GUEST BLOG: 10 Things to Take Advantage of When You’re Single

Happy Monday! It’s another guest blog – back by popular demand – it’s Alan Gillies this week on those pros of being single! Why not make a list of your own? 🙂

Being single can be a truly amazing experience. You get so much freedom to indulge in all those things that seem to get put aside once you have a partner. Here is a top ten list of the privileges that you’re likely to enjoy whilst not in a relationship:

1. You get to go out and meet new people anytime you want. Being in a relationship can often stop you from doing this because of trust, control or jealousy issues.

2. You can date and flirt whenever you choose to. It’s always good to be able to make dates (or not) depending entirely on how you’re feeling at the moment.

3. You can make the important decisions about your life without having to consult somebody else, or having to take into account their ‘feelings’. This can be a real benefit when it comes to making decisions about where your career is going to take you; if you decide you want to take off and do some travelling; you want to go to college; or maybe you want to get involved in volunteering or campaigning for a cause that has some sort of personal meaning.

4. You get to openly admire those movie stars/musicians/personalities without jealousy rearing its ugly head! Go on and put some posters/pictures up – it’s art!

5. You can watch TV all day; stay in bed all day; or play games all day on your day off without being made to feel guilty or lazy.

6. You get full control of the TV remote. There won’t be any more disagreements, petty arguements or compromises about what to watch – or when to watch it.

7. You get the whole bed to yourself, no more duvet/quilt sharing; waking up with your pillows missing; or being kept awake by your partners restlessness/conversation. A decent night’s sleep at last.

8. You get to listen to whatever music you like – as often as you like, with no criticism of your good taste.

9. You get to make those ‘let the good times roll’ purchases that can be rather difficult to justify to someone else….. like a 60″ plasma TV, 1st Class Vacation tickets, or perhaps a gold plated iPhone – you know what I mean!

10. You get to eat and enjoy the foods you really like without someone reminding you – over and over again, about your health.

I never said that this was going to be a selfless list. Being single gives you the opportunity to have invaluable “me” time. Time that you wouldn’t normally get if you were in a committed relationship. In such a situation, you have to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Of course, when you’re single you still have responsibilities to friends and family, and I wouldn’t advocate you becoming completely selfish, but I do strongly suggest that you enjoy yourself and have fun in this time, because before you know it, you might have to start compromising and negotiating all over again!


Alan Gillies is the Founder of Learning 2 Live, an online Lifestyle resource which mixes business with pleasure, covering a number of Lifestyle topics which include Relationships, Health, Wellbeing, Career, Travel & Coaching. Alan has extensive hands on experience across a wide range of business disciplines including Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management and NLP. Visit his website at http://www.Learning2Live.co.uk.