Welcome to a New Year & Chapter

New Year & Chapter

Welcome to a New Year & Chapter

It’s time to say “Welcome to a New Year & Chapter” of your life. Now is a perfect time to reflect on what has transpired over the past 365 days, and to perhaps dare to envisage what you would like the next twelve months to look like…

Ask yourself:

  • What is working and what isn’t in my life?
  • How are my family relationships?
  • What are my friendships looking like? Do I have good friends who love and support me?
  • How is my coursework or career going? Is it time to change jobs? Or set new career goals?
  • Do I have a work/play balance – or is life lopsided and leaning more one way?
  • Is my exercise regime consistent or sporadic or non-existent?
  • How much water am I drinking each day?
  • Are you making a positive difference in other people’s lives? Family, friends, your community?
  • Have I been living with gratitude or focusing on lack?
  • Am I making the most of my time on earth or am I wasting it on things that do now bring me joy, peace, fun, good health, wealth and happiness?

The Year Ahead

Early January is often a quiet time to make some strides to improve our lives. For many of us, especially in the darker northern climates, it can be a time to hibernate, marinate and replenish until spring time.

Over the coming weeks, choose to use your time and energy productively to carve out a new life; or simply work on ways to improve on whatever was already working in your life. No matter how good life may be going, most of have some areas that contain room for improvement.

De-Clutter Your Space

De-clutter whatever is not working in your life. The people who are negative, draining, and less that supportive – release them.

The clothes in your closet you never wear. Donate them.

The books, music, and gadgets that may be gathering dust. Recycle them.

The less-than-healthy food in your kitchen.  Dump it.

Papers, bank statements and or old photographs of people that you don’t even remember. Shred it all.

Make space in your life for what sparks that joy.  Get rid of anything that no longer serves you.

The Future of SYBD is Up in the Air

Finally to bring it around to a personal level, I now contemplate the future of SYBD. For weeks now I have been wondering whether or not the site should continue, or if I should finally flick the switch and move on once and for all.

It feels as though the last year of SYBD has been more stressful than the last fifteen years combined – due to one individual going to great lengths to harass me and accuse me of all sorts of utter nonsense. It would be a shame to let such emotional terrorism ruin it for the other 45,000 visitors that come to the site ever month,…But as I feel I’ve done my best for nearly seventeen years, perhaps it’s time to let it go, and that this person is just making that decision easier on me.

Bless her heart.

What do the rest of you think? Should I leave the site running in order to continue to help people by having a place to read and share stories? Or is it time I close SYBD down completely this year?

I put it out to you my supportive community…

Best Wishes One and All

I wish each every one of you an amazing 2017. It is my hope that the best is yet to come for us all.

Thank you and goodnight.

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4 comments on “Welcome to a New Year & Chapter


i came across your site like yesterday .. and its been a huge help i dont feel alone and i see and feel similar stories to mine . You are helping people . Its a place where broken hearted people fine power and comfort in taking there lives back. People all over the world ,different cultures ages go threw the heart ache pain the same. I know that now due to your site .
Dont give it up dont give up on millions of people all around the world . That are in search for answers and similarity’s situations and taking steps to recovery for there future . Its not a easy road for us heart broken people.
You are doing a great job , keep at it and Thank you

Thank you for your comment, that’s very kind of you. It does help me to continue this site when I often feel like flicking the switch on it. I am truly glad you found it helpful, but sorry you had to find it at all!! xo


Yep I’m in the same position i have just found this site and it makes for a wonderful soul lifting experience, I have just had the line it’s not you etc… it has totally wiped me out. The things we were enjoying even up to days before being told must have been a lie, again reading and listening to what’s on this site has finally took some of the Vaseline from being sleep deprived eyes. thankyou

Thanks. And sorry I didn’t approve this sooner. I read it when it came in but was out at night. I hope you’re sleeping better soon and that you find a way to turn this pain into gain somehow. Hugs to you x

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