still love you very much, and I wish nothing but the best for you. I know were only a thing for a week, but it was one of the best weeks of my life. If I could have that week back I would. You mean a lot to me, and I still care about you, and I hope you know that.

  216. Lotte

    Hey you, how are you? How’s the show going? Did you nail your piece yet? I’m sure you will, if you haven’t already. You’re an amazing musician and this is the big break you’ve been working towards for the past 15 years. I’m glad your dreams are coming true.
    But I’m also sad. So very sad. Because we only just met, but it was absolutely fantastic. We clicked in every single way. And I was so happy to have met you. I was happy, period. A stable job, a car, a nice flat… I was ready for love, so ready. And when I met you, I thought I could have it all. But then you found out about the tour. It wasn’t in London like you thought, but all over the UK and Ireland. And always in the evenings and on weekends – whereas I work 8-6. I cried when I found out. But we talked about it. Or better yet: I cried and tried to explain that I liked you too much to end it now. I wanted to keep going and at least give it a shot. You were hesitant. You had arguments, comments I threw out into the universe when we’d only just met and you were now using them against me. I cried harder. In the end, we both agreed we would keep trying and do our best. The weeks after were amazing. We shared some of the things we loved with one another. And I did my best to always support you and your upcoming tour, showing I could be a part of this new life you’d be embarking upon.
    Then you left. Our goodbye was too short and not at all heartfelt. I wanted a proper goodbye, but you weren’t able to give me one. Just 5 minutes by the bus stop was all I got. And that was rough. But I was determined. It’s not every day you meet someone you click with in such a way. And I had truly fallen in love with you. However… After 3 days of you actually being on tour – “band call”, not the actual performances yet, just practising with the cast present – you told me you were super stressed out. Everything was so different. And the piece was so hard. This tour was going to be the most consuming thing you’d ever done. Music has always been everything to you. And this is your big break. It wouldn’t be fair to me to keep going, because I deserve so much better. I’m “24 and a total corporate babe, I should be living it up in London!” I didn’t feel that way. I never have. All I wanted was to show you we could at least try. Give it a shot. But you didn’t want that. We talked about it for hours. I cried a lot. In the end, I was exhausted. I couldn’t fight for us all on my own. So I gave you back your freedom to pursue your dream, which now, no longer included me.
    That was Sunday. It is now Friday. And I want to talk to you so badly, just to hear your voice, to see your smile… But you didn’t want me. Or better yet, “it’s got nothing to do with WANT”, because “if you were living down the road from me, we’d still be together”. That’s what hurts the most. That it’s just logistics keeping us apart. Your logistics. And that you don’t think I’m worth it to figure a way around that. I guess… Music has and always will mean more than I ever could. Maybe it really is for the best. Right now… I just can’t see that yet.

  217. Jay

    I hate you for breaking up our family. My kids loved you as their mom. You played step mom for 5 years then walked away from us like we were nothing. I can barely breathe or go day to day. Yet you are so ok. Have nice life and don’t try come back into ours once you see the huge mistake you have made.

  218. Rachel

    You low life piece of worthless shit.
    You are nothing but a coward and aren’t fit to breathe the same air as me.
    You book our wedding all the time knowing that you’d already booked a wedding with someone else.
    You told her you were on tour with the army but rented a room near me and spent every night with me. I was the love of your life and you never had those feelings for anyone before.
    What a total crock of shit – where did you get those one liners from? “The squaddies manual”??
    All the time you were engaged to her and making plans on the phone and via email for your other wedding!!
    I only found all this out afterwards when your vindictive demented mother emailed me wedding photos!!
    No wonder you wanted us to have an intimate wedding with none of your family attending, cos they were all going to the other wedding you’d booked!!
    You f***ING c*n*!!!
    You dissappear less than 3 weeks before our wedding. You go to work in the morning and stop all contact. I go to your flat and it’s cleared. You never call, message or contact me. You don’t answer calls and block my texts. You leave me with all the financial shit and emotional fallout.
    You are nothing but a lieing cheating bastard. Thank God I never caught an STD from your Herpes riddled dick – you kept that one quiet didn’t you and I bet your new wife doesn’t know about that.
    Even when your dumb fiancee got told about me, with evidence, and about your cheating and our wedding she still married you!! 10 days after you left me!!
    You are nothing, you will never amount to anything. Your adult son has nothing to do with you and your illegitimate teenage daughter hates your guts. You have never been faithful to any woman you’ve ever had a relationship with.
    I feel sorry for the woman that’s now you’re wife, she’ll have a lifetime of knowing that when you’re away with the part time army you’re shagging everything in sight, going on dating sites and spreading your disease ridden lurve around.
    Oh and your full time fantastic job you bored me to death about –
    Long distance lorry driving ‘i got stuck out with no driving time left to get back darling I have to stay in the lorry all night’ – that’s code for “I’ve fucked off to one of my many ex’s and am sleeping with them”
    It’s amazing what you find out on social media.
    You dirty piece of shit you’re not man enough to wear that army uniform even part time, and you’re certainly not man enough for me you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyday I grow stronger, my self esteem increases and I know I’m so much better off without you. You’ll never be happy wherever you are and whoever you’re with as the only person you will ever be in love with is yourself. You narcissistic bastard

  219. Maureen

    Wow. You haven’t been in touch with me in a week. No warning, right out of nowhere. Had our first date on my birthday this year, 4 months ago. Now my future birthdays will be sabotaged by the memory of you. I was ecstatic when you gave me your number, I knew you were leading up to making a move. It had been so song since my last relationship. I was almost sick with butterflies in my stomach. It felt fantastic. I loved being with you. I really did it for you, you said. Then it all went pear shaped. You couldn’t / wouldn’t make time for me. Always something. Sent my final (I think) text to you tonight to ask you what’s wrong. Nothing. Gutted .Okay , if you weren’t feeling it as much as me, bloody well man up and say so. I’m a tough old bird. I can take it. Hoped you were the one. Thanks jerk. Next!!!!

  220. Amanda

    Oh dear, I still love you! You’ll never know that I ever did. I see you as an ex even though you don’t see me as one. We both moved on and married other people. How stupid are we? Couple of geniuses and idiots like us. I would give almost anything to kiss you one more time. Nothing in all of the world compares to your kiss or the gentle way you held me. It’s over now it’s been over for years. We’re best friends. You love me as a friend and you once listed for me but that’s it. You never have and never will love me the way I love you. That’s why I called it. That’s why the benefits stopped. I couldn’t keep breaking my own heart with you. I’m sorry you don’t know I love you so much, but you can’t ever know. It would kill our friendship. Losing you would kill me. I hope you never have to break the way I do every single day.

  221. Alexandra

    Fuck you for dumping me via email. Really, fuck you for accusing me of not talking and not being interested in you. I was. All the time. But you are so selfish that you never realized how hard I tried and that you shut me down most of the time. You told me you’d be there for me. You are so selfish. I was there for you through your hardest times. And you left me when I needed you the most.
    I hope to God I will meet someone who doesn’t consider calling me 2 times a day an impossible effort, someone who takes a shower on a daily basis instead of only when he’s too stinky for me to have sex with him, someone who brushes their teeth, someone who’s proud and happy to take me out to dinner and doesn’t think of it as a burden, someone who is open to talk about us when I need to and doesn’t shut me down, someone who tells me loud and clear when things are not ok and who wants to fix them for our best.
    I hope to God I meet someone who loves me and whom I love and who will do whatever it takes for us to be happy together and who’s gonna be there for me when things get rough. I truly deeply hope I meet someone who can’t imagine living a day without me.
    I hope I will meet and be happy with someone who puts me first and above all.
    And I also hope you realize one day how shitty your stupid selfish friends are and that you’d have never made it through this shit year hadn’t I been by your side.
    I hope I forget I ever loved you so much. I hope all this love I had and have for you will go away. You don’t deserve any of it. You broke my heart. Fuck you, you selfish pretentious zero empathy jerk.

  222. Lily

    I don’t know why you did this. Part of me understands, yeah you’re going to college, you want to have a good year, but you have a whole year until that happens, why did we end now? I know you probably don’t love me. You probably don’t miss me. You’re a f**king liar. You go from “lets get married” to “so this is it?” in less than 12 hours. You say you love me but that’s not true. If you loved me you wouldn’t of hurt me, you wouldn’t of said s*** like “it was a good relationship(:” and “goodbye lily(:” to end things. We dated for 2 years, did that mean nothing to you? I guess. You never confronted me in person, I hated that about you. You always waited until I went home and texted me. God, I wish you’d at least call so I could be upset and see how upset you were too. You broke up with me over text and told me you loved me and missed me and wished you could kiss me one last time, but if you wanted all those things then why are we done? Then when I said I loved you and missed you so bad you took me back but NOT because you wanted to, but because you feel bad for poor little unstable me. F*** you. I may be crying every day and my heart might hurt but I don’t need anyone to take me back out of pity or pretend to love me when they don’t. This makes me wonder how long you were with me not because you wanted to. I remember how weird you were acting. And I remember how you barely told me you loved me the last time we hung out, and yes, I did notice when I said “goodbye I love you” when getting out of your car that you hesitated and struggled to say it back. I noticed. I always have noticed. I always will miss you. My heart hurts and I’m so confused. I hope your heart breaks into a thousand pieces when you realize what you did because I gave you everything and did everything to make you happy. Screw you.

  223. Randy

    So hey. Asshole. Congrats on your almost underage girlfriend. Sleeping in your car shooting dope must be awesome for you two. Or are you “sober” now and sleeping on someone’s couch. What pisses me off even with my happiness in my current your relationship, it’s completely cowardly and fucked up to make our relationship sound like it didn’t matter. We were first loves, whether you like me or hate me and vice versa I at least respect what we had. You have no idea *how* to love. That’s why you have to date a girl so young, she doesn’t understand that the decade between you in age — at the age you’re at now is a big deal because she doesn’t expect anything different. You were just engaged to another girl not even a year ago!!!!!! You’re a fucking stupid lil boy, who had no respect, has no respect, and though I still hope you do eventually find the right happiness — Be careful not to get in my way. Your uncaring attitude and lack of respect will equal a slap across the face, and I’ve never hit anyone in my whole life.

  224. fred

    Hey i know we ended things on a bad note i wish things didnt end in that manner. Even after all that was said i want to thank you. If it wasnt for us taking a chance on one another i wouldve never put myself out there again. The fact is i dont regret meeting you, if i could live my life 100 times over i wouldnt hesitate to be part of your life. Our relationship taught us alot about ourselves and one another. Hey it wasn’t meant to be i can’t do anything more. I lied when i told you ,you meant nothing to me because even though at times it kills me you`ll always have a place in my heart .i hope you found the one and wish you the best

  225. LA

    I hate this. I hate everything about this. You make me want to say fuck you and fuck all of this but imagining you with someone else is going to kill me. I knew this would happen when we got back together. Fuck feeling.

  226. Lost Soul

    Dear ex,

    I don’t understand why you made it seem like you were never interested. You were an out-going, out-spoken person when we met, and yet you seemed so uninterested, zoned out and uncaring during our dates. Just taking someone to nice places and kissing them doesn’t make them feel cared for. You hit my self-esteem and left me in doubts of my interest as a person. The whole time with you I felt uneasy – the relationship caused me more pain than happiness, so Idk why I even mourn the loss of it. Maybe because I know you are a good guy and I wish you had treated me right. Thank you for the lessons you taught me.

  227. Lawrence

    You broke me. I went months after the break up feeling at the lowest depths of depression and feelings of self-hate and self-deprecation. You never saw I went through to make you happy even sacrifice my happiness for you. I felt used up and you never saw how exhausted I was to be in a relationship with you.

    In the later months of us breaking up, you were always blaming others of your problems. Outside in the morning having shouting matches with your mother, to picking on your cousin instead of settling your own self down and talk to her as adult, instead you acted as a child and start picking on the silent treatment she gave you.

    I’m glad you broke up with me, you need to be stop thinking your ** is on a pedestal. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy, I’ve learn over the years that happiness is an inside job. I can do everything you could ever ask for and still blame me for not making you happy. Even if I showed strong commitment, assertiveness and me being real with you, you won’t even know what to do with it or be ready for it.

    I’m a work in progress. I’m not going to completely blame everything on you or myself for us not working out. I blame both of us for not being serious enough to sit ourselves down and really talk about the problem.

    Don’t ever contact my family for help, I advise my mom to never help you again, regardless if I had known or not. You want to promote as this “I’m a grown ** woman, I’m a lion” but no one has ever told you that being strong, is something you do, and saying it all the time just shows your insecurities. I’m not basic, nor boring, nor square person. I’ve been bored the majority of time I’ve been in the relationship with you. I was wondering why I didn’t ended sooner and avoid the damage that I did to myself. All the ** talk you say to your and my friends needs to stop. I didn’t even said anything negative about you after the breakup. Nor do I stalk you on social media. Seriously bring that ** back down to earth. You not a bad b*tch either. If you were, I wouldn’t even respond to you in tinder. I knew your cousins and I get along with them great so I had a good feeling about going further with you. I don’t care what you been through nor don’t put off mine as in what I been through. Everyone has been through a lot, you need to work on accepting that.

    Don’t give anyone false hope in being back together with you. You said so many negative things to me that you think I ever want to talk to you again? You need help. Don’t randomly bs text me what your friend’s number is when you clearly know her number or have other friends and ways to get in contact with her. Don’t ask me if I know anybody that host AAU basketball camps for your cousins when you clearly know dudes on the college teams nearby to help you out with that. You texting me hows everything with me like you want me back was such bull** and I saw right thru it and then you tell me I need to get laid when you’re clearly acting like a desperate slut wanting dudes to be up on you. You’ve been fake. I’m glad I didn’t expose you, I’ll never stoop down to your level and talk negative about you. I respected you on that grounds. It’s funny you would rather chose a ***boy over a good man. I know you maybe be 23 now but you have a lot of growing up to do. I never love weak women, saying that made me think that you were weak and to me that’s not attractive. You’ve learn who people are at the end of relationships and I know your insecurities speaks louder than you think.

    You are not the state’s baddest chick and stop saying that. You have everything in the world I wish I grew up with. You have both parents in your life, even though your parents divorced when you were 18 I’m sorry, I know that hurts seeing your parents split and you and everything on your mothers side move to a different state. My father left me when I was 6. He was an abusive man to me and my mother. I hope I never want to be like him. I guess if you’ve known that, you would see why i am gentle. I’ve been scarred from that for 14 years growing up the oldest without a father figure in my life. You’d probably never understand since you never ever been alone. You always had someone in your life whether family (nearly all your cousins are your age and older) or friends, you were never alone.

    I also need growing up to do as well, I’ve found what I want in my life. I want a queen. I want to be successful. I want to live my dream. I want a woman who has the confidence in her self on the inside and project out humbleness on the outside. I want someone who is serious about really loving me and my flaws. I’ve been working on them as hard as ever so I never want to be that weak person ever again.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t say I love you. There were things that I couldn’t trust about you and one of those things was loyalty so go do you, go party, go try to be a rapper and an FBI agent too. I hope you complete all your dreams and goals you set for yourself. I’ll be there doing what I love, we’re both free to chose our own futures. I think you are a great person and from time to time I miss you, especially the good times we spent with each other and we really broke down together and help each other but I doubt I’ll ever want to be with you. I want to leave this as a positive note because I feel we both need that but I always never ever ever ever ever ever want to be back with you again.

    P.S. You told me you are what the company you keep so if your company are a bunch of desperate, condescending sluts, I guess you are too.

    P.P.S. You need to work on your grammar. For real though. Saying your instead of you’re does not make you intelligent. I don’t care what your momma said about you graduating high school a class higher, that’s that nonsense I can’t stand. A smart woman who doesn’t know their “yours and you’re” and their “theres, they’re and theirs”. I’ll pray that God instilled some common sense into you.

  228. Helena

    Thank you for letting me write to me ex (if thats what I would call him).

    Dear Ex

    We had been such close friends at university. You were quiet and shy. We spent a whole year together and we were just friends. You were always by my side. Always a loyal, gentle and caring friend.And when we finished university and drifted apart, you sent me a card saying you missed me, and asked if we could meet up. But I never did. I learnt 11 years later that you had a partner and a baby that you never told me about.

    When I met you again 11 years later (just before I found out about the partner and baby, with whom you had now split), I was so happy to see you. But you had changed so much. Super popular with lots of women chasing you. Outgoing. I got greeted with a hug and a kiss whenever you saw me, and perhaps I should have thought then, that things werent quite right. We caught a movie, went out to coffee and just chatted for hours but I was fast tracked into the bedroom faster than I wanted. Actually, sleeping with you was never on my agenda – I just thought we would pick up the friendship again.

    After I slept with you, the dates dropped off quickly and you just wanted to come over for sex after midnight. Didn’t want to be seen out with me in public, or so it seemed. You slept with me one night but when I pushed for us to go out for a cheap meal, you obviously didnt want to be there at all. Didnt want me to touch you. There were no more hugs and kisses when you came to greet me. And then one day you told me you really wanted a boyfriend and hadnt given up on the idea of finding a same sex partner. So then why did you sleep with me a few days before if you thought you were gay?

    Weeks went by, and I was still getting the cold shoulder treatment. But when I tried to say goodbye you wouldn’t let me. Eventually you told me that you had another girlfriend. And you obvioulsy cared a great deal for her. She had left her husband about the same time I started getting the cold shoulder treatment.

    It hurt so much that she was girlfriend material, but I was just booty call rubbish. Why did you see me that way?. It was unfair that you didnt make that clear to me from the start. I assumed the long term friendship we shared over a decade ago insulated me from being thought of in that way by you. To you, all our friendship meant was that I was an easy lay that you didnt have to work too hard to get. That you knew I would be kind and so it was safe to treat me that way. We had been such close friends for so long. Why was I so devalued when you later met me. Low end of the market? Good enough to sleep with but not good enough for a relationship – not that I asked you for one.

    And so having moved on with your new girlfriend, why is it so important to you that you retain some sort of trivial friendship with me, especially given what a low value I had to you. NO – I dont want to be your facebook friend. Why is being your facebook friend so important to you.If we go out to the same function, you want to have a trivial two minute superficial chat – I dont.

    I feel like I have lost a close family member that I loved. I miss you. But even if you wanted to come back, I know it wouldnt be a good idea. You’re sneaky and untrustworthy and I dont feel I could ever trust you to be faithful. The fact that you choose not to work and not to pay child support for your child, while your ex struggles to support her children on her salary as a child care worker, also bothers me. Goodbye “ex”. I wont ever forget you. I wish you had never entered my life a second time. The whole experience was very painful.

    Helen :'(

  229. girl who never grew up

    Hey, its been years since we met. you broke my heart so many times. by telling me you love me and giviing all kind promisses when you knew you would not follow them. you hurt my reputaion in a society where I , after fucking 7 years, am still afraid that some one might use you and the twisted fucked up relationship we had against me. you broke my hurt by leading me on when you fucking knew you are a mommy’s boy and you will not marry me without every fucking person in your tribe agreeing on it. you broke my heart by texting me a day before our graduation ceremoney and telling me that whore who fuckedup my life is now your sister in law, you knew it for months. you are a coward. after all the abuse i got from being in love with you, you still manage to make it look all my fault and say ” if i had waited longer”. I am stupid and an asshole who does not know what to do when my life is good and i have a husband who loves and respects me, so i talk to you, because you were my fucking first love and i still go back to that little hurt weak stage and feel you are missing in my life. I am an asshole to talk to you in the first place when we both are married, but you are a bigger asshole for telling me you want to see me, you still love me and talking down of my husband. THough i am glad you did, that made me feel sick of my self and the piece of shit you are, i still am stupid to let you play with my honor and my life? i dont think so. you made me feel miserable and little , you made fun of my dreams to become a physics, now i am one and you can say you supported me in my face? you made fun of my writings and now say you supported me. i got a bad reputation because of you, you publicly humiliated me and went back to your city where no one knows of “us”, i have to live with it. I can not believe i was so stupid to talk to you again, i am so sorry to have done it to my husband. you never respected me and i endured it all because i fucking loved you. I want to never remember you again, i wish i was better than that, now i have to live with the fact that i talked to you asshole and even told you nothing can fill the hole you left in my heart and hearing you yeah. i am so stupid to even think you are a decent human being, you treated me badly so many times and publicly embarresed me and yet i thought you were the man i fell in love with. i was fucking 15 and you 22, i honestly loved you and you played me. knowing you was a curse. i pray to any god if there is any to help me never look back at you. I want to be in this life and forget that there was a jerk in my life. i am so sorry and regret talking to you.

  230. kevin

    Dear cold-hearted bitch,

    I just got dumped yesterday by my ex and she dumped me through the worst means possible: a text! You didn’t have the decency to break up with me in person so you took the easy way and coward’s way out! It was a cold, heartless, gutless way to break up with me! I hope karma kicks you in the ass someday when your new boyfriend does the same thing to you that you did to me by dumping YOU via text! Then you will know the pain that I felt when you did that to me. Get bent, go to hell, and go **** yourself!

  231. little a

    You moved your stuff out yesterday. The worst part is seeing the empty shelf in the bathroom, where your deodorant and shaving stuff used to be.
    A three bedroom house that we rented after dating and falling in love 11 months after we met. You and your 3 beautiful children you have custody of every 2nd weekend. This was a family for me, one that I never knew I wanted. And, God I was good at it. We both were. Creating a safe and happy home was what I was waiting for, even at 41 years of age. When I thought I would never have it. A 10 year marriage that dissolved, and then there was you.
    We started out so fast, too fast. But it seemed just the right thing to do. You accepted me, warts and all. It was mutual.
    Then, three weeks ago you cooked a lovely meal and afterwards (you even referred to it as “our last supper”), you told me it was over. You didn’t love me anymore and that you have been unhappy for over a year. And I never saw it coming. You say I need someone who can loveme like I deserve to be loved. Why can’t it be you?
    You need your space, and time to yourself. I am still in shock. I gave so much. Trying to process things, I see how you never really emotionally supported me while I lost my job and sunk into a deep depression. I had a feeling that you were inconvenienced, and intolerant that I wasn’t bringing in enough money. YOU were the one who wanted to combine households. I was the one who was fully committed. Your thing was “well we never know what the future will hold”. I knew you had committment issues, but I kept it up, because I thought I had won– I was the woman who captured your heart. You’re 44 and you’ve never had a relationship that’s lasted more than 5 years. Why did I think I was so special? Because YOU told me that you loved me, that “life is good, Babe”.
    I have never had trust issues. YOU have gifted me that now. How can I ever be sure that I can believe that I’m loveable and worth keeping and fighting for? And Goddamn me for wanting you back, for wanting and praying for you to realize what you have rejected.

  232. Jewel

    Dear Dave,

    I am still always thinking about you, everyday since many years ago. Why did you not say any goodbyes? You are making me think so much about you. I sometimes wish we will meet each other again accidentally, a miraculous possibility. I have no other way to communicate to you, although I know how to contact you, but I don’t know if you will still talk to me. Maybe if you may come across this letter, I am hoping that you would wished this is for you from someone you are probably also thinking of. I just want to say sorry, for letting you wait for me for so long. I know that my actions were not as expressive as you may want them to be. But God knows how much I so wanted to kiss ang hug you. But we were so far apart, and my situation was not ready for your love. Though, I am so wondering if you really love me because you don’t seem to write to me regularly. I really don’t know if you just want sex or if you really want to keep me. I wished we had consumated our love, but we kissed once and that was the sweetest of all. I am wondering if you still remember that kiss. Please forgive me and I hope that you are not mad at me. I had wished that we parted ways with goodbye and at least ended up as friends. I am sorry for the time limit I gave you, probably you have thought that I didn’t really love you. But you have no idea how much deeply I was hurt with the absence of your replies. What is just a simple word of goodbye. Maybe you have not really loved me at all because you just wanted me hurting. But I am at peace now. Only God knows everything. But I am still longing to see you at least for the one last time. Maybe not anymore, but may you believe that you are loved. August

  233. Otto

    You ass. All i can say is you were such a suck, a scumburg thank you for leeting me go because am now better than that! You used me! You ugly ass! That’s why you will die still looking for me! All i can give is the carrie underwood’s ‘before he cheats’ and the ‘lesson learned’

  234. Samiha

    Dear SK. I loved you so much and you knew it. how can you cheat on me? why would lie to me. hope one day i will find a better , honest guy. I have nothing else to say.

  235. Mel

    Dear C,

    I am so heartbroken. I thought you loved me the way I love you. I’m sorry for trying to control the little things. I’ve learned getting a tattoo was important to you, and just because I despise them, it was not my place to stop you from getting one. I’m sorry I got so obsessive over that stupid bitch that seemed weirdly hooked on being your “friend”. My intuition told me she was bad news. She is manipulative and you couldn’t see that she wanted us to break up. With that said I am also so disappointed in you. Why did you keep secrets from me? Why didn’t you have better communication with me when she was trying to talk to you? Why couldn’t you see how your relationship with her was inappropriate? You didn’t cheat on me, but you made it hard to trust. Now I’m sitting here imagining you two getting together. It makes me sick. Please don’t make my worst nightmare come true by dating her soon.

    I also want to scream at you for wasting 3 years of my life. You knew I wanted to eventually get married and have kids. I am a primary teacher! I love kids! that has never been a secret. Why did you play along? Why did you pretend to look at engagement rings? Why did you pick out kid names with me? Why did you almost convert to my religion to make marriage a simpler task!? Why did you lead me to believe my dreams would actually come true? I hate you for that.

    You seem to think you are giving me the “chance” to get my dreams… to find a new guy. You still “love” me, but just want me to be “happy” because you can’t be the one to marry or have kids with me. Fuck you for pretending all this time that you wanted to be with me forever. I lost my dream. My time line, my plan for marriage and kids is ruined all because you waited so long to leave me.

    Thanks for that.

    I hope some girl breaks your heart like you broke mine. I hope karma bites you in the ass.

    ps. I’m going to be more successful than you. I have goals and I actually make plans to get what I want. Your a dreamer with zero motivation. I hope you fail at life. I hope you regret leaving me. I hope I haunt you day and night.

    pps. Part of me wishes you would grow up and see how incredible I am. I wish you would mature and see that your current mentality is juvenile. 🙁

  236. Every

    How could you? After all I’ve done for and with you. I stayed by you for 6 fucking months. You never loved me through half of it I presume. When we were talking, we were happy and chill. Now you just want me to fuck off 24/7? You rather talk to your best friend about your boobs then reply to me with a simple hello. Ignore me for the whole weekend and then come talk to me like you didn’t feel like replying? I did everything for you. I set myself out there. You wouldn’t even let me go through your phone. I let you have everything from me. After 3 damn months, you got so fucking bored of me you couldn’t even wait for me to talk to my mom for five minutes. Thats when you started ignoring me like I was the one that started shit.

    Apparently the third time you heard my voice it started to annoy you because I have some kind of “accent.” Uhm, we’re both from the fucking states? So? I have a different accent and what the fuck does that have to do with my personality or me in general. Go fuck yourself. You’re bored of me, you stopped saying good night and good morning to me. You stopped replying to me when I said i love you. You stopped all that. Then you started ignoring me. You started ignoring me and making sure I KNOW you’re ignoring me. Talking to everyone in my face. Sure! If you didn’t want to be with me then don’t fucking ignore me and hurt me. But now that you said bye, two days later you miss me? Yeah miss me my fucking ass. You just miss ignoring me and pushing me to the back of your thoughts because obviously I am not worth being your first priority.

    I hate you a lot. I wanted to at least be friends with you. But I’m the bad guy now. I didn’t even do anything wrong to you. You take everything out on me. I have only done that once to you and guess what, what I Said was still true. Because either way I was “boring you” pissing you off and you were ignoring me!

    I don’t want to deal with you anymore. I don’t want to put up with your fucking bullshit. Please leave me life. We were a summer fling. That’s all I Can say because I don’t deserve to be ignored one bit, hated, or anything else. I don’t deserve to cry over you. You deserve that. After everything I’ve done for you. You forgot two of our anniversaries. I don’t like that shit not one fucking bit so go fuck yourself and everyone else but not me. Go fuck your dumb ass books and stupid ass “smart” self. You think so much of yourself. You’re nothing but a bunch of shit and I loved you but now I can’t feel anything for you. You don’t even deserve my hate. Dumb ass bitch.

  237. Lulu

    Dear A**hole,

    I hate that I still love you. I hate that I would still take you back in a heart beat. You break up with me saying you feeling lost in the world and 4 weeks later you’re in a relationship with my friend…. WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!?

    I hate that after breaking up you kept talking to me everyday, calling me, telling me we’d be together again soon. I hate that I believed and trusted you. I hate you for hurting me so much. We had the best relationship for a year, you let me open up to you and tell you all my deepest secrets nobody else knew…then you threw me away like it meant nothing. How can someone be so selfish and cruel??? why???


  238. SuicidalWhisper

    when I first met you, I was scared… scared to get close and too attached just to get hurt… that’s usually what happens when I get close to someone. they pretend to love me and be there for me and then one day, they just decide they are tired of pretending and just give up. and that’s what you did… I finally let myself trust someone after years and years of not. we were good for a while. you acted like you cared, and maybe you did for a little bit, but I don’t know. you promised you would always be there for me, no matter what. you promised you would be the guy I never had. and you were that for a while too. and that’s when I decided you’re okay. that I could trust you. because you did a lot to prove I could. but one day, all that was gone. and all those promises were broken. like I meant nothing to you. who would go through all that trouble to prove that I could trust you, just to break me. apparently you. maybe you did all that because you knew it would hurt worse when you gave up on me. but the thing that hurts the most is that you promised. you made so many promises. look at what it’s done to me and still doing. oh but wait. I forgot, you don’t care. I really thought you wouldn’t be that heartless. I thought you would at least care a little bit that I’m broken beyond repair and its your fault.
    I love you, and I regret that…

  239. the moon

    First of all I don’t even know where to start with you. I can only believe that the first day I met you I knew you were something special. You had those green eyes I could get lost in for days, but now I know I couldn’t even make contact with if I saw you again. You see, i’m not saying I regret the time we spent together. But you didn’t really make it a walk in the park either. A lot happened in those first few months together ill give you that, to start off with the bad things though. You do remember when you said you just wanted to have “fun” and you weren’t “ready” for a relationship “yet”, but Adam still has the balls to tell me at his party you only said that to me, because you were choosing between me and some girl from Australia. I still wonder now that if she wasn’t living so far away at the time, if you would have picked her over me or not. ( Did I mention I figured out it was that exact friend who visited you? I mean you did call her beautiful and lovely and blah blah balh) I never liked being a second choice so I cried a lot by myself. But I was determined and eventually I guess we did fall in love. I think the night you said you loved me and gave me that ring was probably the best night i had. Now on terms of California I think that was mainly mt fault. I got really insecure and I was scared to death you’d leave me behind. That’s all I was worried about really, you were really in love with that scene and when you mentioned your future there, I didn’t hear anything about “us”. And i’m still sorry for having a breakdown a couple of days later about it, and ruining your night by puking on your sweatshirt and almost dying pretty much. So I wont hold anything against you if you’re still pissed off at that. But the one thing I don’t think I could ever forget was the fact that you left me practically 4 days after getting out of the mental hospital. I know i’m sounding really needy but I needed you those days the most. I don’t care if it was a “break” or not, I knew wed end up splitting and a week or two later we did. I guess constantly ignoring me so I could ” work on myself instead” kind of took a toll on me. Oh and then getting back together with me 5 months later wasn’t very good either. Did you know that a week after we broke up, Ross had more balls to tell me you and him were talking on Grindr and you only passed him up on his offer to fuck because you were “going straight” and not because we were in a relationship. Like fuck, its really messed up but I don’t know why I cant give you up. I have so many reasons to back up why you were no good for me but a part of me reallyreally does love you and wants to see you happy. I guess I just wanted someone I could share my happiness with. Not like it matters though. The most fucked up thing is that after getting back together a second time you didnt even like me in the slightest. I realize that when you said you “Love me but I cant love you because im not able to” “i love you, but dont” you could have made this alot easier if youd ask to be friends and wouldn’t have let me believe we were something real, and ignoring all my texts and asking to go places too. just your a real coward and a boy for making me belive in something that wasnt even there. i think the fact that how i dont have to deal with any of that now that we arent even friend either is kind of a relief. I stll really miss youu,,, and i hope you think of me even if you dont show it. I mean all I ever asked for was a friend a companion and someone to tell me it was all going to be ok.

  240. emmy

    Finding Dory is coming out soon. Remember how we’d promise we’d go? Will we?
    I see things sometimes and think: “haha I’m going to show him this”. Then I remember. I remember that you pretended you didn’t see me the other day and passed right behind me. I don’t want to get back together. I want to be friends. I want to be able to talk to you without imagining that it’s a burden to you.

  241. Jaquelyne

    hey… i just wanted to tell you i missed you….. tho it probably dont matter anymore…. it hurts…. i love you….. and i hate myself for it… mehh…. i think about you on a daily basis… you never leave my mind…. never…. reading our old messages… -sits down and hugs my knees- seeing how happy i was…. and thinking about how unhappy i am right now….. ugh…. you probably dont care….. i do tho… ive never loved anybody as much as i love you…. -sigh- well…. im gonna go now… sorry if im being a bother… just… wanted to let u know how i feel……

  242. ali

    Dear ex partner aka soulmate aka love of my life and etc.

    It is been a month since you dumped me in the most awful way. 2 days after our anniversary. after giving me so many presents which symbolized your love and devotion, that you want to spend all the rest of your life with me, walking by my side.

    We have been together for a long time and I sacrificed so much in order to be with you. I quit my decent job, moved to your country, left my friends and family. It might have seemed to you that it was so easy for me to do since I am a world traveler and I enjoy new experiences.
    You were just fine the way you were. I should be the one to compromise. I never saw that cause I was so blind.
    Or just not smart enough because I have this phrase in my head…”what is more important: to win a battle or keep a peace?”
    You are older than me, 11 years older. and your cynical selfishness is killing me.

    I went back to my home and waited for the papers we signed, so I can move and be with you with no questions whatsoever.

    You told me that I was the best girlfriend you ever dated…the best life partner. that you want to have babies with me. that you would be with me no matter what.

    Until the moment when my opinion didn’t matter and you don’t need to check with me. Until you priority list was family, friend’s wedding, job….and sorry honey, let’s celebrate your birthday two weeks later.
    Until you didn’t care about things I cared.
    Mocked me to be touchy and attached to some pure things. The things I cherish.
    Until the regular daily things stopped including me.
    Until you start doubting us.
    Until everything I ever was you wanted to change.
    Until you wanted to me to change my age, to change my sensitivity you always loved, my fun ways to express myself, everything I did was irritating you.
    Until you forgot how happy we were and how compatible we were with our things.
    Until you started to tell me that you don’t see me as your girlfriend anymore and it made me feel clingy and insecure.

    I hate the fact that I am so insecure right now. I am such a beautiful woman. With such a STRONG amazing and loving heart.
    I hate that you broke our dream and gave me all this BS about having a house, a tree, dogs, kids and etc etc etc.
    I hate that now I my favorite new language of the country you live…brings me pain. I won’t stop learning it. But I just super hate that it is not even your native country….but associates now only with you.
    I hate the fact that I have to tell your friends about the breakup. Because you don’t like to be the one who loses his reputation…

    and yeah…
    I hate the way you dumped me.

    2 days after anniversary. saying you need some space. then disappearing. then in a week i call you and you still not sure about anything and tell me it is over. and don’t I even dare to take my friendship away.
    Because we always gonna be friends…right?

    And then a week later I write you a letter about me changing things you don’t like in me….
    So pathetic.
    Telling you, come on darling, hard times upon us…..but we are a team! We can do it.

    Your answer completely vanished me.
    You don’t want the relationship, want to focus on your career, emotions, friends and just YOU YOU YOU.
    For the love you one’s had for me, not to expect you to come back.
    And that I live my life full of happiness and find my way.

    And that you need to cut me out of your life obviously. For a while. Until you are better.
    And that you are sad about the break up but can’t lie that you are pretty OK with it.

    And the funniest stuff you said…
    You can come to this country I live in since you gonna have the papers. But don’t expect to live with me.
    I know you are smart.

    Thank you.
    Thanks for real.
    You broke my heart and everything everything we had.
    I hate you and how I feel right now.
    I wake up and question the reality. Question how is the person who was my closest friend and soulmate…
    Could have ended up the coldest jerk and asshole.

    How he can be so amazing as a friend….
    And such a terrible boyfriend I only knew.
    How can the person love himself so much?
    How could he fuck me on our anniversary and say so much bullshit…and then leave me.
    I hate you so fuckin much and the pain you brought me.
    It seems like I will never be able to get out of this situation.

    I hate you
    because I really want to stop loving you.

    I torture myself for that….how can you love someone who loved you once but loves himself more.

    Don’t want to love you.

    Go fuck yourself and fuck you fuck you fuck you.
    I wish you the best…..but to understand once….that you are the most selfish person. and scared to commit. and that you will never find anyone better than me.
    The person who compromised with you on so many.

  243. Surly

    I hate how you made me fight for every teeny crumb of love and affection for you. First we were “seeing each other but not in a relationship” for two years, then we were dating but you couldn’t tell anyone for six months because you “didn’t want the whole world to know every single detail,”. You never did get around to being ok with photographic evidence that we were together, even after a year (or three years depending on how you count).

    I’m still angry with how callous you were. I just wanted to spend a holiday with you, my boyfriend of a year, and you said “But there’s a new Tarantino movie out! What about MY need to see that movie?”

    I hope you die alone, and nobody even notices you’re missing.

  244. J

    To the man that portrays himself to all his friends and family as one of the good guys…..a really nice, happy, friendly bloke that would do anything for anyone and without an inch of malice in his body. To the man that called me his rock. The man that says he wouldn’t have been able to get through the traumatic last 4 years without me. The man that has lost his father and brother. The man that was deserted by the only woman he ever loved and felt the failure of a man that he did. The man who was scared to commit fully again, the man who said once he didn’t deserve to be loved. The man that told me I was the only person apart from his dad that could pull him through the tough times in life. The man that told me he loved me eventually. I was patient with you, I believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself, guided you when you wanted to disown your son. Loved you quietly and patiently.

    Why then am I the one person in your life you chose to treat so cruelly? Why am I the one that you lied to? Why were you disloyal to me and betray me by chatting to other girls on dating/chat sites? Why did you promise me promises you knew you couldn’t keep? I want to scream to all those people that don’t know the real you, the people that hold you in such high regard, that this is what you have done to the person who helped you most in your life.

    I have more respect for myself than that, I even have more respect for myself than to tell you personally two weeks after our break up. But I really hope you are asking yourself those questions and make a real decision to never treat someone who loves you like that ever again. That is of course if you ever find love again. I reassured you once you did deserve to be loved but now I’m not so sure but I certainly know you don’t deserve my love.

    Walking away with my head held high…..you sad lonely little man!

  245. Sarah

    Dear… A
    So weired to write a message that you’ll never read.. but I think this will be good for me. Reading all the other people writing about there tough times make me rethink a bit. Maybe this is the right thing.. maybe its just normal to break up, i wouldnt know. Although I am 29. You were my first love. I knew when we meet it would be dangerous dating someone 5 years younger than me. My friends calls it a relationsip without ant head. They are right. But there was so much love, and I dont regret loving you. We had a wonderfull time together. I am sad. That you left. That you said goodye. Before we mooved in together. I am sad that I dreamed we were going to have kids one day. I am sad these days because I know I have to start un loving you. That whats going to happen. You have already fallen out of love, and now its ny turn to realize thats its over at it will never be. I will be the slow one, because you already had time to prepare. That is what sucks the most. That you cant be my friends anymore. That you are ok with this and I am not yet. But I do see some hope. I see me being happy againg. But I also seeing it take a looooong time and even more tears and pain. But I decided something. And that is I wont hope anymore or wait for you. I will try to respect this. I will try to move on and not let this breakup take two years to get over. I want to heal again. beacuse I am thinking if life let me meet you… its not a bad life.. its actually a good life.. that let me be so happy for two years.. that i am suffering now is not really beacuse of you.. its beacuse of the lack of abilty to let go. No person on earth likes to let go. We want to own things. But love is the ONLY thing we cant own. That is why its so beautiful when people give us our love. To all other heartbrokens outthere, i hear you, I am so sad too, it was not my desicion, and my love dumped me beacuse she didnt want kids.. in any near future.. wich i want. So I am heartbroken ofcourse. But I am trying to think rationally. If life let me meet this wonderfull women for two years. Then life is not mean. Life is beautiful. Life is still full of options to find more love. When our hearts have healed, I think all of us will be able to give and receive love again.

    Peace out my dear ex girlifriend. I love you. I hope soon I wont anymore. So that I can move on, and look back without all these attchements. I wish you all well <3 Say hello to our cat 🙂 and remember to feed it! (she always forgot)

    Sincerely your ex Sara

  246. Tom

    The one who dumped me a couple of months ago after 6 years together gleefully reported to me she has found someone else she is planning to marry. My heart has stopped and I’m so afraid; so distraught. It’s like my whole world is caving in and I’m powerless to stop the slide. All of the foundation I tried to patiently build through great friendship and giving without restriction has crumbled. Experts say this how to build a lasting relationship but it didn’t work at all. I’m older…67…with much less time available. All my efforts of the last 6 years have washed away. I frankly don’t know where to turn. I loved Nancy fully and on the level of soul. I’m a mature and successful man but I feel utterly worthless and empty. The world is very, very dark. My hopes for us were limitless. Now I have no hope, no joy, no happiness. Meanwhile she “adores” my replacement and I’m powerless. I truly was not good enough and easily discarded. Any advice would help. I’m dying inside slowly. The hurt is greater than anything I’ve experienced in a long life. To think of Nancy marrying another-being gone forever-is utterly devastating to me. I feel lost, alone and scared.

  247. J.T.

    After 11 years, 8 years of them as your wife, you tell me you dont love me anymore and want a divorce, you’ve been lying to me for months making me think everything was great, you keep telling me theres no one else and that i should believe you even though you turn up to my house with some chick, to hell with your bullshit i dont believe a fucking thing that comes out of that lying mouth of yours.

    Yes i still care about you, fuck knows why, i should hate you for the way you hurt me but i dont because at the end of the day your nothing but a lying sack of shit that never deserved the love that i gave you.

    Go and enjoy your new life i only wish you nothing but complete misery when or if you ever do regret your decision because you can get fucked i don’t need your bullshit in my life anymore. I dont think i’ll EVER forgive you, your a selfish asshole that thinks of no one but your self, by the way stop telling me that you hate yourself and that you dont give a fuck about anything and that you want to die, its hurtful enough that you wanted this separation i dont need to hear about your fucking dramas too.

  248. Thea

    Hi there, I responded on your other post. I have been dumped for a replacement. My story is here on the site (link on homepage) so I know of the devastation you’re going through. This seed of this very site was hatched on the eve of my ex marrying her. So yeah “been there, seen that, launched the website to prove it”. I was definitely at rock bottom. Suicidal thoughts and all but out of pain comes gain…eventually. You just have to find a way to channel that hurt, use it to plant seeds for an even better life. That’s down to you. I believe you will in due course…Just a hunch mind. Just a hunch. x

  249. alasiamin

    Dear Ex,

    You never loved me and you insult my by even suggesting you did. I was going through so much and you decided to leave the moment i fall under stress and yet when you were sad or depressed, I was there for you. You know I never meant to hurt you and I was fool for walking out on you that night, but I’m starting to think it needed to happen since now I find out that you were lying to me all along.

  250. Clara

    Hello Mr decides-he’s-not-ready-for-a-relationship-after-4-years,

    Thanks for showing me that I’m not worthy of your time or energy anymore. You chased me for 10 years, we went to school and went to formal together, and you came to my mum’s funeral even though you barely knew her which made me realise (falsely) that you were the one I wanted to spend my life with.
    Thank you for giving me empty promises. You promised me we would travel. You brought up that you wanted to get me a ring and we talked about what type for ages. You brought up how you wanted to move out with me soon and have babies and get a dog with me and what car you will get me. All words, no action – ever. I sacrificed everything for you. I delayed my plans for travel for you while you put all your money into a f*cking car that always has problems. Because it is always all about you. And I have to be the one that caves in all the time and licks my own wounds. And when I am bitter about it, all you do is just remind me how you drive me around. Like f*ck, grow the f*ck up. You’re a f*cking child.

    Don’t waste my time anymore because obviously you don’t appreciate the things I have done for you and never fought for me like I always did for you. I refuse to love someone who does not see my value or worth. I hope you regret your decision to leave me and I hope you come back crying for me, and I hope by then I will have been strong enough to say NO.

  251. A.

    Dear Ex,
    even if you made me sad at times i’m really glad of all the time we got to spend together, thanks for all these moments, every one of them has a place in my memories and my heart, i won’t let a break up ruin the good. Wish you a great life full of happiness and joy.
    Sincerely yours,

  252. A

    An apology to K:
    it’s been 3 years since we last talked. i have always wanted to say sorry to you. i think we took turns hurting each other back and forth… i know i started it all though. i was an immature, selfish, childish girlfriend yet you loved me. i know i made you go crazy. i know you cheated on me when you went to college because you wanted to hurt me back. that was years ago. i’m sure you heard i’m with someone now, as i’ve heard that you’re with someone too. it’s okay though. i’m not hurt, i’m not upset, not in any way at all. i just miss you. i’ve wanted to gather my courage over the past months now to be able to approach you first this time and say sorry. sorry that i wasted such good years of our lives, sorry that we had the perfect relationship and i messed it all up. i am able to forgive you now. sometimes i wonder if i’m actually just blinded still, but by the end of the day i know that in my heart i truly am able to find forgiveness in my heart for you because losing you as the most important person in my life still has a gaping hole in my heart. you were the greatest mentor, supporter, friend, and the best point of balance in my life. i wish i could muster the courage to properly apologize to you and ask how you’re doing. but i can’t. i dont know how to be strong enough to say those words to you. im sorry that i have this obstacle of fear that is constantly blocking my efforts, no matter how much i may want to ask how you are doing. i just want to say these words to you. whether or not you ever see this, maybe one day i’ll finally find the strength to say this to you directly. you’ve taught me so much since the last day we spoke, years ago. you have no idea how much our relationship has propelled me to become the person i am today, hold the values i hold dear to my heart, and have the voice of an individual that you’ve always encouraged me to be. while some of the things you said to me in the past still hold some measure of hurt towards me, i truly know that you always wanted the best for me. i will never meet someone like you again in my life. you will never be mine again. but i’m learning to accept that fact and realize that.. that’s okay. it’s ok if you’re not mine again; it’s ok if i don’t meet someone like you and have that amazing relationship we once had; because i had it with you and in my memory i’ll always remember that i was able to care in my heart for you, and that i had the experience of meeting you and letting you in my life. i miss you. i’m letting go slowly now. i’ll be okay. i hope you are too.

  253. JT

    You are a selfish, horrendous b*stard who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but yourself. I know I had my part in causing drama to our marriage. I was innocent, just like you, when we first got together, and we were in our own world for five years, and got married soon after college. But I NEVER would have left you. I never would have actually done the deed. I know that I had brought up the possibility of separation, and I did indeed separate after you told me you weren’t in love with me anymore and wasn’t a super active participant in the counseling I got us, and plus did not want to give up that whore you had an affair with (one that you still deny, and say it wasn’t even emotional affair – I beg to differ via the evidence I have). But I was deceived, thinking that we were strong enough to surpass this. Thinking that you’d be a man and fight for our longevity, for the sake of us and our little SON. But you IGNORED me the whole time, never, EVER called unless it was business. Now I know you hated to hear my voice. You probably rolled your eyes whenever I called. A**hole.

    I know there was never a good time for you to say you wanted a divorce. That’s why it took you 5 months after I left to tell me you wanted one. But now you are FORCING the proceedings so quickly, so early! And I KNOW it’s because of your little f*ck buddy, the whore you probably think you love. But you are so freakin’ damaged. SO damaged because you came from a broken home, hate your father with a passion for abandoning you, and yet you abandon ME?! You make sure to have joint custody of our son, so you don’t abandon him, but you have no real trouble to just abandon the wife that gave you 10 years of your life married, and 15 in total dating only YOU?! Calling me financially negligent, telling your Mom that I HIT YOU?! Evil is so embedded in you that you can’t even tell that you are not living by God, yet you say you go to church regularly. Mmmph…

    I have moved on too you JERK. I have a boyfriend now, and thanks to you I want to jump in 200%. I want to MARRY HIM and he wants to MARRY ME too. I want to have his babies and FAST. I want to move on with my life, and continue my legacy! But we both know it’s too soon. Like me, he’s been hurt by his cheating ex wife, and he just wants to move on with his life. But even if I do marry this man, your son will FOREVER be pulled BACK AND FORTH because you chose to not work on our marriage. It was VERY WORKABLE, it COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED, but now it’s TOO LATE. You have planted the seed of loathe and despise in me for you. No WAY could I ever go back to you. You will NEVER have me again!!!!

    And of course you blame me for most of this, right?! Still say that I “left,” yet you emotionally checked out for 1-2 years prior to this. Said you weren’t in love with me for a long time, and yet 5 months before that you told me you were so sweetly.

    What I don’t understand is how you can give me up so quickly. I have TONS of guys now that want to get with me, and yet you can just throw your wife away? F*ck you, you’re not worth it, you piece of broken trash!

  254. Doris

    To all you wonderful people who have posted your feelings on this site; please know by reading these heart felt writings that you are NOT alone. If I could say anything to all of you, please stop letting this pain distract you from being the happy person you are all meant to be.

    Let the bitch or bastard who let you go, go because you can and will do much better. People come into our lives to teach us something and once we learn it, they need to move on because YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU are amazing!! YOU came to this site to try to let go and move on and the words you write here are hard to feel but YOU wrote them!!

    So get back out there, you glorious people and be the person you want to fall in love with. WE are waiting for YOU!!!

  255. hopless

    I wish I could only hate you but I love you. I am devastated by our breakup and everything you did after. You are now the only exception…I am just another chick now.

  256. Ela

    This is the letter I’ve sent today. I am still in a very early stage, but I felt I had to send it for myself.

    the last days have been difficult. There has been a lot of crying and more is for sure to come. It will take some time to get over you and the whole situation. It’s almost impossible to think of something else and I still miss you terribly. I removed you from my contact lists, but it’s not that easy to remove you from my heart and mind.

    Nevertheless, it has been an opportunity to analyze me and my part in the story. I described part of the process in the message you never responded to, where I admitted my mistakes towards you that might have impacted your attitude towards me. I have gone further in the last days. I realized where does my insecurity, the main trigger for the nervous reaction and unfair assumptions, come from and I have started to work on my emotions, attitude and anxiety. I know now what kind of person I don’t want to be, what kind of person I want to be, where the problem is and how to fix it. That’s why I actually want to thank you. Pity that it I needed such an earthquake to realize it and that I had to lose you in the process, but without you I would still be in the fog, distancing myself from the people and the problem even more. Without irony and sarcasm, this is the positive aspect of the rupture. The loss is enormous but so is the reward.

    At the end, please let me wish you merry Christmas and in advance all the ebst for your birthday.

    Take care.”

  257. Shawn

    HQ 12/20/1969

    Its only been months now but I still think of you and the children.
    I am sure we both did not want our relationship to turn out this way.
    Sometimes I wish I could hate you but I can only love you. I miss
    touching your lips and softly kissing them. The cuddling, weekend
    getaways, motorcycle rides, your smile …. I just wish I knew what truly went wrong. I think we both had roles in this and it is shame. We were so good when we were together but together got farther and farther apart. I have moved on the best I can but I still can not get over you. No
    matter what down the road happens or what you hear I will always love you and the children.


  258. Blue Eyes

    My darling Sara, tonight wasn’t easy to cut ties with you tonight. It was the hardest decision of my life! I will never understand why you’d still talk to me, see me till recently yet act so indifferent. I have no regrets for you always made me smile & feel loved like never before . I’m not naive & there was more to it? It matters not & I’d rather remember the woman who once loved with such an intense passion. Never again shall I ignore my gut feelings for I acted how I did because of your sudden change in October. We should have parted ways then? Not that I wanted or did so for I have always believed in you…that time has past & for the first time into life I say goodbye with only loving thoughts of she who was my once twin flame…it was you who extinguished this flame & still I wish you eternal happiness & for your dreams to become reality.

    Love A Stronger Yet heartbroken Man

  259. The guy you dumped for reasons known only to you (and who truly valued you)

    I really liked you and did my best to be someone you could be comfortable around and wanted to be with. I wish I knew what it was I did wrong (or didn’t do) that made you change your feelings for me so quickly and without my even knowing it. For once in a long time I was happy and completely satisfied with someone and it was such a wonderful place to be and now I feel so alone and empty. Like a half dead person.

  260. Elise

    To my Ex,
    Well, it’s been almost four weeks since we spoke. I’m writing to you because I said so little during our last call. Do you remember the phone call? It started off with just the usual innocuous conversation about how your day was and then a moment later, you blindsided me by announcing you weren’t going to continue our relationship. Maybe “relationship” is an overstatement, given the fact you’ve been living with your girlfriend the entire time you and I went out. Even though you and I didn’t let things progress much physically the damage was still done when you dumped me. My self-esteem has taken a beating and my heart feels like it’s been put through a paper-shredder thanks to you.
    I felt blindsided because we hadn’t had any arguments or disagreements in the four months we saw each other. In fact, the last time we’d seen each other you couldn’t hold me tighter, or kiss me with more passion. So maybe those are some of the reasons I felt blindsided!
    Add to those, the mixed messages during the phone call. Yes, I know, according to you, you’re not that “kind of guy”, a guy in a committed relationship who would see someone else. Um, except, actually, you are exactly that kind of guy. You’re actually the kind of guy who would continue to ask me out then keep pushing the envelope once I agreed that we could be just friends. You ‘re the kind of guy who would chip away at my defenses week after week until I opened my heart.
    What I got out of our last phone call, your words not mine: you’re in a committed relationship, when you see me you think with the wrong head, you didn’t consider my thoughts or opinion when you made the decision to dump me, I’m a wonderful person, a woman with a professional job, a great mother, an amazing woman, you get butterflies in your stomach when you see me, if you weren’t already in a relationship you’d pursue me. Also, yes, you went as far as to say you know that we’d have a great time on a cruise together. Excuse the f*ck out of me if I sounded bewildered on the phone, my head was spinning as you strung your words together. I regret that I could barely respond coherently to what you said – it took all of my self-control to not have a car accident while you continued speaking. One point I managed to make that I hold as being true: if your relationship with your girlfriend was great, you wouldn’t have continued our relationship for four months, especially since we never even went past second base. You kept coming back to me so I do think you’re in need of some honest self-talk – as in, stop hanging onto your past and trying to convince yourself that your relationship is even better than it was 30+ years ago. The bit you’ve told me about your girlfriend makes her seem overwhelmingly needy. Example, you mentioned to her you wanted to take up a hobby. Her response: she suggests a hobby the two of you can take up together! Perfect, if you’re Siamese twins. That’s the life you’ve signed up for – someone who won’t let you have any independence. I hope you have many years of having an appendage for a girlfriend.
    Although you told me you’d contact me the week after you dumped me it doesn’t truly surprise me that you didn’t. You knew you hurt me when you dumped me- you even acknowledged that while we spoke, remember? Your silence has proven to me either that you’re cowardly or you’re not an adult. Makes no difference which, really, as I have no regard or respect for someone who would treat another person the way you chose to treat me.
    I hope karma catches up to you soon!

  261. Liz

    You were the first love of my life. I can remember the exact moment I fell in love with you. I thought you were such a good man – so honest sincere honorable. You made me feel loved and desirable at a time in my life when I felt ugly. I carried that feeling with me without realusing it for years after we split up. Even though you seemed to lose interest in me. I ended the relationship remember? At least I was the one to say the words. But I always used to say the decision was mutual. You ended it by your actions. You always put me second in your life and gave me the feeling I was tiresome to have around. So I ended it because I thought you were just too nice to. And then you married and I felt a pang. But I wished you well. It was entirely genuine. I thought I was lucky you to have you as my first boyfriend and that in time I would meet someone else. And I did in a way – two other lovely men who each in their own way gave me something very special. But those relationships were not long term. And I never married or had children. The only things I ever truly wanted in life. And I fought hard not to be bitter. And to be happy for friends and family when they went on to meet marry fall in love have children …. and I got past it. I learned to enjoy my single life. Even treasure it especially the sense of freedom it gave me. I never contacted you in all that time. I lived on the other side of the world. With moments of doubt and bouts of depression. But basically happy with the life I’d chosen. And then one random moment I chose to contact you again. Your name popped up on Facebook on an old school friend’s page and I sent you a message. Just an impulse. I thought it must be safe now – after nearly 30 years. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you hadn’t replied. But you did. Within minutes. You said you were so excited to hear from me. You told me about your life – married with two daughters who you obviously adore. But you said you were the unhappiest person you knew. Your wife has cheated on you repeatedly with the same man. She’s alcoholic and abusive. She calls you a useless cunt (so charming!!) And hits kicks bites and spits at you. I felt so sorry for you. I thought how could a lovely man like you end up with someone like that? How could someone treat my old friend like that? I felt very protective if you but knew not to try and rescue you. We started chatting remebering old times and old friends catching up on our day to day lives and what was happening with our families. You sent me pictures and videos of your daughters regretting there were not more happy memories to share and telling me of the guilt you felt that they had grown up in an angry abusive household. And then you told me about the guilt you’d always felt about how you’d treated me and him you’d often dreamt about getting on a plane and coming to find me so you could apologise. I was stunned. I remember thinking guilty for what?! You weren’t that bad! And I wasn’t always easy – over sensitive lacking confidence argumentative. But a little bit of me was relieved that I had been right – that you knew you hadn’t treated me quite right and were decent enough to feel bad about it even after all this time. And tgen cane more. You found out your wife was having another affair. The same man. And this time you were done. You told her you wanted a divorce. I felt a flicker of panic. I said are you sure? Are you sure I haven’t triggered something? You said no. You’d wanted to leave for years and were only staying till your youngest daughter finished school. You told the girls you were leaving. They were upset but accepted it you said. They told you they had wondered themselves why the two of you didn’t just get a divorce. And then you told me you loved me. That it had always been me. And about how all your friends used tease you because you always talked about me. You told me you had only asked your wife to marry you because she’d been upset at a party that you hadnt been paying her enough attention. You told me you had been looking for someone to replace me for over 30 years and no one had even come close. I couldn’t believe it was true. And it was so strangely comforting to me that all those years when I had felt so alone there was someone out there who loved me. I told you I was coming home to visit family and we arranged to meet up. We were both excited but nervous. What if we took one look at each other and realised it was a mistake?! Worse still what if one felt something and the other one didnt? We planned to bring lots if alcohol so we could drink ourselves past any awkwardness. But there was no awkwardness at all. Kissing you was the most natural thing in the world. I remembered straight away what you smelt and tasted like. You told me later you’d never been able to kiss your wife and when I asked why you said you didn’t know why. It bothered you. You said whenever you tried to you just wanted to laugh. We spent 4 blissful days together. When you left you cried at the thought of having to go home. You said soddit I’ll just get a quick divorce so we can marry straight away. It doesnt matter if you’re on the other side of the world. I just want to be married to you. I was in heaven. I told my family and friends. Me! The ultra cautious one who never counts her chickens. But I was so sure it was meant to be. But at the sane time I was urging you to be cautious. I said you need to get the divorce sorted first. You need to get your new life with the girls sorted first. They need to know they come first and that I’m the one who needs to fit into their lives not the other way round. You were conscious of that too so I thought we were being so sensible underneath it all. We talked about tge separation and you warned me how nasty it might get. You seemed a bit clueless where to start – and I had to urge you to get advice. It was so much more complicated than we realised. There’s no such thing as a quickie divorce it turns out. It would take at least two years. Your lawyer suggested mediation. You werent even sure if your wife would turn up. But she did. You told me she cried through the whole thing. You were sent away to work out the finances – to value the house and the business. You started looking for a place to live. You talked about moving away – ti move closer to your family and mine and so that your daughter could go to school with her cousin who she was very close to. I kept thinking it’s messy and complicated but we just need to be patient and it will all work out. I started making plans to move home, to rent my house out, to find work so we could be physically closer and begin to spend more time together. You talked about hiw much you were looking forwars to coming home to me and all the things we could do together and how you knew the girls would like me as long as I was myself. You’d told them about me. They were wary. But yousaid they would be fair. Your wife knew about ne by this time. You told me when you said you’d met someone she’d guessed straight away it was me. Again I was stunned. I’d met her once when you first starting dating her and had no contact with you or her since. Why would she think of me? You said you used to talk about me sometimes but didnt elaborate. We arranged to meet again to make plans. This time half way. We arranged to meet at tge airport. Our planes were in the sky at the same time. It was so exciting the feeling of racing towards each other. Again being with you again was so easy. We talked and chatted and went swimming. You told me you hadnt had a single intelligent conversation in years that all your wife wanted to do was sunbathe or shop and how she mocked you for your interests and for the books you read and the programnes you watched. You said it was a family joke that she would never watch anything unless she’d seen it before. We got lost one day and you said if it had happened with her it would have been your fault and she’d have screamed what a useless cunt you were in the middle if the street. You said how lovely it was to be able to relax. You got sick and I was worried about you having to make the long journey home feeling unwell. I got yiu to a doctor. You said how lovely it was to have someone caring for you. Saying goodbye was hard but I wasnt worried. I knew I’d be seeing you again in a few months. And then a week later we were chatting on the phone. I could hear it in your voice – the long pauses – the awkwardness when I asked what was wrong. So I said the words. I said are you having second thoughts? And even though I’d asked the question I was so shocked when you said yes. Did you actually say yes? I can’t remember. Maybe you just said I’m sorry. I couldn’t breathe. I asked why why?? What happened? You said you didnt know. You couldnt explain it. The magic just wasn’t there. I didnt get out if bed for three days after that. I just rocked and cried and tried to keep breathing. That was a year ago and I think I’ve experienced every human emotion it’s possible to experience since. Hurt and anger. Stupidity humiliation. The most immense sense of betrayal. Jealousy. You’re back with your wife. You told me you were getting on better than you had been getting on in years. You celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary. You said you can’t blame me for wanting to keep my family together. I don’t. You insisted you didn’t use me. And I know you didnt. Not intentionally. I read up on alcoholism and co-dependency and I think I have some understanding of why you couldnt leave – or chose to stay. I don’t know which. And I know you’re genuine when you believe you’re doing the best thing for your daughters. I too believe children often end up needing their home most when they leave home! I did anyway. So I don’t blame you. And I’m trying to see the greater good. But I wish you could show some insight into what this has done to me. I never asked for anything from you and never expected anything. But you said so many things ….. I felt that life had dropped a great treasure into my hands. And now it’s been taken back. A few months after you ended it you sent me a cryptic text. I’d been worried about you. You said you had suicidal thoughts aplenty. I asked if you were ok. You said you were sad that you lost me. But you didnt lose me. You pushed me off a cliff and you’ve been very firm that you don’t want me back. So I’m rebuilding my life. Trying to pretend it all never happened. Trying to wish you well and figure out the lesson I’m supposed to learn. Trying to see the greater good.

  262. Brian


    I want you to know that, despite your decision to break up with me, I feel no resentment towards you whatsoever. Many people never have the privilege of finding the unequivocal love of their life (and so late in life!) – they settle for a compromise and make the best of it. But I have enjoyed that privilege – knowing you, loving you and, for a while at least, having my love reciprocated.

    I thank you for all you gave to me while you could. I treasure every day we spent together and the intimacy we shared. I love you for who and what you are and have no desire to own you or control you – a robot cannot be loved. You must be free to take the path you wish for. Why would I want to stifle the thing I most love?

    So I bless you and wish you well but regret that we must become strangers now. That is for the best so that we can both flourish apart. But be in no doubt that I will always love you and that you will be unreservedly adored by at least one person in this big old world until my dying day. You owe me nothing and I hope that one day you find the true, lasting happiness you so richly deserve.

    Your Brian xxxxx

  263. B.J.

    Dear T.J.T.,

    Hey you piece of s***! I hate every thought of you and I hope you have the most miserable life. EVER! You suck d*** you stupid mother***er and I hope that you never have kids because that man who had those kids will be miserable and those poor children that came out of your disgusting filthy vagina that so many people and diseases have been in. I don’t know why I ever put up with you and your s*** you f***ing f***. F*** you, f*** your life, f*** your existence, f*** your friends (except for God if that’s your friend, I’m not that bad.) Speaking of God, Why God? Why did you create such a f***ed up f***ing f***er? The only good thing about her was that she made me realize what I NEVER want to deal with in life and her name hurts my soul. 6 months? 6 GODD*** F***ING MONTHS!?
    I know, I know, I could’ve broken up with you at any moment but nah, I kept giving you chances. Then what? You cheat on me. Twice. You f***ed up c***. Choke on one of those f***boy’s d***s and become paralyzed from the waist down. Then in your wheelchair fall down a flight of stairs in the Eiffel Tower. I f***ing hate you and I hope, I HOPE that the other people who end up with you deserve it, but then again NOBODY deserves your disgusting piece of s*** face in their lives. Your parents couldn’t even deal with you, that’s why they aren’t together. I helped you so much and you didn’t do SHIT for me. F***er. STUPID F***.
    It’s been awhile and I need to get rid of this anger and hitting things while imagining your ugly face on them is starting to hurt my hands and feet. So… I wrote this beautiful letter for you even though the chances of you reading it are 0% because you’re too f***ing dumb to work a computer or other sophisticated piece of technology, let alone go on this website cause you don’t have a heart or a soul to think about things like this.

    From the guy that strongly dislikes you ???

  264. Meggie

    Dear B,

    It’s been two years now. I finished crying a long time ago. I’ve moved on and dated other men. I’ve rebuilt myself from that nervous wreck who was struggling to cope with your alcohol problem. But I still love you. I loathe you nearly as much; but I still love you. Which is a problem as I’m defensive and looking for excuses not to love again. You were so perfect from the start; somebody else might put up that same front. I don’t miss you as a boyfriend; you were terrible at that. But I do miss you as a friend and I wish we hadn’t lost that. Will always love you. Too much. When driving home from your boyfriend’s house after having sex for the first time you’re not meant to be thinking how much you miss your ex…. but I was. I wish you’d miss me. I wish you’d want to get back together. I wish you’d want to put in a decent effort this time. And I wish to win x-lotto. Which is probably more likely than all those other things combined, but I can dream. I don’t know when you switched from adoring me to being bored with me, but I do know that I really miss the man you were when we first met. Must have just been too hard to keep up the act. I shouldn’t care after all this time. I try hard not to. I recognise the many problems we had and seriously doubt we could or should have made it work. My heart must be my worst enemy to still care when you so clearly don’t. Where’s the off switch?

    I love the idea of this page – thanks for the venting outlet!

  265. Gian

    Well Savanna, you’re gone and gone forever…

    It’s my fault and you’ll never know the remorse and pain I’ve gone through over losing you.

    I never got the chance to truly apologize to you.
    So here it is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for pushing you away. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I’m sorry for ignoring you when I should have been there for you.
    Im sorry for neglecting your needs.
    I’m sorry for my own selfishness. My own immaturity. My own lack of awareness.

    But I can’t take it back no matter how much I wish and pray. I ask that one day you forget you ever met me. And that day was yesterday.

    Because of who I was back then I didn’t see the gift you were.

    Oh and such a gift I squandered.
    You were my everything I let go of.
    You were my best friend I forced to move on.
    And I didn’t catch you in time before I fell down and fell hard. While you fell for my friend.

    You made me question everything I believed in and thought of for myself.
    You made me question my direction and my ability to cope and change.
    You made me question your love as well as mine.and in the end, we weren’t strong enough to survive together.

    So now that you’re with him now…and from the sound of it he is everything you wanted…I guess in another life, or universe, another time in space, maybe we worked out, maybe we survived together and thrived.

    But in my life I know today, you are gone for good…and there is nothing I can say or do to change your mind and I’ll regret that for the rest of my life.
    Regret the pain I caused for the both of us.
    Regret the times I took you and what we had for granted.
    The times I’ll never be able to get back because of the blood on my own to hands while you stood behind the gun and pulled the trigger.
    If only I knew back then what I knew now, and if only I had one more chance..but that chance was only for one time and that chance is gone forever.
    Goodbye for now, for then, forever.

  266. mel

    Dear C,

    It really hurts to have to go about my days knowing what kind of person you have chosen to be. You had so much potential and I tried so hard to encourage and push you to make a better life for yourself. Instead you used me for all I had and then left me when I needed you. It makes me sick. Now I have to try to move on and find someone new. I feel horrible about trying to find someone else. We were the best of friends and shared so many beautiful memories together. I hate that you left me. I hate that you don’t want to continue our journey. I hate that you want to be a piece of crap.

    – M

  267. emma

    The weeks leading up to our break up were some of the worst of my entire life. It feels like you literally changed over night. I went to sleep with a caring, hilarious, perfect boyfriend who was deeply in love with me, and woke up to somebody I hardy even recognized. Your actions, words, and most of all the way you made me feel were completely uncalled for and unacceptable. I sat with you in tears, unchanged, trying to figure out what was wrong, and your words were, “I don’t fucking know, maybe I’ve decided I don’t love you anymore.” You told me you hated me. You loved me for two intense years, and within a week I was “the worst thing that had ever happened to you”. I did absolutely nothing wrong, and you were cruel and unfair. I never knew it was possible for someone to change so quickly and be so heartless. You were my world, and I was your’s, and when I looked back at our memories and letters and promises, I felt nothing but confusion and intense pain. My heart was demolished. I couldn’t breathe for a solid six months, and we never spoke after that night. I saw a therapist, I blew my savings and travelled Europe, I moved away, I started over; but getting over you was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever had to do. Much later, I saw you and we had a discussion. I said everything I needed to you, and your sincere apology and kind words left me with a strange sense of inner peace that I had needed so desperately; the last piece of my recovery puzzle. You cried. You told me you wondered if you would ever feel for another person what you felt for me. I felt whole again. You began to send me emails, saying that you wanted to be in touch and that you missed me as a person. You told me you had reflected and knew that you had wronged, and most of all you thanked me for everything from helping you apply to universities to teaching you how to cook to standing faithfully by your side and loving you with everything that I had. But then, I came home, back to this place where we started and we ended, and witnessing your actions hurt me more than almost anything else. I feel like a wounded and pathetic young girl again. You harassed me. You told lies to your friends who publicly mocked me, and made it seem as though I sought you out for some pathetic conversation. You told people I came to you crying and you shut me down, which never happened. You told people I was STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU, and that you had to “deal with my meltdown”. Why you feel the need to rub salt in a healed wound and attempt to reopen it is beyond me. I tell myself that your immaturity and self-esteem issues are to blame, but honestly I am hurt and I am humiliated. I have never once done anything to deserve any of the wrongs you have put me through. I hate that people believe you, and I hate that you saw me break. But most of all, I hate that I am unable to look you in the eye and see you for the good person I once thought you were. This whole thing pains me deeply, and while I sometimes feel sadness for what we lost, I mostly just feel appreciative for what we shared and the lessons I learned from you. I want you to be happy and free. Clearly, you do not want the same for me.

  268. Paige..not really..

    Dear Freddy,
    You really need to grow up.
    Why would a “grow man” tell a woman he wants to spend his life with her? Why would a “grown man” promise to never break her heart knowing all the pain she has been through?
    Why would a “grown man” not have the balls to even break up with the woman he promised all these things to?
    Oh….WAIT, because YOU are NOT a GROWN MAN..
    I gave you all of my heart but you are such a “player” (wanna be) you WILL end up alone..
    You could of had a great life with me..
    I guess I shouldn’t have built up your ego… I told you how wonderful you was in bed because you were so self conscience about your penis size.. Yes, it really is small, so I’m sorry for telling you that lie..
    You should have stuck with me because I loved you…. Now, you are out there unsatisfying many women..
    You know who you are.. GROW UP!!!
    No pun intended….LOL

  269. J P

    The arrival of our wonderful son should have been the greatest thing for us – not a trigger for your narcicistic jealousy to kick in. I did all those things for him but what about you? What about you? I gave our son all my attention because he loves me….. simple as that. You should be jealous I suppose – that is the care and attention I used to waste on you – now it is reserved for someone who deserves it.
    No mother would take a 10mth old baby out while she drinks until after midnight – big mistake
    No mother sits at home taking courses while I pay for them and complains how difficuly she has it – another mistake
    No mother sits at home and leaves their partner to clean, cook, wash, shop, hoover and everything else after finishing work – fatal error.
    a PARTNER (your constant complaint) helps plan a future
    a PARTNER helps keep their house a home
    a PARTNER helps pay the bills
    a PARTNER helps run things
    a PARTNER would at least learn to cook a single f***ing meal so their working partner doesn’t have to cook every single day……
    a PARTNER wouldn’t decide that sleeping with their other half meant being trapped forever…..
    a PARTNER would want to hold me, kiss me and be with me – not just as a financial crutch
    You failed as both a partner and mother – still do….. any whore can go for weeeknds and get laid. Any guy will be nice to someone he wants to f**k (ask them – it’s what we do)
    Your insecurities and lack of personal worth is not my problem – you are an adult and need to grow the f**k up. Without a man sorting everything for you and lavishing you with praise you are nothing, hence the depression and breakdowns. You’ve had this since your teens and it has never/will never change. Sort out the root problem – yourself – before you ruin even more lives. Your son is now 5yrs old and already sees through you…..
    As for your fraud – I now have the documentation to prove it and prepare yourself for a wake up call. You cannot go through life as if the rules are for everyone else but you – the docs are on their way to the authorities and you WILL end up with a criminal record….. your own fault.
    No-one on this planet can live with years of ‘I don’t know why – leave me alone – give me space’ there is always a reason, you just need to have the spine to be honest.
    Your lies and betrayal are coming back to haunt you. I won’t stop until you finally grow up and face the music one way or another……….

  270. jamie

    dear asshole,
    i can’t believe you were married the whole time i was with you. 5 yrs is a rather long time to string someone along with no intention of becoming more. i think you are a womanizer and a real jerk off for the time you took from my life that i will NEVER get back. i keep telling myself i am better off without you which i know is true it just stings a little that you played on my emotions and used me. I will walk away a better person from all of this but i just hope that one day you will get yours too. And living with your wife in a miserable marriage sounds like a good revenge for me. I thought about contacting her but don’t need ur fucking drama. You obviously have stronger feelings for her than me i just hate that you wasted so much of my time. I just always hope that one day karma will get you. Fuck off and die asshole.

  271. Andrew

    Dear Jorna,

    It has been almost a year now since you left. By far the hardest year of my life. I honestly hope you find all the happiness you were looking for.

    That’s all.


  272. komal

    Dear angel

    Yes I will still call you angel because you made me resolve to become a better person. So thank you for pushing me to my lowest point – I now know what is the most terrible thing that I can do. I have learnt a lot from it and am confident that I will not reapeat this mistake ever again. Thanks to you, I now know what I want from a husband and it is definetely not you.
    Maybe you think that I have too high standards or too many expectations but honestly I think I deserve someone who knows his moral boundaries, who can say no even if it is to his best friends, who cares enough about to ask whether I feel better when I tell him that I am sick, who makes the effort to keep in touch when I tell him that his constant disappearing acts make me feel insecure, who is not afraid to commit to me or call me his girlfriend. I wish you well and fingers crossed one day, you will find that special girl who can accept you just the way you are.
    You are right to say that I would have been unhappy with you. You and your friends would have seen as being a pain in the arse because I would have constantly worried about your whereabouts, because I wanted you to stop smoking weed and doing other recreational drugs, because I wanted you to be faithful to me and not go fooling around when you got drunk and high. I hope that you know what you are doing and I pray to God that you don’t regret heeding to the advice of those friends of yours who resort to alcohol and drugs to feel good about themselves.
    Oh Lord, please guide my angel as he is not a bad person just weak and easily swayed by what appears fun and exciting.
    My dear angel, life is not just about eating, drinking and be merry. That is good while you are in university but at some point you need to start taking responsbility for your actions also. Stop blaming your background and what others did to you for the way you behave. You are not programmed. You are human and capable of making choices, of changing yourself. So start using the brains which are in your head and stop thinking with your penis!

  273. Thayguy310


    When we met… And when we connected, I felt something new. I felt a part of myself I had turned off for so long. You looked at me in ways that assured me I could trust you and that I could believe In you.. Giving you this most special and deepest part of my being. I gave that to you. Every fiber of it because I knew in my gut that you would nurture it… That it gave you happiness and that together we could become something amazing. The kind of thing that life itself is truly about.

    Hell, I remember watching some dumb mission impossible flick with my mom over Thanksgiving thinking, ‘damn I’d take a bullet for this guy.’ Thank god I f*ckin’ didn’t.

    Unfortunately I had made a major mistake. I never would have forecasted such devastation. I was caught up in the belief that this was it …that you were likely the guy for me. I guess I should thank you for letting me know so soon, who in fact, you really were. An opportunist, a liar, a mirage, a false person. That to you, love is merely a thing you float through until you find someone else and believe you love them even more. To you love is an appliance, it’s something you throw away and it holds no meaning, no truth, and it’s certainly not something you find worth fighting for. It’s no different to you than your f*ckin’ iPhone. Every word you said had to have been a lie… Everything. You may go through life as the cute and intelligent Brazilian boy that melts hearts… But in reality, you are a little coward that crushes them.

    You are not the light I thought you were. You are the destroyer… You did it to me and you’re going to soon do it to that poor guy in Rio. You are the product of our generation, careless of others’ feelings and worst of all, dishonest with your own feelings (if you in fact even have the capacity to have any of those). I bid you a farewell and a sincere F*CK YOU… Because Claudio, I am no one’s fool… Especially not yours.

    Oh yeah, and it was so delightful to hear that David Bowie turned down a collaboration with your favorite band, Coldplay. Maybe one day I’ll look back at our relationship and think the exact same thought as Bowie himself.

    ‘The song just wasn’t very good.’

  274. Kim

    you were the first boy I ever loved. I’ve always felt very insecure about myself and when i finally found someone who seemed so head over heels for me I lost myself in you. I let reality get away from and I just let myself love you, Up until our last fight, I thought I meant everything to you. I am an easily jealous person and that comes from me being very insecure. This was something I was very upfront with you about and for the longest time it wasn’t an issue. I tried my best to keep it under control and when I did get mad you would act like you understood. I never thought It was enough to push you away. Some things I got upset about you would say “It’s not a big deal”. I would constantly go to my friends for their opinions. I would ask “am I being crazy or am I right to be upset. Be Honest” 9 out of 10 times they all agreed that they would react the same way. IM A GIRL! WE GET UPSET. GET OVER IT. Don’t do stupid shit that you KNOW will upset me and there would never be an issue. It really is that simple! It wasn’t until the end of the relationship that my best friend pointed out how sketchy you were being by the end of the relationship. Not letting me see your phone ever, when those girls came up to me at the football game to tell me you were snapchatting their friend and they “thought I should know”. I hope you know how embarrassing that was for me! But you apologized. Said you loved me more than anything and would make it right. That explains why you went out of your way to pick up my girl friend the next day while I was at work so you guys could hang out. It’s not like I ever said anything about how you being around her made me uncomfortable… Oh Wait… I DID!!! MORE THAN ONCE. It’s like you wanted that fight. You had to have known that me of all people would get mad over that. Within 2 days you put our entire relationship on the line. And to think just days before I felt so safe and solid in the relationship. For me it felt like a switch flipped. Over night you didn’t want me anymore.You went from throwing me over your shoulder so I couldn’t leave your house one night to asking me for a break the next. It blind sided me and broke my heart. Never have I been in so much pain. I didn’t eat for 3 days, I couldn’t sleep, xanax couldn’t even calm me down. It was the worst two weeks of my life because all I wanted was for you to come and tell me it was a mistake. I needed you to hold me and tell me it was going to be okey. I thought we were happy and in love and I keep trying to figure out the moment it all went wrong. I still love you and I still cry over you even though it’s been 2 months. I am forced to see every day at school. You acts like I am the one who hurt you… you have been nothing but rude to me. The other day you asked our friends if my prom date could sit with them at prom but leave me at home…I don’t think you realize how much this stuff hurts me. Maybe you do and thats why you do it but I can’t comprehend how you spend 7months loving someone and then throw it all away for nothing. How do you claim to love someone and then treat them like crap. I still wake up sometimes and forget that we aren’t together anymore. I hate You for what you’re doing to me. SO Logan, Screw you. Screw you and your two faced friends. Screw you’re prom date (the girl we fought over that lead to our break up/ my ex-friend) Stop being a complete douche to me because I deserved so much better than how you’ve treated me! I’ve always deserved better and all I want to do is let go. Wish I knew how p.s How dare you tell me you love me when you were already talking to other girls. How dare you give me that hope when there was nothing left. You’re selfish and a coward. I Lost my Boyfriend and my Best friend in one moment and you did that to me. I hate you. I want my heart back. It should never have been yours.

  275. Bird-Crow

    Even though I broke up with you I miss you so much. I didn’t realize I loved you until I spent time away from you. Now that you’ve moved to another city it seems like another hurdle has been placed in front of our relationship or non-relationship. I’m scared to give all to someone and not receive anything in return. I love you though and I just want to bein your arms as we make love.

  276. monica

    I don’t know what to say.. Just a sorry won’t help.
    All this while you were the one who was right and i was the wrong one here.
    There is so much i wanna say to you but i just dont know how.. actually i’m just not able to face myself.
    How could i do this
    You broke up with me without even giving me a reason and left me wondering what went wrong
    Finally after so many months i realized you didn’t gave me a reason just to save me from getting more hurt… You took the blame on yourself so that i don’t get hurt you were ok to be the bad person just to save me from getting hurt and guilty.
    I was just so scared to lose you that i stopped being myself.. When you said you wanted me to change i thought you don’t like me the way i am but that was not true you just wanted me to be the way i used to be.
    You were just perfect for me but i’m sorry that i couldn’t be perfect for you.. I couldn’t realize the wrong i was doing in order to be right in order to never lose you….
    You loved me and i too loved you like anything but i’m sorry i just couldn’t fit in your definition of love…
    The guy i’ve always dreamt of… The guy i always wanted to be with…. I always prayed for our togetherness.. How could i drift us apart.
    I know you dont wanna come back and honestly thats the only punishment for what i’ve done…
    But it hurts like hell to realize i mistakenly killed a relationship which i lived for.. i just can say sorry i know it doesnt mean anything now but i wish you get a girl who can love you the way you want and who’ll make you forget that you ever had me..
    You have no idea how much i’m gonna miss you

  277. tim

    Dear “im not sure you were into me really”

    Things were great, we hand a few down moments. One significant one was to do with your desire to be with someone who is as ambitious as you are.

    Rome was not built in a day and changes take time, Why did you allow me to meet your friends at a party at which you told me to go home on my own and make me look like a fool. Only to one hour later text me to say your getting a taxi home.

    Why tell me you love me only to text me on Christmas eve to say “your too busy for a boyfriend”. Happy Christmas……….I supported you in your ambition to be in the career of your dreams all the way. Even it meant you leaving for ever to be in that job.

    I may not be the most ambitious successful man, but I am strong dedicated compassionate and above all was your biggest fan. The strange part is I do hope you change your mind and want to give us another shot, I’m not sure I would have the heart to do that. If not I wish you well and that all your dreams come true. One word or warning with all good qualities comes the not so good and Mr ambitious just might not appreciate you or treat you well.

  278. One Two

    I fucking miss you and hate you! You must be an insane and what the hell you are not saying good bye at least.You just regret for your manner and you are the craziest guy in the world.
    I am also craziest girl in the world.Why am I missing the one who is not my ex? He’s just my secret friend who never know in person.But at least he should say good bye if he doesn’t keep in contact with me,right? We are friend for three years and we can’t live even not talking for a morning.So, why he leave me without any reason????Why?

  279. kingzsanj

    I just want to say that I really miss you. A lot. I miss those hugs and those kisses. I miss turning around and you always being there. I miss you telling me you love me, and telling me that you’ll aways be there for me. I miss you telling me Always & Forever….but I really didn’t think that forever would end so soon.
    I never thought that we would’ve ended the way we did…and it makes it 1000 x worse that none of us wanted to break up. What happened was unfortunate…but maybe it was destiny. Maybe you can be happier now…without me. Does me not being around help? I feel like I was the cause to all your problems….
    You were my first boyfriend, my first true love…and you will always be….but I’m now just another ex to you aren’t I? You’ll probably find another girl fast…and love her the same way you loved me, and all I would be able to do is watch with an aching heart. I know that you’re completely over me….but I’m not completely over you. I feel like no matter how much I try, a part of you will always remain within me. I don’t think I love you the same….but I care about you too much, leaving me confused with my own feelings. You think I don’t want to be friends with you, but it’s not that I don’t…..I just don’t know how to. All I really want is for you to be happy…and I’m so sorry about how my parents are acting. They are just taking out the anger they have for me on you. You know, even in a world that left me feeling so lonely…..you were the only one that made me feel like I’m worth something. All the times I cry about you are because I’m reminded of everything with constant flashbacks. During our time together, you sometimes felt like I didn’t love you. You felt like I was getting bored of you because I didn’t show much affection. Well, here’s the truth. I didn’t show much affection because I loved you to the end of the universe and back…and it was because I felt this way that I was always nervous around you. I never had a reaction to you touching me, but deep down I was so happy and my heart wouldn’t stop pounding. You were the prince that I had been searching for all my life….but what happens to a princess in love when her prince is suddenly gone? She shatters, and so did I. You will always be in my heart, always. I will try to be happy for you when you someone worth your time….someone you love, no matter how much pain it causes me because you deserve happiness. I feel like I won’t ever find as an amazing guy as you again. Every part of me wants you back…but then I know you can’t be mine, and I will have to live with that. Thank you for the best three months a girl could have. Three months may not seem that long to many, but it was the most beautiful months of my life, and I will never forget them. Watching you and not being able to touch you hurts the most, but I will try my best to let go of you. I hope that someday, we’ll be able to talk again, as best friends without my feelings getting in the way. Thank you for the best time of my life, and even though everything sucks right now, I would never trade these memories for anything else xx Love, your ex.

  280. Lee McCullough

    Ten years ago I walked out on you. What did you expect after what you did? You were once the center of a loving family, the most important person in our lives but you dashed it to the ground. You butchered our family and betrayed the trust of our children as well as mine, all for your own selfish gratification. I’ve heard it said that nothing feels better than finding you’ve been right. Well, recently, through the grapevine, I found out I was right about you. I heard that the things I said would come to pass in your life have transpired and, for you, I’m sorry. You see, I’ve moved on and so have our children, you haven’t. In fact you’ve lost ground. The only thing that gives me any satisfaction is that I’m not there for you to blame any longer. I wish you a long, long marriage with your present husband. God knows, you deserve it.

  281. Brian

    I miss looking forward to seeing you every morning,
    and knowing that we’re waving the same thoughts to each other.
    I miss your whole-body hugs,
    and how you linger in my air for a while afterward.
    I miss the flirty lilt in your voice when you say “yeah?”
    and the playful smile you wear when you say it.
    I miss your warm hands when it’s cold outside,
    and where you put them to keep them that way.
    I miss thinking about doing the things we talked about doing,
    and talked about doing, and talked about doing.
    I miss the idea of working together in the yard,
    and shooting hoops with your boys.
    I miss your optimistic way,
    and how it made me better for a time.

    But I don’t miss you blowing off the serious things.
    I don’t miss it having to be only on your terms.
    I don’t miss being frustrated by your silence,
    and the e-fighting that followed.
    I don’t miss your “if I” apologies,
    and I’m glad to have one less thing to keep me up at night.
    I don’t miss the needless introspection,
    or the destructive emotional turmoil.
    I don’t miss burning it all down,
    and how it made me worse for a time.

    And I wouldn’t miss waking up thinking about you,
    if I could just wake up not thinking about you.

  282. Chickikay

    Dear Ex,

    I just want you to know that I have already forgiven you but never will I forget all the terrible things happened in our relationship even if it only lasted for almost a year. One day we’re okay then all of a sudden, in just one click everything has changed. You decided to reconcile with your ex even if you did say you love me more than her. That’s so odd actually. I just hope you would continue your life in a good direction. Make it work with her with no lies and heartaches but pure love and happiness. Also hoping for our future reconciliation when everything goes well in our lives individually. Thank you for everything. You made me happy really and that’s all that matters.

  283. Trae

    Sunshine I don’t care about the past I don’t care what you want to do for a living.thing I care about really is the love that I have for you guess what It hurts

  284. Matt

    I don’t understand why you thought
    That you could cheat on me
    You thought I was dumb enough to believe you
    When you said we were meant to be
    And if I didn’t give you what you wanted
    You got up and you ran away
    That’s all you did from the start
    All you did was take and take

    I can’t believe I fell for it
    Every single time you lied
    And then you had the nerve to tell everyone
    I gave you a miserable life
    You thought that you could break me down
    And you could make me cry
    But those days are gone
    And you will never make me cry

    You thought I would never find out
    That you’ve been taking me for a fool
    You did everything in your power
    To make me feel like I was nothing without you
    But all of that is in the past
    And I won’t let you get me down
    I’m stronger than that
    And I won’t let you bring me down

    All you cared about was yourself
    And you embarrassed me in front of everyone else
    You abused me and you controlled me
    And you put me through Hell

    I managed to escape
    Without you figuring it out
    It’s obvious you underestimated
    Just what I was about

    You wanted me to sit at home and cry
    While you had fun with your friends
    And for a while that was what I did
    But now that has come to an end

    I’m not going to sit around
    And let you play games with me
    You’d better get lost
    And quit messing around with me

    I don’t understand why you thought
    That you could treat me like your possession
    I’m tired of telling you to get off my back
    And I’ve had enough of all this obsession
    You keep constantly blowing up my phone
    And it’s really bugging the shit out of me
    You better quit playing your stupid games
    And quit messing around with me

    You thought that I would never find out
    That you’ve been kissing and touching him
    Don’t sit there and lie to me
    I saw your mouth all over him

    Keep it up motherfucker
    You just keep on fucking with me
    Keep fucking playing games with my emotions
    And you’re gonna see

    I spent all my money on you
    When I could’ve used it for myself
    You sat on your ass
    And you laughed and laughed as I fell

    I gave you everything I had to give
    And you took advantage of me
    I’m done playing nice with you
    So you better stay the fuck away from me

    You are such an ungrateful sonofabitch
    I should’ve known you couldn’t give a shit
    You better leave me the fuck alone
    Or I will give you hell
    For as long as you live

    I ran into your friends at Costco
    Those fucking idiots need to get a life
    I can’t believe they gave you the genius idea
    Of putting me through so much struggle and strife

    I reckon they thought that if you kissed me
    I would forget the way you treated me like shit
    Well your mates can go to hell
    Because I’ll never forget how you treated me like shit

    You better tell your mates
    To get the fuck out of my face
    You lot keep testing my patience
    And I’m going to punch them in the face
    Your mates can hate me all they want
    I really don’t give a shit if they die
    You can tell those fucking morons
    I said I never want you back in my life

    Why don’t you go home and tell your man
    I said he can go fuck himself
    You could’ve had all my love
    But you left me for someone else

    You had the best boyfriend in the world
    But then you wasted your chance
    I should’ve known you couldn’t be bothered
    To keep it in your pants

    Now I’m going to show you
    The nasty side of me
    I really don’t give a shit
    If it makes you cry
    My love for you was strong and true
    But you decided to let it die

    Don’t you dare call me up
    In the middle of the night begging me to come back to you
    Call my phone again
    And I will hunt you down
    And then I’ll beat the shit out of you

  285. N

    I hate you, i loved you so much. its funny to think of the fine line between love and hate, many times i wondered if i would ever be stuck in that fine line, and apparently yes i would. I am so ashamed of myself. I can not believe after almost four years in a relationship you decided it was okay to break up on the phone. I know we had our problems, i know we were both going through things but the least i deserved was an in person break up, but no. You did it your way as always. You did not give a rats a** about me and that is what is killing me deep inside. You made it all about you. I never mattered. Then, you have the nerve to say you still love me, wtf? i hate you so freaked much !!!!!!!!! you don’t just play with people’s hearts like that, you really don’t. you promised me so much including marriage and in that second our engagement no longer mattered.then again when did it matter, or when did i matter? I begged to see you to talk about things and you still said no, i hoped for weeks that you would regret how things happened and ask for forgiveness and at the moment i said i would take you back in a heart beat, now it’s different because i hate you with all my heart. You managed to turn that great love i had for you into hate in such a short amount of time!! you’re so selfish, disgusting and every other name in the book. then, you play the victim card all over the place but excuse me you broke up with me!! i was the dumbass that thought i could figure out how we could make our relationship work for so long!!! I was the stupid a** that believed it was a mutual love but obviously not. God, i hate you and i hate myself for falling for you. I question my self every single day why i let you take control of my heart, why i believed in you so much and why i was so blinded by stupid love, i guess I’m just the biggest genius. I hate that i have to think of these past four years as a waste of time now especially because before you i had so much good going for me and i was alone! i had great friends, great relationships with family and just an outstanding future and because of you because of the relationship i chose that some things weren’t as important as you were. I f**ked up by letting you into my family and treating you as such. i hate you so much!!!!!! and the worse part of it all is that i now hate myself because of YOU!!

  286. SBB

    I left, and you know I did everything I could to stay and work things out. But you are/were young. I knew the moment we started this, it was going to end in heartache. Not because of the lack of love, but recognizing you were going to grow and I was as well. That’s the thing about life. It changes you with time. Our paths were parallel and we had the opportunity to keep them that way, but it takes two. Not one.

    4 years and within 3 months of still working things out with each other, you are confessing your love to another man and telling him “it has always been you”.

    I put a roof over your head. I gave you a dog. I put you through school. I put up with your dis-functional family. I fixed your car (multiple times). I carried you during your painful fucking menstrual cycles. I took care of you and loved you dearly.

    I wonder sometimes how much you lied to me throughout our relationship; now that I have removed you from my life. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t really matter. You lied. You lacked integrity. You put more weight in your words than your actions. You showed me that I was simply a stepping stool in your selfish progression throughout life.

    I can finally feel the anger I have repressed with you in this past year. Fearing I would get lost in it and say and do things that I did not mean. But since I have blocked you in every aspect of contacting me, let me just say…

    I don’t hate you. But you are child. Lost and confused. Grasping for anything or anyone to give you the attention you need to sit comfortably in your own skin. If only for a few moments. You have lied to someone who wished to live the rest of their life with you. You have invalidated everything I have done and worked so hard to build with you. Fuck you, you little girl. You no longer get my time, energy, tears, kindness, generosity, laughter or the simple comfort of my voice.

    You have created the exact thing you were so afraid of… losing me.

    I’m glad I could be the one to teach you how to be a better person, and hopefully the difference between a girl… and a woman.

    You were right about one thing, I do deserve better.

  287. Trae

    Sunshine that was the wrong thing for me to say. I know I still can’t remember everything . I need your help with my memory please . I’m not lying to you .

    I I just know what I’ve heard you say and I think that we do deserve a chance i I think that we will be awesome together and grow very strong . Who knows maybe we can win the lottery or something together .

  288. Mary

    I’ve decided to not initiate any more contact with you because every single time I get excited that we are talking again only to find you pulling back. So as much as I want to talk to you, I’m not going to put myself through that pain of disappointment every single time. I know you don’t owe me anything, I know that I should have fought for you but I didn’t and I know that you were probably hurting as much as I was so I’m not blaming you and logically I know I shouldn’t be upset. But love is not logical and I really loved you and expected so much more out of this that I end up being upset. Your communication with me since the breakup (or lack thereof) has left me feeling disposable, rejected and unloved, the exact opposite of everything I felt when we were in a relationship. Sometimes a voice in my head tells me that i should not give up on you just yet but then the voice of reason reminds me of how futile this is in the light of our current circumstances.

  289. Truman

    I want to tell you that I loved you. You were one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. I really did love you, you were the first person I ever felt that way about. I would’ve done anything for you. But you changed, your mental illness turned you into someone else. I don’t even know who you are anymore. That love has turned to hate. That’s all I feel towards you anymore. My soul is a firestorm of rage, trapped inside the walls of my heart that you turned to stone. But that hate gives me motivation, and I won’t let it destroy me.

  290. CC

    So I dreamed of a snake again. This time it was turquoise and navy blue- I wanted to text you and tell you so that we could analyze it together. We both have had our share of dreams/nightmares knowing that we had unresolved life issues and we helped each other through.. I miss that. I miss you lying next to me, I miss your laugh and your smile, our drunken movie nights. When you left, a part of me died and I feel like it is never coming back. I did good for a while, but I know I will never be the same, I want so much to be free of you and the thoughts, the anger and the tears. 6 months- that is how long it has been. So many times I wanted to contact you- my every waking thought seems to be about you and I try and fend it off by thinking of the negative- how I never met your family, how I could never be your ex and you would never give me what you gave her (you) how I couldn’t get a proper introduction to your sister- it works for a while- because I know I deserve better than that… I am a queen and I would have given you my everything. It hurts- it does I feel stupid sometimes for even thinking we could have a real relationship- I put myself in this space and now I am trying to get out of it- but I cannot seem to shake you. I have moved on from plenty of exes…. But it never hurt like this for this long- you handled my fragile heart all wrong and I am left alone to pick up the pieces and try and be whole. I had to cut all contact because I could not allow you to continue to toy with my emotions, my life, my mind, my soul. All I can pray is that if you are the one for me that the universe will send you back to me- until then I will continue to miss what we had, dream of what we could have been and work on becoming the best me for whoever lies ahead- even if it is you. Just know I loved you and I miss you.

  291. Trae mcconnell

    I gave u 3000.00 to buy u some teeth. So u threw it away. Lol never seen a woman do that before. Now i love life the law way and found that its twice as hard. I cant seem to even get my car back. I get 3 or 4 numbers right on the lottery. Cant get all 6 without u. One of my biggest sayings is ( go big or go home). When i f***up,,, i even f up big. I remember throwing coffee in ur face; hitting u and i now that was really wrong. Ive learned how to controll my anger buts it to late. Now u hate me. Moving on, moving forward. So be it.
    Searching for a new career i found one. Staying on the right path is hard but paying off. U cant buy a clear conscience. Living through the same memories twice is a mother focker. Amnesia is tough. Go big or go home right. I thank god for my family that helped me through this. Im the last w.k.m alive now. 3rd man and the last. U”ll never know my sucess. I will hit those 6 numbers on my own. Let go and let god. I love myself enough to not love u any more. Good bye my beatifull sunshine. I hate the word goodbye. I want u! I never loved anyone on this earth as much as you. P.s. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  292. cheryl

    in order to get through the 12 steps there should be NO contact .. The NO contact rule is the only rule that works. If you speak to them, then you will always come back to the idea of being with them. I can’t share my story, because he will read it and it’s none of his business how I handle our break up! he broke it off with me so good for him. My no contact starts today!
    if any women out there want to join me for my 12 steps then email me. I thought we could do like a chart and every time we feel something that the 12 steps tells us we will be feeling, we could write it down and compare how we felt that day! oh boy.. we could also highlight the emotions and feelings that make us feel the worse and come to the conclusion together that we are beating ourselves up for feeling those emotions!
    I have other ideas too! Then we start to meet friends who aren’t associated with our ex and let them see us for the people we are, not for the people our ex saw us as! .. Then we can do things once a week like, dress up and be a girl! it’ll be fun..

  293. Cheryl

    and for the record, don’t beat someone down emotionally! if a girl in your oppinion is pathetic then back off and leave her alone. Enjoy the women and appreciate the women who are not so pathetic .. you can’t change a person so leave them alone! don’t try to change them or make them feel guilty. Understand there are different people and not everyone has a personality disorder. Some people really don’t care asshole

  294. cheryl

    and for the record stop commenting on my life and my personality. stop making your input and judgements when we don’t know eachother at all and to be honest, you ran me down and all i want is some space and privacy from you. privacy would be a first! you don’t approve of me, congratulations. I hate you! not because of any reason but you pry into my life, make judgements against me and try to comment on my personality!

  295. cheryl

    THanks to this asshole. i now know I am pathetic. ugly. I have a personality disorder. i have colvert narcassistic disorder and borderline personality disorder ocd and an eating disorder because i was ugly and fat and growing up i developed self hatred. I have a child like personality. actually fuck you child is what he said. he didn’t know me before my illness but now my illness has turned me into something he doesn’t know. I am not fat I am pure muscle and need to hit the gym and take care of myself and now i can hold my head up since he told me this.. Thank you..

    I also can’t spell and should be focused on finding a career that is obtainable which to him i believe was to go work at a toyota plant and live in a coop because i fit in kitchener as i look like a regular girl here. TY

  296. LoveBug

    Dear LoveBug,

    I know a lot of things changed since the last time we talked. 🙁 Yes, i am in a relationship,and your girl has become very close to me, and the fact that my feeling for you are still not gone, hurts me. Yes, i know you told her in a letter that you still liked me, that you let me go, and messed up, but the truth is that i would do anything to have you back. I miss You!!! You should have never let go, because now we are both in a new relationship, and we are still missing each other. I miss you lovebug, because that’s what you used to call me. 🙁 I hope someday we could give it another chance, and that you forget about the past and let me treat you like the girl you are. let me love you, and let her be, because even when you are with her, i know you still miss my hands. Te amo!! & I always will. <3

  297. LPlis

    Wow! Nice website to vent!

    To you G:
    It really took me by surprise when you dumped me a year ago. I, like many others in here, thought we were very happy. We were making plans for baby number two, and then suddenly you “didn’t feel butterflies anymore”.. You couldn’t find anything else, you said I was your best friend, a great woman with many qualities, the nicest person you have ever met, that we had great connection, no issues.. just no butterflies.
    You didn’t even make an “effort” to try to seek help before pulling the plug. Doesn’t a son or an 8 year relationship at least deserves that? Ever since then it has been a push – pull thing.
    I see you very often, you hang around like nothing happened but I see no interest in you on officially getting back together. I don’t know what goes through your head and feelings about me. There is a massive wall. You are not giving me any expectations of where we are going. I know you want us to remain best buds, but that is not going to happen. We were never friends, it was just that we had that kind of relationship.
    Yes, You are right, relations evolve, and I want our great relationship to become a no relationship. I am terribly sorry but is all or nothing. Somewhere inside me hurts and tells me that if you really want me in your life, you would make it happen. Which hasn’t, so..
    I have decided that I am not going to carry you around like an old suitcase, the past is past. There are stories, but they are long gone, they happened to different people. I don’t need to keep re-living them stories. Whatever you think of me, the relationship, other people in your life, and life in general doesn’t concern me anymore. It may hurt for a while more, but I need to keep that in mind. Whether you regret your decision or not, won’t occupy my mind. I think you made a mistake and that you will regret it one day, but even that thought will have to change.
    Your choices are yours, which I don’t need to judge. You are the one who will live with the consequences of your actions. I, unfortunately will have to pay for some damage. My mistake was probably having invested all that time and having believed you truly loved me. You have hurt me so deeply that you can be sure and maybe even satisfied that you will be the last person I ever get involved with. The f*ck I am ever getting myself exposed to getting this hurt again! (Thank you for scaring the crap out of me), for teaching me that I can only ever rely on myself. When the people you love and trust the most kick you out of their lives with no real motive does make me thing that words and intentions are nothing but Helium Balloons, very real and present but so quickly can go out of your hands.
    Search for your own happiness, and don’t get in the way of mine. Go where you need to go and don’t stop me from where I want to go. Allow me to disappear and move on. Respect my decisions like I will respect yours. No bad feelings, just strangers we just use to know.

  298. Tiger

    Why you broke my heart, A. Why you shattered me into pieces ? Why you never gave us true chance ? Why you did this to me? I cannot get over. How could you ? You never loved me. I was ready to give my life for you. How can you ruin like that my biggest dream? How can you dump me like trash ? How can you do this after all? Was I that bad? I gave all I could, nothing was enough. Not a single “I love you” from you ever. You never recognized me. You just had fun and got bored. And you are my life. You destroyed me. Why you did this to me? For you it was always my fault and you never saw I crave for you. I scream for your love. You killed me.

  299. Dd

    When you told me that you had been engaged just two months before, I thought to myself “stay away.” I had been the rebound guy, and I didn’t want to be him again. The next time I saw you, I kept my distance, always thinking that I shouldn’t get too close. When you held my hand as we walked around the city, I still said “be careful.” When I told you that you I was purposefully keeping my distance, you told me that I had nothing to worry about, and that the ex was no more. The first time you flaked on me, your reason was good. I chalked it up to how busy you were. The second time you flaked on me, I started seeing other women, just in case. Then you showed up late on a date by three hours and wondered why I was upset. You dumped me three days later via text, right when I started falling for you. That was weak. Even after dialing back my emotions, to a purposeful degree, I still got hurt. Thank you for teaching me not to love too soon, and to stay away from what I want the most. I’ll be even more carefful next time. Goodbye.

  300. Cristal

    Dear Francho,
    Since our breakuo, i gotta say ihavent gotten over you. I just wanna run to and make things rigght. We both messed up but like u said we belong together mayb not riggt now by later on. But why cant later on be today or tomoorow. When we broke up iwas determines to move on & find gappiness with someone else but it was impossible bcuz u kept showing up everywhere we tried getting back together many times but we didnt manage the fact being the last time i saw u u tols mw that ihated u & thhats why ididnt give u a hug but ihugged u tight and when u told me u was leaving to mexico that broke me inside. Imiss u so muxh iwant you back you were the inly one who made me feel important like ihad a meaning, u taught me to loce my life u made ne happy u didnt care about anything u always wantd me to be witchu where ever we went and now ifind myself with a guy who no were near showa anything towards me. Imiss u & deep inside istill love u abit.

  301. vgtz

    From “Voices in the Sky” by the Moody Blues; each and every rising sun is greeted by a lonely one. No truer words have ever been spoken…

  302. Fhvfxdf

    Do you seriously not know why I hate you…?? I know about every single lie you told me and I honestly can’t believe that you would do that to me. You straight up lied to my face so many times. I guess you’re just not who I thought you were. You’re the lying asshole that everyone warned me about but I trusted you when all you were doing is going behind my back. I regret ever even liking you in the first place and take back everything that I said about you being a nice person. You asked me to trust you and told me you would never do anything to hurt me and for some reason I thought you had actually changed.. Which now I know was so unreasonable because you’ll never change.. You’re always going to be the same guy that screws girls over by lying to them and making them think that you actually care about them. The fact that I even believed all your bullshit for so long is so embarrassing. I stood up for you so many times when people said that you were only going to hurt me and I looked like such an idiot because they probably knew what you were doing behind my back. It just makes me question if anything you told me was true. How could you do this to me knowing how much it hurt you when Claire cheated on you once..? Imagine with 10 other guys… You literally came up to me the day after you and Sara hooked up and swore to me that it was all a rumor… I just don’t understand this at all… why did you even beg me for a second chance if you planned on hooking up with about 10 other girls while we were still talking? Obviously you didn’t care about me at all and never did… But don’t take this that I actually care about you anymore…. Because I don’t at all I just needed to get that out and I’ve been meaning to send this ever since I found out about everything. I just don’t see how it’s funny that I don’t talk to you.. It actually amazes me that you still wonder why I hate you and that you laugh when I don’t respond to you. It’s just so rude bc this whole situation isn’t funny in the least bit to me. Whatever you don’t even have to respond to this I just wanted to let you know that what you did really hurt me so please don’t act like I’m over reacting by not talking to you. If you actually cared about me at all at one point I would think that you would respect me a little bit because I have done nothing to you except be nice.

  303. Mel

    Dear C,

    You lying, cheating, bastard. I spent a full month feeling blamed for the breakup. You claim I “didn’t love you unconditionally.”I fucking did! I loved you more than you ever loved me. I am sitting here grieving the loss of you and I don’t even know why. I would have given and done anything for you. I practically worshiped the ground you walked on. How dare you leave me for the bitch that deliberately did everything in her power to break us up. How do you even find her efforts attractive? She’s a disgusting human being and clearly so are you. You lied to me. You said you didn’t like her, and here you are living with her. I wish I could be more forgiving and walk away, but honestly I feel betrayed and pissed beyond all measure. The sight of your face makes me sick to my stomach. I hate every cell in your body and I hope your life turns to utter shit. We had such a wonderful life planned and you pissed it all away to go be with a fake manipulative bitch with some serious mental issues.

    Ps. My grandma only commented nice things on your Facebook picture because she has early dementia and forgot we broke up. She hates you too. Oh and your new beard looks like shit and your hair makes you look like the cocky douche bag that you have become. I hope you choke on your oversized ego.
    – M

  304. morgan

    Dear JD,
    I am so lost in the process of loving u too much that i forget that i am special too , I care so much about you and i forget about everything else completely, even my health and wellbeing.I love you, and no matter what happens I will still love you and I still think of you all the time. I know it means nothing to you, but you mean everything to me. all i wanted was to let you know that i am in love with u but i knew that if i ever tell u that i will loose u but i did it anyway and now u disappeared , the thing is i know that u don’t feel the same way i feel but i love u anyway , now i just want u to know that i am in pain ,…. i wish u could love me back ,you ‘re not even my ex ,you just a secret guy i met 8 months ago, falling in love with u was the biggest mistake i did , i know but at least u should say goodbye if u don’t want to see me again…
    i miss u, i miss u in so many ways ,………..

  305. Sad

    I love my wife and she has always wanted to try until recently her sister pressured her not to samd when a pfa was filed I dont understand she said well hold off took the money I was moving out with to try now paid the motgage now its back to my decision is final I feel manipulated I am sad hurt by this I mean so little I lloled out for her maybe I been mean but not physchically

  306. V

    Let’s see, P. During our 8 years together, you withheld affection, gaslighted me, called me a freak because you never really tried to learn about me, cheated on me at least twice, had more mood swings than a girl pms’ing ever, made fun of me at my expense in front of your friends and let me, the female, pay for everything. I realize that the problem was indeed me. I let you get away with it. I was afraid of losing. I was afraid of being alone. I thought I couldn’t function. But I found myself again. You were pretty surprised when you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too. I am going to change. I am changing.

  307. Jenna

    Dear di*k-brain (aka Keith),

    Though I am the dumper, you dumped me from your life long ago. After 17 years of marriage I now realize that I have to co-parent with the most selfish ass on the face of the planet! You spent $10,000 at a strip club, countless amounts on prostitutes and while you are living in the basement during our divorce I keep hoping an earthquake will cause the floor to collapse on your head and squish you like the cockroach you are! I hope you’ve told your new girlfriend who you really are… But sadly I’m sure you haven’t! Oh, let’s not forget you are the unfortunate victim of an awful and controlling wife (or so I hear that’s what you’re telling people) and I’m sure that’s what your new girlfriend has heard too. Let me give you a little life tip… Someone standing up for themselves against a pathological liar does not a controlling person make. Lying, concealment, propaganda, slight of hand, lies of omission…. THOSE are controlling ( covertly, but controlling none the less! ). Changing bank account and credit card passwords, that is controlling! I’m tired of you projecting your shit onto me! It’s time to break out the pooper scooper- you lying piece of sh*t! And you cry to our kids about how terrible this is for you, you manipulative friggin bastard! Then you expect me to keep your dirty little secrets so our kids aren’t hurt and so you can play the victim! If you gave two shits about how are kids are affected you’d stop running around like a college frat boy on viagra! You have the audacity to lecture me about righteous anger and how my anger toward you hurts our kids! Unlike you f*ckface I don’t involve our kids in my emotional turmoil! You thumb your nose at me because I won’t lay down and be your doormat and protect your false reputation, while you slink around like a slimy worm. I’m supposed to operate with a high moral compass while you behave like a egocentric manipulator. Always the double standard with you right? You’ve spent your parenting hours hoeing around (using work as your cover) while I take care of the kids and when I say we are going back to mediation, you covertly threaten that “You’re not the only one keeping records” as if I’ve done something wrong! Get your head out of your delusional ass! I won’t be intimidated by you any more. One trip to my safety deposit box will disprove all of your “victim-hood”, you can’t lie about electronic evidence jackbag! Well I’m sure you would lie, but at least I could disprove it. You keep telling yourself that the occasional dinner out with the kids and your manufactured social media posts make you “dad of the year!” You may have the rest of the world fooled, but I know who you are and where you’ve been! If you haven’t figured it out by now… I hate your sorry ass!

  308. Mcdermott

    Dear Mr. Wheeler,

    I hate your f*** guts! I hope you and your fat, gross, pig girlfriend, the one you lied about and cheated on me with, have the most miserable relationship. I hope you perform poorly at your new job and your co-workers hate you. You will be a terrible father one day, always neglectful and never kind. You wasted years of my life. You were never supportive, always lazy, negative, abusive, unsatisfying in bed and the worst friend anyone could not hope for. I hope you have a terrible life every single day. I hope you hate yourself with all of the pain you have caused me and my family. Only a monster would cheat, lie, steal and then walk out on his only source of support to be with a fat loser. I hope your family is disgusted by you and remain a horrible, passive-aggressive, pathetic, shallow version of a man the rest of your life. I hate you and I will forever hate you. You are a worthless piece of s***.

  309. Sherri

    Dear asshole
    I hope you never get any happiness after how you treated me. All the lies and betrayal that became a constant in 14 months I wasted on you. Was the fact that I wasn’t as much of a hoe as your friends girls really that bad? Not wanting to get drunk and loud and have guys wrap themselves around me a sin?
    I know I wasn’t part of your pathetic group like your first girlfriend or like the chick you are running after now, despite the fact that she is in a relationship, but I consider that a good thing, why would I want to associate myself with a bunch of under achieved, unemployed pathological liars? So by all means keep up with the extremely low standards you are used to and keep the half naked photo of your cousin that you refused to delete and continue to misuse the word sister in description of the girls you and your friends share. I will continue to the decent woman I was raised to be and I will continue to wear clothes that cover up all my bits – unlike your “sisters”. You were never worth my time, and I am embarrassed at how much I lower by standards when it came to you.
    I do not wish you happiness as I know you do not care at all about how you hurt me. Our entire relationship was based on lies on your side and great sacrifices on my side. Your family can torment the next girl, because even though she may be from your same faith, unlike me, they will never be satisfied. Not unless you marry someone from within your family like some of your other family members so they may control you both. Maybe then your half naked photo cousin may not act so jealous but my she will. I supported you when you lost your job, never mentioned anything about it. Paid for everything because I believed I was doing it for us, you took that dedication and threw it away. Lying about where you are and who you are with. I guess a girl being interested in you and no other guy was too boring. I hope that one day you fall in love and that you will not be enough for that person like my love wasn’t enough for you. I was never demanding, I never stopped you from going out with the guys and I never questioned the things you told me, that was mistake, I trusted you too much. Now I am here watching you do everything you told me you could not do when you were with me, simple things like activating your Facebook account, now that we have broken up you suddenly remember your login details, and you are using it to publicly go on the hunt for the next person or people. The extent of your lies disgust me. You are the worse person I have ever know. I doubt any of the ill will I wish on you will be effective, bad people aren’t punished, faithful, loyal people are. Absolutely anyone would be an upgrade from you. I know I’m not beautiful but it would have been so great if you could have said that I looked nice, even just once. Now you are throwing the term gorgeous at anything with a vagina you disgusting piece of crap. After everything I have been through during and after the relationship saying I hate you is an understatement.

  310. Kloe

    My love, altought you deserted me twice and left me heartbroken, I still miss you and love you so deeply that it hurts. I am sorry if I was not the best girlfriend, I tried my best. Sorry if I ever gave you wrong impression how much I loved you and how happy I was with you. I know you wanted to take revenge on me, but I didn’t do anything behind your back. I was always faithful. I don’t want to live without you. I can live only half alive since you left. My illusions my mistake that I tought you loved me too.

  311. Lin

    Dear John,
    I started out your Valentine’s Day card that way too, and joked about how you’d probably hate me for using the title of a cheesy movie you hated on purpose. I’m not mad at you for dragging this out longer than it should’ve been. I’m not mad at you for making me live a lie. I’m not mad at you for keeping yourself pretty closed off, while I opened my heart and mind to you. No, nothing you did in the end made me mad, nor will it ever. We were good together, we were great to each other, and you can’t deny that we had fun. We had an equal balance of similarities and differences, as weird as that sounds. After all, we started actually talking after Black Friday because I bought Shakespeare plays and you said I had good taste. Literature and politics and music – things we had in common. I don’t think I’ll find someone who is as dynamic as you, having these three wonderful things running (ha, a PUN) throughout your beautiful mind. I began to fall in love with you the same time you stopped liking me. Ironic, isn’t it? I had a feeling something was wrong, but I was afraid to confront it because I didn’t want my worst fears coming true. They eventually did. See, I told you – I AM a psychic!

    But I fell in love with someone who I didn’t know. We both wrote stories and poems, and I only read one of yours. When I asked to read more, hoping to get to know you better through this, you always said “Maybe another time” and “not now”. Getting to know you was my plan from the start, but when you kissed me in the movies out of nowhere, I told myself there would be time throughout the relationship to. Time was never on our side, and this was no exception. I bought your favorite book two days before we broke up, thinking that by reading this I’d be able to sorta get into that beautiful mind of yours and we could bond over it. But by then, you were already gone.

    I’m not mad at you in the slightest. It wasn’t your fault for not liking me anymore. You couldn’t help that, and it’s not like we knew from the start that you would end up having no feelings for me by the end. I’m just…Upset (an understatement) that you would keep this from me. Okay, let me reword that. Why would you be with me if you weren’t feeling the same? You made me live a lie, even if you didn’t intend for that to happen. You said ‘recently’ when I asked you how long you’ve been feeling like this, you said ‘a few days’, and when I asked our mutual friend she said ‘a week’. And while I don’t know you as well as I wish to, I know that it was more than that.

    It feels pretty surreal to think that our breakup happened within a few Facebook messages and a 5 minute phone call. I thought that finally confronting you about it would make things better, that this was just a little bump in the road that we would get over like every couple does. The bump ended up being our whole relationship ending.

    Your best friend said you weren’t ready, that you needed to grow more as a person. I would’ve waited for forever. I’ve never felt this dead over a breakup. You’ve impacted me, John, I just don’t know if I’ve done the same to you. Did I not show you enough affection, or tell you how much you meant to me enough? I thought I did it too much. Your best friend said that you ask(ed) about me, and that he’s never done that with people he’s known their hearts he’s broken. She says you say that I need to move on. It’s been less than a week. How the fuck am I supposed to do that? She says that you’re not taking it well either (despite you bringing up how it was time to end it), that it’s because you’ve lost someone great. I don’t know if those were your words or her’s. But I was the one that lost someone. You have me for forever, even if I stop loving you, I’ll never stop caring about you. But I lost you a while ago, I just didn’t want to believe it.

    I miss you. I hope I get over this soon, and while I wish for your happiness (I didn’t force you to stay because 1) why would either of us want to be in a relationship where the feelings aren’t mutual? and 2) if I wasn’t making you happy, if this relationship wasn’t making you happy, why would I basically make you suffer by staying in it? That’s selfish as fuck), I hope you don’t get over it too soon. I hope you feel. The very least you could do for me since you don’t think I should get any closure since you got yours, is to feel. Is to understand how I feel, how I am right now, and why. I’m holding you to the ‘we’ll be friends; I’d hate to lose someone like you’ (again – /I/ lost /you/, not the other way around) claim you made, though I’m sticking by my ‘not now, not yet’ response too. As difficult as it is to stand by my words.

    Yours (well, not anymore),

  312. Anonymous

    I have never been much of a writer but lets give this a shot.

    I truly believe in myself enough to know that it is you who is losing out. I am also smart enough (thanks to SYHBD) to know that I WILL get over this, one way or another. It might take a week, a month or more likely a year.

    I have also come to realize that nothing is certain in life (how immature of me not know have known this already) – If asked a year ago, I would have bet my life on you never breaking up with me.

    I do have to admit it hurts (4 years – FML). Time to pretend I have moved on while I sulk hoping to get over you sooner than I think.


  313. Sunshine

    I regret that you could never express your feelingss to me, I can say I’ve always been the expressive type and in our 4 years I never felt like I could feel comfortable with your modest attempts at complete expression. You always had trouble trusting women, probably because your moms a diagnosed bipolar crack addict. Maybe your flaws attracted me to you? I never felt the reassurance of your confidence and trust. Who knows why? I know you can never fully trust any woman, and the angst you feel rubs off on me, I know that any time I spend away from you will leave you feeling as if I was being dishonest. That maybe it was all a game & I was parading you through town as a cuckold, laughing in secret as if I had pulled off a great heist. Deep inside I know I will never stop loving your potential, loving the peace I felt in your presence, with the cost only being absolute reassurance that you were my priority.
    I will always regret that there was no way to solidify your confidence in me. It was, and will always be, impossible.

  314. Sonya

    Oh thea. I don’t know how to do this. He is not only breaking up with me but he is trying to teach me how to be a grown up. He said I needed to grow up or I would end up in another relationship with an older man and my youth would be taken from me. He said If I am not careful I will look back at my life and regret it. He was the best man to loose my v too because he was so kind but his new girlfriend is like so pretty and perfect. I just want him to let me heal but he keeps sending me books on how to be my age. It is so sad. What do you think about this. Is it right that he is trying to help me when he hurt me so much. Omg I have to go, a cute boy is knocking at my door. Ok Ill check in later . bye now. Your are like the best ever.

  315. Autumn

    Dear Z,

    I’m sorry that we never had the chance to really try. We were both so far away, and in such different places in our lives. I loved you, and I’ll never have that feeling again with anyone, in any time. I had to make a choice. A choice to follow my heart, and risk throwing my ambitions to the wind to follow your path, or the other option of pursuing my own passions while I could, and hope to god our love would last. I chose the latter, as you well know, but the outcome was not what I ever wanted.

    I know when I left, you said you were afraid to get attached. You said you loved me. I loved you, more than anything, I loved you. I realize now, this was your way of saying goodbye. Our 6 year unrequited love story, ending. While I was overseas, I thought of you daily, I loved you like we weren’t 5000 miles apart. I never had eyes for anyone else. I lived in a dream, where I thought we were still strong. The communication between us lacked soul and intrigue, only to be replaced with your dry, obligatory, hello’s. But, months went by, and your replies just altogether stopped.

    When I did return, I sought you out. I was crushed. For years I had wanted nothing more than to be with you, but the stars never aligned. And when I was finally ready to make the jump, to move, to be yours, to follow and support you, and to hope that we could achieve our goals together, rather than apart, you told me “your interest had faded. I felt the sick, deteriorating truth seep into my bones. A little bird told me you had chosen another.

    I’m sorry we were too young to understand. I’m sorry that we never really got the chance to love. And I’m sorry, that I wanted to follow my passions and as a result, I lost you. That decision to leave was heart-wrenchingly difficult, and I still look back and think it was the best and worst path I chose. I learned so much about myself, a much needed respite from my known life, and grew like I never would have should I had stayed. I’m just sorry, I had to trade your love, for my life.

    I will never love another like I loved you, and you will always be the one. I hope you find someone else, and don’t have to live a tortured life, with your soul belonging to someone else.
    I may find another, and I may have a grand life, but I will go to my grave, and my last thought will still be of you.

  316. Christina

    I never thought in a million years it would have come to this…. I loved you with everything in me, and you told me the same, until one day you disappeared and wanted nothing to do with me ever again. You will never understand the hurt and pain you have caused me. Idk why but I’ll always love you.

  317. Des

    To my ex,
    When we first broke up, I had the mindset of a victim. You broke up with me through text, while I was in class, after I’d been hit by a drunk-driver, while I was dealing with my mom in the hospital for possible cancer, while I was losing my job, and through my parents divorce. All at the same damn time. Oh, and it was 2 days before Valentines Day, and 10 days before we would’ve made it a year. On top of that, I found out you were flirting with another girl behind my back, emotionally cheating on me, talking to her and telling me you were busy or tired or whatever bullshit excuse the wheel landed on that day. I also found out you’d been with her for over a month…when things were still good in my head, apparently I was wrong. My reality was shattered. You told me we were going to make it, we’d pull through the LDR bullshit, you’d love me forever, never hurt me, and the distance didn’t matter. Despite everything that everyone else said, I truly believed it. The sick thing was, you still wanted to be friends, close friends even, and your best friend kept telling me to not give up on you when I didn’t know you’d already moved on a long time ago. What I hadn’t realized was that I wasn’t the victim, I had a part in it too and I didn’t do everything right. When we’d been together, I over reacted to everything you’d say, any time you’d try to be honest with me I’d think you were lying or not understand what you were trying so desperately to tell me. In fact, I’d try to get into fights with you, I’d try to get you to leave me, and I tested you at every turn. I couldn’t trust you…but that wasn’t your fault, it was mine. I had and still have so many issues with myself, I shouldn’t be in a relationship when even I know I don’t love myself, don’t trust myself, and sometimes even hate myself. So how could you love someone who didn’t even love herself? So no, I don’t blame you for falling for someone else, moving on when you found someone who could actually make you happy, and actually be there for you. I’m amazed you stuck it out with me for so long, to be honest…I realize it’s because you did care, you did love me, you did try, I just…wasn’t capable of doing the same. I couldn’t believe someone like you could ever love someone like me because I-even now-feel like I’m not lovable. I have so much to work on, so I’m sorry for the pain I caused, I know despite what you say that it did hurt you too when we broke up. You did care. I’m just sorry it took me all this time to realize that it was my fault. You tried, I thought I was too but I was trying to pull away instead of trying to pull you closer. However, now I can’t tell you these things. You’ve moved on, you’re finally happy, I can’t be selfish anymore…it wouldn’t be fair. I still love you, however, I never stopped from the second we met to very moment I’m typing this; but I’m not in the right state of mind to be the type of lover you deserve. You still let me be your friend, so if I can’t treat you right as your lover, then I’ll be a damn good friend instead. I can sit through all this pain, put on a smile, and genuinely wish you the best because I realize I’ll never stop loving you, I’ll always care about you and never forget you or us and what we had. Yeah, we weren’t perfect but then again who is? Anyways, I hope she treats you right, gives you everything I couldn’t give you because of our circumstances and who I was when we were together. I’m working on myself, I know we’ll probably never end up together again, but you taught me so many things about myself and helped repair the worst of my issues, now I just need to repair and work on the rest of them. I wish I’d been better, wish I hadn’t made it so hard to be loved….but thank you for the memories, the lessons, and everything in between. The only things I regret is not being able to treat you right when I had you, that I realized it too late, and that I hurt you. Never in my entire life did I want to hurt you. I’m so sorry…I’m just glad you were smart enough to move on. I hope we can stay close friends, and over all I hope you get everything you want and deserve in life…and deep down, I hope I get the second chance to treat you right, I’m working so hard right now to be that person. I know I don’t deserve it but I’m going to at least try my damn hardest. I love you, and I’m sorry.

  318. Maya

    To one of the biggest arrogant jerk I have met in my life,
    I was the happiest when I was single. I still am. I had my goals perfectly aligned until you had to come along and destroy it. I was doing fine just by myself. I did not need a guy to share my plans or to ask for an opinion. Then you had to come along, showered me with sweet messages and sweet talks and then ripped it all of me. My instinct was never wrong but it betrayed me in your matter. Till today, I never knew what the hell I saw in you. I hated myself to see the beauty in you when all that you offered to me was a huge pile of garbage. I gave you everything and was prepared to put the world at your feet. You deceitfully entered my heart by asking me to pray for you and I had to suffer for weeks to stop praying for you. What was your motive actually? You actually thought that I was an innocent girl and will beg for you to stay in my life? When I asked, “why did you stop messaging me?”, you simply said that you will call me back. So I tried to make excuses for you for all the ways you hurt me. I was so understanding until I figured out that you was just busy having the most beautiful and happy conversation with another girl, with a name sounding almost just like mine. You treated me like an option when I thought you were my only sunshine. How wrong of me! I mean what an asshole you are. I was still very understanding and when I started to move on, you had to come back again and ruin it all over again for me. Then when I started to ignore, till, I would tell myself, I healed, you went and assumed that I was just playing with your feelings and unfriended me. Me on the other hand, instead of cursing you, chose a matured way of separating and ending things. I should have pulled off more curses at you, you fucking bastard. I hate you! and I yeah, I never liked madhavan, and since you liked him so much, I hated him even more that I can’t even watch his movies without burning inside with hatred.
    Thank you for burning the bridges for me, because I could never have the strength to do it myself. Now, I am feeling so free that I will never go back to you. Good thing that you removed yourself from my life. Only thing i regretted is that, I started hating every guy that tries to make a move on me. God knows how long it will take before I can open up to possibility of falling in love again you Idiot. Now I hope, god will give you a lesson so that you will not go around fucking up with other innocent girls’ feelings. Just wanted you to know that I am so much, blissfully happy without you and you were just the negative energy in my life that once pulled me down. And since today is Tamil New year, I am forever crushing you and throwing you out of my life for good.
    Hope you rot in the hell that you created.

  319. Michelle Arbogast

    I’m almost four months into my break-up and it has been very difficult. Coming from a lifetime of abuse from my parents, then extremely physically abused by my ex-husband, I did not know what real love was. 16 years after my divorce from a violent man I fell deeply in love with the most gentle and fun man I had ever met. After 4.5 years he ended the relationship. There was drama between him and my daughter from my marriage that he said he would work through but became too much. I gave him opportunities to leave but he said he wanted to stay. He asked me to move in and I asked for a job transfer. Once I received the transfer approval he said he didn’t want me to move in. I tried then to add recognition we had problems and maybe it was time to quit but he begged me not to only to promise this new future then a month later he ended the relationship after making me feel we would work through it and get married as we had planned. I was and still at time devastated. 2 months after our split he has begun dating someone else and that has been hard to handle. We traveled a lot with each and never fought, always had a great time together. Now, I found out one of the travel destinations we wanted to go to, he took her to. I’ve still been wanting to go there but all I can think about is that he took her there. How do I get past not holding myself back from something just bc he took her there? Am I being childish? I want to stop thinking about him and waking up to thoughts of him and her. I’ve been in counseling, I’ve been exercising more, I’ve been traveling and meeting new friends but he is still in the forefront of my mind. I hate this.

  320. Thea

    Oh dear I know it’s hard. It sucks when they sort of lead a life with someone else like that. I had some similar experiences when and EX I was with who never actually took ME anywhere – started taking my replacement to some cool places. It sucked. I wish I had the answer to make it all alright. I think you’re doing all the right things but it will simply take time. The main thing is not to believe your thoughts. Thoughts lie! Thoughts about him and her riding off into the sunset on the back of a unicorn. He may be super happy now but things are always brilliant in the early days. Maybe they will last and maybe they won’t – no one can say just now but the trick is to focus on him/her and focus solely on you and your own happiness. Maybe you need to plan a trip to the place to create your own memories. I am not sure. It may be too soon just now as you’d probably end up picturing him/her there but maybe work toward that. I had always wanted to go to Paris with someone I loved. I kept hoping, wishing and waiting and eventually I had to go without someone special because I didn’t want to wait around and miss out in case someone didn’t come. I’ve been a few times now! I love it. Still not gone with a significant other but maybe one day I will. Focus on the things you have to be grateful for. Even him! Such a joy to have a connection with someone like that. it’s rare. Even if it didn’t last as long as you would like it’s still great you had it. Send you a big hug. You’re on the right path. It just will take time, effort and right thinking. x

  321. Rob

    Dear Lisa, I know that you have shut me out of your life for good, I simply cannot understand how you could not feel anything for me after what we have done together. After we got back together from our first break up, I thought things had changed for the good, we had forgiven each other, and I was under the impression that all the nasty exchanges you had with my daughter had been forgiven as well. For crying out loud, we made love every weekend for the past 3 months and then when you came to my fathers 91st birthday you acted like a headstrong brat! My daughter wanted to make amends with you because she knew how important you were in my life. Obviously, I was not that important to you to work things out so we could stay together. You know who I am and what my life is all about! You knew this from the start! It’s so hard to believe that you would do this to me. It seems so easy for you! I think the hardest part is imagining you with another man because I know you are a nymphomaniac, if you have not done it already it is just a matter of time. I don’t take love making that lightly. It hurts because I thought what we had was awesome together. The thought of you being with another man just tears me up inside like a knife penetrating my heart. I Loved you, and cherished you and you threw it all away because of words between you and my daughter. I cannot remember a single fight that you and I had in the 8 months we were lovers. All I can do is move on and surround myself with people who do care and value me. I do want to thank you for the experiences we shared together. Never in the 30 plus years we have known each other would I have imagined that it would be possible for us to be romantic together. What a great and special time we shared. If I die tomorrow, I will go to my grave knowing that you made my life complete. I will miss you very much. I will always have a love for you in my heart and cherish the memories.

  322. Nicola

    I don’t ever want to see you again or receive any messages .leave me the fuck alone . The thought of you eating and the noises you make !!!!!!!! And the aniexty I have around you when you going out for just one drink !!!! Fuck off I don’t need this shit . I’m 43 years old this sort of shit shouldn’t be happening I’m an adult !!! Who would thought it I’m a fully grown adult that feels like a Jeremy fucking Kyle guest !!! How have I let this happen !!! 4 or is it 5 years of the same shit !!!! I knew after 1 week ….1 fucking week . My gut feeling was right 🙁 and I never listened to it ! So I totally take responisability for staying which just shows what shit self respect and self esteem I have for myself . I still hate you tho for what you did yesterday but I also thank you as well it’s broken your spell on me and I have no more fucks left to give . The urge to end my life has been pretty unbarable lately and the funniest thing is when I phoned the doctors to get an appointment Noone answered . But somehow I’m still here clinging to life . But I have one less problem to deal with :)why would I miss you !!!!!! I don’t feel anything except pain and hurt . I kinda liked it when you first walked out and I felt nothing absolutely nothing . But no you start texting and false promises … And now I just have pain … Is it even pain I just know I’m like a pressure cooker ready to explode .

  323. Nicola

    Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you . Falls to ground and weeps for hours hoping the pain will go away

  324. Choeks

    Hey love,
    I know I’ve always given you a hard time since childhood but I want you to know that I have also, always loved you. Was a bit immature but now, at the age of twenty, when I want to love you with all that I’ve got, you’re so far away. So near but so drifted apart that I feel you’re a total new person. I think I’ll never get over you and I’ll always love you. And I also know that you’ll never have an idea about this.

  325. Wiliam

    To my loving x wife. I say loving because I’m still Madly in love with you. At this time my feelings are that you hate me. you would think that I would be over u by now. I think we have been divorced for roughly 3 years now. but from my amnesia ( which I know u think is a lie) living through the past from distant memory is returning. So for me it’s as if we have gotten divorced twice. So because of memories returning and seeing u from time to time in your bmw and looking for you for the last 16 months is not helping. I love you more than any one on this earth and it’s tearing me apart inside. So this is my way of venting and closure I guess. I’m not going to look for you any more because I’m going insane. ( insane is doing the same thing over and again and expecting different results ) I cry every day and I can’t take this pain anymore. I know it doesn’t matter to any 1 but me that I have changed. I don’t use Tabacco or drink alcohol or drugs any more. Shit I don’t even smoke marijuana any more. My mother has re-taught me how to be nice loving and caring. So go ahead and laugh it up. Love is not a switch for me so it will take some time to get over you. Please apologize for me to all your friends and family. Love from your enolled husband.

  326. Thea

    I’ve allowed this comment William. I am sorry for the pain you’ve been having. Eyes forward. Not backwards. You have vented and have the “closure” as much as you’re going to. You’re getting clean and healthy. It’s time to start living and not just existing. Get off line and go meet real people. You take care. Wishing you some peace.

  327. Ryan

    I was with a man myself for three years. I was his first boyfriend and he was my second. Not to many people in my life know about my sexuality. We had been together for three years and then one day I was checking his phone. I never should have checked his phone but I did and there was a text to another friend making fun of me. The text was telling me that I would basically do anything for him and I’d never get over him. I felt sick when this happened but immediately confronted him. He let me leave. It took me about 6 months to be able to trust anyone again. I thought this person would be texting me behind my back and I thought this would be going on. It took about 6 months given the lies that were played. I don’t look back at this and feel pain as no one will. It’s really important to be honest and allow the other person to heal.

  328. Jason

    If I ever get the chance to sit down and talk to you I want to show this to you.

    You were my everything, my earth moon and stars. It didn’t matter how shitty I felt about myself or my situation you made me feel like I was gonna make it in the end. Days went by where I felt like a complete failure, with Genny, with work, nothing felt right, but I found comfort in the fact that I had you. I wanted nothing but to make you the happiest person in the world one day…One day… No one said it was going to just happen in a day, or a week, or a month… We were going to build a happy life from the ground up. Some days it was hard, some days I let the rest of my responsibilities take priority over us. Shit, some days I wanted to play video games more than I wanted to talk. I’m sorry if that made you feel that I didn’t care or that I wasn’t true to you. In the end somehow it came to be that you felt that we couldn’t get to that point that we had talked about, both of us in the future being happy with a family and kids and dogs and everything we’ve ever wanted out of life. You wanted a French bulldog and a cat and I just wanted a husky or a German shepherd, but that was okay to me because there was no reason we couldn’t have both. I joked about having a cat allergy but really if that’s what you wanted then I would have made due.

    When it ended I just couldn’t believe it because I was still so hopeful about us. How could this be happening? How could the person that told me they loved me more than anything really be giving up on us? How did we even get here? One argument? One disagreement? That’s all I was worth? No… I’m worth a lot more than that, you know that and I know that. You have goals and ambitions and you felt like you couldn’t accomplish them while splitting your concentration between us and your life, but I was never trying to stand in your way… I was trying to be the person at your back pushing you up the mountain so we could both reach the top.

    I feel now like you might have had a fundamental difference in the way you view relationships from the beginning. It’s nothing wrong with who you are its just what you’re accustomed to seeing. A long time ago, when we were still really happy, your mother and I had a talk about why she left your father. She told me that she was unhappy with your dads lack of work ethic and his dependency on his own parents and not himself. It scared the shit out of me… That? That was it for her? She didn’t love Jose enough to help him figure his life out when he wasn’t able to do it on his own?

    I feel like with that kind of view on relationships, you and your mom are the type of people who will always search for something better, you’ll never settle. When things look bad, she chose to give up on the relationship and look for her happiness on her own. Granted I don’t know shit about her or about the relationship with your Dad, so I’m in no position to make those kinds of assumptions about why they never made it. But looking at how hard it probably was for her to raise you and your sisters mostly on her own, I can’t help but think that there has to be a better way.

    My whole life I’ve been around a perfect example of a good relationship. My parents have been through the ringer, they have real fights that would honestly have broken some of the best relationships I know. But when they got together the second time (they broke up once) they made a commitment to be in it for the long haul no matter what their differences were. You’re different from me in that you’ve only been exposed to failed relationships your whole life, it’s all you really know so it became your reality. Relationships fail, it’s a part of life. But I’ve never thought like that, when I think about a relationship I think that it takes hard work and commitment from both sides. When things get tough I won’t give up I just try to work on it to make the both of us happy.

    Maybe we were meant not to work. Honestly this break up has made me a better person, I would have been the same kid for a long time. Might have gotten a degree but I would have been searching for someone else to validate me and give me an ok paying job so I could continue to pay bills the rest of my life and that would have been the story of me. This pain I feel is going to be what drives me to be more than that. I’m not going to live a marginal life, I’m going to live a successful one.

    You made the choice to leave me based on your belief that a relationship just wasn’t what you needed in your life right now. The time and the mental effort it takes to really be connected with someone on the level we were connected can be tough to deal with when you have goals and aspirations to concentrate on. We are really young, we shouldn’t even be thinking about what we were talking about. Marriage? Kids? That’s not even remotely in the cards right now nor any time in the near future. But what’s different in the way that you and I view relationships is that you were looking at it as something else to think about and take your concentration away from your goals. Meanwhile I was looking at it as the fuel that was going to fire me up to reach mine. Granted, I may not have shown that to you in a way you understood it, but that was all I could think about.

    I will always love the person that you are, and hope that you get everything that this life has to offer you. What hurt me was not that I thought I wasn’t good enough for you but that I wasn’t the one who would teach you how to love.

    If I ever get the chance to sit down and talk to you I want to show this to you.

    You were my everything, my earth moon and stars. It didn’t matter how shitty I felt about myself or my situation you made me feel like I was gonna make it in the end. Days went by where I felt like a complete failure, with Genny, with work, nothing felt right, but I found comfort in the fact that I had you. I wanted nothing but to make you the happiest person in the world one day…One day… No one said it was going to just happen in a day, or a week, or a month… We were going to build a happy life from the ground up. Some days it was hard, some days I let the rest of my responsibilities take priority over us. Shit, some days I wanted to play video games more than I wanted to talk. I’m sorry if that made you feel that I didn’t care or that I wasn’t true to you. In the end somehow it came to be that you felt that we couldn’t get to that point that we had talked about, both of us in the future being happy with a family and kids and dogs and everything we’ve ever wanted out of life. You wanted a French bulldog and a cat and I just wanted a husky or a German shepherd, but that was okay to me because there was no reason we couldn’t have both. I joked about having a cat allergy but really if that’s what you wanted then I would have made due.

    When it ended I just couldn’t believe it because I was still so hopeful about us. How could this be happening? How could the person that told me they loved me more than anything really be giving up on us? How did we even get here? One argument? One disagreement? That’s all I was worth? No… I’m worth a lot more than that, you know that and I know that. You have goals and ambitions and you felt like you couldn’t accomplish them while splitting your concentration between us and your life, but I was never trying to stand in your way… I was trying to be the person at your back pushing you up the mountain so we could both reach the top.

    I feel now like you might have had a fundamental difference in the way you view relationships from the beginning. It’s nothing wrong with who you are its just what you’re accustomed to seeing. A long time ago, when we were still really happy, your mother and I had a talk about why she left your father. She told me that she was unhappy with your dads lack of work ethic and his dependency on his own parents and not himself. It scared the shit out of me… That? That was it for her? She didn’t love Jose enough to help him figure his life out when he wasn’t able to do it on his own?

    I feel like with that kind of view on relationships, you and your mom are the type of people who will always search for something better, you’ll never settle. When things look bad, she chose to give up on the relationship and look for her happiness on her own. Granted I don’t know shit about her or about the relationship with your Dad, so I’m in no position to make those kinds of assumptions about why they never made it. But looking at how hard it probably was for her to raise you and your sisters mostly on her own, I can’t help but think that there has to be a better way.

    My whole life I’ve been around a perfect example of a good relationship. My parents have been through the ringer, they have real fights that would honestly have broken some of the best relationships I know. But when they got together the second time (they broke up once) they made a commitment to be in it for the long haul no matter what their differences were. You’re different from me in that you’ve only been exposed to failed relationships your whole life, it’s all you really know so it became your reality. Relationships fail, it’s a part of life. But I’ve never thought like that, when I think about a relationship I think that it takes hard work and commitment from both sides. When things get tough I won’t give up I just try to work on it to make the both of us happy.

    Maybe we were meant not to work. Honestly this break up has made me a better person, I would have been the same kid for a long time. Might have gotten a degree but I would have been searching for someone else to validate me and give me an ok paying job so I could continue to pay bills the rest of my life and that would have been the story of me. This pain I feel is going to be what drives me to be more than that. I’m not going to live a marginal life, I’m going to live a successful one.

    You made the choice to leave me based on your belief that a relationship just wasn’t what you needed in your life right now. The time and the mental effort it takes to really be connected with someone on the level we were connected can be tough to deal with when you have goals and aspirations to concentrate on. We are really young, we shouldn’t even be thinking about what we were talking about. Marriage? Kids? That’s not even remotely in the cards right now nor any time in the near future. But what’s different in the way that you and I view relationships is that you were looking at it as something else to think about and take your concentration away from your goals. Meanwhile I was looking at it as the fuel that was going to fire me up to reach mine. Granted, I may not have shown that to you in a way you understood it, but that was all I could think about.

    I will always love the person that you are, and hope that you get everything that this life has to offer you. What hurt me was not that I thought I wasn’t good enough for you but that I wasn’t the one who would teach you how to love.

  329. Jo

    I cared about you and did so much , Now you’re so cold. You couldn’t even put any effort into saving our marriage. And tried to blame everything on me

  330. B

    Just wish you would have gave us more time…we were young and in love and things were changing but i Just wish you didn’t give up one me. I haven’t been the same since you left and am still just as hurt. I see you with a new guy now and I mean I guess you’re happy with him. And while I’m happy that you’re happy…i just wish it was with me. Now you dont talk to me anymore or tell me anything. I miss what we had. You were my first true love.

  331. Davina

    Thank you for teaching me a great lesson that I first and foremost I need to love my self.

  332. Rebecca

    Thank you for finally leaving my life. Thank you for FINALLY listening to me and going away. thank you for not continuing to be the married jerk who wants to be my “friend with benefits”. Thank you for staying in your stupid unhappy life teaching your kids how NOT to love and keeping that disfunction FAR FAR away from me. Unfortunately I had to find out the hard way that I was a damaged person who was just looking for someone to love and be loved by. Now I know that will not happen so thank you for letting me see the light! I am much much happier on my own forever, not being subjected to manipulation, lies and stringing along because I want to believe someone is being real. People are not real, they only want things from others for themselves. Thank you for teaching me I was naïve and far too giving. I will forever now understand that actions speak louder than words and I should never trust men’s motives, no matter how genuine and kind they seem. I suppose I’m an adult now. Thanks

  333. Onebitterbia

    I was fine, happy even. Now suddenly I hate you with the passion of a thousand suns. I honestly wish I had never met you. I hate the person who introduced us and I fucking hate you. Hoping this will all change when I start my period, but today? You are the biggest piece of shit in the entire world. If it was possible, I’d soooo pull some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind typea shit. No need to feel singled out and targeted for my rage, for I fucking hate myself too. I want to go back to not caring. Hating you is draining. And now I’ve got to go take a nap.

  334. Stuart

    For sixteen year I looked after you. Financially, emotionally and romantically.
    When I met you all those years ago you were a kind simple woman of 34.
    Life has ups and downs that is a certainty and I believed that if anything external changed , my money my career , or my health that you would be beside.
    I had a road bump and my emotional reaction combined with your emotional distancing dragged that bump out. I needed you and you were to busy buying things that you even wanted but did not need to be beside me the only time I needed you.
    Things got worse as I couldn’t do everything anymore.
    You planned and plotted. If the money started to flow you were going to be there like a vampire lusting for blood.
    Finally you started to check out other prospects. An ex Thomas who you described as ” a loser with no brain. A fling who was obsessed and beneath you. He worked in the Costco Warehouse.” You started hanging out with another “mortgage broker who is so smart”
    Smart enough to inherit money from a brother, lose most of it by opening a small grocery store, putting up a website to pretend to have a mortgage company and lose a bit more in a real estate deal. Still he has enough money from the his pension at Bulk Barn to travel with his wife off season to third class resorts.
    You claim that I was jealous and that is absurd. My hurt and anger was that you were deceitful.
    You lied and lied and lied some more. In shock I responded poorly , i had lost a great deal of money and much more. To be betrayed by the one I counted on and trusted was overwhelming. I know that you would never consider either romantically because they are unable and unwilling to provide for you as I did. I bought you things you couldn’t even pronounce.
    You forget when you make the you originally told me that you are having lunch with an old guy at Yoga because he might help in you Tea business. You even told me how good the food was and called and asked me to pick up our daughter from school.
    You say I was free during our relationship to see who I please. However anytime I spoke to or about anyone who you felt was !.better looking, 2 smarter 3. more successful you would become horribly controlling and antagonistic.
    For sometime I did everything I could to satiate your wants.
    I would get frustrated and angry by your continual abasement of my worth.
    On occasion I spit back the volumes poison which you provided.
    I am sorry that I lowered myself to that. I am better than that.
    All it did was consume me just as your venom, bitterness and anger consumes you.
    You told me two things that are true beyond any doubt. That I could find another woman who appreciates me. The second is that I will once again in financial terms be very successful.
    The latter has come to be and of course that would make you want to be together again.
    Sadly I have seen what you are like when needed and thats not the soul of someone I want to share the next chapters of my life with.
    As for women I did begin to count my worth as a man after years of belittlement by you.
    I now know that as prior to you a man of integrity,compassion, and kindness is very much wanted as a partner. Throw in handsome and rich and that’s icing on the cake.
    No one I would ever choose would value those above all else.
    I have no more bitterness nor anger.
    You gave me two wonderful beautiful children who I will try by my behaviour to influence the same way you do with your venom.
    At times I feel they need my protection from you yet I know that they will grow and learn by my example.
    How I wished that I could do the same for you.
    It doesn’t cause me any happiness knowing that I could not.
    You could never stand the slightest guidance and even the great books that I gave you did not help.

  335. Rod

    When we first met it was heaven you were so into me and I was you . I went away for Christmas to see my brother and you went to Poland back home to see your family we wrote everyday you even met me at the airport when I got back to meet me it was a fairy tale start . You told me that you had taken boyfriends for granted before And said I was one of the good ones and wasn’t going to take me for granted . I bought us tickets for a concert for Valentine’s Day I bought you flowers always have you all the kisses cuddles and affection that you had never had from any boyfriend before I even introduced you to my mum and brother and took you out for meals and treated you to your birthday and presents then all of a sudden you went so cold distant and hurtful towards me ignoring my texts you started going out more chatting to someone late at night on what’s app ignoring my nights beautiful texts getting your hair done and being even more distant with me . I know full well you were emotionally cheating on me or cheating on me with someone else behind my back you were turning your emotions off me and putting them into him . You strung me along till something better came along and you went so cold with me it ripped my heart to millions of pieces and didn’t even care . And you even sent an e mail to me saying o wanted to see you 24.7 and also you wanted to go out more and feel alive after all the times I took you out and and and treated you and you had the audacity to say that and had a go at me saying sorry if it offends you that I’m seeing my friend when I know full well you were going out with him . I’ve never been so betrayed used and made to feel so worthless by anyone in all my life as much as you have made me feel and do you know the stupid thing about it is I still deep down miss and love you even though I know you are with him now .

  336. Rod

    Also I know full well that since you dumped me 6 wks ago I know for a full fact you havnt thought of me once cos you have your better optiion, whereas I can’t get you out of my mind. I can’t believe it you told me you took bfs granted before and said I was one of the good ones and you went even worse you strung me along playing with my heart and dumped me and got with someone else . Your the only person I know in life to take people for granted and move into the next one and then me and break my heart and dump me cos your better option cane along . You have no idea do you you don’t have an absolute clue how much heart ache and pain you have caused to my heart and the funny thing is I know you don’t even care . You have no idea I’ve been crying in the day and night cos of you not sleeping cos of you not eating well cos of you I’ve feel so worthless and inadequate cos of you lost so much self esteem cos of you. I wish you could feel my heart for one moment not to hurt you but just so you can feel how much hurt and pain you have caused my heart just to make you understand that playing with people’s feelings and hearts is not nice. This makes me realise in life you can treat people like crap and play with there hearts and get away with it . I hope you do settle down one day and live happily ever after but maybe just maybe one day before then some guy will take you for granted and play with your heart and feelings and go cold distant ,hurtful and nasty towards you just like you did with me and make you really understand how much pain it causes to the heart and for you to sit back and say wow this really hurts so much I realise what Ive done now I’m never going to do it again. You have no idea being dumped is one thing but being strung along and being dumped for another person is the most painful thing anyone can have to there heart through love. You should of been honest and told me months ago it’s not working rather than stringing me along cos it isn’t nice and maybe one day you will learn this . Yes you are gorgeous and successful and many guys fancy you I know that but that doesn’t give you any God given right to play with people’s hearts and feelings cos it hurts like hell

  337. D

    I miss you. I love you. If you had asked me to wait, I would have.

    That’s exactly what I hate though, I hate that you didn’t ask, I hate that you told me not to expect anything. I hate that you keep me in your life instead of just letting me go. I hate that you’re not even trying to keep me around but I still can’t let go. I hate that you act as if we were never together. I hate that I feel like I’m being manipulated without you putting in any effort. I hate that I’m still hoping we get back together. I hate that I feel like I can’t function without you. I hate defending you and I hate hating you. I wish I could move past my feelings. I wish you would tell me exactly what it was you were thinking. I wish you would just get out of my life completely and I wish you would come running back to my arms.

    I wish I never met you and I’m so glad I did.
    I wish I wasn’t so uncertain. I wish I loved myself.

    I wish I could see what you really thought so I didn’t jump to the wrong conclusion. I don’t want to think the worst of you if those thoughts aren’t real. I don’t want to think everything will be OK if it won’t.

    I wish I could tell you a million things but I know it wouldn’t change anything.

    I wish I could be with you as much as I wish I never heard from you again.

    I want to reclaim my own life and I want you in it completely or not at all.

    I want the uncertainty to stop and to only know the truth.

    I want to stop wanting you.

  338. JOEY

    I’m sorry I never want to hurt you and I can never handle the way I treat you. Know I don’t even know how or why I acted like that to you. You are the preciouses person and instead of healing you I behaved like that and I don’t even know why. You should not have to hurt no more. You should never have been made to hurt by me. I’m sorry forever. sorry I didn’t recognize you.

  339. Susan

    You were boring but I loved you anyway. Why didn’t you love me back?! I gave you so much of myself. You said I am worth loving. Why can’t you do it then?! I didn’t ever want to hurt you. Why didn’t you ever communicate with me properly?! Why did you resent me?! Why did you act uncomfortable with me?!! I feel like I was with a fake man in a fake relationship and very little of it was real! I wish you understood me. I wish you loved me. I wish you had been kinder to me when I needed you instead of dumping me in a parking lot and being emotionally absent. I know I need better but I chose you anyway and I don’t see why you still left me. I hurt so much!!! Did you want me to hurt this much?! Did you want this to happen?! How could you do this to me?!

  340. Agnes

    It’s been about a year now and I still think of you every day. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I was young, I couldn’t see that you are the only one for me. I see so many little things that remind me of us-what we used to be. Today I was in the shops and I saw the Lindt chocolate that you tried to hide in my bag when I wasn’t looking. I can’t help but feel so hurt and sad when I see your girlfriend in your arms when that could have easily been me. I’m sorry I said all those horrible things. I never meant it. I was mentally unstable. I miss us so fucking much. I remember the first day we met like it was yesterday. I remember everything like it was yesterday, all the memories of us-spending time together. 2013 was a good year. Probably the best year of my life, you gave me so much love. It just hurts me that I didn’t say that I loved you enough. I still love you, forever and always. I don’t think I’ll ever love someone else like I love you. What we had was so damn special. I absolutely hate myself for what I did to you. You deserve so much. I’m happy that you are happy now with your girlfriend, because you deserve all the best things in life. You’re a good hearted person danny, and I love that about you. Your big ears and nose, I always teased you about it, but I love it, I’ve always loved every bit and part of you. I could never hate you, no matter how hard I try. It brings me pain when I think about my future without you. We were supposed to get married. We were supposed to go to England and visit sunny. We were supposed to go to Melbourne and explore. We were supposed to go explore all over Perth and go for mad KFC runs when you got your license. When I see you now, you feel like a different person. A stranger. I didn’t realise that I made you lose yourself in our relationship. I was abusive, obsessive and mean. You gave me so much of your time that you had no time for yourself, you were so exhuasted. I exhuasted you. I’m sorry. I did need a break between us at the time. I did not want to break up officially-I kind of always knew that I wanted you… I was just young. I wanted more. I was so blind, I couldn’t see that I didn’t need more. You were and are the only person I could ever see myself marry, have a family. Without you I can’t see myself doing any of that. I have been very sad for the past year, I’m still crying to this day. You said that I would eventually get over you- that time will heal. It’s been a year. Time hasn’t healed. I still feel as if we have just broken up. But it’s been a damn year. Soon you’ll be celebrating your first year anniversary with your girlfriend. I think the reason why I get so upset when I see you and her is because it reflects on my actions. How I’ve done all of it. I broke my own heart. I told you to move on. I told you to find another girl. So you did. Oh how I wished that you would have stuck with waiting for me, because honestly I feel like I have been waiting for you ever since I’ve lost you. I have went on a few dates, had a few flings with guys, but they aren’t you. You told me that I just haven’t found the right person yet. But the right person is you? You’re the one that I want. Your arms are the arms I want to be hugged by after a long hard day. I can’t see myself being with anybody else. I’ve really tried moving on danny, I really fucking have. But look at me, one year later and here I am. Still not over you. I had a dream about you the other day. You looked at me with those eyes that I miss so much. Remember how we used to do those weird eye kisses?? Hahah oh dear. Do you remember that day when we sat at your bus stop after school and talked for hours until it got dark and my mum rang me to ask where I was, and you made my name out of sticks and leaves. I was surprised that you knew my last name. Wow fuck. I’m crying now. I fucking miss you danny. Honestly the best day of my life probably would have been the 31st of March. How we walked down the road to esplanade, and we couldn’t stop kissing. Walking a few steps then stopping so we could make out. I’ve never wanted to kiss someone that much after you. Kissing doesn’t feel the same. I know why I stopped kissing you. It was because our relationship was dying, it wasn’t your fault at all. It was dying because of me. You were exhuasted because of me. You tried so hard to impress me, you did so much for my approval. I’m so sorry for making you feel like you had to change yourself to make me like you. I’m so fucking horrible. You don’t know how much grief and hatred I have towards myself because of how I treated you. You told me that you don’t know if we’ll be together in the future because you can’t tell what will happen in the future-was that your way of saying that you hope in the end that we end up together? Why did you want to bring me horse riding on my birthday when you just started dating your girlfriend. Why did you want to go sneakily celebrate what could have been our 2 and a half years anniversary at our little spaghetti bar that we accidentally found one night. Why did you keep a photo of us in your wallet even when you started seeing your girlfriend. Do you still love me? You said that a part of you will always love me. If you still love me and I love you why can’t we be together. I’ve matured, I’m ready to love you whole heartedly. I want to have a future with you. My life seems like a never ending tunnel with no end without you in it. Do you still think about me? Do you see little things and do they remind you of me? Or have you completely forgotten me. I’m such a mess Danny. The first letter that you wrote to me.. it always makes me cry. You were so madly in love with me. I was too. You were my first everything. I wish you were my last.

  341. Tink

    D I… need… to… say… so… much. You’re the eloquent one. Anyway…

    I need you to go shopping with me, because you’re good at sourcing out the right tomato sauce and also a 2 by 4. I need your help to move my furniture; you’re the spatial king…and have more…height. I need you to hammer in all the treasures, because you’re the most capable tool/designer guy I know. And to whittle another salad spoon because I’m again on a diet. I need you to lie next to me and watch GrimmGoTTruedDetective because we both like donnas, pillows and computer dvdd. I need you to plan a holiday to Rome so I can hear you gasp at the three tiers of arches and lemon gelato and pizza (minus pineapple). I need your help in remembering what Nero did and where. Or we can go camping. I need your help with the latest choice of Crowe or Crowe (and maltesers and popcorn not optional even). I need your help because you’re capable and strong, and you seem to like my – our – job more than I do. I need your help in having awesome, beautiful kids.. because they are…(hmm spartan mess and good hairspray is not hygiene …oh yep yes I remember). I need your help, but not for the fact I have been feeling seedy and has taken a long time to realise that. In general.

    And finally, I need your help in understanding that I am used to outsourcing most of these things to well researched agency myself, and accept the futility of others (ha ha … not really, well …may be I don’t). So it has taken me a while to understand that you are the one I trust with all these things. And between us, you only ever needed to do one (or two).

  342. Tony

    Ok, I get that you ditched me; but to drive-by text to see if I am where you left me, is pathetic.

  343. Me

    I wish I could’ve loved you enough for you to stop using, it pained me every fucking day to see you like that. I’m sorry I had to break things off but I was miserable, always having panic attacks and living in fear. I was going to use if I stayed. I pray to God that you don’t die and that maybe one day I’ll see you again at a meeting with your smiling eyes and you’ll be back to the you I fell in love with. It sucks that love isn’t enough. I hate addiction.

  344. Ish

    I wish you could have told me the truth which was that you are still into your ex and I would have been hurt but I have eventually gotten better and over with it. But, no you didn’t do that. You just decided to pick a fight with me for no fucking reason and this is after we hung out in the evening and later I get home and text you .. for some fucking reason you decided to be rude and I was like .. wtf! But still I let it go and told you let me make it up to you and called you and you yelled and yelled and told me to stop calling you, texting you and you don’t want to hear from me ever again? Upon asking for a valid reason you come up with a random thing like I mimiced your people??!! Are you fucking kidding me!! If you were so offended by it in the first place then why would you not say that you don’t like it and I would have stopped, oh.. it’s not that, you did day that it’s OK an you don’t mind and Everytime I did mimic you smiled. But you want me to know that you are smiling because you were offended each and Everytime I said it.

    I felt bad and regretted myself for 3 months until now and you never told me the real reason behind what you did and you just booked me. I asked you a million times but you didn’t say a word.

    Now I see your post for someone else who left you and cheated on you and every fucking thing starts to make sense.. and now I hear back from you.

    As much as I love you I am not sure if I should accept you or should I leave.

    I know the right thing will be to leave you but I haven’t stopped loving you.

  345. Kc

    I would like to thank you for dumping me because I’ve got a better life now than when I was with you. I am not angry anymore or I don’t hate you for dumping me. I am just confused why you didn’t tell me the real reason why you had to break up with me. If you’d still remember we often fought because of some women you flirted with. I had the rights to be mad at you but when I get angry you get angrier..we lived together but I was the only one working and supporting you for years and you still had the guts to cheat right and get angry.. it’s really cool of you..but anyways you said that you wanted to help your parents and send your brother to school so you want to focus that’s why you dumped me and I believed you. I helped you to get a job and then as you remember you got it and we worked in the same department and then after few months you already got a girlfriend and she’s also in our department. While being with her you still wanted me to give you attentions like are you out of your freaking mind? Many girls hated me because they like you, they even criticized how I look and you even spread rumors about me like I was the bad guy. Thanks for that. Even when I caught an accident you still used my feelings for you to get something from me. I thought you’re really concerned that’s why you visited me and then I finally realized that you just came because you wanted to owe some money for your shoes and allowance and then on the next day you trashed talk me and called names because your girlfriend found out that you visited me. Like my god! do you even have brain or are you even human? you have a new girl but you’re still not done pissing me off! I tried to avoid you! but you still found ways to get my attention till I decided to resigned so I can easily moved on and not to be involved in your relationship because people think that I was trying to win you back again! And then when I was already working to another company you tried to apply there too.. dont you really want me to be happy? I sacrificed my job so I could get as far away from you! what else do you want from me? because i know you dont love me anymore because you said and showed it! And until now you still dont have a job! you are 27 now and yet you still depend on girls who live with you. Don’t you even have respect for yourself and family? That woman is the reason why we had to fight for almost 4months because you flirt with her and you asked her to pissed me off so I would leave you! You told me it’s not true but the things that you did to me reveal it! You know what! I didnt cheat on you or ruin your life! You ruined mine and you cheated on me a thousand times! so why are you angrier than me? You could just tell me that you didnt want me anymore not that you made a plan to get rid of me! that’s evil dude! I just feel sorry for you now because you are grown up man but you cannot still stand on your own. Are you really contented on just playing computers games while your girl is working for you and supporting you for your needs? I bet you cant even buy your own candy or a stick of cigarette.. Life is too short, hope that you start turning over a new leaf and be useful! Because you are the only one who can make yourself happy not the others. Maybe they can but not always and it’s just temporary. I thought after your mother died you will change but no… you get worse and worse and worse.. you never grow.. do you want to be like a giggolo for the rest of your life? Change your life for the better now because no one will change it for you and hope that you won’t regret when the time comes that no girls want to support and spoiled you anymore. You’re getting old dude and the beautiful face you had before is gone now. No hates! I am just telling the truth. Compare yourself now to the old you and you can see if there’s any difference. Your face? checked! it changes.. but your attitude! noped! still the same

  346. KMA

    My life isn’t necessarily better or worse because you left me, but I’m doing OK. I had to move cities due to a layoff at the start of the recession, but I got to have some new adventures, too. I have a decent job that pays the bills, even though it’s not what I’d rather be doing. I’m about to buy my own place that I am pretty excited about.

    It’s funny, I mentioned to a friend about how I noticed that your mother peeked at my LinkedIn profile last year. She said that it probably means that whoever you’re with now is worse than me by comparison. So, did you end up with that slut from the office whom you cheated on me with? And I am wondering, she had a young kid at home when you left me – is he your son? I wonder about what the truth of what happened between you two was. Because you didn’t seem to be able to be honest about how you made a conscious choice to hurt me; I did not make you flirt with or stick your dick in her. I have always believed that whatever happened is worse than what you admitted to me. (By the way, I’ve now forgotten slut’s last name, but I remember looking at her LinkedIn profile about five years ago, and it looked like she no longer worked at your company. I guess her sexual favors did not confer immunity from layoffs, huh? It didn’t look like she had jumped to a better job at the time. I hope your company canned her ass.)

    I hope that you are no longer the golden boy at work and that you have been pushed around. Your ego needed some serious deflation. You thought you were too good for me back then. But you’re nothing special. I no longer have any illusion that I can rely on a man, and I’ve got a good set of friends whom I might never have had if you hadn’t dumped me. And I have inner resources that you lack; I can be happy on my own as long as I have a creative space where I can express myself. I will be happier than you ever will be.

  347. Yuri

    So its been a month and half since you dumped me via E-mail like I meant nothing to you, the false promises for marriage and kids and having me spend my money and time to fly across the country and to another country to meet your parents. And you think you are above me and better than me. I said I would be there for you, I waited for you after you 6+ months of traveling. You said some seriously messed up things to me, that if you really did love me… those hurtful soul shredding heartbreaking words would have never left your mouth. I can only hope you one day feel the pain you have cause me.

    Relationships with women especially single mothers aren’t a “go with the flow try on”. I regret ever introducing you to my child and my family, and the year I honored you with for being a part of our lives. My kid still asks for you and why you lied and aren’t coming back anymore, you just moved on like you didn’t care. You have proved to me time and time again that you have some seriously fucked up commitment issues and issues with yourself. Maybe because your own words hold true you said maybe you don’t know how to love anyone. I feel bad for any woman you get involved with because you will play this out over and over like you did with your ex’s before me.

  348. When will this feeling go away?

    It’s been 6 months and I still feel the sting of the realisation that we didn’t make it. I still get the breathless feeling when the weight of this new reality crushes me, a reality in which we are strangers. I still have moments where I can’t believe that we ended, that you didn’t want ‘us’ anymore. How did it change? Why did it change? And the way it happened… So cold, so heartless. I did so much to be with you. I really put myself out there. I moved, I built a new life, I made my new career, made friends and made a home with you. Then it ended and I had to lose all of that too… Yes, we had our good and bad times and I can even accept on my good days that maybe we weren’t suppose to make it, maybe it is for the better. But I can’t accept the way it ended. You made me feel so worthless and worst of all You made me feel like maybe I never really knew you at all. I think it’s that feeling that has truly been the worst, because it keeps me asking why and it keeps me doubting what our relationship really meant to you. If it could end so abruptly and after everything we’d been through, then did it ever really mean as much to you as it did to me? Can I trust my own judgement? Now I just have no sense of self, no sense of purpose or direction. To be honest I think that’s why I was so attracted to you because you possessed all of the qualities I wanted. But I also know that this means you are okay, you are moving on and this situation wouldn’t have shaken you the way it has me. And I know it’s selfish to admit but sometimes knowing how easily you have let go while I still struggle makes me feel so defeated. I feel like I gave it all and so I lost it all. I’ve just lost all sense of motivation and even joy for life. It’s like I can’t see the wonder of the future anymore. There is just this fog covering ‘the next step’. I never knew I could feel this bad.

  349. Girl In The Cold

    Dear ex,

    I’m sorry I broke your heart. I’m sorry I had feelings for another guy, and I’m sorry we couldn’t move past it.

    I did everything I could to make it better. I let you vent for hours, talking me into a corner. I gave you space when you asked, silence, and everything you wanted. I didn’t push you, or let the fact I was dying inside stop me from doing everything I could.

    I guess you never understood how much I actually did.

    I never cheated on you. I was honest, and I told you when I realized the feelings were a problem. I understood when you lashed out, when you ignored my feelings. I listened to you for hours when I was busy, so I could be there for you. I was so filled with guilt that I just took all the dirt you threw at me.

    It was hard on me. It was hard on you, and I’m starting to think it was harder on me than you. I could hardly breathe for months after, and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to cry.

    You had someone to hold you, to tell you they were there for you. Now you and that person are together, and in love.

    Oh, and remember how that person who was there for you was by best friend of ten years? And while I was stuck in another state, alone, you had her. You have had part of her since part of her that I will never have again. Every time you hurt me, I want to talk to her. But I can’t, BC you two are together.

    Call me selfish, or a bad person. Which you have, by the way. But I wanted someone to hug me, someone to lie and say it’ll be alright. To look at me and smile, to tell me that no matter what they loved me. To talk to about it, to cry and have the hold me. I wanted to warm again, instead of this bone-cold numbness I’ve had since.

    I was cold. Freezing. And I was so cold that I refused to let anyone near me, so they wouldn’t know how cold I was. You were warm with our friend, and you always had some heat.

    After all this time, you ignore me and pretend I don’t exist. Every rejection hurts, and I want to cry. To just cry and scream at you.

    I deserve a lot of crap and pain. I deserve to have my heart ripped out and thrown away.

    The kicker, I suppose, it all that has already happened to me. The guilt, and endless pain, the heartwrecking loss.

    I broke your heart, but you’ve broken mine a hundred times since. Maybe I deserve an apology too. Just one.

    Girl In The Cold

  350. Penelope fisher


  351. Trying Not to Care Anymore

    It has been a month since we broke up and I feel the need to express myself a little since having some time to truly wrap my head around what happened. I have missed you and thought about you almost every minute of every day. However, I am also so resentful and angry over the way things changed that my own emotions still confuse me.
    I feel I knew you better than anyone, even in your darkest and most vulnerable moments. I loved you at your best and I loved you at your worst because I thought we were truly building something strong in getting to know each other inside and out.
    I know I made mistakes and I am not denying that. There are many things I look back and think how I should have acted differently but those are all “what ifs” and playing that game is useless.
    It’s so incredible to me that in the end, you chose having your ego stroked by random women over having me in your life. It’s incredible to me that you would turn your back on me like that.
    I let you see the best and worst parts of me also. I have never allowed myself to be so open with someone before. To be so silly, so close, so happy, so comfortable and so intimate. I have also never showed anyone my dark sides but a part of me thought you would understand, and truly love me for me. I know I got angry, sad, emotional, jealous, bitchy and sometimes cold. I know those to be a few of my weaknesses but how can anyone grow stronger without understanding their weaknesses first? There are things I have to work on to better myself but I know I will find someone to accept those weaknesses as they are and appreciate that I am working on them.
    I am deeply saddened by losing you. The man I last talked to, the guy who “just loves to party” and who couldn’t even make me second in priority, but fourth or yet fifth – that is not the man I fell in love with.
    You told me many times that you were your best self with me and as much as I loved that, it felt as though it were only because of me that you were your best self. No one other than you should be responsible for being your best self. You need to find that guy on your own. Be that guy for you. Be that guy because he’s so awesome that everyone around him wants to know him. Be that guy because you deserve to be happy and being your best self will make you happy, with or without me.
    As much as I want to just say “fuck you” for treating me the way you did when I loved you so much, I also hope that you find the courage to put your pride aside and do what is best for you. There is power in vulnerability.

  352. Covert n

    I enjoyed reading were at different stages. You keep your friends. Im just happy i got to keep our dog danny

  353. Dumb

    It’s been a year almost since we’ve broken up. 29
    days left to the year… While
    It’s gotten easier to live without you, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about you. You’re always in the back of my mind. You’re always the word on my mouth. You’re always the person I think I’m still holding out for. Wondering if at the end of all this you were the one. But then I tell myself that’s not realistic, and we ended things and I was unhappy. What I came here to write was that I fucking despise you for being such a jerk during this break up and for being not understanding at all. You were not a good friend nor a good person during this. You no longer cared about me as a person after we broke up, and that is something that I’ll never forget and the hurt of that aspect will never go away. I thought after everything, you would at least still care about me as a friend or a person you once knew. Now, it’s like we are strangers. It feels like I wasted two years of my life on someone who never even cared about me. Your sudden decision to end things still confuses me to this day and you’re inability to speak about it with me is something that I’ll never understand. Neither of us have dated since and I wonder if this was meant to happen. You’re an asshat. I hope you fucking look at your graduate degree and think of me everytime because I’m the reason you went back to school, you fuck.

  354. Another one

    I wish I had enough respect and self confidence to end this relationship earlier, so for that, I am to blame. But I also wish you didn’t try so hard in the beginning, because you gave me everything I ever wanted in a relationship. You wanted to know how my day was, how I was doing, how i was feeling. We had such a good connection. That’s the problem though. The communication was perfect until you did a complete 180. I knew at that moment you gave up, which is why I wish I had enough self respect to say goodbye as soon as I knew. There were so many days where I knew deep down that I didn’t matter to you anymore, but you kept playing a game, and telling me how much you cared about me when I would ask… I wish you would’ve been man enough to end it sooner, instead of making me feel like I was important until the day you dumped me. That’s how we get blindsided. When you know that you want to go meet other people and you have every intention of doing so except you kept me around. That point when I became disrespected by you is what is the most upsetting. Someone can be your best friend one minute and the worst enemy the next. So while you’re out there, looking for that greener grass, I hope you remember how good I was to you. That way, when you decide you miss me, I’ll already be gone.

  355. Scared and confused

    I may not have always been the nicest with my words, but my actions more than made up for it. I loved you, held you, did anything you asked. I still would to this day. I love you, I miss you and I hate how we will not have a future together. You left and are strong. I do want you to be happy I just don’t want to see it. The person I knew and loved isn’t you any more and I guess you could say the same for me. I’m sorry for my role in all this, but you already know that. I wish I could lie beside you and hold you one last time and have us both mean it. I wish we didn’t have to try to be friends and could just let go. I wish I could let go. I wish I could turn back to clock, or even fast forward it. I wish the pain would stop. I wish you hadn’t said it was over.

  356. Rudy

    Hi, I know the last year has been tough, you started your changes with peri menopause and I left my job, Im glad I did it was killing me. During your changes that included: mood swings, irritability, no sleeping, tired, no energy, aggressiveness, I was walking on egg shells, not knowing which version of you I would face. You depressions got worst… really bad.

    I educated my self about menopause, depression, etc to learn to support you. I took your shit over and over, I was there for you not matter what, even financially. thousand of dollars in loans you have no intention of paying, bedroom set for your daughter, vacations, I gave you all of me, I was 100% committed to our engagement but it was not good enough for you, always looking for something wrong, sabotaging, you blamed everything on me without acknowledging your part in it. Not even a simple “Im sorry”

    Yet here I am missing you and hoping to be with you again, after almost 3 months, I still do not know why you are mad, we never broke up you simply blocked my iphone and no communication.

    I dont know if it the depression and menopause or simply this is who you really are, freaking crazy with multiple personalities.

    Either way I dont care, I want to know the real you so that we can support each other – be a couple, partners, best friends.

    I wish we can meet and talk face to face.

  357. H

    I love you. I miss you. I still believe in everything we shared, and in all of our dreams. My time with you was the happiest of my life. I am so confused about how we got to this place.

  358. A.

    I genuinely hope all is well with you and that this message doesn’t cause more harm than good. I have been focusing on self-improvement and developing/maintaining my relationships with others over the past few years and have reached a point where I feel I need to address how poorly I treated you near the end of our relationship. You absolutely did not deserve that and it certainly isn’t something I am proud of but unfortunately, there isn’t a re-do button so this is me, offering the most sincere apology one can, via a message. I certainly don’t expect you to forgive me nor do I expect you to even reply but I just wanted you to know that I am truly sorry, from the bottom of my heart. If there was any residual damage left from the messy conclusion of our relationship, I hope this can provide you with some resolution and if there wasn’t, please feel free to disregard this message.

    Again, I wish you nothing but success and happiness in your life. You deserve nothing less!

    Take care.

    Should I send this to him? I have moments where I’m sure he must know I never intended to be as hurtful as I was but then other moments where I am not sure because it seems he is unhappy in his current relationship and I fear he is settling. I just want to try and repair what I damaged….. PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS!

  359. Heart broken

    I never wanted this in the first place. I told you I am so scared. You promised to not hurt me. When I eventually fell for you, you left me. I never want to see you again, but I still miss you. You took away my joy in everyday life, where I was fine before you. I really hope time will heal my broken heart. I am broken up and you seem to be fine. Late at night and early in the mornings when everything is quiet I tell the Universe I will never travel down this road again.

  360. alyssa

    Dear guy
    i loved you
    i still love you
    i care about you
    you hurt me
    i know i hurt you
    so we hurt each other
    I’ve become extremely committed to healing
    I mean a lot of work
    self help books
    loving relationships
    morality training
    ethics training
    behavioral training
    self compassion
    I realize my broken spirit is part of the reason we were drove together
    i didnt in a million years imagine being with you
    i didnt imagine it would hurt me the way you hurt me
    we hurt me
    we were a mess
    I learned so much
    i love you to the end of the earth
    I’m falling a part and I’m finally for the first time i am okay with it
    i have no children
    i get to discover me and I’m okay with that
    i am glad that i am falling apart
    still i feel we are entangled
    so sometime i would like to comb that out

  361. harmony

    ‘Please disgard this message” and it’s been a few years are too “no don’t send” for me.You did the right thing by coming here, where your ex will NOT see it unless of course, you told him to .. Don’t do that because its manipulating. Relationshps are like flowers and take a lot of work to grow. Communication would be much like water and without this, you don’t have a relationship sorry to say. Often times, we sit at home and online reading things like missed connections or talking to someone and we believe something to be true but it isn’t. The reality is that in all his months and days without you, that he probably has been with someone else and isn’t feeling the same way. Your wasting your time and energy waiting for someone who isn’t really trying to get you back as much as he’s wasitng your time thinking about him when you could be out with a man feeling good right now. Don’t do it! I say move on. Eeyes forward not back.

  362. melony

    I met you at a depressed time in my life. I wasnt attracted to you but i was so desperate to have a boyfriend so I chose you. You were my first of everything but somehow I ended up falling for you even though I knew you were not good for me. I got addicted to you body and mind and I knew I couldnt break up with you. You never took me on dates, you crtiize my body and you only wanted my body and still i saw all these flaws and still held on. Then as i got attached to you….you got distant. Then out of the blue dumped me. You were my first heartbreak. I never thought that heartbreak would hurt so much. But even after you dumped me I still wanted you back. We have been broken up 5 months now and i saw than within a month you moved on. How can someone who said I LOVE YOU everyday dump you. You were a liar and a pretender. You never loved me. You only wanted my body which i never entirely gave you. I do think about you sometimes but Im glad you dumped me because i would have never learnt so much about relationships. I dont blame you for the entire breakup because i know I have my faults but you seem to have plenty LOL. I wish you the best ammmm no I actually wish that u never find somebody and I want you to hurt just as you hurt me. Players like you should suffer….its just a pity that you get away with the S*** you do AJH

  363. Dennis

    What YOU did is not ok.

    YOU led me on for months! YOU gave me words with no intent to follow up on actions. YOU knew I loved you and would do anything for you. YOU LIED to me by omission. YOU betrayed my heart.

    YOU read the most personal pieces of paper in my history, papers that revealed how a little loving boy was neglected and abused and rejected and abandoned and left wondering why. YOU did the SAME thing to ME!! A guy who absolutely adored you, trusted you and loved you. A guy that loved you so much he gave you space when things weren’t right. A guy who gave you the benefit of the doubt not once, but two times about you chatting with other guys. A guy who FORGAVE you for that because we all make mistakes. A guy who loved you so much he could overlook that.

    What did YOU give that guy? YOU texted him about being distraught. He offered you compassion. YOU TOOK his sympathy to gather yourself to dump him out of the blue. YOU said it was the hardest thing you have ever done. YOU couldn’t gather the courage to talk about anything before? YOU let it boil inside. YOU blamed him for driving. YOU “used” him to avoid doing YOUR work. YOU said he wasn’t worth the time. YOU said he wasn’t worth the energy.

    YOU actually said, ” I was afraid you were gonna try to get back together because I would have to REJECT YOU again.”


    Not once did you say, “I’m sorry, this isn’t working out!!!!!!” ABSOLUTELY NO COMPASSION FOR ME!

    YOU tried so hard to come out the good guy, but frankly said the worst possible things. YOU can NOT be the good guy and the bad guy.

    YOU showed NO compassion to somebody you spent 2.5 YEARS WITH, met his family who treated you like a family member!!!!

    YOU showed how LITTLE YOU CARED for me – No warning, no discussion just, “I’m done with you. I don’t need YOU or want you anymore..”

    But YOU offered me a “friend” – a friend who treats me like that? A friend who doesn’t think to get the courage to discuss a problem before Axing him? FUCK THAT!

    Did you do read the Book of Satanism on Breaking Up?

    YOU assumed, “you’ve been through this before, it’s the first time for me.” Again another emotionally abusive tactic to suck sympathy from me. And you know what, I ACTUALLY GAVE IT TO YOU! I loved you that much. I ignored SO many red flags because I cared for you, loved you and respected you.

    The only honest things you said were, “it’s not you, it’s me.” “I want to go ‘wild'” .. And yes, it was ALL ABOUT YOU, with not a single fucking care in the world for me after 2.5 years together. Not a single fucking care for my feelings.

    YOU said, “your ex gave you syphillis?” Why? Just so you could feel better about yourself cause you didn’t???

    Clearly you are getting the freedom I so rabidly choked you of… And all the driving, I have to finish my thesis, “the planning” were all bullshit excuses.

    I am a catch- I am an honorable, honest, trustworthy, dependable person. I am intelligent, in shape and handsome. My words match my actions. Good luck finding that on your “social networks..”

    YOU are not an honest person. YOU led me on as if your parents coming were bothering you, or your samples, or anything else but the truth.

    YOU said you will remember the good times. I will remember this. I will remember your true colors.

    Do YOU deserve happiness? Of course you do. Are YOU allowed to break up? Of course you are. But when YOU are in a relationship there are 2 people. I am a person. I am a human. I shared EVERYTHING with you. I trusted you. I opened my heart and soul to YOU. You threw it away like a fucking piece of garbage with NO REGARD. YOUR actions, again, did not match your words.

    Why did it take a month for me to say this? BECAUSE YOU SELFISHLY PLANNED IT THIS WAY. YOU took the upper hand and thought about it for months and then blindsided me. THAT’S WHY!!!! Up until the very end I hoped for the best and gave you room and you just kept the hook in me.. “Let’s go to Florida..” “The EZ pass just arrived..” LIES, LIES, LIES!!!

    Since it is all about you… Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

  364. Sally

    Dear loving ex. I’m sorry for the way things started and ended but you taught me so much. I think I’m finally strong enough to use this strength. I have no regrets about meeting you and agree with the breakup. I’m excited to finally figure it what I want. It doesn’t seem like I appreciate you but I do. I hope you and I can remember what we learned trough no contact and healing. I do not need to know about your new girlfriend and will be falling in love mysef again when godecides it’s my time. Thank you and goodbye

  365. Green eyes

    You were my everything… my sun, my moon,and my stars. You showed me love like no other. But as time passed, I no longer was your priority, I became your afterthought. My words no longer held any meaning as I could tell by the way you were so quick to cut me off in mid sentence to go speak to someone else. You began to show me you no longer had respect me. We talked of marriage, but what you say and your actions didn’t match up. I have been there for you since day one when you had nothing to offer but yourself. We began to have petty arguments which really should not have been the main reason for breaking up, but I guess you were not really invested in US in the first place if it is so easy for you to leave. Just know I love you and always will. I would be willing to give it another try because you were my PRIORITY and I have always believed in us.

  366. Denise


    I can’t believe I’m posting on this site but I need to say a few things and know that I can’t say them directly to you as any contact from me will only boost your ego even further.

    You finished the relationship with me because “I cared too much”. You said with a smile and half joke that you would come back to me if you couldn’t find anyone else. You pursued me then 6 months into the relationship when you were sure I loved you you, you started to switch off. You let me know time and again that you didn’t really need me in your life but when I started to pull away you blew hot again.

    I’ve never had an experience like that and my confidence waned making me feel more needy of you. Although I took care not to let that show too much, you sensed it and used it against me.
    I know now that it’s not wrong to love someone and a good partner will return kindness with kindness and not exploitation. The cliché you used at the end: “it’s not you its me ” is certainly true.

    Although I felt devestated when you ended the relationship it was the best and most decent thing you did. The growing unease I had being with someone who couldn’t love me was making me so unhappy.

    I’ve struggled and at times hated you since then but I know that this is due to my fear of being alone and also unresolved pain from previous losses. We had some nice times together. On reflection though you don’t compare highly with other loves of my life. I’ve given you too much weight and significance, I still am 5 months on. That’s something I am working on addressing (hopefully posting this will help).

    You’ve opened my eyes, I’ll never be that naive again. I will meet the right man for me, someone far better suited than you. I will love myself first and foremost and only give my precious feelings to someone truely worthy of it. I’m a wonderful person, I have a good life. When I am ready to love again I will make sure the connection is real and true.
    Thank you for this valuable life lesson you have given me. You are not a monster but as I said at the beginning your ego is unusually oversized especially with regards to me. For that reason I can’t have any future friendship with you.

    I wish you luck but most of all I am wishing that I recover fully from this strange episode and move on to live a happy and loving life.


  367. carl

    Dear Michelle, I understand why you thought we were incompatible with the age gap and things, but I wish you were just honest from the start. I know things weren’t perfect and I really did make too many mistakes and was too immature at times. I was unhappy with my life in general, and in some ways I still am, but I was always happy with you. You were and still are everything to me and I know I wasn’t necesarely the most experienced with certain aspects such as sex and things, but I wanted to improve and wish you gave me the chance.

    I was selfish at times and didn’t treat you the way I should have. I grew comfortable and wasn’t the man you needed me to be. You did become my mum in many ways and wish I could have just stepped up and did the things that I needed to do to keep you happy and be the man you wanted to look after you. I should have been looking after you rather than vice versa.

    I just wish you communicated to me more that you weren’t happy and I would have done everything in my power to have changed that as best I can. I’m not a bad person and I was inexperienced as you were/are my first love.

    I’m deeply upset without you in my life, and I hurt every day that your not with me. I can’t forgive myself for letting you down. I have lost a part of myself. I’m still young but I’ve lost my confidence and all my dreams of being with you forever are gone.

    I still don’t understand how you could dump me for someone else so quickly. Didn’t I mean a speck of anything to you? I would never treat you that way as I deeply care about you and think I always will. Maybe this new man is all you think you need and is more compatible but I doubt he’ll make you smile the way I used to make you.
    It’s just hard to think that I’ll never see you and again and your beautiful face, and I just love you so much.

    I always dream about you and fantasize about still being with you and a part of you will always stay with me. I hope one day I can see you and the dogs again and end this nightmare forever.

    I know you didn’t intend to hurt me, and you were just looking out for yourself, but I hope one day you regret the decision you’ve made and come back into my arms.
    I just dream of seeing you again and if it’s meant to be our paths will cross again.

    I love you and will always send good thoughts your way. I hope you do the same.

    Thanks for the best 3 years of my life, and I’ll love you always no matter how much you hurt me

    carl x

  368. Mojo

    Dear Nic
    You were never serious about this relationship. You obviously don’t see yourself spending your future with me. If you were “serious” about us then being apart three months wouldn’t make a difference to our relationship status, you would not have hesitated saying we were in a relationship and you are committed.
    From my perspective you see there is no strong foundation of loyalty and commitment, otherwise anticipating you might meet someone else wouldn’t happen. We have two very different definitions of trust. I was never fully convinced that you were trustworthy. I was never completely sold and you can see why.
    Don’t call me a fucking idiot! At the airport you saw my behaviour as spontaneous and me as volatile but I foresaw this weeks ago after we had that talk in the kitchen. I predicted this would happen but I kept silent. I was hoping I was wrong.
    I am too embarrassed and humiliated to talk to anyone about this as you said “there was no relationship” when I thought we were in one. You made a fool of me!
    You have no rights, no right to say you love me especially when you struggled to say it when we were together. You have abused that right, you have no rights at all. Don’t classify us as friends you killed that. We are and we will never be friends. For some “delusion of grandeur” reason you seem to think you can count your ex’s and friend with benefits as friends. Well think again that doesn’t happen in my world. You cannot have your cake and eat it to. I don’t know you and I never knew you. You were and are nothing and will never mean anything to me. If you think time will heal these wounds and I will forgive….well think again. YOU MADE A FOOL OF ME!
    When you see me walking in “a” park or on the street I will walk the other way or leave. Don’t look at me, don’t attempt to talk to me, don’t approach or touch my dogs. You’re the dog crap that sticks to the sole of my shoe. YOU’RE DEAD TO ME!
    “I learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future”. Living in the “now” is a cheap cop out. You’re making excuses in the “now” for your actions in the future.
    (Please Note: I accurately identify him as a member of the Peter Pan Generation).

  369. Iris

    Hey lazy ass sloth,

    I liked you a lot! Fridays were the day I went crazy to run to you, and knew you would run to me as well. After my darkest hour, I found you and thought love had a chance.

    You did not even have the balls to break up in person and I had to ask for a reason for you breaking up with me. Great reson! I dont love you, and I do not see myself with you NOW OR in a YEAR from now. I think this is a great reason!! It broke my heart since I thought we liked each other enough to give it a try. I took your word and tried to move on, but just when I had started to go out on dates and was over you, guess what!!! YOU TEXTED ME you mean bastard. I moved on. I will not answer your texts NOW OR in a YEAR from now. I dont care if you have been thinking about me, I dont want to tell you how my summer is going. IT WAS GOING PERFECT UNTIL YOU TEXTED, and set my mind spinning out of focus and remembering you and your heartless lazy ass. YOU WERE CRUEL, I do not need you in my life so I wont let you in. Dont you dare to text me ever again, Im done with you, I know you wanted someone better, you did not see any value in me. Did you think I was never going to come out of the DARK HOLE and be the strong hot ass woman that I am? You just wanted miss perfect, well guess what, she doesnt exist!!! I may have been going through the hardest time in my life but I MADE IT WITHOUT YOU, go find miss perfect I DONT CARE. So miss perfect did not want you, and NOW YOU THINK ABOUT ME? You want to know how I am doing, I AM DOING FINE, AND I HOPE YOU ARE NOT, I hope you are sorry now that you thought about what you did.

  370. Tee


    The fact that you left me after you said you would be here for me after I found out my mother had cancer makes you not only a liar, but a horrible person. Everything you ever said to me I now consider complete bullshit. I have so much to say but honestly you’re not even worth the effort of typing it all.

    I wish I never met you. I wish I never let myself fall in love with you and want a future with you. I wish I never met your family, and especially your son. You hurt me. All I do is cry and wonder what the hell I did that was so wrong to make you want to leave.

    I was so good to you, made you happy (or so you say) probably another lie. I could have made you happy. I could have been the one you said you’ve been waiting for (another lie) and that I was so perfect to you (lie)

    I hate that I allowed myself to be taken for granted and treated like I was nothing. I feel bad for the next bitch you left me for. You will do it to her too. My hope is she beats you to the punch. I hope she leaves you in your darkest hour. Hope she makes you fall for her and plan a future with her and she tells you she “thinks” she loves you.

    You are not a man. Just a coward. Good riddance.

    Ps I want my shit back, and the autographed photo I bought you. I’d rather you not have something that will be very valuable someday. Now you lost two valuable things you’ll never have again.

    Fucking dumbass. You and your bitch can go fuck yourselves 🙂

  371. Broken

    Dear KR,

    Seven and a half months later, I still miss you. We planned a life together, and you ended it without warning. I hate that I miss you; that I gave up my dream job for you; that I let you turn me into a pathetic, desperate creature after you cheated; that my anger and your continued behavior turned me into a cheater; that I cried and literally begged you to stay while you made jokes on Facebook about the parade after breaking up with me on New Years Day; that I loved you despite watching you laugh as you broke my heart; that I offered to give up my career after it for you; that I moved out of our apartment without telling you to go to hell; that I wasted two of the best years of my life on you. But most of all, I hate that I wake up beside a great man who loves me, and yet a large part of me still loves you. You aren’t worthy of it. I hope karma delivers the future you so richly deserve.

  372. Allie

    I want to tell you it was very wrong of you to come back into my life after finishing with me. I had got over, did not think of you everyday anymore, then 10 months later you wanted to try again said you had never stopped thinking about me, thought we would live together, blah blah blah. You convinced me you had changed and had time for a relationship, it was me you wanted. I so wanted to believe you.
    You wanted to meet my family, I met your son, all your instigation, you told me you loved me. Then after only 7 weeks you were having huge doubts about us and wouldn’t speak to me. I clung on for a few days and thought we would be okay but asking for reassurance was my mistake and you dumped me by email – apparantly it was too stressful to continue the relationship and you was gone I was worth so little you didn’t even tell me face to face.
    I want you to know you’re a liar and a coward and you broke my heart all over again. I want you to know that you are a fantasist who doesn’t understand that relationships are not heart and flowers all the time. I want you to know that I don’t think you are a very nice person anymore and you are selfish and shallow and fake.
    I hope someone breaks your heart the way you broke mine. I want you to know you were a crap boyfriend, you never took me out anywhere apart from to grope me in carparks. You could never snuggle in bed always had to get up for whatever bloody activity was more important. I was always last in the queue.
    But you have taught me to hold out for a proper relationship built on firm foundations and not fantasy talk it’s about all you’re fit for. By the way I am glad I don’t have to sleep with you anymore it was tedious to have to keep moving your hands or trying to show you how to do things. Your skills were sadly lacking in that department for a 45 year old.
    Goodbye Brian I feel sad for your next girlfriend she will be very lonely and never quite understand why on paper you look like a lovely boyfriend but you lack empathy and are empty inside. I would of cared for you always, I gave you my heart and you threw it on the floor and trod on it twice, you will never do that again.

  373. Mary

    Dear Joe:

    You showed yourself to me 3 months ago. You are a conman. Nothing more. You have used women for your stupid benefit of listening to your stories, minimal sex cuz you have ED and had to practically jack yourself off before inserting it, and your ego. These are all things a 64 year old emotional infant should be proud of. You cannot satisfy a woman and you know it. You are old, ugly and have nothing to offer anyone. You pretend a future with women and then think you are the winner of the game when you dump them. When I met you – you played the part of a southern gentleman. You claimed you are proud of your integrity, honesty, and being upstanding. You said you are there for me and always would be. You said you loved me all the time and asked me to move in with you along with other various lies you fed me. Sad I believed you because after all you were a honest man. Actually you have nothing within you to be proud of. You are void of any good qualities. You have non. You are too old to get any now. You have done no work on yourself other than learning how to con women. When you die I guess people could say you were charming but really that is fake too. You are a fake phoney person. I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for anyone else who gets involved with you. You are nothing but you think you are smart. You are a empty shelled person. You are a conman. You are sick. Good bye.

  374. Jonny Dixon

    Dear Janey.
    These have been the hardest days of my life. Being without you has left me feeling empty, alone and as one half of a whole.
    I know I hurt you, I know I did things that were unacceptable but I was changing. I knew you deserved me at my best.
    I miss so much about you. I check my phone every 5 minutes hoping that you will have messaged me. And it’s the hope that kills me. I hope you are missing me as much as I am you. However, I know that if you did you would be back with me already. The pain of being apart would be too much.
    I look back at the good times we had. The lovely days out, the great days in. Fantastic holidays just this year to France and Denmark. I regret not being able to put our future plans in to actions. Whether that would be having a child together, having a new bathroom or putting an extension on the house, or just going on our next day or weekend away together.
    I miss you being there when I go to sleep and you being the first person I see when I wake up.
    I miss making you your morning coffee and giving you your 5 minute call before we had to leave for work.
    I’m sad that we couldn’t work through this bad time in the relationship. That it had to end how it did on Thursday. I didn’t think it was going to at the time and my angry, pained reaction would not have helped. That was me being scared. I was scared I’d lost you. I know I have.
    I would like to explain why I acted like I did.
    You used to hurt me. You hurt me by saying nasty things when we were in London. I got hurt when you used to talk about Mulberry handbags and holidays to New York and Vegas. It hurt because at that current time I couldn’t provide you with these things. In my mind you were making me feel small. All I could offer you was what I gave you – everything. You used to ask, maybe just jokingly, if I had a secret bank account. Well of course I didn’t. I did everything I could for you and for us.
    However, you were not entirely blameless. I was frustrated with your untidiness. Your lethargy. Have you told your mum and dad the reason I put your handbag outside? It had been in the doorway for days and it frustrated me that you never thought to move it.
    You hurt me at the wedding and christening, it felt you didn’t want to be with me, there was no affection for me. Even one dance with you at the wedding would’ve been nice.
    I think you were foolish to rake up everything with your parents. Even if you wanted to try and salvage something that would make it extremely difficult now. I was always concerned that you were tied closer to your parents than to me. Your loyalties were to your Dad, then Mum and then a distant 3rd came me. My loyalty was always to you. I don’t feel that you 100% wanted to break up, that it was your parents who railroaded you in to it. It will have shocked you as much as me. Please don’t ever think that there’s no chance for us. I will support you. We can do anything together.
    I will always have a place for you Janey. I just can’t stop loving you.

  375. Marc jones

    Hey lou, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to message me back, really appreciate it. I received it literally as I was boarding the plane home from Portugal, and you know what I’m like with flying anyways… I ain’t afraid to say it, I cried all the way home lol. It’s hard because I have literally no one to talk to about it… The worst thing about losing your best mate is you can’t tell your best mate about it. The fact we spoke all the time before you made me think you had been on a date is why i feel I’m back at the start where you’ve been able to move on. If you had let me know you had been talking to this lad when I used to ask you, I would of let you crack on and done my own thing, but I held out for you and when I got back from America and you said you had only really met up with him a week before I got back made me think it wasnt serious and that’s why I was trying to show you how much it could work with us… So it was a massive kick in the bollocks to be fair. Me and you have a connection which is pure… Hence why It pains me to see you have feelings for someone you don’t really know and It’s Soooo confusing to see how quickly you went from telling me it was hardly serious to telling me you felt ready to make a real go of a new relationship a few weeks later when you couldn’t even try with me! But I hold no grudges, I really don’t… It is what it is. As much as I wanted to fix us and make it good again, which I know we could of, I can’t change your mind! When you love someone like I love you, you want them to be happy! I didn’t mean to seem needy coz I’m far from that but you just wouldn’t meet me so I could apologise in person, you didn’t give me no opportunity to see you, to show how much you meant to me which insults me and makes me feel that I didn’t mean that much to you. The fact you chose to leave is what hurts the most. But like I said, all I want is you to be the happiest you can be and I’m glad you finally are (or so you say because it seems you pushed yourself into this) I said all I had to say in that book and that was very hard for me to speak from my heart so I hope you now understand how I feel about you even thou it’s a little too late. It feels like you’ve died but your still around and I can’t do nothing about it. I never thought you’d do it to us, really never and I’m never gonna get the answers I needed to know which is a shame. But, I sincerely wish you only the best and I mean it when I say I will always be here for you! X

  376. no-one

    i know i can text you on fb or whatsapp but i suppose we have lost that connection. i just wanted to tell you that i miss you and some time i feel really bad to not having you on my side.
    i wish we could make it again. i wish i could kiss you again..
    its been a year now but i am still there waiting for you to turn back. i wish you will.
    it just crush my stomach, when all i want is to talk with you.
    we were so good together..
    after you i didn’t find any urge to talk with any other man, or the whole mankind seem to lost there spark or charms in my eyes..

    no one appeals me…

    i am in a trouble without you…

  377. Paddy

    Dear E,

    I am finally letting you go. It’s taken me over a year to find closure for myself but now I’m ready to move forward with my life. One day you may decide to read the few unanswered emails that I sent you and realise that I was a good person and that I really did love you. I am sorry for my part and how I hurt you over the years but I have had to forgive myself and I have also forgiven you. I hope you find your happiness E, I will never forget you and what you gave me over the years. It truly was a gift that I will treasure in my heart forever. Stay safe and be happy.


  378. Connor

    I played all the games i thought i had mastered. I didn’t put trust in you. I lied. I tried to pretend like i didn’t care, that i didn’t love you, that i could leave at any moment and i’d have no problem with it. I was wrong. I was stupid. I really really screwed up. Over the years you develop all these things cause of stuff that has happened to you. I wish i put it behind me and put the faith i should of had in you. I never stop thinking about you, It’s been so long since we talked. I’ll never forget when i tried talking to you and my broken heart when i could feel the cold from your responses. It’s funny, people say time heals everything. Time has passed and nothing has healed, because the truth is.. the more time that goes on, the more reality sets in that you’ll never be the one i spend my life with.

  379. Chrissy

    You say that you love me but you think we shouldn’t be together now because you can’t fit with me until you fit yourself. You think we both need to work on ourselves right now and that it will make us better, healthier and stronger in the long run. I think you truly believe what you’re saying and I believe that you care deeply for me but I wish you’d stop the drama. We were happy together. Maybe what you’re really dealing with is a fear of commitment and that’s sad because we were really good together. Maybe you need to keep working on yourself but I feel like I have a lot to offer a relationship NOW. I’m not perfect but it’s doesn’t mean I’m unworthy of love. I wish you’d realize the same and just be with the woman who loves you just as you are. I’m not going to anguish in uncertainty and introspection, that is the path you’re choosing for yourself but you can’t choose it for me. I’m going to keep living my life. I’ll love you always, joe joe.

  380. bitterroll

    Most of all i’ll miss your smile. But I wont miss how you run at the slightest whisper of taking responsibility. You were right. You’re too immature to be in a relationship. I wish I had never let you kiss me. I wish you had let me break up with you when i knew you couldn’t stand being with me. I wish I hadn’t agreed to try again. I wish you hadn’t broken up with me a day later. Whishing is useless. I am empty. But I heal. I will move on. And someday when I am my much better and complete self I will meet someone who will love me. I will meet someone who is not afraid to claim I am their girlfriend. I will meet someone who wants to be my partner. And nothing about you will be even a hint of a wish.

  381. Wanted more out of Life

    I am so glad I walked away. I could not waste anymore time on someone content with mediocrity. To lie about being married however is cowardly, especially when your wife posted that ghetto ass shit online, and omg that world star reception..pure comedy!!.bless your hearts it’s the love that matters. Three month courtship was surprising but when you find one with low self esteem that gives a grown ass man with no job, car or place an allowance..hell I feel ya what grown man could pass that up?..some may call it paying for dick, prostitution, desperation.. but love works too… seems like your new bride is a perfect fit. As soon as I found out you were coming over to my house in her car, calling me while she was at work, and trying to spend her money on me I had to stop that shit. That is not flattering to A real woman. You actually had me thinking you were trying to better yourself..yet another lie.. I’m sorry a GED, criminal record expungment, and child custody arrangement were not top priorities for you. Unfortunately, my morals, values, and character would never allow me to be a side chick to your low class choice of a mate so please stop calling me for sex. You need to tell your wife to step her game up if your unfulfilled, that is her responsibility..I realize water seeks it’s own level so I can’t be mad. I am still Hopeful that one day you will grow up and be the man you need to be if nothing more than for your children… and for the record never upset about your new bride as we were not together but to Lie is just disrespectful…congratulations anyway…but I’m not the woman you fuck behind a sick, ratchet hood chick..my health is my main concern..It has taken my Dr. A year to convince me I’m ok and since I don’t get state benefits I would like my 1500 in medical premiums back..and for the record you fuck the 2 behind the 10..not the 10 behind the 2 dumb ass!….and stop contacting me!!!!!I don’the want anything to do with you…

  382. Leigh

    Mr Voices: I think about you often. Mostly when I am alone and bored. I miss you. I don’t know how you could have thought we didn’t work together. We were bloody awesome together, the rest was your issues you couldn’t see around. Your fear of your faults and shortcomings. Your fear of breaking your own ground instead of being a sheeple. Your fear of not being accepted. Your low sense of self esteem. You have so many issues you need to work on. You had no business looking for a girlfriend when you’re so broken. But you’re a good actor…after all, its what you do for a living. You got me hook line and sinker. The roses. The sweet talking. The romanticism. The over the top flowery words and poems and letters. I knew it was too soon, but I believed in you, especially when you kept assuring me that you loved me, that you were IN love with me, and that there were no doubts in your mind that I was THE ONE. You’re not grounded in reality. The woman you are looking for doesn’t exist, and your’re too stupid and too blind to see what was right in front of you.
    I still have no understanding of what changed your mind. I was still the same person two months after we met as I was (am)the day you told me you didn’t want to be with me anymore. How dare you run around telling women that you’re in love with them(you know damned well I wasn’t the first one you did this to). Does it give you a hard on knowing you’re breaking someones heart? How the hell do you sleep at night? I don’t even know which part of you I’m angrier at. You have no idea what I’d do to you if I saw you in person right now, but spitting in your face seems pretty appropriate. You WILL get what is coming to you, karma is a bitch, you lying, fake, chickenshit piece of garbage.

  383. Joanna

    With each and every day that has gone by, I have thought of you daily. I don’t cry all the time, and I can even smile at the sweet memories. We met when I was at a low point and you have been there with me. You had a way of making me laugh and bringing out the best in me. Wherever we went, everyone knew we were together, and that we were better as an us than alone. We talked about marriage. Then you got sick. I wanted to be there as you went through the medical issues, but you began to pull away. I tried to give you space, but then you just totally cut me off. When I finally got you to talk to me, you were on the harsh side. You told me that you cared for me, but no longer felt love for me. You also said that you were not in a place where you could commit to me. I wasn’t asking for a commitment, I just needed some reassurance that I was still a part of your life. I don’t know if it was because you needed to just focus on healing, or if you thought that I was going to leave you, but you decided that we were to no longer be a we. I can’t imagine you feeling like I’d leave you. I still love you with all my heart and soul. I wanted to be there with you through everything. I’m not angry at you, nor am I angry at myself for loving you. What I am is sad. I have done all the things that conventional wisdom/advice says to do. No contact was brutal. I didn’t stalk you. I am focusing on me. Despite all of that, I’m still hurting, a lot. I do wish you well.

  384. The kindest most beautiful person you say you've ever met

    You ask me what has changed. Again the hot feeling of shame sweeps over me that i’m not good enough for you – how on earth can i pay more attention, be more focused, not mis-hear your words, make sure i give you context when i speak. But i think, well what’s changed is i now know i actually love you with everything I’ve got. I choose to be with you with all of my being. I can cherish and adore you with the love that you wish for. And from the moment you open your heart to let me love you, I will feel safe and not stressed around you. The way I communicate with you will change without that anxiety. I feel sad that you did not give this incredible love a chance to bloom again, to make you happy like you said you used to be, and that our future has been cut short because of it. You thought I wanted you back because you broke up with me, but I actually fell for you a few days prior when we went away together on that long weekend and i slept in your arms, and felt safe disagreeing with you. I felt like we could both love each other, flaws and all. I hope you realise with experience and hindsight that my flaws are not so bad. I also would like you to understand that you have flaws too, albeit flaws that I know and love, because when I experience them it means that I am sharing wonderful time with you.

  385. Broken

    Hi RMM
    I know you hate me. Im sorry! I didnt sleep with with that person. I told you everything, I accept that we will never be together again but I just want to hear your voice once more. Say something, im dying here. We are suppose to be together! I will never do any of that again, I will show you that I can be trusted again!!

  386. Jason

    6 months ago, you broke up with me.

    Since then, I got my old job you hated back, and a pay rise. And 1 day a week I work at another job that pays super well, I got a new car and my dogs and cat back living with me full time.

    I did all I could to make you happy, but your OCD, depression and anxiety was just too much. You will never find another guy who will love you and treat you well like I did .

    I threw in my life here in town to move to your Island to be with you, but you always dismissed it.

    Hopefully 1 day you will realize what you lost Amber. Peace.

  387. Andrew Munro

    well girl you wanted you x the entire relationship….you lied to me and cheated on me in the end…stole my daughter from me and moved on with a new man right away….i wish you could of just bin honest to me and told me you did not want me any more….i really hate you know for what you did….i dont think ill ever be able to look you in the eye again….im a good man….your lies made me in to something im not….the things i said to you when i was mad were cruel ill admit….i regret some of them for sure….im hear working compleatly alone….you took my home from me and left me in a place i dont want to be. im going to deal with this….ill continue to be a good father even though i feel i should detach….one day youll regret your decision im sure. have a nice life…enjoy your new man….ill find happiness one day too…but it will not be with you.

  388. beatrice

    I am so broken. I feel empty, everything is horrible here…
    why did you do this? why did you betray me? i just wanted to love you.

  389. Ashley

    I would like to say I am sorry for all of my mistakes … All the hurt I caused you , the pain and suffering
    I did truly love you and understand I was useless at showing it .
    I took you for granted as I thought you would be there for ever
    I let all the emotions and feelings get the better of me I didn’t know how to talk to you properly anymore and felt I wasn’t good enough for you I felt you always wanted more and more but I just wasn’t able to give you more we haven’t been together for about 4 months now and I realise so much and I’m taking a lot of steps to make myself a better person for myself sure I would love for you to be able to see it and have a chance to show I can do it right but I know it’s a slim chance .
    I know all you wanted was my love and affection but I did love you and I did want to give you affection but let everything get on top of me instead of sorting out the real issues we would just say it would get better and hope but I am now changing myself so I can live with that and I wish for nothing but your happiness and to have that one person that will treat you right as you deserve that .
    I miss you
    I love you
    And I will always hold you close to my heart
    Take care x

  390. Kevin

    She said “You see, i already knew from the start it wouldn’t work out. To put it nicely, i did it to shatter you. You’re probably thinking thats fucked up but thats something you’d know if you actually bothered to get to know me beyond my appearance. To spell it out to you, i am not interested. Don’t take it personally though, i’ve never been interested in relationships which is also something you should know already based on our conversations. Now reading this you’ve hopefully realised i’m not who you imagined i was and knowing that you will move on.”
    I’m so lost. Why do people hurt someone else like this?
    Why do I still love her despite what she did to me?

  391. Katie

    I still miss you sometimes even though I’ve moved on. Even though I’m mostly happy now with both myself and with someone else.

    We were only together for 6 months but I loved you so very much.
    It’s been hard but who wants to be with someone who half loves them? There’s no coming back from the moment you said you didn’t see a future with me.
    Even so, my dear I strongly suspect that part of me will always miss you. The part that will never stop loving you.

    I hope you’re happy now.

  392. A

    Thanks for the pain. I’ll come back successful. See you at the bar in 5 years. Be happy while it lasts.

  393. Maunice

    Dear Ex,

    You’d wonder why you’re hearing from me after almost 3years. The exact amount of time me were together.

    But this is someting I simply have to do. For my own good will.

    The two of us,never intended to ever be in a relationship. Yet we ended up together.

    I still remember the day i said yes,I had no motivation to do so.

    Yet I did.

    According to me,we were better off as friends. Until you became the biggest part of my life!

    You stole my heart the night you drove miles just to meet my mom. Without informing me about your plans,you introduced yourself as my bf.

    How wonderful was that.

    Yet I never met yours.

    At the time I didn’t think much of it,but now I know you only did that to ensure that you were my only. Yet I didn’t carry the same title in your life.

    I remember the night you told me you’re joining the navy and me ending up crying all night long due to the realisation of not seeing you as often as hoped for. And still having to face people the next day.

    Yo promised me you’d stay by my side no matter the distance.
    And I believed you….until I saw your profile picture.

    To cut things short-you broke me into a thousand pieces,over and over again,while asking me to dump you. Coz to me you meant everything.
    But guess what.

    Somewhere amongst the endless tears,stupid conversations with myself trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong- I somehow got through it.

    Over it.

    Made it.

    But just long enough until you reappeared in my life.

    I conversated with myself wanting to know why I’m so stupid to allow the same dumb ass into my life after it took me a year to get over you.

    I believed I still had the same feelings for you as at the beginning.

    Damn I even thought I had the ability to “steal” you away from her,the same way she did me.

    How utterly stupid was I to expose myself to the well known heartache,again?

    And this all because I did know myself.

    But that night when you had to return to your “obligations”,I felt nothing.
    No tear.
    No longing.
    No regret.
    And here I was hoping that having sex with you for the first time,would change your feelings towards me.
    It didn’t.
    But you know what?
    I’m glad it didn’t.
    Coz then I would’ve ended up with someone I had no feelings for.

    And that would’ve made me nothing less than like you.
    Leading someone on with the idea of attraction, affection,when there’s none.

    Thanks for being part of my life,though I thought it would be forever. During those last few months of disappointment,you showed me I deserved more than what you were willing to give me. YOU did me the honour of showing me you didn’t deserve me.

    Today I’m with the most amazing guy ever,planning my wedding day with my true love. And if it wasn’t for your two-timing ass,I wouldn’t have had what I’ve got now.

    Even though it took me:
    – falling in love with you
    – Two years of believing you were mine
    – Several nights of dreaming about our perfect life together
    – A full year of putting up with your shit.
    – Degrading myself as much that I ended up confronting two girls about your relationship with them
    – Countless times of reassuring you that you were the only guy I wanted. Forever
    – One meaningless sex session
    – Disappointment

    to be this happy, I want to award you, right at this moment. Coz if it weren’t for you,I would’ve never known true happiness like I do now

    BTW, iv forgiven you already


    The girl you gave the opportunity to be happy by screwing her over

  394. anonymous

    both times we ‘broke up’ it began with you using the relationship as a bargaining chip…
    “i don’t know if we can keep seeing each other..”
    the next time around it was a text you sent me, after you’d kicked me out of your car over some petty argument – “goodbye”. yeah? how old are you? 29? jesus…
    i’d gone home because, well, you f**kin kicked me out of your car. so i was planning on going to bed shortly thereafter. you revealed to me that you thought i should’ve FOLLOWED you to wherever you were going after jettisoning me. really?
    it was then i realized how poorly you had been treating me in our relationship; how little your regard was for me.
    i saw how you had always been keeping me on my toes… in more ways than one. in fact, it’s embarrassing now to go back through the whole catalogue… looking through my phone when i went out of the room, criticizing me for NOTHING, ie, the f*cking way i’d be SITTING in your room as i waited patiently for you to finish whatever amphetamine-fueled bullsh*t you were doing around your house… and more! more!
    you tried to make me feel guilty for not being your little lapdog who would unquestioningly devote all of its energy to coddling your volatile, paranoid thought processes and emotions.
    you never f**king apologized for anything – hell, you know, you didn’t even have to apologize: towards the end i would have been happy just to see some sign of acknowledgement… acknowledgment of how your actions and words affect other people.
    this was another thing i realized, too late: you have NO regard for other people’s situations, feelings, interests – it’s all about what you can GET, what you can TAKE.
    which is all you pretty much f*cking did with me… you took and took, and i foolishly kept giving.
    i’m glad i only ended up wasting a year of my life putting up with your toxic sh*t and didn’t get you pregnant, or marry you or get a place with you – god forbid!
    if i ever see you in person again i will straight up tell you, ‘stay away from me.’
    enjoy your life of never learning from your mistakes.

  395. Isobel

    “Turn On Me”
    You can fake it for a while,
    Bite your tongue and smile,
    Like every mother does an ugly child.
    But the stars are leaking out,
    Like spittle from a cloud,
    Amassed resentment counting ounce and pound.
    You’re entertaining any doubt,
    Because you had to know that I was fond of you,
    Fond of Y-O-U,
    Though I knew you masked your disdain.
    I can see that change was just too hard for us,
    Hard for us.
    You always had to hold the reigns,
    But where I’m headed, you just don’t know the way.
    So affections fade away,
    And do adults just learn to play
    The most ridiculous, repulsive games?
    On the faith of ruddy sons,
    And the double-barreled guns,
    You better hurry,
    Rabbit, run, run, run.
    ‘Cause meeting you was fun,
    And there’s a lot of hungry howlers in this one cell.
    We’re taking it over,
    Their brittle, thorny stems,
    They break before they bend,
    And neither one of us is one of them.
    And the tails will never mend,
    ‘Cause you had it in for me so long ago.
    Boy, I still don’t know,
    I don’t know why and I don’t care,
    Well, hardly anymore,
    If you’d only seen yourself hating me.
    Hating me,
    When I’ve been so much more than fair.
    But then you had to lay those feelings bare,
    One thing I know still got you scared,
    You’re all that cold iron,
    And never once aired of our dead.
    You had to know that I was fond of you,
    Fond of Y-O-U.
    So I took your licks at the time,
    And to change like that is just so hard to do,
    Hard to do.
    Don’t let it whip-crack your life,
    And bow out from the fight,
    Those old pious sisters were right
    The worst part is over,
    Now, get back on that horse and ride…..The Shins…..

    Hi there. I had to begin with this song. It colors in the negative space and outlines our echos and ghosts. To begin with, I want to live in my own created fantasy world. He the king and I the queen. Both happy and completely ourselves. Reality would hit me like this SHINS song sometimes But I didn’t care, I wanted to remain delusional about us so I started skipping the songs that cleared the smoke. I needed to keep pretending at least for a little while.
    So, let’s see. Where should I begin? Here is good. Summer of 1998. I was 18 and you 17. We were kids running wild and free back then experimenting with psychedelics and Pink Floyd. We had a conversation once lying on the carpet at that old house in Swartz. Me and my messy hair, you and blatantly obvious motive written all over your face which revealed a need to get closer to me. We were talking about Kevin and Adrian I believe and had just finished watching Zabriskie Point. Oddly enough everyone else seemed to bail out immediately after the movie. Anyone could see that you and I were both so into each other. You seemed to not have a problem telling me not to worry about Kevin. All you cared about was speaking to me.. I felt the same. My poker face was better than yours back then is all. A blind man could have seen how enamored we were with each other..As you were trying to comfort me about Kevin and his elusive behavior, there I was dreaming about your lips as you spoke, I wanted to kiss them so badly and that made me feel guilty for thinking that way about you as we were talking about my then boyfriend.
    After that you just started appearing everywhere. Showing up at my apartment with Kevin my boyfriend..weird, showing up at the house that we played at out in swartze. Walking into Kim and Bs apartment and you were sitting there on the couch. I swear it felt like you were trying to get closer to me because I remember a lot of images of you in random uncommon places, but you were with Julie at the time and I Kevin. So if you did creep in, I’d quickly push you away. Then one night my roommate tells me she slept with you. Right before she got married to Brad. I believe every guy nailed Chelsey back then, lol….and me, I was too cool for showing any emotion school back then so I just said ‘why’? Why would you sleep with him? She said that it just happened and I know better. Nothing just happens with you randomly. You navigate and plan and map shit out so that everything is quiet and perfectly situated in such a way to keep you away from any blame. Don’t blame me! She’s the crazy one, ya see. I told you so!!
    Anyway, I had pretty much just recently let go of the dreaming of kissing you and like a hunter on a deer in headlights, you pounced. I still swear to this day that you slept with C to get closer to me because I was untouchable back then and I knew it unless I chose otherwise. You were always so fascinated by me. I wasn’t sure why but I liked it. My untouchableness kept guys scared of me and girls secretly hating me with the exception of a few of my friends..all those bitches were jealous of me. For the life of me I could never figure out why and hated it because it was more work I had to do. Jealous bitches can be vicious and sometimes attack out of nowhere so one must all be on her game. Defense mechanisms are required at all times with conniving bitches. The ones who smile to your face but are so jealous of you that you can almost see the steam coming out their ears everytime you smile at them. There were about 5 of us that night not counting B&C who I believe we’re having a wedding shower or baby shower inside her parents house; you and myself, Caleb I believe Neil and a few others all of them your friends coincidentally enough. Of course we had to be with your friends and they just had to be the ones who had crushes on me. They worshipped and followed you around as if you were their leader or a reverend with all this knowledge….it was cute to watch..
    We all piled into a car to smoke a joint. I think that your aggressive attention seeking hand found me. I say aggressive because your touch seemed to be a finally got her attention….Neil Gaiman dude. You are cordially invited to a seduction at 930. For you! another possible reason you hated me was because a couple of your friends were in love with me and you hated that because you severely disrespected women back then..
    In dealing With me, I live in my own little world. Neil Gaiman says that writers need an invitation to their own seduction, which is absolutely true. I never picked up on flirting very well. I was so deep in my thoughts that I wouldn’t notice. Plus I really was camouflaging some serious insecurity issues too so flirting always surprised me. You. You definitely got my attention alright. You touch my hand with a determination that still makes me hot to think about .. That was the hook line and sinker Right there. All these other little boys were scared of me. They were shy and afraid. Too boring and not very thrilling. You were never shy. You knew what you wanted and so I became putty in your hands. Believe it or not there are more men who are shyish or too concerned about hurting me that they lose their manliness in my eyes. Once that happens, it over. But you. You knew what you wanted and there I was frothing at the mouth inside if course and trying to play it off with my poker face..
    What did I have to work with? My moms blessed me with an hourglass figure which I used like weapon back then. I Told him that he was now screwed because he was gonna need to have me again and I was right, he did. I tried to warn him.
    I’ve never responded like that to any guy in my whole life. I always kept the upper hand. My dad raised a tough as nails don’t take no shit kind of girl. I didn’t respect most men because they seemed too weak in comparison. I really was a daddy’s girl. I’ve noticed that when a guy dates a girl like me, he tends to take the place of the female like the nagging, embarrassing passive aggressive tendencies, and irrational fears, it’s weird. You see I am a chick with a dudes personality and it doesn’t help that I’m attractive. I’m like a loaded bomb to them and shit goes whack. Some guys need the woman to be passive….I just can’t.. sorry. With you, though, you captured my soul that night and seemingly did so without much effort.
    When I think of that night in the country, I’m reminded of being on a really fast rollercoaster with the drops, the upside down twists and turns, and strobes black lights…it was the best night in my life ever. It felt like I was spinning through stars. I remember driving home feeling like I was driving through space really fast jumping the rings of Saturn and Jupiter ….your touch was like no other..it burned me..I can still feel your fingertips…. we instantly agreed on a friends with benefits situation because we had been friends for a while and neither of us wanted a relationship. We still were just children who acted like they were grown. We both came from the “we’re too cool for school, we’re better than you because you can’t really like Kurt if you’ve never slept under a bridge generation.” We took pride in becoming stronger than our parents by showing them that not everything matters as much as the truly important things. I spent too much time trying to pretend that I was too cool to fall in love with you all the while scared that you would see the truth, so I stopped looking you directly in the eyes. I had to because I knew that I would be exposed. I was secretly falling so hard for you and I loved it..I hated myself for telling you I’d be fine with being casual. I didn’t want you to end it and you would have if I told you the truth about how I felt about you. You never straight up told me how you felt about me but deep down I always knew…I saw it in the way you let me take control…a dominant man doesn’t give up control very often…When you proposed the no kissing ultimatum, I was heartbroken because back then I thought it was because you knew I was falling hard for you and I thought you were just trying not to be mean. I was so insecure back then but even with my insecurities I still knew everytime you kissed me how you felt about me. I realized later that the not kissing rule was probably for you too. I decided that I would rather passionate sex and forego the kissing. I found myself hoping that you thought about me when you were listening to certain songs. My insecurity back then was vicious and cruel to only me of course then that voice would say dream on princess you’re just a fuck.
    When we were together it was always incredibly fun. Even if we didn’t do shit, your company was the best and just sitting next to you was thrilling. Heart racing mind so jumbled I couldn’t think straight. It was like you could tell what I was thinking. That was frightening because you’re the first person I’d met other than me with a sense like that. Never fighting, only music, trembling skin under your fingertips and then it all stopped. I won’t go into details but I told you that I couldn’t get pregnant because I was lied to about it myself. You just thought I lied to you and you hated me for it. I didn’t even blame my psychotic mother til later…but I left Monroe the next day. I felt mortified and weak and embarrassed. I wanted to stay and be with you and have the baby, but our mutual friend said you would never ever settle down with me, you’d never love me and most certainly would never be with me..he said more than ever then because I got pregnant..so,I made the decision. I did ask you too though. You said it would be best but got pissed because you couldnt change your mind. If you really wanted it you could have called and I would have come back, but you didn’t. I went through it alone and ultimately it was all about money TMY… I knew I would have been alone as a single mother so I decided fairness to the child was more important than my needs.
    When I first told you, I remember that deafening silence….it was like razor blades slicing my heart. We were just children playing adults we fucked up. Between raves and lsd and mushrooms and all 2 or 37 or 89 times a week. Maybe you never were in love but wanted to be because you knew that I wanted you to be..I’ll never know. Fast forward to 2013. New Orleans, Katrina, two Ex boyfriend disasters, a heroin, cocaine, and alcohol addiction. Just so you know it really fucks you up when you work your ass off to earn a scholarship to an Ivy League University and to have it ripped out of your hands because of a natural disaster. This city was too far gone and I was in the middle of it. New Orleans was the wild west, there’s no coming back to Ivy League after that.
    For about 3 years I had stopped thinking about you. If you did cross my mind it was only briefly because of a song. I had given up on life, on my dreams, on myself, and you. I made the decision and surrendered my life to opiate those dreams. Yeah, he brought it around. Dano had a closet problem for 20 years, but I made the decision. I was throwing in the towel. Tired hurt, lonely, scared, sad, worry, love, hate, those feelings go away when you are on heroin. It steals all of your human away and replaces it with a dead hollowed out cell. I had given up because I lost the one thing I’d ever worked my ass off for, my scholarship to Tulane. Katrina and turmoil and devastation was a constant and heroin took all that away. Here I was 35 and had given up on everything….I even stopped listening to music. I needed to erase all of it.
    I awoke one morning with you all in my mind because of a dream. In the dream you were sitting next to me on my bed watching me sleep brushing my hair with your hand. All I could do was feel you. You radiated with such a peaceful calmness, if that makes sense. I started feeling your calm seep in through my skin. The second I felt like I was full I woke up. You were gone but at that moment, I was pulled over to YouTube. Oddly enough a lot of my favorite songs were all right in front of me as if I had just finished listening to them…somehow right then I knew it was you. Tmy. I still don’t understand why. You saved me or the idea of you and I together saved me

    we don’t speak not at all, I wouldn’t even know how to get in touch with you, we haven’t flirted, I really miss flirting with you the most, I havent touched you in what feels like an eternity or had the opportunity to breathe your air in probably 10 years. I miss that so much. There is no longer a single shred of evidence that we were ever even friends. Just this week I decided that pretending that you never really existed and that I made you up in my head is probably best for me.. in dreams I’ll start..There was never a Kevin or a Monroe or a house in Swartz. No messy hair, no Tool, nothing.
    You see, I fell in love with you at least 4 or 5 different times in my life. Most of our interaction has been in my head though. I was always so nervous and shy around you and I didn’t understand why…Something always seemed to pull me back to you over and over again. Gravity. That cunt. Even when my insecurity whispered to me ” he will never love you you’re not even important enough to be an ex”. You’re a one night stand extended into 6months, girl. That’s all you’ll ever be. You’ll never be the girl of his songs. Something always corrects that negative thought in my head…it flies in on the wind tells me differently. It tells me you feel the same. your karma is the fact that I’ll never acknowledge your feelings for me and mine is to never truly feel love by my one truelove…it’s our curse.. …I truly believed deep down to my soul that we would end up together…I just knew we would, because why would I still have these strong feelings?! After all this time?! It just has to mean something!! I was so delusional that I thought you secretly felt the same way about me…because you never really looked happy anymore and nothing seems to be fitting for either of us..and blahblahblah. For 17 years I believed we would end up with each other. 2 years ago I finally put my love to the test and then you came back with that bullshit saying that you didn’t think that you could give me what I needed. You don’t have a clue as to what I need. You just wanted to be mean to me. You acted like we never even had a connection. Our connection is unbreakable and we don’t have to do a thing to maintain it. Our fucking Gravity is so strong that I always end up feeling like I’m flat on my back and right next to you again. I’m just here trying to convince myself that there is nothing significant about ending up next to you AGAIN. The only thing that was ever between us was nothing more than some memorable sex.
    Whatever. You fucking live in denial brah. I refuse to believe That the feelings between us were just a deluded dream of a little girl and the scared and fascinated little boy.
    I will say that I do appreciate your brutal honesty very much and I also appreciate that you seemingly go out of your way to not tell a lie especially to me… THERE you go speaking about honesty and truth again all the while setting up little traps to keep me from straying too far away from you. You act like you haven’t done anything to cause any of this, that this has been all about me and my obsession of you and that I’m the one here incapable of letting you go when in reality, it’s you who won’t let me go….you always seems to forget that I allow you play with my head, emotions, and my heart while I watch like some fucked up prisoner who is trapped in an unrequited hell..
    I wouldn’t have gotten so hostile either if you had not acted like you had no fucking idea where any of this is even coming from. Trying to act all innocent…”you fucking disappoint me” know why?! For someone who is into Fibonacci sequences and spirals and TOOL for that matter, you sure are overly concerned about your dumb ass image. HYpoCRIT. YEP THAT WAS PENELOPE FROM BLOW. FUCKING hypoCRIT!
    DONT get me started with the poetry blogs, the fake writers who could, for some reason, regurgitate one of our memories in detail like they are mind readers, and sneaky songs strategically stashed everywhere. I read signs so what. Sometimes I make things more than what they are but I also type an explanation mark behind most if the words I use. I get excited, so what? You’re lucky that I’m making more out of anything for you. You got MY attention and that’s when the suspicion set in. It seemed like almost overnight that little subtle hints of you and I planted all over my page began…it caused me to start speaking to the pages like a fucking lunatic acting like I knew them. You tricked me a couple times..I’ll admit that but those memes that resemble us, were shopped so well that I started questioning if we really did those things together. Some experiences even seem familiar like we did do them just years ago…a person can build an entire human memory bank with Photoshop alone….
    Granted maybe some of those connections are delusional but not all of them!!..reading signs adds a spice to life.
    When I started with the drinking that is when it got really bad. I was drinking 3 5ths a week at one point, so yep. Yeah I gained weight. I get a touch insecure about it now and then but you like to fucking rub it in like I ate myself there. Hell no. I drank myself up there. It was a constant living hell and there you were mister heartless talking about my eating habits like some ignorant judgmental fucking asshole….oh but you’re not judgmental at all right? No because your last 2 girlfriends were fat?! No. If they lose weight while they are with you, they hand over more power to you…you’re all about doing things with minimal effort I see…while everyone else does the psychotic irrational shit or loses the weight. With my drinking like a fucking pirate, I became filter less and fearless..trying to get you to walk away by freaking you out. I did embarrass myself with you a couple times but nothing too major. I did that to you because you always forget that I wasn’t always like that. You start reacting to me and approaching me as if I’ve never been anything other than a drunk lunatic. I didn’t see my first dead body ever during Katrina that was mildewed and eated by bayou critters, or hearing someone cry for Charlie at 2am like she was dying with no lights any fucking where in the city. Or an abusive ex boyfriend who fucking hit me with a fan in the face and put a scar on my lip that I could see my teeth through….naw. NONE of those experiences fuck with your head. That shit ain’t nothing. Heroin was the best thing on the planet to me..Fucking Judgmental asshole. You Chelsey fucking Rhyan. Y’all all judgmental assholes who act like you ain’t judgemental. Nah you right ya not judgmental not in the least, you’re just fucking assholes….
    You know that I’ve never felt this way about anyone else but you and its fucking awful to continue to try to hurt me even after all the shit I’ve been through? You don’t give a fuck about me. If you did, you would have treated me with love and respect. You’ll come and steal my view points and strategies and pass them off to try and impress some 23 year old with that Charles Manson mind control for dummies approach because, wait let me guess it’s so easy to control younger women, especially if theyre a bit overweight isn’t that right?! I spent 17 years feeding you compliments because I knew you weren’t getting them from those selfish cunts you were dating. Went out of my way to make you feel better because poor baby was probably starving…why do you like women incapable of giving Someone a compliment because it steals her thunder?! What. Miss bitch is so important? Yeah I bet she is a poets first choice when picking a muse…. I have never demanded anything of you, I don’t judge you til your stupidass does it to me, and have only loved you for you. You on the other hand obviously still hated me. That 19 year old scared to fucking death about what happened. I was eating mushrooms and acid every other weekend. A kid raised by a kid? I didn’t think that would be fair. Again, you agreed with me. You knew we couldn’t afford a baby, and in that atmosphere?! No way! Like I said, and you remember, you didn’t stop me..I know your gossiping ass lied on me too. Afterall I wasn’t in town and someone had to look bad. Better it was someone who couldn’t defend herself…I know you even believe your lies. I had your friend harass me as though I left without giving you a choice. That’s fucking bullshit. I proposed going to my uncle and you agreed. Especially after I was told that you would never be with me. He said, do you actually think having his baby is going to keep him loyal and faithful to you?! He laughed in my face and said yeah right. After you agreed that I should go to my uncles, I was gone the next day. Running away like an embarrassed coward with my tail between my legs because I became that stupid statistic. Thanks mom! Thanks for lying to me all those years! I’ve always been so fucking dumb and gullible. I never knew how to lie, my face would always give me away…I didn’t want to believe that people could be so cruel as to lie to you just because they want to inflict pain. Boy did I learn that the hard way….. this past March I finally succeeded. Succeeded in pushing you away forgetting that I didn’t really want to do that, but you obviously hated me while I loved you. It would always be that way so we had to end it. You’ll never forgive me because you’d never be able to tear down those fake walls of created stories in your head you needed to feed that hate you have. You see, hate is like fire. It has to be fed to keep it going. You know the truth but can’t admit it because you’ve told so many people now that it’d make you look like a liar…you are, a pathological one with sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies. I remember about 7 years ago with had a mild spat because swore up and down that we were a couple and that I was legitimately your ex….that is cute dude, but it ain’t true. I struggled with being only good enough for a friend’s with benefits back then with you and now you’re telling me we were together because you used to drive me car around and that is proof?!?! Really?! I saw something so amazing inside of you. A unique incredibly strong and clever light that everyone looked up to. I saw you the real you not your clouded fucked up phony portrayal of yourself…there is only one picture that I saw of you where you genuinely looked happy. One in almost 2 decades. The one of you and Susan at Bonnaroo. It made me smile and so happy for you because of how happy you look…
    I will always be dreaming about you. You’re sweet smile, your sarcasm, your making fun of me, even all those things I remember so vividly about a boy who finally got my attention and swept me up like the rocketship to Saturn that night. I still remember him. I hope you do too..Leaving fat comments places where I’d find them because,whoopdeefuckingdoo. I put on weight, I’m not dead with a needle in my arm. No I’m not that hourglass shape you remember. So what?! I will run into 50 guys a day who still think I’m smoken! Or negative comments about my teeth or my lizard lips, my short hair. You keep dropping little hints that I’m all you think of and want to marry, just to rip out those dreams and watch me turn from a sad mess to a vengeful hating crazed lunatic. Bring up marriage then you’d say oops what makes you I’d marry you?It wasn’t enough that a devastating hurricane killed my life and hopes, or that I went through two really verbally and mentally abusive relationships, or that I snorted heroin for 3 years and I was trying to stay clean, nope. I needed more pain. You kept lying and making shit up for me to fall for it again. Like I said I’m the most gullible person I know. You played my feelings for you against me, my forgiving and extremely tender heart against me, and my hopeless romantic sadness. I kept believing you because I’m that kind of person. The kicker was to plant the stupid marriage stuff around and then laugh in my face about it. I’m sure you probably blame me to an extent for Susan. I’m sure I had some kind of hand in that somewhere according to you. It is you though sweetie. The me in your mind isn’t me baby. It’s you.. That is why you blame me….there isn’t a