Before Commenting On SYBD - Read These Rules, Man with pen in hand writing

Before Commenting – Read These SYBD Rules

Before Commenting On SYBD - Read These Rules, Man with pen in hand writingBefore Commenting – Read These SYBD Rules

Before you go commenting on one of our threads there are a few things to consider. Not quite terms and conditions but these SYBD Rules are pretty simple. Please take them into account before posting a comment.

  1. No full names allowed. Feel free to use the first name or a nickname or intials but no full names. This site is not a “name and shame” site. This is a site to help people get over an ex – not name call or any other revenge type sitch.
  2. Avoid being too specific. Similar to condition one, do be so specific that the person is easily identifiable. Again this is not a place to get revenge on an ex. You may be angry. I get that. This site though is not for that so keep it general.
  3. Avoid adding any links. No URLs are permitted on SYBD…Even if you’re writing generally about a dating site e.g. “Match” – just say “Match” that’s fine.
    NOTE: There is one thread where web addresses are permitted and that is on this recent post to “Connect With Others Going Through a Breakup”. That is a post for people to share their social media profiles and reach out to other people who are hurting after a split with a boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s the only place URLs are permitted. So if you do them in comments, then either they will not be approved or they will be edited. You have been warned.
  4. Stop the Profanity! I know it’s tempting to swear your socks of when you’re super pissed off, but do me a favour and just self-edit. If you don’t, it forces me to. If there is a lot of swearing, I’ll likely just “trash” the post. If you’ve taken the time to write the post out then you don’t really want me trashing it instead of approving it. Am I right?
  5. Remember this is a Public Forum. A few things to remember 1) Choose your email address carefully (some addresses, if you have registered on WP will show your avatar!!) 2) Other people may come across it, so choose your username carefully.
  6. Comment in the right place. Make sure you are commenting on the right post. If you want to share your story of the breakup then use the “How, When and Where…” post.  If you want to vent, then use “Have Something to Say to Your Ex”. Just ensure you’re responding in the right place. If you’re wanting to connect with other heartbroken people then use the link in number three (and don’t forget to add some sort of link for people to connect with you on).
  7. Help others. Sometimes the best thing we can do when we are struggling emotionally is help other people. So read someone’s story and maybe respond to their post. Offer your advice and insight.
  8. Trust you’ll get through this. This site has been running since 2000. I’ve yet to see someone who didn’t get over it – when they wanted to.
  9. Read My Own Breakup Story. I’ve been where you are and I got through it. You will too.

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