SYBD Coffee: Your Hug in a Mug

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Well in a strange twist of fate, I have been in discussions with a UK-based coffee company to release our very own brand of So You’ve Been Dumped Coffee.  So I’m appealing to the coffee drinkers in the SYBD community to offer some input into the creation process.

If You Were A Cookie (Biscuit), What Cookie Would you Be?

Do you know those silly, ice breaker games people sometimes play – asking if you were an animal or a cookie or a whatever – which one would you be? Well this is sort of like that?

If SYBD – the website – was a coffee what kind would it be? Dark, light, strong, weak, sweet, bitter etc?

It was suggested that we create the bitterest of coffees to have sent to your ex, but that sort of goes against our ethos of “turning pain into gain” and encouraging people to “get better not bitter”. (But I have to admit, it’s pretty funny if I am being honest, so who knows? Maybe we will. It can be our own version of getting revenge in a legal way!)

SYBD Coffee - Your very own Hug in a Mug

Your Hug in a Mug – So You’ve Been Dumped Coffee

Really though, the plan is to offer some comfort, and maybe a bit clarity for anyone going through a breakup or divorce…A sort of comfort cup of joe.

It would need to be healthy beans, chosen to soothe the soul a little. Its aim is to give you a few moments of solace amongst the chaos that often goes with heartbreak.

So, What Do You Think?

So tell us what you think. If SYBD was a coffee, what sort should it be? Latte? Americano? White? Dark? Bitter? Espresso?  And what sort of names could you come up with? We’ve a few good ideas but we’re still brain storming them.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below, or over on the SYBD Facebook page if you would rather…

Thank you for your time and input on this. It’s an exciting project.

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