FUN: What To Do With Those (Unwanted) Digital Pics of Your Ex…

Well, as many of you who are regular readers of the blog know, we’re in the process of building our first ever iPhone application. It’s all terribly exciting and frankly I can’t wait to unveil it. I don’t want to write too much about it just now though – for 1) fear of jinxing it and 2) someone stealing the idea before we finish it…but I will say that, while I’ve been in California, I joined a Silicon Valley group pertaining to iPhone developing and it’s been fab.

Having attended several meetings, I’ve subsequently meeting up with various people through it. One such gentleman whom I met through the group – I chatted to this morning has designed a great, little called Napkin Genius. In its true essense it’s a  sketching application but as we spoke we came up with another more unique use for it.

Now, you may be wondering how this pertains to break-ups – but read on to get my somewhat tenuous link…

In the creator’s own words:

With Napkin Genius, (the premium version) your site members can easily channel their residual anger, hurt or frustration about their ex in a healthy, creative and cathartic way…For example, a dumpee can take one of their photographs of their ex from their iPhone (or iTouch) Photo Library, import it into Napkin Genius as a background, and then let’s say ‘augment’ the photograph to show their ex’s true self…

Napkin Genius!

He gave a humorous and rather topical example – that maybe Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, might consider using it to have a little fun with her hubby’s photographs. (See right)…

I know I’ll be having a bit of FUN with a few of my exes photos later…We’re talking horns, whiskers, buck teeth – the lot.

Really the reason why I mention this is because one of the main tenents on the site is Positive Revenge. To me, what positive revenge is – is doing something that makes you feel better but won’t hurt anyone else. This is a prime example.  So I just thought we’d round the year off with a bit of light-hearted fun. We all can use a laugh.

Of course this program was not invented for such purposes – it actually has wonderful, serious uses too – as I said, it’s main use is as a sketch pad (and I hear architects quite dig it,…) – but we just thought it would be rather fitting for my site’s clientele. Let us know! 😉

But bringing it back home to SYBD  – a question for all you creative types: – what features do you think we could have in our App to help dumpees the most?

Join in a discussion on SYBD. If you give us some ideas – don’t claim we stole your idea…Basically only give ideas if you can give them freely, please…We appreciate your input! It’s an exciting time at SYBD HQ. All being well it will be out before our 10th birthday in July!

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3 comments on “FUN: What To Do With Those (Unwanted) Digital Pics of Your Ex…

Teresa Green Krest

Great idea Thea! Maybe in version 2.0 it can morph the photo like a funhouse mirror.


That’s a good idea. I bet there a multitudes of fun uses (and serious ones too) for this app. 😉

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