Youtube has made some changes to its video APIs, so I need to see about getting the videos working again but for now here are a few of the SYBD videos we’ve done to date….It’s definitely time to do some more videos. Just need to work out the best topics. Am open to your suggestions in the comments below!

Watch the biggie: “12 Stages of a Breakup…”

Nearly 40,000 views is not too bad! Could be better, of course!

Peruse the Other SYBD Videos

What follows are some real interviews that I conducted when I drove across America back in 2006…

The video footage itself wasn’t too brilliant (ha! A total understatement) – so I decided they should be animated.

All the animated videos have been done by an amazing guy here in Scotland called Ron. He’s a very talented Muvizu animator.

SYBD VIDEOS: Tracy’s Breakup Story (Chapter 2)

I loved Tracy’s story. Parts of it echoed my own story. The peanut butter line cracks me up every time!

Matt’s Breakup Story – video (Chapter 3)

Talking to Matt in Boston (twice) was such a pleasure. Matt is great, isn’t he? So great he’s married now with babies! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

Jen’s Breakup Story – video (Chapter 4)

Jen has one of the most memorable break up stories ever shared on SYBD. She is fabulous. Happily married with a few lovely girls too! Life goes on! Jen’s proof.

SYBD Videos – A Few Tutorials

And…a few tutorial videos for good measure too…Like “Can Exes Be Friends?”

Perhaps read a wee bit too fast but some relevant, and dare I say “helpful” tips none the less.

Finally – “5 Tips for Dumping Your Relationship”


Hope you enjoyed the SYBD videos!

There are several more over on SYBD’s Youtube channel!

I’ll work on getting some new one done asap – feel free to subscribe while you’re there! 🙂 Or maybe share some questions or topic suggestions for the next round of SYBD videos. We’re open to suggestions here – as ever.