Is it time to say Goodbye to SYBD?

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to SYBD

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to SYBD

Just a short post to ask – is it time to say goodbye to SYBD? So You’ve Been Dumped has been around for eighteen years – helping people in various ways – to get over an ex. The forum closed in 2000 (where I received much hate and backlash for that) and I kept it running in BLOG form.

Just a year ago SYBD was experiencing nearly 50,000 visits a month and now due to technical changes (SSL integration) and what not, the site is getting closer to 12k.

What would be ideal would be to begin again – from scratch – but nearly 400 pages and posts the task just seems too daunting.

Helping People Get Over an Ex

The trouble is that it’s hard to stop helping people get over an ex. Each day people come and comment on the site, to get things off their chest, or the come to read other people’s comments or our articles. Each week I get messages from people saying how much the site has helped them, so it makes it hard to simply flick the SYBD switch off.

I admit, I like that I have created something good from my own breakup. Something that helps men and women all over the globe. I get a lot of satisfaction and comfort in knowing that.

So What is There To Do Now?

Is it time for me to say goodbye to SYBD? Do I sell it? Or hand it over to someone else? Do I let it keep running with this as my last post? I don’t know.

I do know that I’ve not been dumped in 18 years and I am no longer the woman who started this site. Sure I can empathise with people going through a breakup but the question is do I want to continue to do so?

Can you imagine being reminded of your breakup every single day for eighteen years? Probably not.

So that’s it. Share your input with me. Do you think it’s time to say goodbye to SYBD? I want to know…

3 thought on “Is It Time to Say Goodbye to SYBD”

  1. Anne

    In my opinion, you want to shutdown the site for your own good. But think about this, more and more people are turning on this site for comfort. Isn’t this something to be proud of? Helping out may seem to be a handful most especially when emotions are involved. But get this, there are many lifelines who don’t shut down their website because that’s the only platform people will be able to saved from their vulnerable and destructive selves. Please don’t leave this site.

  2. Monica

    Hello Thea, I’ve just been dumped last week and came across your blog last night. It gave me some strength and brought in good thoughts during these impossible days. However, it’s your call whether you would like to keep running this blog actively, passively or any other way. I just want to say thank you for doing this, and I’ll keep on reading through to rebuild myself and pathway forward. Best wishes!

  3. S. Ross

    Hi. I have just discovered your site after being up and in tears all night…at 54 years of age. I guess we are never too old to have our hearts broken by a love who chose to walk away. I understand that this site may be a reminder for you of the low point you were at all those years ago, but please reconsider thoughts of shutting it down. I have read more that has been meaningful to me in the past hour than I believed possible. A true lifeline. And it reminds me that I’m not as horribly alone as I feel right now. If you feel the need to pass it on to a trusted friend or colleague, absolutely go for it bc you have given solace and encouragement to many for so very long. That definitely deserves a step back. But there will always be people like me, who are heartbroken and alone…with no one to turn to or confide in and this site is like having a trusted confidant. I urge you to keep it here. What it offers is priceless and comforting. Many, many thanks to you.

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