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Going through a breakup? Then let’s talk makeup! For those ladies who are here on #SYBD due to a relationship split, the chances are that you’re feeling down, angry, hurt, bewildered or something else along those lines? It can be hard to concentrate on anything else but the misery, but let me offer you a suggestion or two to make yourself feel better!

Get your Sexy On!

Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing after a breakup is putting your face on. Heck, even showering can be a bit of a chore.

But take my advice, get your sexy back on. Treat yourself to something new to make you feel like your most sexy and gorgeous self. Pick up some up some 100% natural Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powders3D Fiber Lash mascara, some Stiff Upper Lip lip stains or Splurge cream eye shadows.

Launch Your Own Business

Maybe if you love makeup, you might want to take things one step further. Joining Younique could be just the distraction you need to turn your pain into gain.

At the end of 2014, I found the Younique Opportunity which is something that I have found to be empowering, fun, makes me feel more sexy, earns me some extra money each month and is simply a wonderful challenge.

Right Time, Right Opportunity!

For several years now, I have been looking for something relevant I could market to the So You’ve Been Dumped community – but it had to be just the right fit for the largest amount of people.

I was specifically looking for something that I might be able to sell here…but then I found Younique – which offers, not only relevant products to sell to my core audience (makeup) – but also a way to start their own business selling it too.

Win/Win.Do you like makeup? Want to turn your breakup pain into a new business? As me How!

The Younique & SYBD Mission

Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower and validate women all over the world – which is in perfect alignment with SYBD’s mission. (Though on here I aim to help men in the same way too!)


So how do we uplift, empower and validate people? Well with Younique – we can be uplifted by using makeup that makes us feel good, sexy, and attractive.

#jointheateam - Younique by Thea | Current Presenter's Kit 2015The products are naturally-based and totally amazing. I have used almost every one now (the final ones I’ve not tried are in transit!) The 3D Fiber Lashes sell over 15,000 a day (and I use them daily). The Uplift Eye Serum is gorgeous and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles…and the eye shadows are mineral pigments which you can even wear on your lips!

Honestly all the rest of the Younique products are equally fab!


Younique can empower us by allowing us to make our own money doing something super-fun! We meet others both within the company and marketing the company outside it – which widens our network allowing us to connect with far more people! That’s empowering!

Younique can validate us by allowing us to run, market, and grow our own businesses…Even for people who never even dreamed of running their own company. Younique is so easy that anyone can do it. It is generally sold online via social media channels but for those who want to go “old school” it can be done by catalogs. Seriously I love the flexibility of this company. You can work as little or as much as you want.

The Why?

Why join Younique? Well, the way I see it, you can sit and pine for an ex for hours on end, wonder what when wrong or how you can get them back, or you can focus on your own life, your own future and your own new business which can be launched for £69 in the UK or $99 in the USA. It’s also available to people in Australia, Canada and New Zealand! New countries are launching in 2015 too.

That low outlay gets you around double the amount in actual makeup products. Look at his video I made when I got my own presenter’s kit.

Where else can you start a business and get a website that you can sell on just moments after signing up – for such low money fantastic products and get paid DAILY!!?

Join #theAteam

My own mission is to grow a global business and to train and mentor my team to achieve success in however they decide to define it. For me I want total financial freedom so my aim is to climb to the top of the ranks with Younique! Yours might be to take the family to a Disney resort. Or you may be looking to run  a business while being  a stay-at-home mom.

Again you can work as little or as much as you want. No one will pressure you to sell/buy more products (to remain active you need to sell approximately 5 mascaras in 90 days). Many people just run their business from their smart phones so you can literally work anywhere – on the beach, waiting for your children to get out of school, at church or they gym…wherever.

Why Join Younique & Be on My Team?

Well there are a few reasons…for one, I am passionate in life, about the Younique products, the opportunity and about coaching others to be their best selves.

Secondly, I am a social media trainer by trade, and am writing my own training program for my team to use to make the most of their Younique opportunity.

Thirdly, it’s my aim to make people to change the way people see things. This can be their breakup or themselves. Sometimes it’s a matter of helping them see their own worth. (Many of us struggle with that one eh?!)

I’m naturally nurturing by nature and want to see people reach their goals and dreams! I believe it the very best way to achieve my goals is to help other people achieve theirs!


So if you are ready to change your life, join Younique, and be on my team, then please visit my Younique By Thea website today and sign up. If you have any questions you can leave a comment or email me with just my first name 🙂

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