About Us

Thea Newcomb - founder soyouvebeendumped.com / #SYBDsoyouvebeendumped.com is the brain child of Thea Newcomb – a Californian girl in Glasgow.

Marrying her Scotland-based penpal, Newcomb relocated to Scotland in June of 1992. Since that time, Thea has worked in both the (broadcast) media and new media fields.

With a broadcasting career that started twenty years ago, Thea has been heard on various local and regional radio stations across Scotland. In the mid-90s, Newcomb made her foray into publishing when she co-founded Bigwig magazine, “Scotland’s New Music Monthly”.

When her three-and-a-half-year marriage ended in 1995,  Thea embarked on a subsequent long-term relationship with a co-worker which also ended some years later.

After a third, subsequent “rebound relationship” (and dumping), Thea was inspired to launch soyouvebeendumped.com.

The website was born – rather deliberately – on American Independence Day 2000.  Over the years, Thea Newcomb has appeared/been quoted in books, newspapers, magazines, and on TV and radio shows across the globe as an expert on the subject of break-ups and resilience.

Thea still lives (and sometimes even loves) in Glasgow.

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