GUEST BLOG: Alan Gillies on Places to Meet New People

Places to Meet New People

Places to meet new people abound, however for some reason or another, it can still be difficult to meet new people. We have all had some social anxieties at some time in our lives. The key is to find somewhere that you can meet new people where you feel comfortable. There are many, many options out there, and there is always at least one to suit every taste. These can range from specific internet dating sites through to taking courses at your local college.

Here is a roundup of some of the best opportunities available to you. You just have to make the time!

Internet Dating Sites:

Internet dating sites can be a good place to meet new people. A word of caution though – not all dating sites are reputable. You need to do your research. When researching the sites to join you should look at sites that charge membership fees, because if they charge a fee, this will weed out some of the less savoury characters that are out there. Make sure they use personality profiles to match you with dates. Check out the online dating magazine – this is a site which has been going for many years and has lots of tips to help you achieve the most from online dating.

Dating Agencies:

If you’re worried about meeting someone over the internet, and would prefer a more traditional method, you can always contact a dating agency in your local area. As with the internet agencies, some are more reputable than others, so don’t forget to do your research.

Speed Dating:

Speed dating is an event where you gather to meet and talk with a number of potential partners in a short space of time. In most cases you have an opportunity to talk to each person for between 3 to 8 minutes. At the end of this time each person puts forward details of the people that they would like to get to know better – and contact information, if mutually agreed, is swapped.

Singles Bars:

Some bars are specifically set up for single people, or there are mainstream bars that host singles nights. You will generally find entries for these in your local directory or through online directories. You should also keep an eye on your local paper or magazines for this type of event.

Special Interest Groups:

Another great way for meeting people in person is through joining special interest groups or clubs in your local area, for example:

* book clubs
* photography
* wine tasting
* women’s or men’s group
* singles organizations
* local dramatic society, and if acting isn’t your thing you can always help out with costume, makeup, scenery or any of the technical roles.
* health club, or take some fitness classes or dance classes
* volunteer for an organisation that you are passionate about to meet other like-minded people.

Take a course:

Taking a part-time course is a great way to meet new people and learn something new at the same time.

Have a Party:

Have a party and ask everyone that’s invited to bring someone from outside of your circle of friends.


Alan Gillies is the Founder of Learning 2 Live, an online Lifestyle resource which mixes business with pleasure, covering a number of Lifestyle topics which include Relationships, Health, Wellbeing, Career, Travel & Coaching. He has extensive hands on experience across a wide range of business disciplines including Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management and NLP. Visit his website at http://www.Learning2Live.co.uk.

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