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100+ Comments a Day!

Well hello… Did you know that we have around fifty thousand visits to SYBD a month now? So managing more than 100+ comments a day is a real challenge. In fact it’s almost impossible for one person to cope with, so there are few ways needed to get support.

1) add an admin and 2) put on a SPAM BLOCKER plugin.

Both are helpful but one in particular can be over-zealous…and I don’t mean the admin!

For a few reasons, I realized that I needed to find a way to cut down on SYBD comments.

I could switch them off entirely and be done with it, but I like to give the opportunity for people who are genuine and who need help, to have a place to read stories and share their own.

Blog comments are essentially a compromise – ever since shutting the forum back at midnight on December 31, 2010.

But due to high volume of love lorn traffic, countless computer “Bots” spamming the site (try to offer spells, yes, really), and one person who insists on bombarding this site with comments weekly (under fake email address after fake email address) – I have had to find a much more zealous plugin to manage the daily barrage of comments.

Cue the…

Over Zealous Blocker

The downside of this SPAM GUARD plugin is that it has blocked dozens of legitimate comments, and put them in the trash…for months now! (Ooops!)

I have only just discovered them…

So, to you genuine people needing support and advice, I am so sorry for the delay in approving your posts. There are a ton of comments that have just been approved – after spending more than an hour sifting through…and frankly that wasn’t all of them.

There are still more but….

My Role on SYBD Has Changed

In case you haven’t realized, my role on SYBD is very minimal now.

For a decade, for FREE, I ran this site trying to help men and women all over the globe.

That’s ten years of people’s pain – world wide.

I got to the point I couldn’t take it anymore and so I closed the forum.

It was drastic and it did make some people mad, but I do feel I’ve done my time here being altruistic and empathetic.

But not wanting to flick the switch entirely on SYBD, I leave the site and all its content here to provide a place for people to see they are not alone.

They can read other people stories (comments), read over 300 posts, and they can share their own stories too (when over zealous bots are not blocking them).

That’s All…

But I don’t have time to respond to these dozens of posts personally anymore (least of all the ones that are downright mean and accusatory).

I run several businesses that take up all my time and energy and I am about to launch one more this week! I will still be doing my bit to help people to feel better about themselves – just in a different way. So thank you dear readers for understanding that I am simply not able to give as much time and support as I once did.

When I get the chance, I do like to pop on and offer some advice or words of encouragement, but these days that’s few and far between…but if you do feel the need to vent, please do and we’ll keep a closer watch on the trash and spam queue going forward.


One thought on “SYBD – 100+ Comments a Day!!

  • November 22, 2016 at 1:37 PM

    I’m glad I discovered this. I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with me that I can’t seem to find someone I love and they in turn love me back.
    2 failed relationships in one year. I believe it’s me, not them. So I am very sad, hurt, and feel so rejected as a human being.
    I don’t know how to best start to figure myself out.
    My past long term relationships didn’t feel right. I settled in one ,and couldn’t love the other due to off chemistry.
    Is there hope?
    I’ve decided to give up on trying and focus on me. I’m getting a puppy. Unconditional love will warm my heart.

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