Youtube has made some changes to it’s videos – so I need to see about getting the videos working again but for now here are a few….

What follows are some real interviews I conducted when I drove across America in 2006…The video footage wasn’t brilliant (ha!) so I decided they should be animated. They have all been done by an amazing guy here in Scotland called Ron. Enjoy the videos! There are more over on SYBD’s Youtube channel! I’ll work on getting some new one done asap – feel free to subscribe while you’re there! 🙂

Tracy’s Breakup Story – video (Chapter 2)

Matt’s Breakup Story – video (Chapter 3)

Jen’s Breakup Story – video (Chapter 4)

And…a few tutorial videos for good measure too…Like “Can Exes Be Friends?”

Finally – “5 Tips for Dumping Your Relationship”